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on January 12, 2016
I purchased this product after carefully reading lots of reviews about this and other similar products and this one peeked my interest the most from the reviews. After making the purchase, the product arrived on time and in great condition. I want to say that I'm a QC manager and have been for many years so it's in my nature to look at, test, move, tweak, twist and try every piece of everything I buy for proper operation and that it works as described/designed.

First off, I read a few reviews that a parts list with a very brief description would be nice to accompany this product. I say the same thing. You're getting 50 pieces and if you pull them out and count them, you probably aren't going to know if you got all the right pieces or just a handful of the same thing tossed in to complete the package. I found two straps that I don't know what they would be used for. I guess trial and error will have to work.

The carrying case is made of good quality material with a foam insert, a webbed pouch on the inside, top and the zipper is sewn good. The items that have elastic work very well. The head piece has two adjusting buckles and a thin, non-slip surface on the inside that doesn't hurt or catch your hair if not using a hat. The chest camera holder also has nice elastic with five adjustments on it. It's easy to put on and make adjustments to the shoulder and midsection straps. The chest strap will move some, but that's expected with the types of clothes you wear and your physical appearance. I'm not an athlete, but it works great and is very comfortable. The wrist camera holder is soft to the touch. Has a piece of velco on the inner strap to help get the wrist strap on and then there is a second strap that allows for the strap to tighten. The camera attachment swivels for any angle and has a button that will lock the camera in place. Nice feature. It came with a selfie stick that is about 36"+ long with a screw that would screw into the bottom of a regular camera. The package comes with the adaptor that attaches to your GoPro and the stick. There is a three leg tripod that works well and can be manipulated to wrap around items that aren't flat, etc. It too has the attachment that would screw into a camera. There is also a threaded hole in the handle end of the selfie stick that it can screw onto the tripod to get height on the camera. There is an attachment that can be attached to handlebars or small diameter tubing. There are multiple adhesive pieces to attach brackets to hard surfaces.

I suggest you check every bolt, nut and attachment to make sure they all work. All the bolts that came with the product are well made and have the same amount of threads per bolt protruding from the black plastic handle. I noticed that the nuts that are molded into the different attachments are not all the same depth. This is going to cause the issue that I'm not happy with and will try to describe what I found because of this.

The pieces that have the nuts molded in them and work with the camera and other attachment to get the camera in the angle and position to get the action movies and pictures you're looking for are not all the same depth in the moldings. Is what happens is when the bolt is placed through the molded piece to screw into the nut, it goes through too far and only allows for 1/2 - 1 thread to secure the piece. There are two pieces that won't allow for the bolt to catch the threads at all. This is very unacceptable.

After working with every bolt and screwing it into every nut, I want to make a finding that will help you, if you purchase this and the company, if they decide to add a parts list and a few operating statements. I found six pieces that I couldn't get the bolts to screw into. I tried different bolts and it felt as though the threads were crossed threaded. I finally tried turning the bolts to the left first (like you loosen bolts) until I felt a click. Then, I turned the bolt to tighten it and those six pieces could be tightened like the rest. I was thinking seriously about returning this product until I figured that out. Yes, it takes about 2 seconds longer to get the attachment tightened, but it works and I don't think it warrants returning the item.

The items that I do have an issue with and hope the manufacture responds to are the 5 items that will not allow for a secure attachment because the nuts aren't in the molding far enough to catch the threads of the bolts.

So, I think this is a good product. If the manufacturer can get the inconsistencies of the molded nuts fixed so there is a 100% operational satisfaction, I would definitely give this a 5 stars. Would I recommend this product for purchase, yes, because all the major components work as designed, it was only a few of the smaller pieces that had issues. There are enough extra pieces in this package that something can be used to get those fabulous pictures and movies you're looking for.
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on April 16, 2018
Ordered this set for our new GoPro and it came in record time (2dsys) This accessory set is filled with every GoPro add on you can imagine and a couple things you didn’t even think of but are SO handy to have! The hard sided bag it all comes in is worth the money -alone! But his -you won’t be disappointed!
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on May 8, 2018
A lot of accessories for the price. The adhesives work great and hold on at high wind speeds. The head strap, chest mount, and wrist mount are all on par with the official stuff. The plastic float handle feels a little cheap and would probably break if you drop it on a rock, if you are going into rough water a foam floater might be a better option.
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on March 10, 2017
Clearly anyone knows when ordering this product that it's "cheap" but my husband and I were actually very impressed! We haven't had a chance to try out every accessory yet, but most of the accessories are very well made. I've read mixed reviews on the selfie stick. We have found the selfie stick to be very sturdy and not flimsy at all! (That shocked us!) The selfie stick was more durable than a more expensive one that we bought for our cell phone. The one clamp is extremely strong and has a very tight grip! The yellow floating accessory is a lot larger than we thought it would be, but it is definitely still useable. The tripod is bendable, so you can wrap it around things. We used one of the mounts on our golf cart, and the mount didn't slide around or move at all! Everything fits so nicely in the case also! We highly recommend this set, at least for beginners in the GoPro world!
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on January 22, 2017
Bought this right before our honey moon! Man it was worth it! The floaty thing was amazing for scuba diving, and water sports! That alone is as expensive as this entire kit if you get it from GoPro.... Amazing investment!
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So yea, there is a TON of stuff in this kit. I can't believe I only spent $20 for it all.

There are definitely slot of little stickers and things that may come in handy at some point and help bump up the number for pieces in the box. But the case and some of the mounts was why I bought it.

We are snorkeling in Hawaii so I wanted something to prevent it from sinking if I dropped it. This has the yellow floating mount which has worked great.

I also wanted a wrist strap mount which this has and works great.

