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on September 2, 2015
I have played the guitar for years and recently purchased a ukulele. Needing a good tuner to tune both, I purchased this tuner. It arrived quickly. However, when I went to use it, the tuner did not properly function. It worked fine in mic mode but did not work in clip mode. I was a little surprised based upon all the great reviews so I contacted the company "Groovy Center." Within a few hours the co-owner had contacted me. After telling him my issue, he immediately shipped me another one. It arrived quickly and worked perfectly. The clip mode is great. You can tune your stringed instrument in the noisiest of places and still get it tuned quickly. I use it everyday. Even my 9 year old daughter, who is learning to play the ukulele uses it. It is easy to operate and makes tuning your instrument quick and easy. The company has exceptional customer service and a fan for life.
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on April 24, 2016
Great tuner. First I bought a Fender FT-004, which gets great reviews. I hated it: slow, slow, slow. I kept overshooting the tuning, up and down. I threw it away and got this instead. Fast, bright, small pitch increments work very well. Sensitive enough even for intonation adjustments (although not nearly as good as an expensive tuner or a strobe). It is a bit bigger than many headstock tuners, including the Fender, but still fits in the case when attached. I've already bought a second one for my son.

Purchased a second tuner, and this one was off by a full half step. Honestly, I've never seen a tuner this "out of tune" . So, five stars for the first one and one star for the second, averages to three stars.

Back up to 5 stars. Vendor noticed my first update and sent me an apologetic email, a new tuner, and a gift. Happy to report that the new tuner is dead on. So 2 out of 3 were perfect. Maybe the 2nd was just a lemon. I suggest you verify yours against a friend's tuner, a piano, etc. Make sure it's right. If you have a problem, contact the vendor. They are very responsive. I am a very happy customer and heartily recommend this tuner.
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on August 29, 2016
Look, I am a rank beginner at the Banjo. I was able to take the Real Tuner out of its package, turn it on, and perfectly tune my 5-String torture device in under two minutes. For someone like me with no Ear whatsoever, it's a blessing to be able to start this long journey knowing that the Instrument is exactly as it should be. It's going to take way longer than that for my Finger Rolls to threaten anyone in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. However long that is, though, my banjo will always be in tune. Isn't that exactly why you Pop for a tool like this in the first place?
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on June 29, 2017
Hello Amazon Dwellers!

I looked high and low for the best tuner available and this is the one I chose. This one is Easy to use. I just set the tuner to Chromatic, and tuned my guitar quickly. Below are the pros and cons:
1: Device is small, and can be easily stored in yer gig bag. Small is Nice!
2: The color display which is bright so you see everything the device is doing while tuning.
3: It also has a mic for tuning so you have 2 great options to choose from.
4: Tuning is simple: The display shows what string you are tuning, and tells you if you need to tune up or down. When the needle hits the center, yer string is tuned. Oh, how I LOVE simplicity.
5: The clip has rubber grips on it so it will not slip around yer head stock while tuning. Brilliant!!
6: Comes with the battery! Common, who doesn't love that?
7: 360 degree swivel display. You clip it on, move it to yer liking.
8: Three year Guarantee with no questions asked!! THREE YEARS!!! That makes 2ed very happy.
9: I think this is the best Pro: The 2 ultra cool people who own Groovy are actual musicians, not a third party vendor who has no idea how to handle technical questions. You send them an email question and they respond promptly and wont rest till you have the issue resolved. Thanks you two!! I'll be pestering you with questions, so look out!!!!
1: Look, I'm hard to please. If I'm going to give you my money, what ever I buy better be Primo. So, that being said, I can truthfully say that I find no cons with this device and the Customer Service.
2: Ok, perhaps one thing: Groovy didn't send me the tuner for free. I'll get over it.

I HIGHLY recommend this tuner. I can tune my guitar by ear, yes, but this tuner saves me time and many broken strings ( along with not saying bad words when the string snaps and whacks me in my eye ) when I used ( key word here being USED) to tune by ear. The CS is some of the best I've encountered, and I love the guarantee.

