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4.4 out of 5 stars
Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player
Configuration: Fire TV Stick|Change
Price:$39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 13, 2016
Earlier this month, my TV entertainment included Dish 200+ channel satellite TV, 20Mbps turbo internet, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. After doing some research, I bought 3 Amazon Fire Sticks with the voice remote, cancelled Dish, upgraded to 30Mbps internet, added Sling 25 channels, added standard Hulu, and CBS All Access. Guess who still gets 96+% of the channels watched, added Prime Music and several hundred shows (that networks don't play) to all the TVs in the house, and saved over $700 per year compared to what I paid this past year? I did. I never thought of "cutting the cord" until I really looked into it all. Getting Amazon Fire Sticks are worth it and they work well....and once you get used to knowing what show plays where, it's a no-brainer. Just like how you originally had to figure out how to use a smart phone back in the day. After a while, it's a breeze. I highly recommend everything I listed in this review. Seriously....take a couple hours and make a spread-sheet listing the must-have shows that people in your household watch. Then make a comparison to what's available on the streaming services. If you're like me, and you don't watch 80% of the channels you pay for, it's so worth it.
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on October 24, 2016
I own both the new Fire and Roku stick (3600R), below is a short review and honest (personal) opinion on both products.

User Interface: the Fire stick has essentially the same UI as Fire TV (which I also own), it is largely divided by content category (Home, Video, TV, Movie, Music, Games, Photo, Apps, etc.), and integrated seamlessly with Prime eco-system. If you are already a Prime member, you will have better experience with Fire stick than Roku. Roku’s UI has the advantage of integrating more contents (Google Store, My Feed, News, etc.). Roku also allows user to make certain changes in Home screen (add/remove/move tiles), unlike Fire stick. However, both UIs are well designed, smooth. It comes down to personal preference.

Hardware/Streaming Quality: as far as I can tell, there isn’t much difference, both are powerful devices, almost no lags with either device. One of the attached pictures is a screenshot of streaming YouTube 4K content from Fire stick, the picture quality is stunning (output as 1080p).

Remote: I personally like the Fire remote, it is simple (only 7 buttons with a navigation ring), but provides all the functions you will need. I find it is both slimmer and easier to use than the Roku remote. In addition, Fire remote has a voice function, which you won’t find on Roku, this is a big plus. Also note that the Fire stick remote will work with Fire TV but you will have to "unpair" it first (please see the comment made by RoadDog on this review).

Voice Search/Alexa: Amazon has greatly improved the search function. One of the main complains of earlier versions of Fire TV/Stick is that Alexa only search Amazon contents, but not 3rd parties’ (Netflix, etc.). However, with the latest software update, the search results now show both Amazon and 3rd party. You can choose from multiple ways to watch a movie (and whether the option is free of charge is clearly indicated).

Power Cord: the USB cable came with Fire stick is about 4 feet long, it also comes with an adapter. However, I am using a 3rd party wall charger (iClever BoostCube+ 30W Dual USB Wall Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0), and it worked well. In one of the pictures you can see the Fire charger output = 5.0V + 1.0A, iClever output is sufficient. It is a benefit in case you travel a lot, so that you won’t need to bring two separate chargers. One charger with two output slots will be enough for both your phone and Fire stick.

App Quality: one of the main reasons that I bought the Fire stick after I bought Roku is because the quality of Playstation Vue app on Fire system is MUCH better than Roku, from my experience there is simply no comparison. Vue app on Fire gives you much easier access to your recorded shows, live programming schedule and channel switching. Roku doesn’t have live programming schedule, and some of my recorded shows are missing. However, quality of other main apps (Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, etc.) are more or less on par between Fire and Roku.

Price: Fire stick is ~$9 cheaper

Hotel/Travel log-in: with Roku, you will need a separate mobile device (phone) to connect to a specific WiFi network established by the stick, then open up a browser and log in (normally with room# and last name). Often it took me several tries to establish the connection. With Fire stick, no need for a separate device, you will go to "Settings/System/Network" and press the "option" button on the remote, an on-screen cursor would appear, which allows you to log in as if you are using a laptop. I found the "Fire" way simpler and more intuitive.