I needed some sort of tripod or stand which this has. I may still buy a taller one at some point, but this worked great. The legs are flexible enough to wrap around items to get those videos you never could while holding the camera.

It also has a suction cup mount which I used to take some video on our plane rides and do some time lapse in the car.

Oh he, it comes with a case for all this! It's not the most padded case, but that's ok. I can add a little more but other than that it's perfect.

And the last thing I currently use the most is a little bag it came with. I've used it everyday on vacation to pack a few items along with the camera in the bag and bring them along with us.

Wonderful kit!!!! So far everything has withstood rough use and I have had no issues. I would highly recommend this and I will definitely be buying the gimbal that Neewer makes after seeing the quality in these much cheaper items.
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on March 20, 2016
Just received - so far so good. Those complaining about quality.... Look at the price vs what you are getting. I would not recommend this for a "professional" - go spend a few hundred dollars on slightly better quality. But for an average Joe like myself or someone just starting out this is perfect.

I work in Construction and like doing time lapse videos - this will give me just that many more options.

Also this would be great to increase the resale value of your GoPro.

Only complaint - I'm not sure how to fit all the stuff in the container given.
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on May 23, 2017
I just got the newer 50-in-1 accessory today, so far the product looks good, the plastic looks hard enough ,I have to say that am not a extreme sport guy (skiing, water skiing) or anything like that, for what I will be using it I think will be just fine, birthday party or my RC car or going to the swimming pool.
couple of things that I have to say is, the case is good and hard enough, the inside foam altought has this cuts (I think to put the stuff in) I couldn't figer it out, but o well most of the stuff I might not use, the yellow float it comes with the string to put on your wrist but... I don't know how to attach it to the float, I have one from gopro that am going to use instead, the monopod I have to say is very long but I don't think will be strong enough to take it to skiing or some extreme sport,(that's just me), I just use the winshield suction pieze and works perfect you have to work I little bit to stick it to the windshield but once in place It will stay, the head band, chest pieze they look good.
the tripod I have to say is good but I think the part that swibel might be the first thing to break it feels weak if by any reasonyou try totwist it fast or hard it will fall apart or probably after couple of uses might get loose.
like everyone said here, if you want good stuf you have to pay the price, but this kit for this price is not bad I like it, is a very good deal if you compare to the price of the gopro accessories.
other thing that I like is that comes with the 3M stick pads they are very strong, only if you clean the surface reall good, I clean it with alcohol let it dry then stick the pad to it on my RC car and haven't had any problem with it.

I will keep updatedif anything wrong with this kit,but I don't think it will be any more udates, am not going to beusing ti for extreme sporting or anything like that, it just for parties and at home or to the swimming pool.

6/3/2017 update- I use the mount for the bike, first time I use was last week, altoguth the plastic looks hard and strong I didn't tight it really hard just enoght so did move and it work just fine I took the bike for a ride with my son, for an hour ride I didn't have a problem, yesterday I went bike riding again, I didn't use the mount instead I use a helmet mount, as we where riding I stop to take a break and by mistakei lean against the mount I hear a crack next thing I saw the mount falled, I guess you getting for what you paying for, I can said that this is a good kit for a beginners or to try out , I mean for the price well... what do you spec I haven't try anything else but I thing I will more careful since now I know the plastic is not that strong.
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on December 8, 2016
I ordered this with the hope of getting it quickly but shipping took forever! Like 5 weeks. I ended up ordering the accessory I needed and getting it in before this arrived. I will not let shipping hold back the overall rating.

When it did finally arrive, I was surprised at how many accessories fit into the compact (and convenient) carrying case. I use this kit with a GoPro Hero 4 Session. The camera works flawlessly with every one of the attachments that were included.

Some of my favorite accessories are the clip, the wrist mount, the floater, the mini tripod and the selfie stick. With the clip, I am able to film hands-free (if you have the remote for the camera) and easily clip the camera to a hat or a pocket and quickly move it to another location. The floater provides a grip and peace of mind when filming in the water - it held the camera on the surface when my son dropped it in the pool.

We set up the mini tripod in the batting cage to film batting practice for my kids. They enjoyed watching their swings and I enjoyed not carrying a bulky camera setup to the field.

I tested the bicycle mount out on a recreational ride with my kids and it worked well. I was surprised at how steady the camera stayed - although I have a front shock, so that probably helped. I am not sure how a hard fork would handle it. I plan on using it with my road bike for a triathlon coming up in the spring. I will try to update after the event.

Another great part of this is the adhesive strips and mounts that are included. With these, I can mount the camera on any surface for any type of action. I used them on a couple helmets with great success.

There are so many accessories that I haven't been able to use them all. Take the dash mount, for instance. I haven't used it, but it is good to know I can!
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on January 30, 2016
Contents like, head strap, suction mount, tripod etc are very very cheaply made but they get the job done.

For the price and what you all get its worth it, especially for a beginner however my order had one big hiccup.

The shipping package had no damage but when I opened it to see the actual package inside, it was severely beaten up and had huge gaping holes in it. I opened that to find the hard carrying case was dented in multiple spots so badly the zipper got stuck trying to open it. Also the selfie stick package was completely punctured and I could see the selfie stick in there right away. The selfie stick was a little bent but enough to make opening and closing it extremely difficult.

Amazon knew it was severely damaged and sent it out like that anyway(as the shipping box was perfectly in tact). This was the most beat up product I have ever received in my life and am extremely disappointed as I rushed my order to get it on time to go on a trip that will be requiring me to use this product.

I don't have time to ship it back since I'm flying out tomorrow but hopefully Amazon customer support will help me out. I'll update this when I hear back.
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