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on February 6, 2017
This is a review comparing the Scosche MAGWSM2 MagicMount Suction Mount for Mobile Devices and the Car Mount - Diateklity Universal Magnetic Dashboard Car Phone Holder - Fits iPhone 5/6/6 PLUS, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/, Note 2/3/4, Nexus 5, HTC, LG, BlackBerry etc. (Black). Two devices doesn't make for a comprehensive survey, but the comparison may help other readers get an idea what to look for or expect from other competing devices.

Range of Motion:

The Diateklity uses a standard ball joint to allow adjustment in all directions, though the range of motion is somewhat limited. The Scosche also uses a ball joint, but the head's stem is curved to allow the head to hang "over the edge" farther on one side than the other. What's unique about this is that by spinning the head 180 degrees in the ball joint you can choose which side you want the head to hang over farther. This gives the Scosche an incredible range of motion -- nearly 150 degrees in one plane vs. less than 90 degrees for the Diateklity. See my double-exposure photo for an illustration.

The Diateklity's restricted range of motion may limit where you can mount it, while the Scosche has enough adjustability to accomodate mounting on surfaces of any orientation.


The Scosche has a stronger magnet. Under the bouncing and jarring of my car's motion while driving down the highway, the Scosche mount holds the phone in place better. The Diateklity magnet allows my phone to slip a little more often, and I occasionally need to reposition the phone on the mount's head. My phone is a larger-than-average 5.5" phone in a case of 0.05" thick rubber, with the mount's accompanying steel plate inserted between the phone and the case.

Your results may vary, depending on the size/weight of your phone and where you put the steel plate. The magnetic bond would be stronger if the steel plate is glued directly to the back of the case instead of inside the case, where it's another 0.05" away from the magnet.

As an experiment, I tested the strength of each mount's magnet with my Garmin GPS placed on the phone for extra weight. The Scosche magnet easily lifted both devices, while the Diateklity magnet could not. Again, your results may vary, but the point is the Scosche has a stronger magnet.

Suction Cups:

Both mounts use a suction cup made of a pillow of soft, sticky gel. I'm not a fan of this gunk, and much prefer the hard vulcanized rubber suction cup on my Garmin's mount.

The sticky gel does make a stronger bond, especially on textured surfaces, but it's too strong. It's difficult to pry off, and can damage your car's dashboard. There are numerous reports from other reviewers that the gel also melts in hot weather and turns into a sticky goo. That can ruin your dashboard if you had one mounted there. I did not have the opportunity of testing in hot weather, but I can easily believe this soft gel will melt.

The hard rubber of my Garmin's mount doesn't hold as strongly, but if the rubber is moistened and mounted on a smooth surface, it will easily hold for a couple months before letting go. It doesn't mar the surface, and I don't mind reapplying it every couple months.

The hard rubber suction cup doesn't hold on a textured surface, though. (Garmin provides a smooth plastic disc with double-sided tape for those installations.) The soft gel suction cups will mount to a soft or textured surface, but they aren't kind. After just two days, they left a "hickey" on my dashboard when I removed them. I'd hate to think what mess they'd make in hot weather.
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on February 28, 2017
So this product is AMAZING! I've tried so many different vehicle mounts and none fit my LG V10 with the otter box on it. There was a couple that fit my huge phone but they required me to remove my otter box and even then they barely fit and it seemed like a lot of force was applied to my phone cuz it streched the mounts to the max to fit. This mount is perfect for large devices, the magnet can definitely hold my phone without worry of being knocked off by bumps or unexpected movements that sometimes happen while driving. I highly recommend to everyone looking for a mount that will work for their phone big or small. There is a large and small magnet that either can be stuck to your phone case under the battery backing to your phone or outside the backing or inside the exterior phone case or outside there is also a thin film that can be stuck in between the phone and sticky back to the magnet to make for easy removal without harming the phone or the case or you don't even have to use the sticky part of the magnet just keep the removable paper on and stick the magnet between your phone and case and that works too. I love this product and so happy I took the chance and purchased it :)
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on June 2, 2017
Very weak magnet, design flawed, too close to windshield and limited rotation makes it almost impossible for larger cellphones to stick on. I bought the window/dash version, and would not stick to dash, keeps falling over. Sticks well to glass but design not functional. I bought a lot of different types, and this was more on the mid to top priced items but sadly does not live up to it. You don't get what you pay for with this one, stay away.
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on August 9, 2017
Had item for about month now -and it's already broken. The piece doesn't stick anymore and the clamp has lost all tension. How is it possible it can be broken already. FYI me and my wife are weekend drivers so our phone has probably been on the mount less than 10 times..

Already to late to return, poorly constructed. Do not buy!
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on September 21, 2016
SCOSCHE has set the standard for Suction Cup Mounts as far as I'm concerned! Once I found this name brand, and put them to the test, I could not find any equal on the market and I had been looking for years... SCOSCHE has made a quantum leap with the newest material for the suction cup. It is an extremely pliable / gummy material that will conform to almost any textured surface in your automobile... I have not found any hard surface that it will not stay secured to! And that says a lot, considering that I take my SUV on back roads - "shake / rattle / roll" and the suction cup with my 9.7 inch Samsung tablet stays fastened in place!! It takes a lot to impress me, but this mount has done just that. I have purchased more from my local office supply store for use in my RV.
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on April 11, 2017
Very impressed with the build quality and the strength of the magnet. Works well through my phone case, but the plates are so thin that I decided to put one directly on my S5, and the other on the S5 case. That gives me more mounting options...

