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on January 29, 2018
This review is for the blasters, and for the customer service we received when one spontaneously broke after a month of play. I purchased this set after reading several reviews and watching you tube video comparisons. I received them right away through amazon and they all worked fine. My two daughters and I had fun chasing each other around with the blasters and they have great features, the best being that you don't need to wear a vest since the sensors are on the blaster themselves. We liked them so much that I purchase two more full sets (four blasters in each set) for my nephews Christmas gifts. During Christmas we were able to have a major laser tag fight with all 12 blasters (4 different teams of 3). I was even able to take advantage of a Black Friday sale so saved a lot on the two additional sets.
This past Friday we had friends over and one of the blasters stopped working. It lit up but would not shoot or change modes. We wrote an email to Dynasty toys the next morning (Sat) and had a response in our email inbox by the next day (Sun). The staff member Kaylyn was extremely nice an helpful and told us she was sorry that the toy stopped working and they were going to send out a new 2 set of blasters for us right away. They told me to hold on to or recycle the defective toy and I do not have to send it back . The next day (Monday) we received the replacement white blaster plus one companion blue blaster to make up for the trouble. Dynasty toys assure that there was no disruption in play and made every effort to make sure we were satisfied. I would certainly buy from them again, and highly recommend it.
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on October 20, 2017
These guns play well and have nice range. They come with quality instructions and a nice carrying case. I deducted 2 stars as one gun arrived with a broken center light (See photo) and another came with the companies name plate mounted upside down (See photo).

Easy to fire/and re-load
Supports up to 4 teams and 4 firing modes
Friendly fire doesn't cause damage to players of the same team
Guns have sound effects to indicate a hit
Each gun/player has 9 lives before their gun de-activates and stops firing

Bright blinking lights on guns give away position.
Must power cycle the gun to reset it to play the next round.
Mediocre quality control

Update 10/26/2017:
Another gun's center light decided to stop working. I was going to return the set but decided to check in w/Dynasty customer service. I emailed them the problem and they got back w/in a day. They sent out a new two gun set to replace the two broken guns (+1 star for great customer service). The new guns are slightly different than the original ones, for example, no "Dynasty" name plate, the new gun colors are actually cooler than the original, different stickers (one is a matching camo see photos ) and the sounds are slightly different.

Update 11/26/2017:
Now 4 of the 6 guns are no longer functional. It's a really fun toy when they work, but since they die so quickly for no apparent reason, I can't recommend.
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on May 4, 2016
My boys really like playing with these. My husband and myself have also played with them with the boys. But one of the guns stopped working.
Update: customer service is great. I told them that one of the guns quit working and all I had to do was send them the gun that stopped working and they sent me a replacement. Guns still work great. Fun for everyone!
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on December 25, 2016
My wife got these for the family as a Christmas gift. (I was skeptical.) Our three children and I just spent the past two hours working up a sweat playing these inside our large, two-story house at night. We had a blast. They really are quite simple to use. They feel sold in my hand. Our children 18, 11, and 7 enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We played about 6 rounds. We tried 4 teams and 2 teams (2 on 2 and 3 on 1). They seemed accurate at every distance (from at least 50-60 feat away). My wife paid about $175 for the set of 4. Each only takes a few AA batteries. It made Christmas anything but traditional and every bit as fun. Our family strongly recommends this Legacy set.
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on December 21, 2017
Best Choice (4 guns for $90) vs Dynasty (4 guns for $150) vs Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX (2 guns for $64)

I first purchased Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX for my son and we loved it. We played every night with my husband and my daughter. However Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX have very high defect rate. Three out of four guns we ordered are defective. But since we loved so much I ordered replacement instead of returning them. We also got 4 guns from grandparents and 2 of them are also defective. So the defect rate is about 50%. At this point, I can no longer trust this gun and decided to try out something else.

I purchased both Best Choice Laser Tag Set and Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set.
Both sets come with 4 guns, but Dynasty is $60 more expensive.
Besides the look and price, these two sets of guns are the same with one minor difference: Dynasty's sound is clearer/louder. Dynasty also comes with a very nice box which is great if you are giving it as a gift, but I won’t pay $60 for it.

However, when comparing Best Choice/Dynasty with Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX, Phoenix LTX is the clear winner.

