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on November 16, 2017
I used to love reading books on my Surface Pro but since buying a new one and finding out there is no longer Windows app available, I've been forced to use the desktop application. Let me tell you straight up - the Kindle application for PC is an absolute joke. Where to start?

The Interface (UI) - the interface is pathetic. You can make your page black but, unfortunately, the page only takes up about 25% of the available screen space and the rest of the screen stays the same colour. That means you can forget about reading in a dark room or before bed from this application. There is no way to make the "page" - I put the word in inverted commas because it's more like a tiny strip down the middle of the screen - do anything like fill the screen, even in "full screen" mode, no matter which way you orient your device or what options you try. Even the way the UI looks is what you'd expect from the very lamest freeware, like something that was made 20 years ago and has hardly been updated since.

Features - you don't get any of the features they advertise, they seem to be reserved for users of other platforms. To be fair, the application is usable as a librarian/organiser for your books but not in any way useful as an actual reader. You'll be lucky if you can manage half a page of text per screen. Then there is the complete lack of right-click functionality, which you'd expect could be really handy in an application like this. Honestly, though, I can't think of the last time I encountered a software application with no right-click functionality at all. Even Notepad has a right-click menu. You get a limited one in the Library but nothing at all on the reading side.

Overall - Amazon should be ashamed and embarrassed to offer something so clearly useless to their customers. When you compare it to the Windows 8 (Metro) app or any phone app, it simply doesn't measure up. It's so bad that it got me looking at the Kobo app, which is everything this application is not - the Kobo app feels modern and slick and looks like it will be a joy to use as an eReader. It's also got a great built-in store that makes it dead simple to buy books. It's so much better that, after thinking about it long and hard, I've decided that once I finish the books I have, I'm going to get myself a Kobo and sell my Kindle on eBay. I won't put up with being treated like a second-class citizen and you shouldn't, either.
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on January 6, 2017
As a owner of two Fire TVs and two Kindle Fires, this app makes me feel absolutely disrespected as a customer. It's obvious when Amazon doesn't care about a user base because they release apps like this. It's broken, it runs poorly, and it's lacking in features. Compare this app to what you'll find on iOS and there's a huge disparity. The Kindle for PC app is flat out atrocious. That's not a joke. It froze twice in a row just trying to load! I put the app in full screen mode, and guess what, there's no way to take it out of full screen mode! With hundreds of millions of PC users, you'd think Amazon would care enough to create - BARE MINIMUM - a competent app. Considering this is Amazon we're talking about, their e-reading software has no excuse for being this bad. Thankfully, the books I wanted to read were free so I didn't lose any money on this deal. I just know in the future to buy my content (movies, music, video games, books) from a company that actually cares about me.
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I am surprised they don't maintain the same version in the Windows Store. Whenever I get a new device one of the first apps I install is the Kindle reader app. I have been really frustrated that the app I hav been downloading from the Windows store doesn't support many of the features of the IOS, KIndle eReader, Kindle Tablet or Android versions. It does not have collections, table of contents, search for bookmarks etc. that I use a lot. So in spite of the fact that I prefer to use my Surface Pro most of the time when it comes to functions like these in other applications and even the web I end up using my iPad Pro (It's still hard to beat a mouse for many precision functions).
I originally came here to give a very negative review of the Windows store version. But this one is great and everything that the Windows Store one is not. Plus it has full mouse support so my searches, text marking and even moving from one chapter of a book to another from the table of contents is MUCH easier and more precise than touch with my big ham fingers.
I realize that Amazon would prefer to sell books to those that own Kindles, but why support those features in the world on IOS and Android but leave the PC version from the store so crippled? Doesn't make sense because I'm sure it is costing Amazon book sales.
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on April 9, 2018
I normally try to avoid being rude, but this app is ridiculously useless. The only thing I liked is my book covers are bigger on my laptop than my Kindle 10.

It gives you the option to import collections, yet it won't allow you to import collections. But, when you contact customer service for assistance, you are told that the option to import collections does not work in the app for the PC. When you ask why Amazon can't get the Kindle app for the PC to work with collections, but the Kindle app for my android has my collections and it syncs with my Fire 10, you get "I will pass it along to our developers".

I am not a developer. My question is, can the developers who work on the app for Android and iPhone, get together with the developers that work on the app for the PC for Windows 10, and figure out something? Every time I upgrade my OS, I download the Kindle app, expecting it to be better and it never really gets better. I don't understand why. I guess I expected more from Amazon. I don't HAVE to use this app. The one on my phone works fine, and I have my Fire. It is so disappointing that they can't do any better. Maybe others have more success than me with the Windows app for PC.