Buy it, Use it, Love it.

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on December 2, 2016
We purchased this tuner for my son who plays french horn. two deciding factors on this tuner are that it can transpose, and the Mic mode. While my son can do the transposing in his head, it isn't quite second nature, so not having to do that thinking while playing or warming up takes a load off what he has to think about. Additionally, the horn doesn't really have a great place to clip a tuner to make it visually accessible. The Mic mode makes it possible to just clip the tuner to his music stand, making it very easy to see.

The added bonus is the Guitar mode, making it very easy to tune the guitars that he plays as well.
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on September 9, 2015
I have several Snarks but I wanted another clip on tuner as I keep one in each guitar case. I saw positive reviews about this as an alternative to a Snark and I liked the fact that people said that the Real Tuner was bright. I think Snarks are not bright enough. I bought the Real Tuner. It came quickly. The display is bright. There are multiple settings- guitar, bass, chromatic, and maybe a fourth one. It remembers which one you select so you don't have to scroll through every time you turn it on. The owner of the company emailed me the next day to see if I got it and liked it. It's a breath of fresh air to buy from a company with great customer care. The only downside is that the first one I got failed to work after one day of use. The owner assured me that this was an unusual occurrence and sent me a replacement that arrived in two days. That tuner seems to be fine.
In all fairness, I have had a Snark die after dropping it once, so at these low prices, they are almost disposable. If this Real Tuner lasts a year it will be worth the $10. I do like the bright display! With the great customer care I got, I recommend this tuner.
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Top Contributor: Guitarson September 4, 2017
This is a nice tuner. I am using it as a clip-on for my guitars. The screen is very bright and the swivels work great so it can be pivoted to the best angle. The G(uitar) setting is fine for open string tuning but I found I needed the C(hronomatic) setting to get accurate readings for 5th and 12th fret
and harmonic / intonation readings. I matched them side-by-side to my Snark readings. The paper instructions are difficult to follow, but the email from Groovy Center was helpful. I have not tried the mic feature yet .. but that is an interesting feature and one that my Snark does not have. If you have multiple types of instruments to tune = Recommended.
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on December 16, 2016
I am amending my comment here. After leaving my original comment, the Seller (Groovy Center) contacted me. I appreciate that. I tried this tuner again, side-by--side with a Snarky tuner, on the bridge of my cello. As I was tuning, the Snarky showed that my cello was in tune, but the Real Tuner showed still "flat." This happened with each string. So, despite the excellent customer service by the Seller, I will still return the product.
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on August 4, 2018
This is an awesome little tuner! I've been playing several different instruments for over 50 years, and teach, so I've had many tuning devices, but none with the capability of this one - especially at this price. I bought it for guitar/ukelele/banjo. But it does so much more. Nice feature is being able to not only clip it on the instrument (uses vibrations), but I can also attach it to my music stand and turn on the built in mic! Great idea. Saves so much time with students and friends who come over to jam. Can be used on many different instruments, has different keys/tunings built in, also identifies the string you're playing by number (again, great for students). No issues so far. A gem!
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on April 20, 2018
Does not tune accurately from octave to octave. I play 5-string banjo. When tuning the 3rd string to G4 (by the tuner), then tuning the 5th string to G5 (one octave higher), by the tuner, the string would not match by ear nor when a 12th-fret harmonic was played on the 3rd string.

I also found the tuner to not be accurate when a 440hz "A" tuning fork was applied. It was off by 1-2 hz. This can be compensated for on the tuner by adjusting the reference frequency on the tuner, but that made no difference in the octave-to-octave accuracy.

The tuner did have good response time (which is what I was hoping for), but if it isn't accurate, what good is it? I have been using an "Intellitouch PT10" for many years, and although it is a little slow, the tuning is very accurate.

Maybe this was just a "bad one", but it performed poorly none-the-less. What a bummer...
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