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I did a lot of research before buying a dash mount for my iPhone 6 (well technically I didn't buy it but I put it in my Amazon wishlist for my sister to get me for Christmas since she drew my name). I drive a brand new Mazda CX-5 grand touring edition with beautiful black leather interior. It's a sexy car and I wanted something that would fit the look of my car and not be too big or clunky and destroy the clean lines of the dash and console. I loved this idea and was really excited to receive it for Christmas and try it out! Unfortunately it wasn't quite what I hoped initially. Allow me to explain.

I had picked out the perfect spot where I wanted to put this on the dash, which is a very smooth, yet somewhat textured (to look like leather) firm rubbery surface (see pics). It says right on the package, "Mounts to textured surfaces" so I thought it would be no problem as this surface is relatively flat and is BARELY textured. I followed the instructions to the letter, but the mount wouldn't stick to the dash well enough to hold it's own weight for 10 seconds let alone the weight of my phone! It fell off immediately. I tried again, holding it down for like 3 minutes this time and still, wouldn't even stick for 2 seconds.

I wrote to the company and they sent me a replacement mount to try. When it arrived, I tried it again, once more following the steps to the letter. Additionally, after pressing firmly for a few minutes, I left the mount alone for several hours before I tried putting my phone on it. When I came back to my car I was delighted to see that it was still stuck! I put my phone on it and drove home from work. However, within 15 minutes (and a few speed bumps and pot holes later) it had fallen off... :(

I was officially frustrated at this point but decided to try sticking it to a hard and completely smooth plastic surface just below where I had been trying to mount it before and it stuck quite well and held my phone, but because I had already stuck it to the other surface, it had lost some of its tack and wasn't going to hold forever, so I wrote to the company AGAIN explaining my problem and they sent me a 3rd mount to try.

This time I just went straight for that hard, smooth plastic surface (even though it isn't where I wanted to put it because it blocks one of the air vents a little) and it is AWESOME! I really have debated what rating to give this product because now that it's stuck, it works like a dream and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I truly think it's the ideal mounting system for phones and tablets, but man what a PAIN getting to this point! And their promise that it would stick to textured surfaces proved to be very much untrue for me. If I had stuck it to that hard plastic surface from the start I would've given it 5 stars for sure!!

Here's what I wish I had known about this from the beginning but learned through much trial and error:

- If you're mounting it on a vertical surface (see my pictures) it really has to be completely smooth.
- I wish the instructions had given more information about which magnetic plate to use for which devices. I started by putting the large plate on my iPhone 6 but that was NOT necessary. The tiny plate has more than enough magnetic strength to hold an iPhone 6 in a slim case even when plugged in.
- Even though this is advertised to usable immediately, I HIGHLY recommend you stick it per the instructions and then WAIT OVER NIGHT before allowing it to bear weight.
- Based on a few trials, I find that the best placement for the metal plate is at the bottom of the phone (see pics) with the long side horizontal. I tried at the center and with the plate's long side pointing up and down vertically and I like the way this sits much better. I have mine stuck to the back of my clear plastic case.
- Customer service was very helpful and prompt, so if it doesn't work for you for some reason, don't give up and write a bad review before talking to them about it because I promise once you get it to work you will LOVE it!!

Other things I love about it:
- Sleek, sexy, minimal design
- STRONG magnets but not so strong that you have trouble pulling the device off with one hand
- The options this gives you for degrees of rotation are limitless! LOVE that!
- Magnetic plate that attaches to the device is SO THIN I barely notice it at all. It doesn't get in the way of slipping it in and out of pockets, purses, backpacks etc., and doesn't look completely obnoxious.

In summary, I think this mount is probably the best dash mount out there, but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to its advertising for me. I was going to give it 3 stars, but decided on 4 because customer service was so great and because in the end, even after all the headache and disappointment I really really love it! I hope this helps someone else in the market! I did NOT receive this item for free or at a discount.
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on February 6, 2017
This is a review comparing the Scosche MAGWSM2 MagicMount Suction Mount for Mobile Devices and the Car Mount - Diateklity Universal Magnetic Dashboard Car Phone Holder - Fits iPhone 5/6/6 PLUS, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/, Note 2/3/4, Nexus 5, HTC, LG, BlackBerry etc. (Black). Two devices doesn't make for a comprehensive survey, but the comparison may help other readers get an idea what to look for or expect from other competing devices.