Physical Appearance: in fact, this is the only category I’d put Roku on top of Fire stick. The new Fire stick (1.2 x 3.4in) is much larger than Roku (you can see from the picture), it is even larger than the first generation Fire stick. This really surprised me as I thought the trend is to make them smaller. I also prefer that Roku put the power slot at the end of stick, while Fire stick put it right in the middle, which is really awkward.

In short, if you are a Prime member and use Playstation Vue, I’d highly recommend the new Fire stick.
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on June 9, 2017
Set this up for a friend and found it very simple. It attaches to the amazon account that purchased it initially. So i created her an amazon account and was able to link it to her new account instead. All i had to do was pug it into the back of the tv (i had to use the little extender because there wasn't enough room at the back for it to sit next to the other HDMI plug), then plug it into a power source and switch the TV input. Then the screen prompted me to choose the network, enter internet password, and so on. You will need to have a form of payment on file to download any "apps", even if they are free... Just so you know. You will not be charged anything to use this product, there is a lot of free content, but should you want to purchase it is easier for everyone if there is already a card on file so you can watch immediately.

Very impressed with ease of use, worth the wait for it to arrive. Friend loves it! She is not tech savvy at all, but with practice is working her way through the jw broadcasting app and really enjoying the programming.

Another side note, I noticed some borders (top and bottom) were cut off on her tv screen, including the top menus. If this happens to you, it can be changed by adjusting the display settings on your actual TV. In her case, I left as is because she liked the way her screen displayed on the regular for tv and movies. She has just memorized which tab goes to which content, and if all else fails, just click it and see and if its not what you want, click the next one, right?

Also the Alexa feature is nice to pull up any app!!

Hope this was helpful for anyone wondering about purchasing this or setting it up
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on September 30, 2017
Technology overwhelms me and sometimes Im just plain suspicious of it.....but i wanted to watch tv in my upstairs bedroom but i didnt want to pay the cable company to install another outlet and another fee for one more room of cable my daughter suggested the fire-stick she when she helped me order it.....i got it thru the directions and gave it voice direction....i can only say that this is the most exciting piece of technology I've ever had.....ill talk to Alexa, give her commands, ask questions, or just say good morning or good night and she responds!!!! I feel like Tony Stark! Im looking forward to upgrading and continuing to explore this cool new piece of the future!!!
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on September 20, 2017
Let me start off my saying I am a college student so funds are limited.
Now, I had been wanting an Apple TV for a while now but they are pretty expensive. I wanted this because tv is not what you call a smart tv on its own. I was at a friends house one day when I asked her about her tv? I just asked her what brand it was, how much it cost and if it was a smart tv. I loved the way it was set up with the remote, how easy it was to use, how every app you could think of from Netflix to HBO to even a Desney Channel app was on there. I wanted this tv now instead of the Apple TV and was so upset when she told me the price of the tv because of course it was so much more. I told her that I loved how she had all the apps, music, photos and games right there on her tv. My friend told me it was the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
This device is amazing. It works with any tv that has an hdmi port. It comes with the remote, barriers, cables (for hdmi), everything you could need. You just have to plug it into your tv and then hook it to your wifi. Now you've got access to Netflix, HBO Now or HBO Go, pretty much anything you can think of. Of course you do have to pay a month subscription for Netflix and HBO along with other apps you may have but the Fire TV Stick is one flat payment of $40. Oh, and if your lazy like me, you just have to push one button and speak to Alexa now! Just tell Alexa to play Game of Thrones (my new current obsession) instead of clicking through all the apps and shows, she'll play it for you.
I'd always been an Apple girl but I absolutely love this device. Amazon really out did themselves!
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on August 5, 2018
Let me begin by saying I like the Fire Stick for the most part. Other devices are better, but I have echo dots and I enjoy using Alexa, so the Fire Stick is a natural addition to our media setup. That being said let me tell you a story...

We recently got a Roku Smart TV, and we just placed it in front of our old TV for the moment until we figure out what to do with the old TV. The old TV has the fire stick attached to it, we didn't switch it over because the new TV has Roku built in. Today, after about a month of using the New TV, we turn it on and the Old TV comes on too. They are the same brand so it's not completely surprising. What is surprising is that Dora the Explorer starts singing at us. I unplug the old TV and the firestick and think nothing else of it.

Until this a little bit later when I get an email saying that we purchased the Dora the Explorer video! The fire stick remote is sitting up on the fireplace literally gathering dust. You can tell it hasn't been touched in weeks. And yet somehow we purchased a video? So I try to get a refund.