Nerf Lazer Phoenix's advantage over Best Choice/Dynasty
1. Nerf has shield option which blocks bullets, Best Choice/Dynasty does not.
2. Nerf has the option of 10 or 25 lives, Best Choice/Dynasty has only one option of 9 lives.
3. Nerf's reload mechanism feels cooler with an actual ejection of the whereas Best Choice/Dynasty is just a push button.
4. Every time Nerf is hit, the sensor on the gun will flash two times followed by an obvious rattle, versus Best Choice/Dynasty which only makes a small click sound that is barely audible during a battle.
5. Nerf has a series of five bars that is labeled AMMO which shows how much bullets you have before reloading. In comparison, Best Choice/Dynasty has no bars indicating ammo.
6. Each time you pull the trigger of Nerf, the gun recoils/rattles giving you the feel of a real gun. On the other hand, Best Choice/Dynasty doesn’t have any physical effects when you pull the trigger other than blast sounds.

Best Choice/Dynasty’s advantages over Nerf Lazer Phoenix
1. Best Choice/Dynasty is more accurate than Nerf.
2. Best Choice/Dynasty has in all 4-gun modes (pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher) whereas Nerf only has one.
3. Best Choice/Dynasty is considerably lighter than Nerf.
4. Best Choice/Dynasty only needs 4 AA batteries, but Nerf needs 6 AA batteries.
5. Best Choice/Dynasty can have up to 4 different teams.

Final Verdict
We all like Nerf Lazer Guns better so we will return both Best Choice and Dynasty, and cross our finger that our Nerf Lazer Guns will not die on us anytime soon.

Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blasters W/ Multiplayer Mode, 4 Pack

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack
review imagereview imagereview image
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on December 25, 2017
Opened this morning. Of the four guns, one quit working. It will power on but is stuck on flashing lights and makes a sound every few seconds. It will work intermittently, but then goes back to flashing lights and just making the firing noise. So we really only have three guns. Contacted customer service and still waiting to hear from them. It is Christmas so I didn’t expect them to respond immediately. Hopefully other reviewers are right and we will be able to easily replace the one that doesn’t work.

Fun for everyone, parents and kids. We are a family of six so we would like to add two more guns and eventually have six working guns. Have only played in the daytime so i don’t know about playing at night. I do wish there was a way to reset besides powering down every time. Also would be nice if there was an easier way to tell which mode your gun is in.
UPDATE: contacted company about the one that doesn’t work. Included my Amazon order number and they replaced it and sent us TWO replacements. Didn’t require us to send in the one that doesn’t work. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!
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on January 4, 2018
I bought this for my 10 year old and it is the most played Christmas gift. My kids ages 14, 13, and 10 all love it. And I play too. It has provided hours of fun.

- The guns are well built.
- The laser part requires the guns are well aimed which is great. You cannot just point in the general direction and get a hit. You really have to aim.
- It shoots good distance. We only played briefly outside and it could shoot longer, but it works. Inside, it is awesome.
- I like how you do not have to wear a vest. Just pick up the guns and play. Very simple. It does however let you hide the gun and not get hit, but it is not really a problem.
- The different shooting options really add a nice element and there is a strategy to it. A better player will switch between guns depending on the situation.

I can image a few improvements, but overall, great product proving hours of fun.
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on October 29, 2017
Very disappointed. 2 of the 4 laser tag guns did not work - won't turn on even with new brand new batteries. Placed another order for an additional 4 yesterday and hoping they all work this time. Very expensive toy for it not to work!
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I was buzzing with excitement as I was unboxing this product. It felt like Christmas morning. I was kind of disappointed that they looked like cheap plastic guns (I mean, essentially that's what they are, but I guess I was expecting something a bit more... quality-made looking?). Anyway, that disappointment was short lived once I put the batteries in and turned on a gun.

All the guns worked, which was fantastic. And my sister and I tested out all four guns by playing a few short games of laser tag right then and there. It was so much fun! We were running around the house like we were kids again.

One gripe: the volume on these things is quite loud. I don't think I'd be able to play this outside in our super quiet neighborhood. I plan on taking this on an upcoming camping trip (laser tag in the mountains anyone?) but the sound and volume almost made me rethink it. Almost.

At the end of the day, these are going with me on our camping trips. And yes, these were purchased by and for adults. I'm in my 20s, and I know my friends would be down to play. Depending on how it goes, I may need to purchase more guns for bigger team formations!
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on February 24, 2018
If one of the guns wasn't defective, this toy would achieve 5 stars. My kids LOVE them and I like them too. Gun sounds are a big hit. The light up display telling of remaining lives is intuitive and makes for fun play. The kids love the "authenticity" of having to reload the weapon and reloading makes game play a bit more challenging.

My major complaint is that one of the guns is defective. Reading through the reviews, this is relatively common and points to a lack of quality control.
To get a replacement, I have to send back ALL four guns. I have to pay for shipping. This SUCKS. The gun was broken on Christmas day and I haven't sent them back yet (it's Feb 24) because I'd have to pry them out of my kids hands.
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