Range of Motion:

The Diateklity uses a standard ball joint to allow adjustment in all directions, though the range of motion is somewhat limited. The Scosche also uses a ball joint, but the head's stem is curved to allow the head to hang "over the edge" farther on one side than the other. What's unique about this is that by spinning the head 180 degrees in the ball joint you can choose which side you want the head to hang over farther. This gives the Scosche an incredible range of motion -- nearly 150 degrees in one plane vs. less than 90 degrees for the Diateklity. See my double-exposure photo for an illustration.

The Diateklity's restricted range of motion may limit where you can mount it, while the Scosche has enough adjustability to accomodate mounting on surfaces of any orientation.


The Scosche has a stronger magnet. Under the bouncing and jarring of my car's motion while driving down the highway, the Scosche mount holds the phone in place better. The Diateklity magnet allows my phone to slip a little more often, and I occasionally need to reposition the phone on the mount's head. My phone is a larger-than-average 5.5" phone in a case of 0.05" thick rubber, with the mount's accompanying steel plate inserted between the phone and the case.

Your results may vary, depending on the size/weight of your phone and where you put the steel plate. The magnetic bond would be stronger if the steel plate is glued directly to the back of the case instead of inside the case, where it's another 0.05" away from the magnet.

As an experiment, I tested the strength of each mount's magnet with my Garmin GPS placed on the phone for extra weight. The Scosche magnet easily lifted both devices, while the Diateklity magnet could not. Again, your results may vary, but the point is the Scosche has a stronger magnet.

Suction Cups:

Both mounts use a suction cup made of a pillow of soft, sticky gel. I'm not a fan of this gunk, and much prefer the hard vulcanized rubber suction cup on my Garmin's mount.

The sticky gel does make a stronger bond, especially on textured surfaces, but it's too strong. It's difficult to pry off, and can damage your car's dashboard. There are numerous reports from other reviewers that the gel also melts in hot weather and turns into a sticky goo. That can ruin your dashboard if you had one mounted there. I did not have the opportunity of testing in hot weather, but I can easily believe this soft gel will melt.

The hard rubber of my Garmin's mount doesn't hold as strongly, but if the rubber is moistened and mounted on a smooth surface, it will easily hold for a couple months before letting go. It doesn't mar the surface, and I don't mind reapplying it every couple months.

The hard rubber suction cup doesn't hold on a textured surface, though. (Garmin provides a smooth plastic disc with double-sided tape for those installations.) The soft gel suction cups will mount to a soft or textured surface, but they aren't kind. After just two days, they left a "hickey" on my dashboard when I removed them. I'd hate to think what mess they'd make in hot weather.
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on December 10, 2014
Don't even consider buying ANY other type of mount. This is hands down THE BEST! And trust me, I have tried just about EVERYTHING. I have had over a dozen car and desk mounts/docks for my various phones. Nothing compares to this. Hands down THE BEST design. Small footprint. Mount anywhere. Portrait AND Landscape orientation without adjustment. One handed operation. Holds very secure. Quality product...

I was concerned about the size of the metal plate which you are required to add to your phone or case. Once I actually saw it in person I realized that it is SUPER THIN. Less than 1mm. Actually just as thin as the plastic skin I have wrapped on the back of my phone (I don't use a phone case but rather a "skin" because I like to minimize bulk to the extreme)

***Note - I had a problem with the mount staying on my curved vinyl dash. The factory adhesive did not stick well enough. The car audio shop where I bought it thought it may have been a bad unit (only in the sense that the double sided tape included on the mount was not tacky enough). So the car stereo installer came out and remounted it for me. He taught me a good trick: He not only cleaned the surface well with alcohol before mounting but he used "Adhesion Promoter" which he said activated the stickiness of any double sided tape. He used something very similar to this prior to sticking the tape:

I was also concerned with it leaving a permanent mark on my car. He said it would not if I used a fishing line to remove it and then rubbed the dash with armor-all. I put it on the dash of a 2011 Mercedes-Benz so he must have been confident!
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on May 1, 2015
Mounts easily to both the phone and the dash. I bought the one with the ball joint and adhered that one to the driver's side. I put this flush mount one on the passenger side of the dash for whichever one is riding on that side. It's convenient and the phone is right in front of you, plus you just pick it up. With the large plate attached, it will even hold my iPad Mini.

