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on April 20, 2016
I searched high and low for the ideal case for storing all of my standard and micro SDs and eventually settled on this CamKix case. Can I just tell you what a brilliant decision that was? Its perfect. The swappable inserts are great and super easy to use. Everything fits nice and snug and doesn't fall out except when I don't put them in all the way (woops). The labeling system is smart and intuitive and keeps things organized. Build quality is great and its nice and compact and takes up next to no space in my bag.

That being said, one of my inserts had an issue in the micro sd slots with the cutout not popping out correctly. I contacted CamKix and they immediately proposed a solution to the problem and shipped out the solution the next day. They were a pleasure to work with and incredibly helpful.

If you are looking for SD storage of whatever kind, this is the PERFECT case. If you want to buy a product you know the manufacturer will stand behind. Again, this is the PERFECT case.

My only wish is that they would sell inserts individually so I could buy some more micro SD sleeves. CamKix, make this happen!

I did not buy this product at a discount, I did not promise a review, and I don't have any affiliation with CamKix. I bought this because I needed it, and I am 100% satisifed and will be back for more.
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on June 21, 2017
Disclaimer: I am a one time consumer and have no interest in the company that produces and/or markets this product. My comments are solely based on personal observations of the product through direct use. This review is strictly for:
Premium Protective Aluminum Memory Card Carrying Case with Customizable Interior by CamKix - Organize and Protect your SD Cards, Micro SD Cards, Memory Stick and Compact Flash (CF) Storage Cards

I purchased this case for 1 reason; for the storage of memory cards. In other words, I will not be accessing the cards constantly and the case will not be used for transport. With that said, the case is sturdy. it came quickly with no delays and its packaging was a simple cardboard box that was easy to open. The contents had multiple foam inserts for various card configurations. It did not have duplicate inserts, which could be a down side if you were looking to store a singular type of memory card in just that one case. the foam inserts are not sexy but they do the job. EVA foam with cut openings to insert your card. the cards seat nicely in the cutouts and they do come out smoothly.
the case is lightweight aluminum and yes, it could be prone to bending or breaking. As I said before, mine will be used for storage purposes. All of my cards fit quite nicely, and I feel that the case does exactly as it was advertised.

I reviewed all of the negative (1 star) reviews for this product and have summarized my opinions in regards to their concerns as follows:

1) Not water resistant or offers no moisture barrier: (FACT) Reviews claimed that there is no moisture protection. This is true. I don’t recall seeing moisture protection listed in the product description. If you plan on scuba diving, white water rafting, crawling through mud, hanging out in a very humid area, or leave the case out in the rain, then you can expect that your cards will get wet.

a. Common sense: don’t leave in wet environments.

2) Cards fall out: (FACT) Multiple people complained about the cards falling out. The slots for the cards are snug, but if you insert a card and hold the case upside down, yes cards may fall out. This is a case with a lid for a reason. It is meant to hold cards for storage/transport. The inserts are not made for standalone storage. Other products have issues with the cards were breaking when removing memory cards. This does not have that problem.

a. Common sense: Close case before turning upside down and I would rather have a loose card then one that breaks when I need it.

3) Fastener Broke: (HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE / FACT) Consider why you are buying this item.

a. This case is BAD If..... you are going to play James Bond and expect military grade storage of encrypted data; while HALO jumping from a jet plane over enemy territory; then low crawling through caves and rivers to get to your objective; then this is not the product for you.

b. This case is OKAY If..... you are going to be accessing the cards in the case multiple times a day, then you need to be cautious as this item will be more prone to breaking at the closure tabs and then the hinge.

c. This case is GREAT If..... you need a case to store cards that you will access no more than 3-4 times a month or desire to protect your cards during pedestrian type travel, this is a very good case. Its durable design will protect your cards from drops and bumps.

4) Limited insert configurations: (FACT) the configuration is limited. Contact the customer service department for the product and get another insert. I see is as being marketed to help the average person start to organize and store the various forms of memory cards which have collected over time. Hence the wide variety of inserts.

The case is exactly how it appears in the image. No thrills no frills. It closes with ease yet you will need to get familiar with opening it to the correct side that you will want. The tab closures work and are not hard to use. They are not clasps or hasps; it takes little force to move the tab slightly to open.

