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on February 1, 2015
These are for our woodstove. It's a small, hightech thing with a catalytic converter that gets it up to 500 or more on the outside, and twice that inside. Heats the whole house. The gloves turn out to be perfect for that purpose. The first thing I did was to reach in and wipe the glass window from the inside, using the gloves and nothing else. The stove read 400 at the time, and I wiped off dust and ash with no discomfort and no harm to the gloves (or the glass). Till now I had to let the stove die out and cool down, then wipe it with a wet sponge and paper towels. Nice. But the main thing is just handling logs. Arranging them just right for best burning - no poker or tongs. Opening the door latch and adjusting the airflow lever, both made of cast iron and as hot as the stove. Picking up the occasional live coal that jumps out on the floor. To stand up again, just grab the hot stove for support! It's every bit as comfortable as a walk in the park. One small thing -- the knit glove fingertips do get some fuzzy wear from rough handling of oak logs, so don't use them to stack firewood - fair warning, and still worth all 5 stars.
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on September 27, 2014
These gloves work wonderful if you are removing a dry, hot item from the oven. I love using them when I bake cookies. They do not work around steam though. I burned my hands while wearing these gloves when removing a turkey from the oven. The steam from the pan went right through the gloves and burned my hands
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on May 20, 2014
I bought these gloves to use while I was seasoning my cast iron skillet.

Handling cast iron after 15 minutes at 200 degrees:
- No perceived sensation of heat through the gloves while maintain a constant grip for about 2 minutes

Handling cast iron after 2 hours at 400 degrees:
- No perceived sensation of heat at first contact between gloved hand and iron handle
- Sensation of heat with no discomfort first perceived after a 15 seconds with a constant grip

After two hours at 400 degrees, I picked up the very hot cast iron skillet expecting to feel some heat through the gloves but I felt nothing. I was so impressed I kept my grip on the hot iron handle to see how much longer before I felt anything. I began to notice the sensation of heat at about 15 to 20 seconds. I did not maintain my grip after that and set the pan down. I didn't think it wise to maintain prolonged contact with such a hot piece of iron regardless of how effective of a heat protectant this glove may be. I noticed some heat but absolutely no discomfort. I highly recommend this product.
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on January 1, 2016
When I read the title of 932 F on this glove, I figured I should give it a try and see what happens as 932+1 degrees. I have 5 different pairs of gloves around my wood stove, including welding gloves, but I am simply AMAZED at these gloves. I keep looking at them and wonder how did they come up with such thing. Generally I can not put my bare hand within a foot of the open door stove, and can probably last about 2-3 minutes with heavy leather gloves inside the stove. These are a different story. I now get to cook inside the stove, and easily handle the ceramic pot inside the stove with complete ease and comfort. So much so that I do not even feel if the pot is hot or not. I don't think my stove ever gets over 600 degrees, but at that temperature these gloves are simply fantastic. If I ever get up to 933 and gloves start falling apart, I will report back.
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I don't know why I waited so long to get these. I keep buying regular "pretty" pot holders to match my kitchen and after blistering my hand using them for the last time, I went straight to Amazon and finally ordered these. Oven gloves are amazing and you absolutely must put these in your cart and buy them today! I bake lots of bread on a large stone and I can pick the baking stone up after hours heated at 500 degrees, I can pick up the baked loaves with these gloves, no peel needed. I also use a lot of clay pots and Romertopf bakers as well as large soapstone HOT pots and I can pick them up and never even feel warmth. These are terrific for the ever popular Bibimbop granite bowls you heat on the gas stovetop, try picking them up with regular pot holders. You won't need to buy the special tool the restaurants use to pick them up just put the gloves on and pick up the scorching hot bowls! Love these when we are trying to get a turkey off of the barbq rotissere, one of us always would get burnt on the rod but now it's never a problem. They are comfortable to wear and very grippy so you won't drop your pans, I said pans! Have you ever preheated your oven and then realized you needed to take a rack out? I do that a lot and these gloves let me do that without feeling a thing. I love that your wrists and top of your hands are protected, so if you reach to get a pan from the broiler you won't burn yourself on the heating element should you bump it. I have used these every day since I got them, they are an absolute must have if you love to cook. Get them!
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on August 21, 2017
No reflection on the seller. Upon reporting the failure of the item and prompt response and refund was applied.


3rd gentle use of the product. Cooking conditions were 300F moving cast iron dutch oven from grill to stovetop for serving. I know the temps because I use a Flameboss 300 wifi on my grill and the temps were maintained the entire cook.

No moisture on the gloves pot handled for 30 seconds during transfer.
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on November 10, 2017
I can barely make it from my deck to the door carrying a hot cast iron skillet without burning my hands. 900+ degree resistance? I don't think so.

Too late for a return as well, I wish I would've bought a different pair. These aren't any better than a cheap oven mitt from Walmart.
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on December 26, 2015
I bought these as a Christmas present for my husband, a cast iron enthusiast. He loves restoring old cast iron he finds at yard sales etc. I thought these would help stop some of the flying curse words and small burns that were a part of removing hot cast iron from the grill or oven. They work great, and he loved wearing them when he cooked our Christmas roast in a cast iron dutch oven. I loved not having to shield my children from the language or having to do minor first aid on a holiday. Thank you, Grill Heat Aid, for saving Christmas.
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on February 21, 2015
I got the version of these gloves with the extra-long cuffs first. They felt too long for me (not as easy to quickly throw on and off), so I shrugged and ordered some of these, assuming they would be about the same size as the old 'Ove' Glove I was replacing, whose cuffs were 3" shorter. Unfortunately, they were exactly halfway between the 'Ove' Glove and the extra-long cuff version and thus still feel like "Long" cuffs and are not as easy as the old glove to put on and remove. So now I have two pairs of gloves that are extremely similar in cuff length.

Overall, they are very good. Great heat protection, comfortable, good hand fit, slides over a watch just fine. It would just be nice if the cuffs were ~1.5" shorter. Take a look at the attached pictures to see for yourself.

Minor nitpick, which I assume was a small manufacture defect. I rolled the dice and grabbed the like new/damaged packaging warehouse deal and there were a few loose threads inside the glove that caught on my fingernails as I slid them on, but they were easily trimmed off.
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on June 17, 2018
I'm am avid griller (22.5" Weber charcoal kettle grill) and home smoker (30" Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smokehouse).. I used two sets of gloves before since my suede grilling gloves just were too unwieldy for using with my smoker. For the smoker I've been using silicone gloves which lack individual fingers. I'll be using these gloves for both jobs. I tried them out with two grilling sessions: grilled chicken thighs a couple of days ago, and today when I grilled 6 ribeyes and 4 lobster tails. For the lobster tails I had to use my grate lifter to lift the cooking grate to add more lump charcoal. So there I am holding the grate with the lobster tails on it and adding more lump charcoal directly over the burning coals. I didn't feel any heat at all. Nor did I feel any heat when putting my hand against the hot kettle (I burned my finger earlier when I accidentally touched the kettle without wearing a glove).

Tomorrow I plan to smoke pastrami in my smoker. I smoke around 240° and I work with a hot wood pellet burner and hot thermometer probes, as well as moving the meat on the racks. I finally have gloves with fingers that will enable me to easily manipulate all that. The glove fingers are slightly longer than my fingers (I have medium sized hands) but the gloves overall fit my hands nicely. The red flame against the black fabric on the back of each glove is very cool.
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