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on October 12, 2015
Best streamlined diaper I've tried. The Huggies little movers are super bulky compared the pampers. The Luvs are in the middle. But the Pampers are super thin and light and still hold the same amount of fluid. We haven't even had an overnight leak. I've been looking for a more comfortable diaper and this one fits the bill. I took a picture of 10 Pampers Cruisers next to 10 Huggies Little Movers. The Huggies are just so much bigger but they don't do any more than the Pampers except make it harder for my baby to move around! She looks so much more comfortable in the Pampers. My only request, to ALL DIAPER MAKERS: STOP PUTTING DESIGNS ON THE DIAPERS. I hate how they show through her clothes and she can't see them anyway! Make them plain white, save time, save dye, save money and pass those savings on to us parents!!
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on June 14, 2016
I loved Pampers Swaddlers when my daughter was a younger infant, but when she started crawling, I dutifully switched to cruisers halfway through her stint in size 3 because I felt like I was "supposed to" now that she was actively moving. But my son I kept in swaddlers until size 6 and then switched him to size 7 cruisers and he was fine too.
Overall I've been happy with cruisers. She was in Cruisers size 3 and then size 4 during the day, and Huggies Overnight at night (she was soaking her cruisers at night, and Huggies Overnights are definitely the best!)
I've had the chance to compare the Swaddlers to the Cruisers in size 4, and I can see the differences when I look at the diaper itself. The Swaddlers are more padded (thicker), whereas the Cruisers have a strong elastic. And of course the Swaddlers have that yellow/blue stripe to tell you when the diaper is wet. Personally I don't really need that stripe at my daughter's current size. The days of teaspoon-sized pees in stationary babies asleep in a crib are long gone, and if she's wet, I kinda know.
Swaddlers: Thicker, Yellow Stripe
Cruisers: Thinner, more elastic
Both: Perfect for my long & lean 13 month old - no leaks (21 lbs ... I move up diaper sizes early)
Neither: Neither is great for overnight for a toddler who actively soaks a diapers. But that's why there are overnight diapers!
Overall I can't say I have a preference between the two. If you love swaddlers and/or really want the stripe, then stick with swaddlers and don't worry that you should move to cruisers because your baby is crawling/walking. If you use cruisers and are happy, don't let the fact that you can get swaddlers in size 4 make you question which is better. In my opinion there really isn't much of a difference. The Swaddlers are just as good for my very active 13 month old. Choose your diaper on price or on the cartoon character on the front or whatever you care about. I really don't think there is functionally much of a difference between Swaddlers and Cruisers.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 5, 2018
We have been using pampers cruisers for the 6 months or so, purchased at Walmart or Target, and have always been pleased with them. This first order of them from amazon have been disappointing, and have us questioning their authenticity. The tab to connect the Velcro tab to is folded down on EVERY diaper in this batch and the smell of urine is much more apparent...something we have never had an issue with with other cruisers or the pampers swaddlers. My daughter has also been waking much more frequently during the night, and almost every time she does has pointed to her diaper and said “peepees”, leading us to believe she was uncomfortably wet. After a recent TODAY show segemnt on counterfeit products being sold on amazon, I wonder if these diapers are the real deal. They certainly have not been what we’ve come to expect from pampers over the last 2 years. Very concerning!
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VINE VOICEon November 16, 2013
Thankful to find a size 7 diaper for our disabled son! The medical supply diapers are just wrong in so many ways - you can't adjust the tapes, they're not comfortable or absorbent, and they're too big. These are just right, Mama Bear!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 13, 2016
I am not one to write bad reviews, if I don't like something, I keep it to myself and move on. But literally every single diaper in this box is defective. I am unable to diaper my child right now because all the diapers are missing a tab to attach the diaper to the child. I am now in a desperate situation with no diapers because I received this box for my monthly subscription and I have no other diapers for my son. This issue is unacceptable, especially when it effects my child.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 11, 2018
I've been getting these diapers on amazon for a long time. My most recent delivery came with the same box (sesame street logo) but the diapers were different, no Sesame Street design, they look cheap/generic and don't even have the same Pampers logo. It was enough that I thought I was given counterfeit diapers and had to call Pampers directly. They told me that they're now using more generic designs. I told them that it's confusing that they still use the Sesame Street logo on their boxes. Do I buy these diapers for Sesame Street, no, they're absorbent diapers, but they definitely look cheaper now and the box should reflect what is inside to avoid concern/confusion.
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Top Contributor: Babyon July 18, 2017
I bought these for my 7 month old who was crawling and pulling himself up. Prior to this I had used Pampers Swaddlers, and then when he was sleeping through the night more the Baby Dry only at night time. Now I use the cruisers both day and night. I haven't had any issues yet- no blow outs-no diaper rash- but I do miss the wetness indicator that the Swaddlers had, especially because my baby has had a cold recently and I'm trying to monitor wet diapers- it's difficult to tell if it's wet sometimes. My husband also mentioned that he missed the indicator. We had no issues with the Swaddlers so I may go back to those/ just for the line and I believe they are less expensive.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 7, 2018
I’ve been buying these exact diapers from amazon for the past year. I love the cruisers and they’re my favorite diaper.

I received very cheaply made diapers and definitely not cruisers. I like the cruisers due to their absorbency. These diapers do not hold up and do not have channels. I am going to stop buying from amazon and just go pick up at Walmart. It’s very annoying.
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on February 15, 2016
I switched to cruisers from swaddlers when my daughter was just over a year. We use Pampers, and my baby has had a diaper rash exactly twice. I have two older children who I used store brand and Luvs with, and they got rashes all the time. They also had a tendency to squish out the sides.

Pampers vs. other brands. Pampers may leak up the back on a rare occasion, but they NEVER leak out the sides. We have never had an issue with diaper rash with Pampers, but have with store brands. These fit very well on my daughter. I have only once pulled the tab off on accident while fastening, but the store brand diapers regularly pop those pesky little tabs off, rendering the diaper useless.

Cruisers vs Swaddlers. Definitely a difference in outer cover softness on the cruisers. These feel more "plasticy" on the outside, but not the inside. Still soft. Cruisers are narrower between the legs which is important when baby starts walking. No more green line to tell you when to change, but the diaper looks full from the outside on cruisers. I think that is the channeling system that Pampers boasts about that gets moisture away from the skin.
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on January 5, 2016
Great diapers for big toddler, my son is 2years old and he is a big kid 39lbs 40" this diapers keeps him dry and comfortable all day and no leaks at night!
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