Actually, I also kind of miss the carousel feature they had included with my Windows 8 laptop. That proved to be a lifesaver for me. I have a ton of books, and had to do a hard reset on my Fire once. It wiped out everything I had set up. I was able to recreate my TBR list because of the carousel on my laptop. Maybe one day I will get both the carousel, and my Collections will sync.
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on April 12, 2018
This was my first venture into the world of e-books and Kindle. I downloaded Kindle for PC and it had a nuisancesome introduction that I could find no way to get it to skip. I tried looking at the e-book I had bought, "Easy Windows 10, 3rd edition" and wanted to make the pages larger, like you can in any pdf reader. I could find no way to do it so I clicked on Help and it took me online to a page that explained I needed to swipe my finger across the screen to bring up the settings menu. Swipe my finger across the screen? I am doing this on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. So, I did a chat session that ran for 53 minutes and went through two reps, both very nice. The second one pointed out that the instructions as to swiping the screen were for a Fire Tablet. I asked what should one do when they are running the reader on a regular PC and the help takes you to help for a tablet computer. She had no answer and forwarded our experience to others for review and changes. She also gave me a full refund on the book I had bought and I will not pay about $10 more to get a printed copy.

There may be and probably are better e-book readers out there but this one by Amazon is awful, and whoever designed it did not know what they were doing when they had it link to help for a different thing.
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on December 3, 2016
Had to give this one a single star. Aside from the DRM content which I hate (though, at least I can read on multiple device types), it seems this just wasn't given much consideration for the PC. My chief complaint is that apparently NO consideration was given to a users interaction with a PC and simple aesthetics. The reader forces large grey-brown borders and a very tall "menu bar", as well as a status bar that isn't needed. There should be a means to right click into all menus, or a simple bar down the left, or across the top for that matter, that minimizes while reading. A "center touch/tap" could bring it back to view. The window should be able to be sized in a standard PC OS manner. An option should also exist that allows the user to download all books. As it is now, the reader almost requires my full 23" screen to read a book. Shrinking the size of the windowed mode shrinks the text, not the large grey-brown margins.
Sad, disappointing effort on this app.
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on March 2, 2018
This app drives me nuts, whether on PC or iPad. It's good if all you want to read is unformatted text, but not good for much beyond that. Unfortunately I bought a bunch of books with Kindle, so I can't escape it.

It would seem the Kindle designers have never looked at a PDF or Word doc? Or perhaps they studied the most unappealing ways to present material?

Chief gripes:
* It butchers the formatting of tables
* List formatting is unintelligible
* Indents don't really work
* It butchers pictures (and doesn't display many)
* Font choices are horrible
* Column layout is horrible -- either "auto" or "single", and "auto" makes bad choices
* Finding your place in a doc is pretty horrible -- no page numbers and going to the Kindle location reformats page randomly (so you can't flip back & forth easily and know where you are in the document)
* Cut and paste doesn't work, especially with lists (butchers formatting completely)
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on January 19, 2018
I’ve primarily used iPads with the Kindle app to read about 600 books. I’m breaking in my new Surface, downloaded this app to start reading and a little shocked by how awful it is. The interface is non-intuitive and difficult. I still haven’t quite figured it out and I guess I’m going to need to go through blogs, support and help to be able to use this app comfortably — if it’s possible.

I’m also going to take a closer look at Nook and maybe others. I’m a KU user as well as Prime but doesn’t make any difference. I rather enjoy reading than being frustrated by this app. I’ll stop both if there isn’t a way to make this app user friendly.

Frankly, I’m wondering if it’s advantageous for Amazon to make this app better on other platforms. I would never have expected such a bad reading experience from Amazon/Kindle.
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on November 24, 2017
Does not sync collections anymore. I called for help and was told that by an agent today.
If you have a lot of books and you like to organize them into colllections, you can manage them on a kindle, on kindle app for android, and online at
But if you use the kindle for pc app, you will never see your other devices and have the option of importing your collections.
Seems really annoying since collections are part of your kindle account from which all the books download.
Very disappointed. I am considering using a different e-reading program for my laptop.
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on March 19, 2016
Hands down, the worst software I've had the misfortune of using to try and read on my PC. The books are all locked behind proprietary DRM which renders them utterly useless if you wanted to open them in other, more sophisticated software. In addition, the sync function will not register properly in some cases, resulting in any rental books becoming worthless if you have them installed in multiple devices.
Speaking of broken functions, if you try to use read aloud apps in addition to the Android version of this same app, forget it. You may find that your ability to even copy will have been stripped away.
Do yourself a favor and get a different E-Reader. Pick one with read aloud functions built in, or one that will allow you to easily and freely sync your books across multiple devices without delay or error. Choose another program which will auto translate to other languages, change the font, page color, etc, but for the love of all that is good, stay away from this ill-functioning, sloppily programmed, DRM-centric, anti-consumer crap.
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