I bought this because I was so happy with the regular MagicMount that has been in my car for more than a week. It's great to just set my phone there and know that it will stay and I can turn it whatever direction that I need with no fuss. One hand on and off of the mount. Love it.

I uploaded my photos showing the mount, reference to my thumb size, and with the iPad on the mount.
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on March 10, 2016
In the years that I've had a smartphone, and after many different types of car mounts, this is probably the smartest, most flexible way of mounting my phone to my car.

- The magnet is strong enough that I haven't had it fling off-- and I'm talking about traveling on Los Angeles' freeways!
- The metal piece that fits inside of whatever case you may have does not have to be adhered to your phone, it works if you just tuck it away. It's thick enough that your case will probably keep it in place.
- If you use any kind of NFC (Google Pay, for example) you'll want to make sure that the metal plate is out of it's way. The result may mean that when you place it on the magnetic mount, your phone may be offset by wherever the metal plate is positioned inside your phone case.
- The magnet is strong enough that the cable you might connect to your phone (to keep charged while driving) doesn't "pull" it's weight.
- The foot adhesive of the car mount is pretty flexible and should be able to fit pretty much any curved, bent surface you decide to put it on.
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on October 27, 2014
Awesome mount. I looked around at what seemed to be every kind of mount I could think of - suction cup mounts, vent mounts, mounts on Kickstarter, and finally magnetic mounts. What was important to me in a mount:

1) Strong hold/fit for iPhone 6 Plus
2) Aesthetically pleasing
3) Not a windshield mount, if possible (so I could use a sun guard w/o removing mount every time)
4) Small footprint

Once I decided on a magnetic mount, I had to choose between the kind that slides into your car's CD slot (see Mountek, Infiniapps, etc.) and this one that mounts by adhesive to your car's dash. It just so happens that this mount was more ideal for my car's configuration than the CD slot kind. This one doesn't block any controls and it more in my line of sight.

The installation was a breeze! Clean area really well, peel off adhesive sticker, place and hold on dash for 20-30 seconds. DONE. The hold is really strong, though, I have read a lot of reviews saying that it will peel off the actual mount after a while. Those individuals seem to recommend Velcro to fix the issue. I haven't had any probs yet, but I've only had it like 2 weeks. Also, seems like most of them had it mounted vertically or on a slant whereas mine is horizontal and flat. That may play a role.

The magnet is very strong and sturdy. As I mentioned, I use mine with an iPhone 6 Plus and Apple's leather case. I simply placed the thin metal plate that comes with the mount in between my phone and the case. There is still plenty of hold and it has yet to fall off or even slide at all while mounted. Feels very secure and doesn't wobble while driving even in portrait mode. People have complained about it being pulled down by aux cables and/or charging cables, but there is a handy cable holder on the back to aid with this. I don't use it and haven't experienced any problems even when I have my 3.5mm stereo cable plus my charging cable in at the same time.

Plenty of flexibility with adjustments. The mount is on a ball and socket so there is more than enough flexibility to get any angle you want. Once you find that sweet spot, just tighten down the nut and you're good to go. What I really like about it is that it doesn't get so tight that you have to unscrew it just to make a slight adjustment AND once the adjustment is made, it isn't so loose that it falls down. Somehow it is able to maintain its stiffness.

All in all it is perfect for me. I was a little worried that it might look cheap with the whole peel off sticker and all, but it really looks nice and sleak. The magnetic part also has a slight rubbery anti slip material on it that I think helps grip the phone. Once your phone is on it you can't even see it, which I love! It's like it's just floating on my dash. Remove the phone, and it is still small and unobtrusive. If anything it adds a bit of style to your vehicle.

Good luck and check out some video reviews on YouTube if you're still unconvinced. But if I were you, I would go for it!
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on April 19, 2017
 ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Will NEVER go back to those old suction cup and breaking arm type that you have to replace every few months because the suction stops holding or the arms break. This magnet holder is the best!

My phone has never slipped or fallen and is easy to take on and off. It can rotate to your needs, but then tighten it in the spot you want it. At first it was a little tricky getting it tightened, but it's fine now. They give you 2 metal strips for your phone(s), I use the big one on my main phone (large iphone 6+ with wallet case=some weight) and use the smaller magnet on my spare, smaller phone (or you can give to someone else who drives your car). As you can see from the pic of my large/main metal strip, I use it a lot, as it is very rubbed off! Still sticks though!!

