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on March 30, 2016
I got this a few months ago and decided I should review this now. Or at least share my experience.
When I installed this, I had to go through all of the ones provided just to get this right. I'm very good at installing screen protectors, but every time I cleaned off my phone and began putting the protector on, there was suddenly a speck. Eventually, I was able to get one on, but it didn't full adhere to the phone. This may be due to the 6S' curved screen, but it still bothered me.
Over the months it's been on, I have dropped it a couple of times (once was a 3in drop from hand to laptop) and it has scratches all over it now, as well as some chips. Thankfully they aren't in my phone and only on the screen protector, but it's a little ridiculous that this product claims to be scratch proof when the smallest of drops render it full of chips and scratches. I've never had this issue with other screen protectors, seems silly that this one should cause issue.
Because of these issues, the protector will now be in the trash and I will be moving on to another company in hopes that their protectors are not the same. It's a shame. This is mostly just a word of caution to those looking into this particular product.
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on March 8, 2017
Shipping was great as the item arrived on time as promised. Following the instruction, with the included 2 strips of alignment tape, the screen was very easy to put on. The included dust sticker is effective, just the right size and an awesome touch. That allowed lint in the air that settled on the screen to be removed. There's a difference compare to the previous screen protection from a different vendor where this one does not have a cut out for the camera. Even without the cutout, it does not appear to interfere with the camera's operation. More time in use is needed to ascertain if the product works as claimed. Overall, it meets my needs in providing an extra layer of protection for the phone and is great value for the money. Only a couple of detractors...probably being nit picky...The included alcohol swab was great at removing oily residue from the screen on the phone. However, the included cleaning pad when used to clean up the alcohol on the phone screen left streaks and residue behind. I ended up having to use a paper towel to wipe down the phone screen after having to reclean the screen with the alcohol swab. Additionally, I think the glass protector can be a little wider so that it is over the black perimeter of the screen width wise.
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on September 29, 2015
This is my 5th iphone, been through many screen protectors. Never have been able to put one on without bubbles or trapped dirt. I finally figured out that with the old ones, the *nanosecond* I slipped off the protective backing, whatever dirt or dust or dog hair would come from all over the house just to land on the sticky back - too much cling. Even on a brand new phone - right out of the box, I get those little specks of dirt. This one went on perfect - not a single bubble, no dirt. It definitely helps reduce prints - not perfect, but much better. The only hard part is getting it to fit *exactly* right. I will never use anything else.

Update: dropped my phone at 49er stadium. Hit concrete then bounced down to next lower row. Protector was cracked but not my phone.

2nd update: they chip. I've dropped my phone several times and there are a few small chips along the edge. To be expected with something made of glass. But cheap enough that I will just buy a new one. I'd reduce number of stars to 4 for that reason. But still the best cover I've had.
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on January 27, 2016
This is an outstanding product. It not only fits my Iphone 6 perfectly - but the design makes it easy to hold and the cut-outs for the buttons are absolutely spot-on. I just got this phone as a hand-me-down from my husband after he got the 6s. I never liked the case he had on the phone because it was too slippery and the buttons were covered so that they were difficult to use. As soon as I inherited this phone I went on Amazon and after reading about all the phone cases - it was easy to see that Sahara was the best. Being designed by people in the business really made the difference. And just to make my experience even better - Sahara's customer service really came through when I messed up the glass screen protector - all my fault - and they offered a unique and very sensible method of re-installing the glass - something I would not have thought of myself.
There are dozens and dozens of iphone cases - but I really believe that this Sahara case is the best on the market.
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on September 2, 2015
This protector WOULD be amazing IF it didn't come with a crack in it. Luckily it's in the upper left hand corner, not in the middle of the screen or something. But it's still an annoyance and has caused a permanent air bubble. I would like to be sent another one without sending this one back because I can't go without a protector on my screen. Feeling pretty disappointed. I gave it 3 stars because the protector is really nice and smooth to the touch and is really clear.
review image
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on August 3, 2016
I guess I'm just a klutz or not very coordinated. I found this to be not as easy to install as I was led to be... lining it up with my screen was a pain (I know have bit of gap on the left side where it doesn't quite cover all of the screen - about 1mm, I know...perhaps a bit OCD).

Also, I had to Google what the heck the guide stickers were even included for. The packaging doesn't tell you how to use them at all (spoiler - they're pretty pointless anyway).

I'll say this though, it does seem like a solid protector, the glue does evenly spread quite nicely, and I haven't yet experienced any issues with touch sensitivity, etc.

I bought this for my iPhone 6s, but I will not be buying this again for my fiance's iPhone 6.
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on July 20, 2018
This barely covers the entire screen so I can imagine my phone will get ruined... It comes with one wet wipe and one dry wipe except I got TWO dry wipes. The directions stated to use the “microfiber cloth” which was also not included. I only used this because my other screen protector was cracked. I suggest that one way more over this one (it was by Pure Gear).
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on February 28, 2018
I like that they give you some cleaning supplies to clean your screen prior to putting it on. I have used this for about 2 week, I’m a clutch and drop my phone a lot, but there are no cracks in this protective screen. Easy to use as well.
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on July 1, 2018
Worked just like the Seller said it would, they followed up with me to make sure it was OK, and It was. A ++++ Seller"

Very easy to put on, just make sure your screen is really clean, very important, make sure you have the new screen exactly where you need it before pressing in the middle to spread the glue, will buy again !
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on May 23, 2017
This product just didn't make it. The first one I ordered was cracked on arrival. Given the cost, it wouldn't have been worth it to spend a bunch of time returning it. I reordered it, wanting to give it another chance and the second one came in and went on clean. After about a week of some minor drops, I now have a security cover that is cracked in the corner. I have a low profile iPhone protector so the glass doesn't have a lot of protection but I would expect this to be able to take more of a beating than this. I will be changing to a more plastic based screen cover as this rigid glass doesn't seem to have the durability.
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