BOTTOM LINE: All in All, nice sturdy design, snug fit inserts for the storage and organization of various sized memory cards. Not good for extreme sports.
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It's pretty obvious that this is a cheap option for memory card transportation and protection. Very solid build quality and will protect your cards in your bag and won't open up or anything with a tight locking mechanism. The only critism that I have, is the foam. It's soft and the cards fit the cutouts perfectly (no matter the insert). However, the cuts that are made are not very deep. This results in the cards popping out of you open the case quickly or are in a hurry. If you just open it normally without any jerking or quick movements then you won't have a problem at all. 4 stars because of this, but 5 stars when taking into account the price. Great buy.
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on August 17, 2017
It's a simple, small, and compact case that allows you to store a variety of different memory cards such as SD, micro SD, and more. The foam inserts are easily interchangeable and there are labels you can use to organize you memory cards which comes in handy with multiple cards. I currently use it to store my micro SDs. Great customer service and communication when I had an small item missing. They sent me an entire case!
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on March 1, 2017
I really like this case and all that it comes with. It has a slight soft rubber feel to it on both sides. It is very well made. I've read on here that it's hard to open but I find it pretty easy, and I have long nails. It's about 2 inches tall and 3 inches in width. The little cut-outs have white paper that you can peel off, not sure why. I'm waiting for a respond from the seller.
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on July 31, 2016
Well made case with lots of options!

The only thing I can find at fault with this case is I really wish it had to of the Micro-SD inserts or maybe just an insert that did 12 Micro SD cards only (that would be ideal for me 12 Micros on one side, 8 + Adapter on the other

I'm not going to dock the sore because the description was very up front on what inserts came with, but if anyone is reading this, having another one of those SD inserts would absolutely make my day!

I got this as I have a fairly in-expensive dash-cam I use when I travel for work. It only takes up to 32 gig cameras, which at 720p offers about 3 hours of recording... but sometimes I have to spend 7 to 8 hours on the road. With 32gig MicroSDs coming down to $12 for good ones, I'm snapping them up as I need them - this keeps them save and organized!
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on May 31, 2018
First of all it works. Not great but it works. The design is not particularly good or intuitive and the foam pad inserts, while changeable, are pretty weak and will wear out quickly. The metal case, especially the tab closure parts, are thin. One drop and they bend. Not very expensive so you are getting what you paid for but I was hoping for better. I'll use it for a while as I keep my eye's open for a better one. Buy with your eyes open and know you are getting what you pay for and you won't be disappointed. Happy Shopping.
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A very nice case. I just wish it had duplicates of the inserts as I purchased this case expressly for use with Micro SD cards for my GoPro. One of the inserts has spaces for 8 Micro SD cards and one SD adapter. (2 of this insert would have been perfect) The rest of the inserts are for various configurations including 3 SD cards, 2 CF cards and 2 MS + 1 MS Pro.
The case is lightweight metal and stays closed.
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on August 7, 2015
Almost perfect. This is one of the few cases I could find to hold my microSD cards, which it does very well, holding 8 together with the SD adapter in one half of the case.

The only problem I have is that the full-size SD card slots are somewhat shallow, which means the cards can fall out a bit too easily for my tastes. I used a knife to cut out the remaining foam underneath the SD cards, which means they sit against the metal of the case, but I don't have any problem with that. Now the cards sit deep enough that they only pop out when I want them to.

The microSD cards are already thinner and sit deep enough, so I didn't have to change that.

The case comes with four foam inserts:
- microSD (x8) + SD (x1)
- SD (x3)
- compact flash (x2)
- one that I don't recognize
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on January 31, 2016
Perfect solution for a small amount of cards. I have 4 total SD cards for my DSLR, one in the camera, three in the case. I'm going to use the other side for my business cards, should work out perfectly since the case is slightly larger than a standard business card. I'm going to throw some extra foam up top to keep them from rattling around, but then I will always have a bunch of business cards with my photography stuff.

Wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from camkix. This simple item is well thought out and constructed, I'm sure their other products are up to snuff as well.
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