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on July 1, 2015
This screen is amazing for the price. I would buy over and over again. Better than the two high price screens I bought from sprint. Not peeling off or cracking before its dropped. And when dropped it remains beautiful and clean. Buy it. You will not be disappointed.
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on February 26, 2016
this item cost about $9. although inexpensive, it arrived well-packaged with clear instructions and installation went perfectly. my phone now has glass protection aend not a bubble on the face to show for it. the touch screen is as sensitive as before. i feel much better now with my iPhone6+ protected. the protective screen is about a millimeter off-center, as the protector moved slightly while it was adjusting itself. it was neat to set it lightly in place and then tap the center as described, then watch it adhere from the center outward all the way to the edges in a continuous fluid motion. it went on so well that i'm thinking to get one for my iPad.

update: this is now days later, and i agree with the manufacturer claim that this is a "Premium Quality" item. a previous Verizon Wireless manager looked over my new phone with protective screen and said it looked really good, said i did a good job installing it. well, all i did was follow the simple instructions. as a caveat, had there been even one speck of lint on my screen when the protector was installed, it would have changed everything, as the seamless adhesion process would have moved around the speck of lint and created a bubble.

8/1/16 update: okay, because i apparently grip the phone too tightly, the screen protector got some open places at the side edges. it was a couple or three months ago, around may 2016. so i removed this protective screen in order to reapply it. don't make my mistake. it cannot be reapplied. so i have finally purchased another screen, this same one, and this time, if it doesn't hold perfectly on the edges because i grip the phone too tight, i'm not going to remove the screen. i am convinced that what happened was not a weakness of the screen.
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on May 8, 2017
I managed to scratch my previous glass/sapphire screen cover by dropping the 6S Plus on concrete, and bought the Voxkin as a replacement. I am in my 60s and have yet to get a screen protector of any kind applied without getting air bubbles, lint, finger prints, etc., trapped underneath. So I held my breath as I went through the instructions. Step 1 - remove old screen. Done. Step 2 - wipe with alcohol swab. Done. Dry with dry swab. Done. Step 3. Remove any dust or lint with tacky tape. I deviated from the instructions and used a can of that dry computer air to blow it clean until I could find no dust of any kind. Step 4. Apply screen and spread pressure out from center to remove all air bubbles. DONE! Perfect fit, no dust, bubbles, etc. I am thrilled. Thank you.
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on July 6, 2016
I heard good things about this product and maybe I got a bum one, but it's not great. I followed the instructions and applied it to my brand new iphone. I cleaned the screen as asked even though I had just taken the iphone out of the box. However, there are air bubbles that won't go out and certain areas of my phone when I touch a number or app it won't activate it. So I pulled it off, cleaned my iphone again and chucked it in the trash. Great idea if it worked but it didn't for me. I was bummed.
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Top Contributor: Petson July 30, 2017
This is the best screen protector ever! It was so easy to put on! I always dread using the screen protector on a new phone because it's such a pain in the tush to get on just right. Then even if you are able to line it up correctly you find lint or fingerprints. But as you all know, once it's on you can't remove it and do it again. Not with this screen protector! This ones perfect! It is by far the easiest I have ever put on, the tiny pieces of tape on each side of the screen protector allows you to line it up perfectly. It took maybe five minutes to get this on the phone. For now on I will only buy this brand! Literally effortless! I promise it is easy.
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on April 3, 2016
This is the second one of these Screen protectors that I have had. The first one cracked after 2 weeks, but my iPhone was not affected. The company was true to it's word about sending a replacement free of charge.
This was very easy to put on my phone, plus it is very touch sensitive. I can't really tell I have a screen protector on. I changed from a Otter Box because the plastic on the Otter Box was always dirty and full of finger prints. Although this does get some finger prints and dirt, it does stay fairly clean so that is a plus. It is scratch resistant for sure. I always forget and put my phone in my pocket with my keys. So far they haven't left a scratch on the tempered glass.

You can check my picture out and see that even though the screen protector cracked, it didn't have dangerous shards of glass sticking anywhere.
review image
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on June 27, 2016
After following the instructions very well and cleaning thoroughly the product doesn't stick very well at the edges, The Oleophobic and scratch resistant as describe does not stand up to what it says after a few days it scratch at the end and fogs up.
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on July 15, 2017
Very disappointed given the reviews. I attempted to apply this in a clean room that is used for testing circuit boards at work. Firstly the instructions said nothing about the Guide stickers and where to use them. Secondly I have small hands so it was difficult to hold the glass while pealing off the adhesive side without touching the adhesive side at the edges, so I was glad I wore gloves. Thirdly, the alignment was off about 0.5mm, that would have been ok to live with, but then there were several air pockets under the glass that would not go away no matter how hard I tried to remove them, and finally, there was a speck of something that was attached to the adhesive side. It was not dust, it looked like adhesive. Would not purchase again.
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on April 12, 2018
I bought this to replace another glass screen that had broken when I dropped it. The other screen was alsofrom this company. The screen shattered when I drop my phone but it only broke the glass screen later. It staying in place even though it shattered into pieces although my phone screen itself did not break. I ordered the Voxkin product right away and have replaced the broken one. The Voxkin product was simple to place on my phone after I snapped off the broken one. By following the instructions carefully and using the products provided, my phone screen is perfect! Be sure to follow instructions carefully. Wonderful protection for my I phone and a terrific
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on September 6, 2016
This protective glass is great i drop my phone all the time and it really prevents my screen from getting cracked and you do not have to worry about it rolling up because it's just a piece of plastic and with the plastic ones I went through them all the time I can have this one probably for as long as I have my phone I did have to change the last one because because my nephew wrote on it with a sharpie and I mean he wrote all over it so I didn't even see if it would wash off because we were at the park and I needed my phone so I just took it off I had another one to replace it so it was not a big deal but other than that I would not have changed it and I had it on my phone for six months so if you want something to protect your screen this is the one to but and one more thing it's great with smudges far better than any one I've every had
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