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on February 25, 2016
Was REALLY hoping this would work for me because at $15 it's < half as expensive as the authentic Samsung water filter. Unfortunately, my one-year old Samsung model # RF28HMEDBSR side-by-side refrigerator never leaked water until I installed this replacement filter a week ago. This is my 3rd filter since we bought this fridge, the first Samsung replacement filter I bought at Home Depot, where I bought the fridge itself, and we had no leaking problems.

I got an e-mail from Refresh the day after I received the filter, asking for a good review, and if I had any questions or concerns. That was a nice touch. I asked them if I should be concerned because the opening at the end of the filter was so much LARGER than on my Samsung filter that came off? Here's a visual: if you sharpened a new #2 Ticonderoga pencil, you could only insert the sharp pointed end into the Samsung probably enough to just barely cover the exposed lead. With the replacement Refresh filter, you could flip the pencil around & put the brand new eraser end of the pencil inside the round filter opening, & still wiggle it around. The Refresh guy (owner?) said this was done so that it would fit a variety of different refrigerator models (and more than one manufacturer). I didn't give this any thought at that time because the leaking hadn't started yet. But the next morning there was ~ 6 oz of water on the kitchen floor under & in front of the fridge.

It only leaks after we use the in-door water dispenser. Making ice cubes does not seem to trigger it (or maybe the automated ice make hasn't been replacing any ice cubes much this past week). I got a glass of water thru the door before I went to bed last night and there was another 3-4 oz of water on the floor in front of the fridge this AM.

I threw all the packaging away so probably cant return the Refresh filter now. I am going to look for another model that has approx the SAME size circular opening as the Samsung. I threw that away, but fortunately I took photos of both.

UPDATE 8/21/2016:
I subsequently tried another generic brand of Samsung replacement water filter found on Amazon for under $20, after writing my original review, and this one specifically promised in the spec's that it had the smaller dimension hole, like the original Samsung filter. But this was untrue, and when it came, it had the same, larger opening as the first copy brand I bought that leaked so badly. I immediately returned it for full refund. Amazon is awesome this way - they even took back the first filter a month after I bought it, w/ no packaging, for a full credit, incl free return shipping!

Last weekend I bought a real Samsung filter from Home Depot. $49!! But zero leaking, it has the correct size (tiny) opening...

BTW, I ran the fridge for a few months with NO filter. The design allows it to do so with no leaking. Not sure how important having a filter really even is; our city water rates very high quality (according to the city!)

UPDATE 3/31/2017:
My red indicator light on my fridge went on a week ago, telling me it's time for a new filter again.

If anyone finds a replacement filter which actually DOES have the smaller opening so a Samsung refer won't leak, please advise WHICH BRAND it is!

I'm certain Samsung does not consider this unique opening size they use for this model a "bug", but rather a "feature"! In fact, to keep this revenue stream going, I can imagine Samsung engineers intentionally changing the circumference of the filter opening by 1-2 mm for subsequent year's models of their fridges, as soon as any Amazon supplier introduces a correct knock-off size for a given model of refrigerator. (This would also explain fewer suppliers bothering to copy Samsung filters, because Samsung could keep the size of their market potential per filter re-tooling small.) Samsung might have to carry more replacement filter inventories this way, which would be unfortunate from their perspective, but they'd get to keep selling a product that could be manufactured & sold profitably for < $20, for more than double that!

As a finance professional, I actually admire this a cheapskate customer though, not so much!
Paying $50 every 6 months is a racket. It feels like being askwed to buy genuine HP ink cartridge replacements to go in an HP printer, even if they cost double what acceptable quality printer cartridge replacement knock-offs cost.

In the tech word and on the cloud, every SAS supplier's goal is to turn every customer into a $5-$10/ month annuity revenue stream, into perpetuity. Apple, Amazon Music, Netflix, MS Office 365, Anti-Virus software, Lojak, etc...too many for me to count that I am direct billed for monthly or annually. Looks like Samsung appliances found their $8/mo revenue stream "forever" opportunity, too, but in a low-tech application! (Also like Gillette and the $2 per replacement cartridge shaving blades, that averages out to ~ $10/mo into perpetuity, too. Thanks god for knock-offs, when they work as claimed, and a place like Amazon to warn other customers, when they don't!)
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on February 13, 2017
I bought these and they are knocked off's. The water taste medicinal. Do not buy. Purchase the brand-name filters that go with your refrigerator. There is a reason why the cost of these filters are so much less than the original replacements. These went into the garbage can and I purchased the brand-name filters that go with my refrigerator.
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on December 30, 2015
I wanted to wait a full filter cycle before I wrote my review. I found no difference in this brand filter and the original $45 Samsung filters. I don't run "gallons" of water through my filters immediately following a change, I only run until I no longer see any foreign particles. With the OEM filters, that is usually about one large Tervis tumbler full of water, and this one was no exception. (I did run a second cup through it just to be safe.) In comparison, I have tried 2 other replacement brands and both of those needed at least a full gallon of water before it was clear. There was no odor, no particles, and no color to the water when using this brand, and it was tight in the refrigerator. I am very pleased with this particular brand and just ordered 2 more for the next year.
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on May 30, 2017
I have s Samsung RF4287HARS which uses the DA29-00020B filter. I have changed the filter every 3-6 months for the past 3 years. I have used genuine Samsung filters and other knockoffs. I generally try to buy Samsung filters. I searched Samsung and the model number but didn't
notice this wasn't a Samsung filter until it arrived. (A bit annoyed Amazon doesn't label this as replacement or take Samsung out of the title-- ah caveat emptor as they say)