The good: The suction is of the gel variety, and it would probably stick to a dog, if you tried it. It stuck to my dash VERY firmly, before I even actuated the suction cup lever. I don't see this thing ever falling off on its own while driving. The head is adjustable to infinite angles, and there is a collar wheel to tighten the head when you get it adjusted to your liking. There is even a little cable catch that secures the cable to the head, so you don't have to go fishing for the power cable every time you place the phone on it. The mount comes with 2 very thin mount plates for your phone or phone case. They are so stylish that I mounted the smaller one directly to my phone. I have had other mounts that grab the sides of the phone, and this one is by FAR more secure than anything else I have tried. It is also simple on/off. One hand... no fiddling with mount arms that you have to open to get it to grab your phone.

For my application, 2015 F150, I have it mounted under the little cubby, which is to the left of the air control panel on the lower dash area. That puts it a comfortable distance from my right knee. It is out of the sun for viewing, and out of my way for driving. Perfect! Someone on one of the F150 forums pointed out the spot OVER the cubby as where they mounted theirs... which got me looking there in the first place. I never even noticed the area of smooth dash down there...

The bad:
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on January 3, 2016
Was pleased with this mount immediately, but didn't truly appreciate it until I took an extended working trip in Hawaii. The job required a daily roundtrip drive over a patch of rough roads in a 4×4 (stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited). Long ago the road was paved, but only pieces of the asphalt remain, leaving potholes and ridges where it's broken away. I would characterize it as very rough, and some of it is on a decent grade. At first I took it slow but eventually, after a few days, I wanted to see what the Wrangler could do, so I cut loose. The Jeep did great, but do did the Scosche: The adhesive/auction mount never failed, and the phone didn't slip a bit. I am extremely impressed,.

Note that my plate is mounted to the back of the defender case. I tried mounting it to the back of the phone but the gap between the plate and the mount that the defender created secretly reduced phone stability. And that was on regular street driving: would be even more unstable on rough roads like the ones I've been on here in hawaii.

I spent some time trying to find a good clamp style mount for the note 4 with defender but that market is secretly limited. The scosche is the way to go: hard to believe it's so effective and so inexpensive
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on September 27, 2016
As a Lyft driver who has gone through five different brands of mounts, all I can say is this: spend the extra couple bucks and get your hands on this bad boy. I have a Nexus 6P - a pretty heavy phone - and the Magic Mount holds it so well that it doesn't even tremble on dicey roads. The adhesive from mount-to-windshield has never been compromised, and it's easier to move from place to place than any other product I've tried. Had I known all this from the get-go, I'd have gotten this one ages before.

You want the best phone mount on the market? Seriously - look no further: you've found it.
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on July 5, 2018
I did a lot of research before buying a dash mount for my iPhone 6 (well technically I didn't buy it but I put it in my Amazon wishlist for my sister to get me for Christmas since she drew my name). I drive a brand new Mazda CX-5 grand touring edition with beautiful black leather interior. It's a sexy car and I wanted something that would fit the look of my car and not be too big or clunky and destroy the clean lines of the dash and console. I loved this idea and was really excited to receive it for Christmas and try it out! Unfortunately it wasn't quite what I hoped initially. Allow me to explain.

I had picked out the perfect spot where I wanted to put this on the dash, which is a very smooth, yet somewhat textured (to look like leather) firm rubbery surface (see pics). It says right on the package, "Mounts to textured surfaces" so I thought it would be no problem as this surface is relatively flat and is BARELY textured. I followed the instructions to the letter, but the mount wouldn't stick to the dash well enough to hold it's own weight for 10 seconds let alone the weight of my phone! It fell off immediately. I tried again, holding it down for like 3 minutes this time and still, wouldn't even stick for 2 seconds.

I wrote to the company and they sent me a replacement mount to try. When it arrived, I tried it again, once more following the steps to the letter. Additionally, after pressing firmly for a few minutes, I left the mount alone for several hours before I tried putting my phone on it. When I came back to my car I was delighted to see that it was still stuck! I put my phone on it and drove home from work. However, within 15 minutes (and a few speed bumps and pot holes later) it had fallen off... :(
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on March 6, 2016
I've been using my MagicMount to hold my iPhone 6 Plus for several weeks now. It's great: very convenient, solid, and hold the phone securely.

I already had a plastic disk mounted to my dash for my old GPS unit. I peeled the liner off the adhesive suction cup on the MagicMount base and stuck it on. It's rock solid and hasn't come loose. I'm not sure if the adhesive will prevent easy removal and reapplication (in a rental vehicle, for instance) but I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

I removed the thin case from my 6 plus, and put the MagicMount's metal disk between the phone and case. I did not use the adhesive on the disk; the snug fit of the case holds the disk in place perfectly.

Now, when I hop in the car, I just place the phone up on the magnet and it grabs on.

The magnet holds my phone securely, even being a large "heavy" 6 plus. The surface of the magnet also has a grippy rubber section that keeps the phone from slipping or rotating.

The only downside (and it's a very small one) is that the "neck" of the mount isn't at rigid or stiff as I'd like - on some roads, the phone has a slight vibration that's slightly visible on the screen. A slightly stiffer neck would have made this practically perfect.

I also like that the mount included an extra disk so another device could be attached as well - I use one for my phone and another for my iPad while I'm parked, to Netflix while I eat, etc.

After using this one for a week or two, we bought the lower profile version for my wife's car.

Highly recommend this mount.
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