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on December 11, 2017
 What it is: Metronome and stringed instrument tuner.
How it works: Graphic screen shows tempo and can be adjusted by 1 BPM at a time up or down. The screen also shows flat and sharp tuning as well as when in tune.
Why I like it: It works well as a metronome as well as a tuner. I was surprised at how easy it was to use, right out of the box. It does come with instructions, but, honestly, I figured it out on my own with no problem. The magnetic swivel ball works great and allows you to use it in a variety of positions and still see the screen. I found the tuning to be accurate.
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on May 21, 2018
When I first got it, tt seemed to work good on all strings except the “B” string. I had to hold a different note to tune the “B” string. HOWEVER, after using it a second time, it seems to be working perfectly. I don't think I did anything differently, but it does seem to be working perfectly now. I am changing my review from two star to four star. I don't think I did anything wrong the first time I used it, however, it is possible it may have been my error. Also, Donner Direct appears to have great costomer relations and seem to be willing to make things right. Donner asked me to send them a video of what it was doing and has kept in contact with me to make things right. Donner Direct appears to be a very honest company who is willing to go the extra mile to make things right with costomers and I will more than likely buy more of their products in the future.
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on June 24, 2018
Ordered this as an add-on for an existing order to get the free shipping, and was pleasantly surprised when I first used it on my guitar. I have an Intellitouch PT-10 and love it, but wanted an extra to put in my other case and for the price I figured I didn't have much to lose even if it might not be up to the standards I'm used to.
Clipped it on the headstock of my guitar and noticed right off that the clips was rather stiff and a lot stronger than the PT-10. So much so that I'm worried that it could damage or dent the headstock on a softer or older instrument with poplar neck construction. That aside, the tuner has only one button - - it serves as an on/off and also as a mode button, from Chromatic settings to preset modes for various instruments (guitar, bass, violin, uke, etc.) - all you do is long-press it and then toggle between modes, pretty simple, and it's explained on the tiny include instruction sheet. The background display is normally grey, and turns green when perfectly tuned. It seems surprisingly accurate, almost as much as my PT-10, which is almost 4 times the price. The display is clear and does not flip around much when tuning, a real plus for me. I must say that for a little over $5 this is a killer tuner, and I only hope it lasts a while. Only time will tell, but for now I'm pretty happy. I may order a few more of these for friends if it works out, because it seems most clip-on tuners each have their little irritating habits such as erratic locking on some strings, or dim display, or battery-eating or some such thing - - but this one seems pretty solid. Other than a too-stiff spring on the clip (which may or may not cause a problem later on with the fragile-looking plastic hinge or denting the guitar headstock) this tuner seems to be a winner. Impressive!
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on September 23, 2017
Bought as a 'cheap' tuner to carry around.
The instrument setting are great - I have used on ukulele, mandolin, 12 and 6 string guitars, bass - all tuned well.
Good response
For the price - I like it better than other brands that cost 2 times as much or more.

As a side note - I have only had a week or so, I can't testify to durability, but for the price, I would and will buy again
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on June 19, 2018
The tuning is not as accurate as other similar looking, but its ok, and this is about half the price. RECHARGEABLE idea is great.
Update after 2 months of use I had an issue, I contacted the company. They were swift to replace after I showed them proof of the issue. I would recommend this to anyone, especially when you have a company standing behind their product fully. Never need to worry about special battery replacement.
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on February 4, 2018
So far so awesome! Love that it's rechargeable. Super accurate (and I'm a middle school band director). Metrenome is totally great to have also... it's a mini doctor beat where you can change rhythmic patterns also. I'm a practicing fiend right now. Going to try it on my trombone next. Hopefully it lasts. I was a bit skeptical because of the price and the functionality. We'll see. If it craps out easily, I'll update my review :)
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on June 13, 2018
First, I didn't need a Rosetta Stone to figure out how to use it. Others I've had in the past were in the PhD level to use. I pressed and held the button to turn it on, then used the same button to toggle through the instrument selection to 'Guitar'. Clipped it on my guitar and started tuning low E. I was not expecting for the display to turn from grey to green when the string was tuned. None of the many others I've had, did, but this was so simple to use. Tune until the green screen appears. It shows you the note and the string you are tuned to - a double verification of what you're doing. Anyway, I'm buying another Donner Tuner to put on my other guitar. Disclaimer: I do not work for the company or any company associated with Donner. Retired Military.
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on July 10, 2018
Just got this little guy today and it was so easy to set up and use. I tuned my Donner guitar, DAG-1AC electric acoustic cutaway 41" by ear first and then with this tuner and it was right on. Other products reviews showed that the ball broke out the plastic base but this one is a metal ball with a heavy duty magnet to hold the ball and so east to move with no break out. Love the fact I can remove just the screen part and with the provided cord, charge it by plugging the USB cord into your PC. Great little tool These guys at Donner think of everything. Love this company!
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on June 20, 2018
Works well enough, not as fast as the standard Snark, but the
display is brighter. The magnet is a nice feature in that it can
lessen breaks off issues at the hinge. Its nice that you dont need
to replace a battery, however i have found this to be a pain in that
i have needed to charge the tuner after less than one week of using
it for a few tunings in one day (and i turn it off manually after a couple
of minutes each time) however yrmv. If they could increase the capacity
of the onboard battery we would have a 5 star product.
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on November 14, 2017
I regret not buying this sooner! For the price, this gadget is a no-brainer. The display is easy to read and pretty foolproof - keep tuning the string until the display turns green. In the chromatic mode, the tuner is great for alternate guitar tunings, as long as you know which string should be tuned to which note. It's nice to have a quick way to stay in tune.

There's one small issue - sometimes the tuner won't register the sound of the 6th string. However, the issue can typically be corrected by playing another string and then returning to the 6th string, or by tuning the 6th string down a couple steps and then tuning back up to the note you desire.
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