Anyway I decided to try it. First filter resulted in slow slow water stream. I know you have to "prime" the filter by running a few gallons through but it took 8 minutes to fill a 16oz glass.... I was worried about burning out the solenoid. I know sometimes the filter being in wrong causes slow stream. So I reinstalled the filter twice. Still slow. I switched back to the old one (samsung) and it resolved. I

figured it was a bad filter so trashed it and opened the a second box. After a lot spitting it seemed fine. I went to bed and to work the next day. In the afternoon my wife calls saying there's water all over the floor. She had to work so I said just shut off the water and I'd look at it later. When I got home and looked at it, one of the plastic threads was chipped. So I tossed the second filter and installed the third (after closely examining the threads).

Third primed fine and it's been two hours without any leaks. Water tastes ok. A bit more metallic than i remember the Samsung filter but sometimes it takes a few days to fully break in

Summary -- bought 3 pack
1st : slow stream. Could not fill 20oz in 10min
2nd : Broken threads resulting in a leak
3rd : seems ok. Inferior taste to factory filter

I will not be purchasing filters on Amazon again.
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on January 19, 2017
These filters are not, I repeat, NOT the same as the factory ones. I read a lot of the reviews and said, ok, these have got to be correct-how WRONG I was. They look the same until you open them and set them side by side and look straight down at the aperture opening to feed the water into them from the refrigerator. These replacements have a wide open ended aperture, where the original has a pin hole type aperture opening. When I installed one of these replacements, water leaked all out the bottom of the filter housing straight into our meat tray below. So now i need to return these and this time go with OEM and not these aftermarket replacements stating that they are the same, buyer beware...............
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on April 12, 2017
These filters said they fit my particular samsung, but they did not fit exactly. So, over time, there was a small leak that was not noticeable until it began to overflow onto our kitchen floor. We literally did not realize it was not the proper fit until we were into the third of the four in this pack. When we then bought the actual Samsung water filter, the difference in size small but clearly visible and the Samsung filters have a double washer not the single at the top of these. I'll try to include a photo. These may work for other models, but not for ours. We needed the DA29-00020B which this Refresh brand listed as a replacement size. But no. Not sure if I can get a refund, but if so, I'll update.
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on January 15, 2017
I ordered what I thought was a SAMSUNG brand water filter. The advertising wad a bit misleading to me. The box in this picture says Samsung on the box in big letters--I could not enlarge it to see what the rest of it says. It must say in smaller letters "Fits in place of" Samsung filters. The boxes I received are not the same and it is obvious on those that they are produced by "Refresh My Water," not Samsung. I now see the description says "Samsung Compatible." My fault for not paying more attention to the product description instead of the name emphasized in the photo. Hope these work as they should. Just wanted to warn others to be aware of the product description and not to go by the picture.
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on April 2, 2017
I ordered this product in hopes to replace my refrigerator water filter at a reasonable price. I made sure I had the correct model number. I installed according to directions and immediately experienced issues. The water shot out of the dispenser, under extreme pressure. The filter itself then leaked black/grey water inside the fridge. I immediately took it out and put my old one in until I can get another replacement. I'm hoping this did not cause permanent damage to my fridge. Very disappointing!! I have never written a negative review of any product I've ordered off Amazon, but this will be my first. I should have listened to other reviewers who said the same thing!
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on May 13, 2017
Doesn't work. Installed as directed. Was recommended for my model of fridge and fit well...Seemed to be working. Was happy until I opened the drawer below the filter---full of 34* water! It either slowly leaks or leaks a great deal during use. Highly disappointing. Will be returning---once I get the feeling back in my wet and frozen fingers. oh wait! There are no returns!

I've included a picture showing the difference in the nozzles...the "refresh" is on the left and Samsung on the right. The main differences are the opening on the refresh model is larger and it only has 2 rubber gaskets and. The Samsung opening is smaller and there are 3 gaskets.
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on December 29, 2016
After installing, I filled up several large cups of water to get the air out of the filter and lines. If you have done this, you may have observed how while there is air in the system, water will continue to come out even after you've released the 'trigger'. (Hint for any newbies out there: don't fill those first throw-away cups to the top; you'll get a good bit more water after trying to stop.) After about a gallon or so, the spurts and burps that accompany the air bleed process ended, and that was that. However, for nearly a week, every time we would get water, the valve would leak a little water after each use. It slowly lessened, then quit, and has been fine since.

The opening for the water on this filter is considerably larger than the original from Samsung, and I suspect that perhaps due to that difference some air remained trapped in the filter and caused the ongoing after-use leakage until it finally purged. Whether that was the root cause or not, everything's been fine after about a week's use.
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