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on November 13, 2015
Felt like I needed to put that up front because it seems like I'm one of the few that did pay full price for this...wish they would have given it to me ;) Anyway, without any compensation from Instanatural and with a lot of skepticism going in, I have to say I love this stuff. Over the years, I have used so many different creams, gels, and serums. I recently started trying out dermarolling, and it is highly recommended to have a vitamin C serum to go along with that. I'm not sure how well the dermarolling is going...only done it once, However, this serum is great. I've been using this every night and the Instanatural Vitamin C serum in the morning under makeup...there's probably no need for both, just got a little Amazon shopping happy late one night! Nevertheless, I love them both. This serum is light, smells great (citrusy), and soaks into the skin quickly. I follow up with my moisturizer, and I'm done. I've had no issues with breakouts (and I'm pretty prone to them) after using this for several weeks now. I did have a couple bad spots when I first began, and I don't know that it's advisable but I went ahead and put the serum right on the active zits. They cleared up pretty quickly, not attributing that to this or an acne cream I used in conjunction...just a side note.

As for the results I'm seeing in this short time, my skin has really got a nice glow to it. It feels really smooth. This is going to sound a bit weird, but it doesn't look angry. You know, when you wash your face and look in the mirror and all that skin just looks irritated and like it's screaming at you. Those mornings are gone for me. I'm not seeing fine lines disappear...I'm sorry, but I don't believe anyone that says they see that in a few weeks. But I'm optimistic with how well this product is working already and the proven benefits of retinoids. I have noticed that I have some sun damage right under my eyes. I think it's what some people refer to as "chicken skin." It's just kind of bumpy, scaly looking. It always looks dry even when it's clearly not. This serum has actually started to improve those spots. They are starting to smooth out some. That alone makes it worth paying the full price to me!
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on February 21, 2017
I have been unfortunate enough to be given the gift of OILY skin which has been a major obstacle throughout my life and into my 30s. I would consider myself to be a consumer when it comes to trying new facial and dermatological products. Everything always leaves my face more irritated and more oily and I ultimately end up throwing out the item or asking for a refund. After finally clearing up my face through much trial and error the one thing that always seemed to cause a flare up of Acne was moisturizer. I stopped using it, that is until I discovered
InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer and products. This is one amazing product and it goes on super smooth and super easy. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth and I never look oily when I wake up in the morning. It firms my skin and feels great. I would recommend this to anyone. There is a nice and very light smell and absorbs right into the skin very quickly.
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on December 17, 2015
I have nothing but good things to say about nearly all of the InstaNatural products I've used over the past year or so. Before selecting them, I reviewed many different products and brands and finally settled on this company based on the excellent reviews, but also on the company responses to customer concerns - always a nice touch.

InstaNaturals is a small company, so they try harder. I've always had great customer service with a willingness to do it right the first time. They are quick to respond to emailed questioned regarding products - something that was helpful to me in making my final selections the first go around. The products are lovely to use and most importantly, the price is right. Very reasonable and they last for months.

I am in my late 60's with dry, sun-damaged skin that has seen too many surgeries to remove basal cell cancers. I also have 'smile lines' (read that as 'my face looks like a road map, but I'm unwilling to admit it) and just felt I needed some help. I'm not one to buy expensive 'potions' and would probably forget any way, but I have been faithful in using these products because they are so easy and pleasant to use. Having said that, it is a testimony to the company and the products that I continued to use them even when I wasn't seeing results for a while (more on that later).

How you use these products is important: In the past, I had showered and immediately applied an all-over moisturizer BEFORE using the InsaNaturals serums.. I'm not sure what I was thinking or why I got that so wrong, but I still continued to use them in spite of not seeing a noticeable difference. But on a recent re-order, I received an email from AJ explaining the 'correct way to apply' . . . and that would mean applying the serums to BARE skin and BEFORE anything else. Kind of a duh moment for me. I've been doing this since and have seen really nice results. Here is what I do:

Right out of the shower, I apply the Age-defying 2.5% Retinol Serum to my face and neck (this is similar to the older version with the grey label). I allow this to dry 5 minutes and then apply the Pro-Radiant Skin Brightening Serum. Both of these products look orange in your palm, probably due to the healthful astaxanthin it contains, but doesn't show once applied to your face. In spite of having very dry skin, for some reason I rarely use a moisturizer after. My face feels firmer, but not drier. It also is much smoother.

I've recommended their line to others based on results, price, reviews and customer service. I intend to try more of their products. The only one I wasn't crazy about and rarely used was the Youth Express Vitamin C Moisturizer. While all the other products have a barely noticeable, but pleasant scent, this never did it for me. I should have returned it a year a go and not sure why I didn't as I'm sure a return with IN would be a snap.