I explain what happened to customer service and they act like they are doing me a favor giving me a refund and inform me that there are no refunds on digital products and no refunds in the future. I explain what happens again and they say I need to set up parental controls... for what? Is the firestick a child? If it wants to order videos will parental controls stop it?

The customer service rep slips up and says its so my child doesn't order more videos. I ask if she thinks my child has magic mind control or if she just thinks I am a liar. I inform her that if my daughter had done my daughter would be getting fussed at not some lady on the phone. My daughter was playing quietly in her room when everything took place, which is why I was turning the TV on, so I could finally watch something I wanted. And the firestick remote is literally covered in dust because it literally hasn't been touched in weeks, and when I say literally I mean it literally I'm not being hyperbolic. The roku remote to the new TV is IR so it should not control the fire stick.

Hint, Hint, I'm pointing out a major product flaw, even if it turns out to be a fluke, this could be horrible for the company and needs to be taken seriously!

It was only $14, the real problem is that the fire stick purchased stuff seemingly WITHOUT ANY USER INPUT. That is why I am upset, that is why I am on the phone with someone instead of enjoying my day.

I did end up getting a refund, and after typing this I will be throwing all my fire sticks in the trash. Yes, multiple, because I own more than one, but what if next time the order is for General Hospital the complete series or something and I'm out $100s instead of $14? Not worth it. Customer Service implying I'm a liar makes it even less worth it.

Even if it was somehow user error, the fact that a program can be easily ordered without seeing the screen without the remote makes this NOT WORTH IT at any price. Oops, you sat on the remote? Congratulations you now own a movie you don't want only $25! No refunds.

Please mark this as helpful or whatever so more people can see it, the last thing I want is for more people to get a nasty surprise. If it makes any difference this is a review for the newer model with voice control remote I bought at christmas, I have not had problems with the older ones (yet) but I have decided to not chance it.
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I purchased the latest generation Amazon Fire TV Stick to replace the second Roku 3 that had failed in my home in just a few years. Determined not to purchase another Roku product I instead opted to try Amazon's Fire TV Stick despite the large gap in channel offerings, notably with Google Play and Google-owned IP like YouTube.

I've had the Fire TV Stick setup in my home for about two weeks and so far it's been an easy transition for my wife and kids. For the most part, the channel (app) lineup is very similar to what's available on Roku with the notable exception I already mentioned.

► Setup:
Getting the Fire TV Stick setup is really easy. The stick simply plugs directly into an open HDMI port on your TV or receiver. Then you'll use the included USB to AC-adapter cable to run power to the Fire Stick. Amazon even threw in a female-to-male HDMI extender in case you cannot fit the large format Fire Stick into a tight space. The only gripe here is that the cable length for the AC-adapter is ridiculously short. I had to replace the cable with another longer USB cable of my own in order to accommodate the Fire Stick in my media center.

Once powered up and on my network, the Fire Stick immediately went about updating itself with the latest patch from Amazon. This process took a bit longer than what I was expecting at about 15-minutes but doesn't require anything from the end-user.

► Navigation & Interface (including Alexa):
I'm going to be completely honest here, the navigation menu on the Fire Stick is cluttered and definitely not as easy to navigate as Roku. I'm not exactly my parents, who struggle with technology, but if you're considering this device for a parent, grandparent, or someone who struggles with tech this is probably not the best choice. Amazon has seemingly taken the same approach to the Fire Stick's interface as they have on their website and just thrown everything and the kitchen sink into one giant mass of content. You'll simultaneously be navigating apps, content from Amazon's Prime store, and content from other apps and channels (like Showtime via Amazon). It's confusing to figure out exactly what you're browsing and where at a glance.

It's easy enough to find your recent apps but the line blurs quickly as Amazon obviously makes their streaming service the center of attention. I'm a Prime member so there's just a shotgun blast of content displayed onscreen and no easy way to parse out what's included with Prime, what's paid and so forth.

Another low point is that ads are displayed in both the navigation menu via banners and also as clips before starting a show.

Thankfully, the saving grace here is the excellent Alexa Voice navigation. To use it, simply press the microphone button at the top of the remote and speak what you want to search. Phrases like 'Open Netflix' or 'Mickey Mouse' will launch the Netflix app or search for the specified content. And it works incredibly well!

