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on November 4, 2015
Gentle Yoga - 7 Practices For Your Day is actually 7 yoga routines and a separate Relaxation totaling about 187 minutes (over 3 hours) of instruction. All the routines are instructed outdoors in an absolute gorgeous mountain location (Glacier National Park) often standing in front of a lake with the mountains in the background or along a river or among trees along a trail. Jane does the routines alone and her instruction is by voice over. Her instructions are clear and never blocked by the gentle music in the background. The camera work usually shows her from head to toe and takes in the scenery in the background. If you have a large screen TV you will appreciate it. You will mirror her meaning she will tell you to move you right arm and she will move her left so that it is like looking in a mirror and this makes it really easy to follow along. The DVD itself is very easy to navigate from the main menu. Jane's opening and introduction is separated so you don't have to play that every time before you get to the routine you want to do.

The practices with a few notes are below:

1. Lying Full Body Practice (34 Minutes)
Filmed amid large trees on a path/trail. All done on the floor on a yoga mat. Lots of stretches, twist, hugging knees to chest, leg lifts, leg circles and more. I found this to be an exceptionally relaxing routine and didn't want it to end. This routine alone, in my opinion, would be worth the price of the DVD.

2. Morning Energy Practice (18 Minutes)
Filmed by a river with trees in background. All done standing. Jane is barefoot on the grass but I found a yoga mat useful. Lots of stretches, twists, breathing with arm movements, and more.

3. Desk & Computer Work Relief (19 Minutes)
Filmed in front of a mountain lake with mountains in background. Combination of exercises sometimes sitting in a chair and sometimes standing. Lots of twists, stretches, face massage, shoulder rolls, quad stretch, wrist exercises and more. A great routine for any time and or purpose.

4. Improving Balance (22 Minutes)
Filmed in front of a mountain lake with mountains in background. A chair is used for part of the routine but could be utilized more if you have balancing issues. Exercises include tree pose, leg circles and more. I liked her exercise of standing then putting on imaginary socks and then imaginary shoes.

5. Standing Poses - Flow & Traditional (23 Minutes)
Filmed in front of a mountain lake with kayaks out in the water and mountains in background. You will need a yoga mat and chair. In this routine there is more emphasis towards traditional yoga poses which are modified from what you would often see in a regular yoga class. Using the chair as a prop she does standing forward bends, plank, downward facing dog, warrior 1, triangle, and more.

6. Core Strength & Flexibility (34 Minutes)
Filmed in front of a mountain lake with mountains in background. You should have a yoga mat and possibly a blanket. The exercises are down on the mat either sitting, on hands and knees, lying on back and lying on stomach. You'll do staff pose, boat pose, cat/cow, cobra, child's pose, forearm plank, bridge pose, a traditional downward facing dog, and more. There were two poses that I never came across before and which I really enjoyed which she calls Lizard and the other Half Twisting Camel. She also goes through a relaxing lower back massage technique where you lie on the mat and move your pelvis.

7. Evening Relaxing Practice (29 Minutes)
Filmed in front of lake with mountains in background. You should have a yoga mat, chair, yoga strap, and optional blanket. This routine is done sitting in the chair, sitting on the mat, and lying on the mat. You'll start off with modified down dog, modified forward bends, sitting twists, shoulder rolls, eagle arms, neck stretches. Sitting on mat exercises include sitting forward bends, and cobbler pose. Lying on the mat includes leg stretches using the strap, lying twists and a short relaxation.

8. Relaxation (8 Minutes)
Filmed in front of a mountain lake. All done lying on a yoga mat. You may want a pillow and a blanket to roll to place under your knees. Jane guides you through a relaxation so peaceful you may have to consciously choose to remain alert or you may drift off to sleep. This relaxation could be done on its own or added to any of the routines above.

