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on February 21, 2016
The unit looks nice and functions fine. Here are my problems, though minor with the reader. When I put a CF or SD card in the reader it, I get no feedback to the card being seated. I have to look at my computer to make sure it is indeed seated by seeing the device come up. Sliding in the cards seems to be just a little rough. Finally, the SD card goes in upside down to what one would think. This may be because if you turn the reader upside down you can read the label on the SD card. I don't know. I have three Pixelflash CF card readers and they just seem to be better made. I got the WEme so I could read the SD cards on my 2010 Mac Pro.
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on March 7, 2017
Here are some numbers.

SD card speeds
SD cards, Class 10 - 10 MB/s (Class number = MB/s)
SD cards, UHS-3 - 30 MB/s (UHS number = 10 MB/s)
SD cards, V90 - 90 MB/s (Video number = MB/s)
Note: SD card technology has evolved faster than the specs sometimes. So you may find an SD card that is labeled UHS-3 that works at 90 MB/s. The V90 classification just wasn't out yet. Check out some benchmarking sites if interested. Pay more attention to the MB/s than the classification when shopping.

USB speeds (there are sites stating higher MB/s numbers but they're not factoring in protocol overhead)
USB 2.0 - Roughly 48 MB/s
USB 3.0 - Roughly 500 MB/s (the higher speeds necessitate shorter, stiffer cables)

HDD speeds
7200 RPM - Roughly 80 MB/s for mass data transfer
SSD - possibly 1.8 GB/s (SSDs have multiple protocols and connections available, look up benchmarks if shopping)

Camera - Canon Rebel T3i
Read/Write to card by camera - up to 45 MB/s (if SD card is fast enough)
Read/Write between card and computer via USB 2.0 - up to 48 MB/s (but it feels slower)
RAW CR2 files - about 20 MB each

We're starting to shoot in RAW more. More pictures more often. And when you connect the camera to a computer and browse the chip, the directory listing takes a while to appear, and it appears in chunks. We wanted something faster. So I got a 90 MB/s SD card and this USB 3.0 card reader. Shooting goes as fast as the camera is capable, then we take the chip out of the camera and put it in this card reader connected to our computer through a USB 3.0 port (the ones with the blue-tip connectors.) Directory listings come up much faster and transfers happen at 80 MB/s (capped by HDD transfer speed.)

I had considered getting an internal SD card reader for our computer, but I am very happy with this one. The case feels solid so I feel comfortable packing it for travel when needed. It comes with a USB-C adapter so I can use it with my phone.

This device is a big win because of quality, performance, and versatility.
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on September 5, 2017
I bought this because I wanted a card reader for Micro SD cards instead of using an adapter card + reader.

It works when I plug it into the USB 2.0 slot on my pc but won't stay connected while plugged into the USB 3.0 pc slot. It flashes up for a second and then disappears and continues to do this until I unplug it. This could be an issue with the pc slot but I haven't any problem when connecting other USB ports to the 3.0 pc slot.

It took awhile to know if the card was in the right way round, there is no indication as to the right way up and even by "feeling" the card slide in you aren't sure if it's connected with the terminals, there is a "harshness" with slotting in the cards, unlike other card readers I've used.

Over all the quality is lower than other card readers I have used
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on May 8, 2018
UPDATE: My first bad product review was posted below as this was the first problem I'd ever had with a product I purchased on Amazon. Turns out ironically that after I posted the bad review below, the card reader started functioning as I'd originally expected. Granted, a few weeks had passed so I guess Windows needed some updates to drivers or whatever. But, after posting the negative review and immediately receiving an email expressing concern from the vendor, I inserted the card reader again just to give them a screen-shot of the original error I had received along with driver info, etc., the thing worked fine. I apologize for any extra efforts caused by my original post but initially, the product did not perform as expected on MAC or Windows. The situation corrected with the passage of time and some apparent Windows updates. So, the reader is fine for purchase, I retract my bad review, and unequivocally state that the vendor showed immediate concern and was willing to do whatever it took to make right any faulty product. All is resolved and I would recommend this vendor for future business.

