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on October 19, 2017
This is my first straight razor but I can’t imagine them being much better than this ! If you want to get that crisp line up then trust and believe this will do the trick. It takes a little getting used too but after a few little cuts here and there ,I got the hang of it and got my beard lined up pretty nice . It is extremely sharp and even the little cuts I have myself were so fine that by morningthet were pretty much gone . The weight of this is great I wouldn’t want a light feeling razor with as sharp as it is . The blade guard is solid and easy to use . The razor also comes with a box of replacement blades that will probably last me at least a year. I am excited that I can now give myself that crisp line up that I once could only get from the barbershop . Do yourself the favor and pick this up, you won’t regret it . I can give myself a extra week or two before going back to the barber so this pays for itself in the first month.
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on August 14, 2017
The design itself is nice and looks and feels good in your hand. This is my first straight razor, and it was fun and enjoyable to shave with it--got a very close shave with no nicks. Derby blades are my favorite--sharp but forgiving. I watched some YouTube videos on how to shave with a straight edge and took my time--definitely a leisurely experience.

I was a little worried by some of the reviews saying the machining wasn't the best and that some received a used product, but glad I gave it a try. As for the machining and construction, I'd give them a B+. It's not perfect, with a few scuffs here and there, and the blade doesn't line up perfectly when closed, but enough to cover the razor. When I do move the blade to go fully into the handle, the razor rests on metal, which isn't ideal, so I just let it close where it wants to. But the handle and razor arm hinge nicely together and stay in the position you want them in, rather than flopping around.

Also, because of the way the razor fits into the blade, you are going to get water trapped in the blade every time you use it, so removing the razor and wiping the straight edge dry each time you use it to avoid rust is a little cumbersome--it's probably like this for any straight edge that uses disposable blades, not just this brand. But then again, you probably aren't shaving with a straight edge because you want a quick, no fuss shave. You're doing it for the nostalgic experience, right?

Overall, not a bad intro to straight edges and certainly does its job well.
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on January 28, 2018
With 100 blades good for 3-4 shaves and it's like $4 for another 100 kits like this you'll never need another razor for YEARS. Of course you better know how to handle them. Dollar shave club is great bang for buck too. But this kit you'll save crazy stupid money. Also my gf likes me to shave her legs sometimes with it. Pretty sure the danger turns her on.
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on December 1, 2016
I'm totally new at this straight razor stuff. I got it for my husband to shape/line his beard. I actually did it for him. This was my first time using a straight razor ever.

I used a proper shave gel and practice on some sections of my leg first. Immediately fell in love! I'll always shave my legs with a straight razor now.

I then helped line/shape my husband's beard. He had no skin irritation I was very careful and took my time. I also took my time when shaving my legs. It's a great product for those who want a precise beard or close shave, and are also patient and careful.
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on January 7, 2017
As a first-time straight razor user I expected the worst and hope for the best. To my surprise no next and I got a close shave
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on December 20, 2015
Handle seems decent enough. The free blades aren't the best (I've used Derby in my double-edge safety razor before too, and they're always okay but not great), so the shave is a little rougher than it could be, but it's a pleasant change being able to shave without hair clogging the blade like it tends to in a safety razor if you don't shave for a few days. Seems like you have to be extra careful when opening it to change blades, but that's probably why this kind doesn't have "safety" in the name!

Also, compared to a double-edge, you have to be a lot more careful not to accidentally "strafe" - with the double-edge the direction of the handle makes a sideways slice a very unnatural movement (and friction of the guard tends to prevent it), whereas with this if you're not paying attention you could easily make that very dangerous motion. But that's not a problem with this product - if you're choosing this then you're choosing more control over safety, and you should know that.
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on September 10, 2016
Excellent razor weight, surgical steel, quick delivery also a box of Derby blades. Brand I never used, not bad, sharp! I use that razor everyday al day, the weight allows you to let it shave by itself..
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on November 27, 2017
I've always wanted to try a straight edge/shavette (currently using a safety razor) and I thought what the heck this straight edge is so cheap I could take a chance and see if it was all I thought it was. The straight edge arrived in perfect working condition and I showed it to my coworkers and one of them decided to order one too, after he saw the build quality. Unfortunately, his arrived defective.

I love how close of a shave you get with a shavette. It's night and day when compared to my safety razor which says a lot. So far I've only nicked myself once or twice but I'm starting to get the hang of it. The good news is that I can reuse my safety razor blades in addition to the 50 blades that came with the shaver.

I'll probably upgrade to a nice straight edge once this one wears out. Happy shaving!
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on October 20, 2017
I must say, I am quite impressed with this razor. I own other inexpensive straight edge razors and I assumed that this one would be their equivalent, however, it so much better. I immediately noticed how nice it looked and how the weight compared to the cheap plastic shavettes I own. It's not heavy, but has enough weight that I don't need as much force when shaving, decreasing the chance of cutting myself. The razor's well built and the blade is gripped tightly and protrudes from the razor very slightly, decreasing the flexing of blade and the chance of cutting myself.
My one issue with the razor is that the blade doesn't extend to the very tip as I'm used to, so I've had more difficulty when I'm doing very fine detailed edging using the tip of the razor. This may be something that I just have to adjust to. If so, I'll adjust rating. Still, I'm quite happy with this razor and purchased a second one.
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on May 1, 2017
To start the presentation was nice and compact but professional. Well packaged and even comes a small vinyl or plastic sheath to keep the razor stored in.
The razor itself is made from good high quality stainless steel. It can get wet and will not rust so no worries if you shave in the shower. Pivot pin starts with a little tension but with time loosens up just a tad. But still tight enough it will not open accidentally.
The razor blades come very well packaged. They are individually​ wrapped in a wax paper. And are safe to remove from the small box without cutting yourself.
Overall a very nice well made starter straight razor.
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