Give this company and their great products a try - you won't be disappointed.
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on March 17, 2016
I really love this serum. It goes on quick and absorbs fast, has a great scent - citrus. I have been looking for a serum with retinol and vitamin C for a while and am excited I found this product. I have been using a retinol moisturizer for years and realized I needed something stronger or additional for my skin. I use this twice a day and follow with the retinol moisturizer. My skin looks great and I know with continued use it will only get better. I am 40 and working to keep my skin firm (firmer lol) and fresh.
I love the product so much I bought an additional bottle so I can use it on the top of my hands as I have a few spots that I want to fade.
** I bought this at FULL PRICE- I did not get this product at a discount
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on June 26, 2015
First off, I paid full price for this and every other product I have used from this company. I am not biased in any way. I've used (and loved) the hair mask and eye cream. That being said,I just received my first bottle of retinol cream. I haven't used it yet. However, I have bought this for my mom and sister. My mom has been using it since March. Her skin was looking a little thin because all she was using was glycolic acid cream. I got her this to help with the wrinkles and thin skin. Her skin is awesome now. It's A LOT firmer and thicker. She actually glows. She uses it under her eyes too and her eyes look a lot better. As for my perio menopausal sister I see at least a 50% improvement in skin tone,wrinkle reduction and clarity. And she's only been using it since the middle of May. Her sun induced freckles are almost gone too. Both her and my mom look at least 5 years younger and it's only been a few months. I use the derma roller (1.5 and 2 mm derma stamp) every 3-4 months plus retin a and glycolic acid but wanted to add something more nourishing.
I hate when people leave reviews after 1 use or after a week or so. These aren't results,they are opinions. I'm also a little suspicious when I see reviews from people who get the products for free. I SEE the actual true results on my sister and mother. They are very very happy with their skin now. I suspect it will be even better in the coming months. I'll update in a few months whether it's positive or negative long term. But so far I'm really impressed with this company.
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on October 3, 2017
I have been purchasing retinol serum from my dermatologist and paying top dollar for it. A friend was very ill and I hadn't seen her in several weeks. When I did see her again, she was glowing. I asked her how in the world her skin could look so fabulous after chemo and she told me about your products. I ordered them and was amazed and delighted to see the difference they made to the texture of my skin. I have had many of my yoga students comment on my "glowing" skin. I also use the Vitamin C Anti Wrinkle Skin cream. Between the two, my skin once again has the vibrant appearance it had thirty years. I can't recommend this product line any more fully. I have spent hundreds, maybe even thousands over the years and I haven't found a product that equaled yours. And the price is so affordable, you can just slather the serum all over the upper body to make it glow.
review image
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on July 27, 2017
The ingredients on the bottle don't match the ingredients on the box. The retinyl retinoate is actually retinol. The hyaluronic acid has changed to Cassia Augustifolia Seed extract (botanical hyaluronic acid, great except for the fact that plants do not contain hyaluronic acid at all). And worst of all, this contains phenoxyethanol. Definitely not keeping this.
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on March 18, 2016
I am extremely impressed with this item! After doing some deep research on retinol, and searching every ingredient on Paula's Choice, every single item here serves a purpose that is beneficial to skin and, most importantly, non-irritating. Although the high concentration of aloe (first ingredient--probably just a substitute for water), doesn't do much for me, and I would like to see a couple more anti-irritating ingredients such as oat etc, this cream is downright awesome. The packaging is ideal for such a product, with a nice vacuum pump design, a totally opaque bottle, and a stopper to make sure air does not enter. This will keep the potent blend of retinol/antioxidants, emollients, skin-repairing and anti-irritating ingredients stable and effective. I have only used it once, last night, and my skin felt a bit of burning for a few minutes, and then felt soft and smooth afterward when I felt it an hour later.
My only concern is that people who are not familiar with retinol and have not done research may not be as careful as they need to be with this product. From what I have gleaned, retinol like this should be eased into gradually. Many people recommend starting with a lower concentration (0.1% of less), and using for a couple of months before building up to a higher concentration. For those who are new to retinol, I would recommend something a little weaker to start, and then maybe after a bottle of something else, try this one. If you know your skin can tolerate retinol or does not have sensitivities, I still recommend using this one time at night after toning and applying a light serum, and then don't apply it or anything else containing retinol for at least 3 days. Skin can take this long to react to the strong ingredient, and if you notice any persistent peeling, redness, or burning, do NOT use this product. There is no benefit to be derived from irritating skin. Period.
And please please always wear an SPF 25+, every single day, no matter what.
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on September 8, 2017
I'm in Love... For real and No doubt about it!!! I have spent so much money on face products and I feel as if I've tried them all. This product is the only product that will keep me coming back to buy. I'm 49 and I'm in recovery for Thyroid Cancer and going through all the hormone changes my skin and face have taken the toll. However, since using this product my face looks and feels like it's coming back to life and I'm so happy and pleased. It keeps my skin breakout free and truly helps the wrinkles and fine lines. Thank You so much for creating an honest product with proven results at such a nice price. I sure have a feeling we will be friends for years to come!
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Of all the moisturizers I have used This has been my favorite! I saw the best results with this one. The bottle I got looked different. It was blue and green. But other than the color, everything else is identical. I like to buy from the lightening deals when I see other 2.5 retinol products on sale. But I am about to say no matter what I am going to stick with this brand because my face really looked better. Also believe it or not my hair started growing thicker. I read that retinol can increase blood circulation to the scalp. I have no idea if thats true or not. I also liked how it smelled and it was not greasy! It really made my face look and feel good. I hope that helps!
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