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on August 7, 2016
These may be the best Falafel Chips I've ever eaten. First of all, ignore anyone whining about them not being thin enough or not enough like a Lay's Potato Chip or whatever. If they'd ever eaten real falafel they'd know that what they want is completely uncharacteristic of the dish. It's like ordering a T-Bone steak and complaining that 'it doesn't taste fishy enough'.

I ordered these because my wife loves falafel chips and the local grocery store quit stocking her previous favorite. Since I'm a good husband, I ordered her a few different brands from Amazon and elsewhere. The first few bags we received were just 'OK'. For example, I'm eating another brand that they sell here at Amazon and elsewhere--I'll refer to them as 'Brand X Chips'--and they're not a bad eating chip. Of course, they taste almost nothing like falafel. You can get a faint chickpea note if you pay attention but it tastes more like a multigrain tortilla chip than anything else.

These chips ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE FALAFEL. They even have a falafel like aftertaste and a faint spice kick to them. To anyone griping about that I'll point out the 'hot and spicy' in the item description. You can identify the ingredients (all natural BTW) by taste. They're also baked and not fried. Anyway, these are the best falafel chips I've ever had. If you like falafel you'll like these.
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on October 12, 2017
First off: Tasty AF! Like Chris Pratt eating them on Instagram couldn't make them taste better. Second, I am a year post RNY- so I still need high protein & nutrition in my snacks, with low carbs. 130 Cals for 5 crackers had me worried. By the fourth cracker, I was like, I am going to be full. Fifth cracker- yup, perfectly full but not grossly overful. (My stomach probably holds 5-8 oz.) I have had Greek yogurt at a similar cal count and still felt kinda peckish. So if you must snack, this is a great choice for satiety and flavor.
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on August 12, 2015
crunchy with lots of flavor. perfect snack which has protein and fiber and lower in carbs than I expected. My favorite sub when I want something fast, dry, crunchy and flavor but dont want the horrible greasy potato chip stuff. This is a much healthier snack (IMO) than a bag of potato chips but they still pack them like potato chips by only filling the bag about half way up. The price is also a little high for how many ounces but I still pay for it because they are so tasty and regular chips are pricy in health so I suppose it even outs. The spice is just a small bite that come in after a few bites and just enough to know it’s there, PERFECT! BTW: I am not a vegan, vegatarian or a health nut so this is coming from an 'average' eater.
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on September 25, 2016
I think they made a marketing mistake, they should call these crackers, not chips. Chips are light, thin and crispy, these are thick and sturdy but nicely crunchy. I do like them - they are addictive. On my first bite, I wasn't sure if I liked them or not, but I wanted another one. I kept reaching into the cabinet to get two more, one more, then just one last one. They are really good with sliced cheese, sharp cheddar was delicious. The heat was just right, a nice bite to it, but not overwhelming. The ingredients are great, and these are certainly better than cheetos or other junk food and frankenfood. They are really satisfying, and make a great substantial snack. I ordered one bag to try them, I'm back to get the pack of 4. Now we need a sweet cinnamon version!!
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on January 10, 2017
I enjoyed my first bag of these that I went back and ordered more before the first bag was even finished. To me, these are a great alternative to a cracker ... I love the flavor, the firmness, the texture, and the ingredients. I try to watch my carb intake, and found these to be great for helping to avoid spiking my blood sugars. The spiciness/zippiness is nice ... not too hot ... but definitely memorable and flavorful. They rock with hummus, cream cheese and by themselves. I've eaten them with soups and salad and cottage cheese and egg salad and they paired well with all of those items. They are a very versatile chip/cracker substitute in my opinion. I would think they would also be wonderful with dips, but I haven't tried that (yet!) They definitely are sturdy enough to hold up to all sorts of things ... I love that they aren't crumbly and don't fall apart too easily. Yum! Yum! I'd recommend these.
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on July 14, 2017
This is a tasty portable snack. The chips are thicker than traditional "chips," but they are crisp. Unlike the typical chip, these are nutrient dense and fiber-filled.
the flavors are good, but they are quite spicy--maybe too much so for some people.
The average person will have a difficult time limiting the number eaten to a 130 calorie portion (7 pieces), so if you are the average person, I suggest you portion the chips into individual bags. Also be aware that at 300+ milligrams of sodium, the portion should also be limited.
I like these crumbled on a salad as a replacement for croutons. They are also good crumbled and used as for a topping for soups or casseroles. These would be good to pack for travels -- much healthier than the fare offered on airplanes.
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on September 24, 2017
Really yummy. Too yummy. Killer crunch, salty enough to eat alone, and it has a nice heat I could best describe as strong black pepper.
Haven't repurchased for awhile because I will finish a whole bag in a sitting, which defeats the purpose of a "healthy" snack. Best to keep it out of the pantry to avoid the temptation.
Also, if you eat as much as I do, will make you fart like a mofo. Way more than any other cracker/chip snack like Flackers, Corn, Potato snacks.
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on October 5, 2015
These are a little dry, but have a great spiciness to them that I love! Very falafely, which is chickpea flavored. If you don't like hummus, don't eat them. I love them, but most of my family (Dad and the kids) don't, so it's all mine and I don't have to share!
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on April 11, 2017
Excellent cracker/chip hybrid. They're dense like a pita or bagel chip, but loaded with naturally occurring protein and fiber from split peas and flax seeds.

There's a noticeable amount of heat from cayenne pepper along with other spices. A really flavorful chip. And these falafel chips are a very filling snack with so much vegan protein and fiber. Munch on a few in the morning and stave off lunch hunger for a bit. Or in the afternoon if you know you're having a late dinner. I've been known to be an eat-the-whole-bag person and I was surprisingly full and satisfied with like 1/3 of the bag or 2ish servings.

It would be great to have Subscribe and Save as an option, since even in the 4-pack they're not exactly cheap. And I'll definitely get through them.

Also, they don't look very appealing. If they could do something to make them more appetizing to the eye, it would definitely help sell them. As it is, they're sort of greyish and one side is kind of flaking off... they could really use some of that Golden Brown and Delicious look that freshly fried falafel has.
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on April 4, 2016
Holy... well, not holy guacamole. But holy baked falafel. These look like they're going to be a real weird time for your mouth, but once you eat them you realize that they're even more delicious than actual falafel. Our whole office is in love with them.
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