► Performance:
I specifically went with the Fire Stick versus the Fire TV primarily because the television connected is not 4K but also because Amazon has seemingly downgraded the flagship Fire TV with its latest hardware revision.

That said, performance of the Fire Stick is pretty good - not great. When first waking the device and navigating them menu there can be lag as the processor struggles to load the onscreen spaghetti of content - apps, content, and advertisements.

I'm sticking to just using WiFi with the Fire Stick and this device gets top marks for keeping the content pumping with minimal interrupts and buffering. I've got the Fire Stick paired with my TP-Link AC3200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router and the content almost never buffers or needs to be optimized (aka lower onscreen resolution). This is obviously not as simple as pointing to the Fire Stick and will vary by ISP, home, and other variables. Regardless, I'm problem free.

► Closing:
I decided to drop Roku after having two hardware failures and so far I'm not regretting my decision to go with Amazon's Fire Stick. My review touches on some of the negative aspects of this device - ads, navigation and such - but this device works well and has the content (app lineup) important to my family at a fraction of what our old Roku 3's cost. I'm a fan, even if I think Amazon could do better by integrating a better navigation menu, offering a simple unified search for paid content a la Roku, and offering storage expansion via SDHC.
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on September 28, 2017
Could not be easier to install and set up. Basically just plug it in and go. And it is VERY fast. Plenty of on demand sources from the major national and cable networks, among others. And the apps are almost endless. You can access live TV from sling, directv now, and possibly hulu, although i have not done that yet so i can't speak to that. If those, or other sources work for sports and live TV you could "cut the cord" for just the one time cost of this, plus the monthly charge of those services ($20 - $40 or so depending on the service) which seem to be far cheaper than most cable companies. If you don't want a cable bill anymore and have an internet connection, this is worth looking into. Plus you can voice control it from the remote and from alexa if you gave an echo device. If you are not intersted in "cutting the cord", but would like to turn your non smart TV into a smart TV for only 40 bucks (make sure you have an available hdmi port on your tv), or want to add another TV but would rather not pay the extra fee for an additional cable or satellite box, then this is definately the device for you.
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on April 24, 2018
We are loving the Firestick! We have cut the cord and are streaming all content on the Firestick. We have so much to watch! We have access to Amazon Prime videos, Amazon channels that we love, Acorn TV, Masterpiece, and Brit Box, Netflix and Hulu with live TV. This change over has been very easy. It’s definitely different than the traditional cable package and regular TV guide, but I am learning to prefer how much more control and choice I feel like I have. And we are saving $80/month by dropping cable and using the streaming content apps listed above.
Installation and setup was extremely easy.
A nice surprise was learning that the Firestick has an app for Mozilla Firefox and that we can also view our favorite websites on the tv from our Firestick. We are very happy with this product and immediately bought and installed a second fire stick for another room! And we can easily bring the Firestick on vacation and connect to all our streaming content/apps as long as we have WiFi and a HDMI tv connection. It’s been a great experience!
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on July 21, 2018
I bought this new fire stick to replace an older version. I wanted to love it, but I have spent the last 30 minutes watching the screen go from the home screen to "no signal", and restarting. I can't even go to settings to try and factory reset or put the device to sleep. It worked during set up, I was able to download my apps from the old fiestick, but it's day 1 and I have successfully watched about 20 minutes of streaming over a period of over 4 hours of trying to get it to work properly. My other devices are connecting just fine. The photo (attached to this review) shows how close my modem is to the device, connectivity should not be an issue. DISSAPOINTED.

***UPDATE ***
after a call from customer support and two returned calls from me, I was able to get a replacement unit. Same thing was happening. I decided that I couldn't have gotten too badd units something must be up with my system. I proceeded to go to YouTube to see if anyone else was having the same difficulty. Low and behold, I found a video that explains with the new updated Alexa voice remote fire stick If you are not using the cable that came with it please do. The unit is not getting enough power with other cords. If you are using the cable and it isn't working, Try using the extender If you're using the cable and the extender and are plugged into a Surge protector you may need to plug directly into a wall outlet. What seemed to work best for me was using the cord that came with it, plugging the USB in directly into a USB surge Protector with the extender. Whoa! Working like a champ. I'm very happy with m device. Only lost a star for customer service, device is a 5 star.
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