Tips: before permanently placing it on your dash, attach the magnet to phone and let phone sit on it to position it where you want it. While the holder can rotate some, if you get the positioning wrong, you will have to buy some other glue products to restick it--it is very strongly held on dash!

LOVE THIS HOLDER!!!!! Would give it 100 stars if I could!! :)
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on February 28, 2017
So this product is AMAZING! I've tried so many different vehicle mounts and none fit my LG V10 with the otter box on it. There was a couple that fit my huge phone but they required me to remove my otter box and even then they barely fit and it seemed like a lot of force was applied to my phone cuz it streched the mounts to the max to fit. This mount is perfect for large devices, the magnet can definitely hold my phone without worry of being knocked off by bumps or unexpected movements that sometimes happen while driving. I highly recommend to everyone looking for a mount that will work for their phone big or small. There is a large and small magnet that either can be stuck to your phone case under the battery backing to your phone or outside the backing or inside the exterior phone case or outside there is also a thin film that can be stuck in between the phone and sticky back to the magnet to make for easy removal without harming the phone or the case or you don't even have to use the sticky part of the magnet just keep the removable paper on and stick the magnet between your phone and case and that works too. I love this product and so happy I took the chance and purchased it :)
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on February 17, 2017
This product is awesome.

It works by attaching a metal plate to your phone, which is attracted by the strong magnet in the vent mount. A bonus that I didn't realize initially is that they actually provide you with two metal plates (one small and one large) so you can use this unit with two phones (not at the same time obviously). They give you a variety of options for affixing the metal plates: whether directly to the phone, to the inside of a case, etc. I ended up just slipping the plate in between my phone/case without bothering to use the 3M adhesive layer, so the "installation" was literally 5 seconds, I don't have to deal with pulling the plate off the phone body one day, and I can switch cases anytime I want. I imagine I may have to take the case off periodically to re-seat the plate, but that's no biggie. Oh yeah and this is with an iPhone 6s with a thin Agent 18 case.

My biggest concern when purchasing was whether the vent mount would stay secure when pulling the phone off of the strong magnet. Well it turns out there's no concerns there, as others have mentioned, that vent mount goes in *tight* and has two different orientations for "large" and "small" vent fins. I have a 2011 VW TDI and the "large" orientation worked like a charm.

This thing is well engineered, and they obviously put it through a lot of real-world testing. I've already purchased a second for my wife's car.
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on May 14, 2017
After three faithful years of service, I have decided to buy a replacement for my Scosche magnetic car mount. The original mount I bought in early 2014 has become very loose fitting, however after daily use for three years and being stored in the ridiculous heat of South Florida in a car with a black interior, I could not have asked for more.

I love this mount for two main reasons:
1) It's cheap, but it's not built that way: Plastic is robust, magnetic mount component is great and olds on tight to your phone. Scosche includes 2 metal plates to attach your phone, a smaller one and a larger one for heavier phones.

2) It's firm: The included 3M tape, if you follow the instructions correctly will hold onto your dashboard like its life depends on it (it does). I can see how people can mess up the mounting, but I don't feel that to be the fault of the manufacturer but rather the fault of the consumer. One of the things I really like about this mount is the fact that the base is so wide, so there is ample stability to hold up your phone--the complaint with most of the metal mounts is the foot of the mount being too narrow, and thus the mount will get knocked off because when you add the phone, the center of gravity change with the weight can't be held very well by the mount, and well, that's how you end up with cracked screens.

Some things that could be improved but are not deal breakers:
1) Metal build: would be nice, especially a slick black metal build, and I would pay a premium, but only if the mount worked as well as the plastic one does. If it did, a metal mount would probably last much longer than the plastic one, but once again, no complaints with this one, as it already is incredible.

2) Cases: I wish Scosche themselves would design a couple of cases for the iPhone with the metal plate, or would team up with a couple of case manufacturers to stick them in their cases. Logitech used to produce really nice ones back when the 5S was out, however it's hard to find any reputable case manufacturers for the 7 (although I did find one in particular that I really liked).

Scosche has been a name in my book for products that are built to last, and this is no exception.
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