This product malfunctioned in my windows based system causing me to suspect it was for Apple. After the device malfunctioned (as in DID NOT WORK AT ALL) when plugged into the Apple as well, it was apparent I’d been shipped garbage. I can’t imagine that I got the 1 in 10,000 units that was a bad product, but I got it. It was junk.
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on September 24, 2016
I was hoping for more out of this but it seems to be an OK product.


It works OK at USB 2.0 speeds. I haven't tested 3.0 speeds yet. I worked with the 32 GB and 128 GB micro sd cards using either the micro sd card port or the sd card port with an adapter. It matches the aluminum color of my 21" iMac fairly well.


One thing I was really hoping I could do with this device doesn't work. It can only work with one of the card ports at a time. If you hoped to copy from one sd card to another by having them both plugged in at the same time, forget it. It will only recognize the first card plugged in and will not recognize the second card until unplugged and reinserted.
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on December 5, 2016
The new MacBook pro is a great machine. Unfortunately, it no longer has the camera SD card slot. This device affordability has enabled me to use still import SD card photos to my new MacBook pro.

I will say that I did have an initial problem getting the device to connect. I read the instructions and reconnected and it worked just fine. Very rare when the documentation for these sorts of devices is helpful in any way.
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on January 5, 2018
Great little reader! I really appreciate that it's USB3, and that it has the USB3.1 plug, because now my wife can connect it to her phone as well. Lost 1 star because the CF slot is EXACTLY the same size as the CF chips, so it takes a little force to get the chip into the slot, but I can overlook that with how fast and well this device works.

I have purchased several other CF card readers over the years, and this is the first one that I didn't consider to be a disposable toy after using it. Fast, immediately compatible with Windows 10 Pro 64bit (and with my wife's phone), and solid.
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on May 10, 2017
I had high hopes for this product as it seemed to meet all my requirements. Unfortunately I had to return the item as it appeared to be poorly constructed which did not allow a CF (Card Flash) card to be inserted. The company immediately contacted me asking more questions and asked for a picture. I provided the answers to their questions and a picture of the item with the defect immediately obvious. I attempted to insert the CF but it was very tight and thought it might break either the unit or the card if I continued. I did not try any other slot. I have not heard anything from the company since then other than they would warranty the product but I had already returned. I have not been willing to reorder as I fear this may be more of a systemic problem since I did not receive any responses. Picture attached.
review image
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on March 16, 2017
--update 2017-04-06--
The company reached out to me, it did some troubleshooting, and ended up sending me a replacement with expedited shipping at no charge. The replacement works perfectly.

Not recognized by my Nexux 6P, or any other USB-C device I could find (OnePlus 3, LG V20, etc). I tried MicroSD cards formatted in Fat32, ExFat, and NTFS. I tested too late to return, so I'll try another brand.

Good design with a flip-up cap instead of removable, but if it doesn't work, no point.
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on February 25, 2016
I ordered this to try and replace a 128GB PNY drive that I carried with me as a backup of my work files. It was standard size so I had it hanging off of my keychain constantly worried that I was going to have it fall off somewhere. I also recently picked up a Lumia 950 which supports OTG but has the new USB-C port. I started out with trying to use adapters, but that was just one more thing that I had to carry with me. This has eliminated all of the bulk that I used to carry. This is small enough that I carry it in my wallet without any sort of issue. I don't have to carry the OTG adapter and my phone recognizes it straight away. I can easily pull up a document that I saved while working on my laptop and edit and send it from my phone. I also pulled some videos over to the card and played them, worked great, no issues. I'm using it with the SanDisk 200GB card listed here:SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD (SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A)

The only con that I have so far is that it does tend to get a little warmer than the USB drive that I had been using, but I've experienced that will majority of the card readers that I've used.

Overall, a great product that has freed up space in my pocket and made accessing my files way easier than before.
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