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 * Super bottles, Stress reducer for a baby and mom. And grandma‘s too.
* I bought these bottles for my granddaughter, who I get to keep during school hours because her mom is a teacher.
* I bought them before she was even born. After her mother went back to work six weeks later she came to me.
* She not taken a bottle for her mom. Her mother had tried. However, she Refused all of the brands her mom tried.
* The first day I had her, independently, she took this bottle right away. She ate well. Burped well. And slept well.
* The first day I had her, independently, she took this bottle right away. She ate well. Burped well. And slept well.
* Not bad for six weeks.Old and going from nursing only to a bottle
* Also, when my great granddaughter was born four months ago, she refused to nurse.
* She had issues with the bottle. After three days I recommended these bottles and it changed everything for the baby. All positives.
* My video talks a little bit more about the design of the bottle and why it works to keep air out of the tummy.
* It comes apart for easy cleaning. You can use slow flow, medium flow, or high flow nipples. Which ever seems best for your baby.
* Hope this info helps. Thanks for reading.
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on January 1, 2017
I loved these bottles for my older son so I was disappointed when I saw they were redesigned. The older bottles were skinny and long as opposed to these that are shorter and wider. The older version was very comfortable to hold and easy for baby to learn to feed themselves. These are too wide and the nipples are too big. My son won't eat from them, very disappointed.
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on February 24, 2015
I was searching for bottles with the following qualifications: 1) reduced air intakes in hopes of reducing gas; 2) Doesn't have a ton of little parts for me to clean. This was the only bottle I found that met those qualifications. Plus it is pretty inexpensive, which was just a bonus. The tilted design makes it easy to feed baby sitting up or laying down, and you don't have to lean baby all the way back to get the milk from the bottom. Although the bottle is technically four pieces (nipple, bottle, blue seal thingy, and bottom), you don't have to wash them all separately. Usually I just unscrew the nipple and put both parts on the top rack of the dishwasher. Every so often I will take it all apart and put the little blue seal in a dishwasher basket, so everything gets cleaned individually - but certainly not every time we use the bottle. As for air intake, I don't really know if it works or not. I can say that my son is fairly gassy (lots of farting), but rarely seems uncomfortable from gas.

Couple of complaints:
1) sometimes it leaks from the bottom because the blue seal doesn't suction to the bottom and milk will drip through the venting holes. This is a pretty easy fix. I just turn the bottom upside down, unscrew the bottom, take out the blue seal and run it under water. I then put seal back in and screw the bottom back on. Although the fix is easy, sometime I don't notice until I see a puddle of milk on the counter/table around the bottle.
2) At times it can be a bit difficult to screw the nipple on straight, so milk will leak from the top. Again, this is an easy fix - just rescrew the nipple.
3) Plastic has become a bit cloudy colored from the dishwasher.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with these bottles.
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on July 2, 2018
We we’re using Dr. Brown’s with our newborn until one day around 4 weeks she just started choking/gagging on them, which is scary to watch. I added premie nipples to no avail, then tried 4 or 5 other bottles, all with the same result. Finally tried these and though they’re not perfect – leak easily if not screwed on perfectly, milk streams out fast if you hold the bottle at the wrong angle, and most annoying, you have to warm the milk in a different bottle and then transfer it to this one to prevent huge leaks – when used correctly, the baby fed much better with these bottles. If I let her gulp too hard I’ll still get the occasional choke, but I can angle the bottle down a minute and she’ll stop. I really like how, if she wants to take a break from sucking but keep the nipple in her mouth, no milk will come out at all. I’ve akso noticed less indigestion/gas and no puking with these. Lifesaver.
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on February 20, 2018
These bottles are absolutely amazing. Don't get me wrong they have a couple of extra parts but you'll definitely notice a benefit to your baby if they have any gas issues. I went from breastfeeding to a bottle because my little guy picked up RSV. So finding the right nipple was really hard and I never had to worry about a gas problems until we start using bottles. I had a friend recommend leaves bottles to me and they were a complete Game Changer for my little man. Would definitely buy these again in a heartbeat and always recommend them to other mommies.
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on July 20, 2017
I do love these bottle because of the Ventaire feature, but I am a little disappointed because it has only been one month and there is already a tear in one of the nipples. It only comes with 7 nipples and half of them are medium flow so you can see my frustration with having a one-month-old. It could have been something I did wrong while washing them and not noticed before. I'm not faulting the product at all because so far it has served its purpose in preventing tummy troubles or colic, but I can see us purchasing more nipples in the near future.
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Playtex Ventaire bottles are the only ones I will use. Before my daughter was born, after a bit of research, I invested in plenty of Avent Natural bottles. At birth, her mouth was too small for the Natural nipples and so we used 30 mL milk collection bottles and disposable nipples for the first couple of weeks. At two weeks, she was drinking more than 2 ounces per bottle and, while I could have fed her 2 bottles per feeding, I elected to try out the Avent bottles to cut down on washing. She did great. The bottle fit her better and she ate like a champ. Problem is, immediately after she became very gassy and irritable despite gas drops, and cried inconsolably until she spit up. We tried again, and again, gas and reflux. I switched back to the milk collection bottles, 2 at a time, ordered the highly recommended Dr Brown nipples, and had an even bigger problem with reflux, gas, and crying. After three tries, I threw the Dr Brown nipples in the garbage. Then I remembered I had bought one pack of pink Ventaire bottles (for the color). I pulled them out, washed them, and gave them a shot. What a difference it made. My baby was eating, and happily, and burping easily (and very little) in the middle and after each bottle, then resting calmly with no spit up or crying! I had resolved myself that maybe she was having reflux unrelated to bottles, and planned to talk with her doctor at her follow up visit, but no need... Once we switched to these bottles, she very rarely spits up, and those instances are often caused by handling too quickly after feeding (ex: rapid diaper change).

These bottles make my life so much easier. The extra washing/cleanup is totally worth the ease and comfort my baby now experiences while eating.

When she is older I may use the Avent bottles also, as we have so many, but for now and with any future newborn I will use only these. As for Dr Brown nipples? Absolute garbage in our experience.
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on June 7, 2016
We went through several different bottles for our twins before landing on the Playtex VentAire. This set has everything you need to get started. We have twin boys and bought two of these - we are able to get one set ready and used while the other is drying. The babies have less burps after using these bottles, which is great for when we are feeding in the middle of the night and want to get back to sleep.
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on January 23, 2017
I like the angle of the bottle. I don't like having to deal with so many pieces but to reduce colic I can deal. But the bottle doesn't vent strictly from the bottom like it describes. I still see bubbles coming from the nipple as baby eats. So while the idea is great, this doesn't totally eliminate venting from the nipple. I guess the only bottle that completely eliminate air would be the drop ins.
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on September 4, 2016
These are fantastic baby bottles. The design minimizes air, so less gas and spit up from the baby, and has fewer parts than Dr. Brown's which I believe is designed for the same purpose. My lactation consultant loves these - to the point where she preferred to have me feed my newborn expressed milk from a spoon rather than use the Medela bottles I'd bought when I was pregnant. We're very happy with these bottles.
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