In summary, I find this DVD to be outstanding. The instruction is expert, the location and filming is exquisite. the DVD is easy to navigate, you get lots of choices of routines and over 3 hours of instruction. To be clear this is Gentle Yoga, not athletic or power yoga so it goes at a slower pace and is not physically exhausting. This DVD will stand the test of time as there is little about it that will make it appear dated from the outdoor location to Jane's choice of attire. I have collected hundreds of exercise DVDs over the years and this one will be one I will return to many times when I am looking for a slower paced meditative style yoga. Great job Jane Adams!
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on December 17, 2014
This is my second Jane Adams yoga practice dvd. I found "Gentle Yoga:7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life" to be my go-to-practice to compliment my water aerobics class. I work very hard not to suffer an injury and I feel very secure in recommending this dvd. Jane is very clear and precise with the movements. The scenic background and music are very relaxing while giving your body a gentle overall stretch. The 7 different practices on the dvd can be combined or done individually depending on what you want or feel like doing. This one is a winner especially for seniors who want to take care of their body as well as their emotional well- being. This is the only yoga practice that I have been able to entice my husband to do with me.
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on March 7, 2015
This yoga is the first I have ever done and at age 75, it is somewhat challenging for me. I really like that you need only select the particular area or practice you wish to do for that day. It is divided into 7 different types of practice: lying down, morning energy, desk and computer work, improving balance, core strength and flexibility, standing poses, evening practice and relaxation. The three I choose on a regular basis are lying down, improving balance and core strength and flexibility. Each one of these gives me a good practice and I think it is making me stronger. I would heartily recommend this yoga CD.
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on December 12, 2014
This Yoga CD is exceptional in that it has a very good selection of Yoga poses divided up into categories that give you the option of what area you would like to work on and it is in an absolutely gorgeous setting at Glacier National Park. I have found the benefit of Yoga something I cannot do without. Flexibility and Balance are so important as we grow older and Yoga is a great way to develop these strengths. This helps prevent falls and if we do fall can help us fall in a way to prevent fractures. As a retired registered nurse I recommend this to all my friends and this CD is top of my list.
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on March 9, 2016
I received this product on Jan 2, 2016 (a gift to myself for the new year!). I've suffered off and on from lower back pain for approximately 30+ years. It waxes and wanes and at times the pain can be incapacitating. I wish I'd have had this in my 20s. It would have saved me from muscle relaxants and opiates to get me through the extreme flare ups! I even had a steroid injection a few years back to help alleviate pain. When I received this DVD, I had been experiencing a nagging 2 week flare up of back pain following a "tent" sleepover with my oldest grandson. I popped in the DVD and began with the core strengthening exercises. At first I wasn't sure I could complete the exercises because of the discomfort I was experiencing, but I took it slow and with each movement and each stretch I began to experience a loosening of the muscles. I was really amazed at how good I felt following the exercises. Honestly, within 1 week the back pain totally dissipated. I've definitely been gaining core strength, but took a bit of a break because I'd been feeling so good. However, after a day of watching and bouncing around my 5 month old grandson, I began noticing the onset of a flare. I immediately popped in the DVD, and same result! I am a believer, and convinced now that I will need to make this a part of my daily routine. My 3 grandboys are sure to grow way too fast, and I want to be able to play with them for as long as they're interested in spending time with me. I'm just not ready to slow down! Jane's instructions in this video are flawless. Her voice is soothing. The scenery is beautiful. The exercises are gentle and don't require a lot of time. I didn't sweat (I hate sweating!!) But, most importantly, the exercises have been effective! Thank you Jane!!
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on June 11, 2017
I am middle-aged and have been dealing with Fibromyalgia and serious back issues for almost 20 years. My muscles are tight and not very flexible; my balance is quite impaired. I am in considerable pain all the time.

I have been doing a different routine (morning and evening) every other day for a week now. I haven't found anything I am incapable of doing yet, although I do utilize a chair to help with some of the balance exercises.

It's still early days yet, but I am noticing a little relaxation in muscles that have been tense and knotted for a long time. My pain levels have dropped a bit and I am sleeping better.
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on February 15, 2016
This is my favorite Jane Adams yoga DVD. My wife and I watch at least one practice (our favorite is Core Strength & Flexibility) 6-7 days a week followed by the 8 minute Relaxation at the end. Last July (2015) we started attending Gentle Yoga classes twice a week with a 67 year old lady instructor. The instructor has 37 years of experience and is an excellent teacher. She suggested to the class on many occasions that we practice at home. She had a CD which we purchased and attempted to use at home. It was somewhat helpful but both of us are visual people so I looked for a DVD on Amazon. I purchased one that I thought would work and tried it. Unfortunately the pace was too rapid for most 67 & 71 year old people. I looked further and found Jane Adams. I first purchased Yoga For Seniors (2014) which was a great improvement and next we purchased Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Your Day. This was the perfect one for us because we could easily mix & match the 7 practices to give us variety. This DVD has literally changed are lives. We look forward playing it on our Home Theater with our yoga mats facing the flat panel TV. The effect is that we feel like we are with Jane on the shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park (which we have visited). Her pace is perfect for us and we are always in sync with her moves. Recently I purchased a third DVD: Stronger Standing Balance which we are currently viewing. Review to follow soon. I highly recommend Gentle Yoga to most anyone as their first Yoga DVD.
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on January 10, 2015
For a beginner, this dvd is golden! I haven't felt this good in a very long time! Yoga rocks!
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on December 13, 2016
This is a good fit for me. I practice three times a week. I've had both knees replaced, some of the movements I can't do because of the limitations. My balance & flexibility is improving. By the way l'm 66 years young, never to late to start.
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on September 20, 2015
I'm 45 and I think this is probably aimed at people maybe a little bit older BUT I still love this dvd and it is definitely heavily used in my yoga rotation. I'm fairly new to yoga and I have ZERO flexibility so I was looking for something gentle that would help me to stretch and get some flexibility. I love all the different segments and options. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for a standing routine so I really enjoy the 34 minute "Full-Body Practice done lying on your back." I just recently tried the one for "Mid-day Relief from Desk & Computer Work" and it was amazing! I almost always have pain between my shoulder blades and it was gone. Ahhh.... relief. And when I'm in a pinch for time I enjoy the 18 minute "Morning Practice." I definitely like the stretching and relaxing and the sense of peace that Jane brings. I have several other yoga dvds that I consider tougher and more "yoga-like" but I still really enjoy this one and I like mixing it up depending on my mood or how my body feels.
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