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on July 18, 2017
This is a super compact charging station which now charges almost all of our USB gadgets. It works great!!
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on December 13, 2016
Excellent product, delivers as advertised! Only high wattage/multi-port charger worth buying. We take it traveling and camping too. We plug everyone's phones and battery packs into one outlet and no longer carry multiple AC adapters.
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on July 30, 2017
Now I don't have to worry about my clown kids moving plugs and chargers!!
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on February 28, 2017
So far so good!!
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on November 20, 2016
This product has served me well for 1.5 years.
Upon receiving Enac cables - a "best seller" cable pack from amazon:
EnacFire Powerline [6-Pack] (1ft 3*3ft 6ft 10ft) Premium Micro USB Cable Perfect Lengths Set High Speed Sync Quick Charging USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Cable (Black)

My device nearly caught fire and was fried. This was directly a result of the aforementioned linked product!

I have no negative reviews of this product other than the apparent incompatibility with those cables. I have requested product reimbursement from Enac and am awaiting response from their support team. I may or may not update this review upon their response, however I caution anyone against buying Enac wires if you utilize this station.

This station is excellent and a quality product and the aforementioned potential incompatibility is not a negative reflection on this product!!
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on November 26, 2017
I like the looks of the chargers that have the ports on the side, but need a top loader. This is sturdy and can take what we dish out!
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on January 21, 2016
I purchased this charger to power an eight-node Raspberry Pi 2 cluster, and it is working better than expected. Currently, it is powering eight Raspberry Pi 2 computers, with two of those computers using additional USB devices (i.e. WiFi and storage). I recently added two USB powered fans, and everything continues to work nicely, even when the cluster is under computational and storage I/O loads.

The packaging was smart and attractive, the blue lights are a nice touch, and the formfactor helps the unit fit into small spaces. I purchased the unit on December 22, 2015, and it continues to exceed my expectations.
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on February 21, 2017
I have this sitting on my kitchen counter with multiple different USB cables hanging from it. I use it everyday to charge phone, IPads IPods, Bluetooth headphones etc. It really comes in handy having one place to charge everything.
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 I really like this charger. It is quite compact for being able to charge 10 things at the same time. I always need to charge not only my mobile devices by external batteries which I use extensively, so this has become my main charging station. I have been using it for over 6 weeks, using all 10 slots charging phones and batteries and it remains cool while doing a lot of charging.

The charger size: 3.75" x 2.125" x 1.875"
The charger weight: 8.20 oz
The AC cord length: 58"

The description states that it can charge 4 tablets and 6 smart phones simultaneously. I dug up my old smart phones and managed to test 4 phones and 3 tablets charging at the same time. I also measured the charger's performance with the current monitor so I can see how each of the devices performed when it was the only device charging and compared to how it charged when I had all 7 devices charging. I am including the details current monitor readings below for those who like to see the technical details. The bottom line of the tests is that the charger did very well, especially for Android devices. However, I was never able to get more than 1.15A on my iPad Mini even when it was the only device charging. The good charging rate for iPad Mini is above 1.30A and best I ever got is 1.70A.

➨ Test results
✔ Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone (the only device charging)
Port 1: 0.99A/5.15V
Port 2: 0.94A/5.14V
Port 3: 0.90A/5.14V
Port 4: 0.92A/5.14V
Port 5: 0.90A/5.14V
Port 6: 0.96A/5.14V
Port 7: 0.92A/5.14V
Port 8: 0.96A/5.14V
Port 9: 0.94A/5.14V
Port 10: 0.99A/5.15V

Note: these tests are not designed to test the maximum capacity of the port
The current drawn from the battery depends on each device using the battery. I always use the same two devices and I do my tests with the devices charged to the same level, running the same applications and using the same cables to keep everything the same. This allows me to do a relative comparison of each battery and identify the one that do not perform well.

✔ Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone (with 6 other devices charging)
✔ iPad Mini (the only device charging)
Port 1: 1.01A/5.05V
Port 2: 1.03A/5.05V
Port 3: 1.08A/5.05V
Port 4: 1.12A/5.05V
Port 5: 1.13A/5.05V
Port 6: 1.13A/5.05V
Port 7: 1.13A/5.05V
Port 8: 1.15A/5.05V
Port 9: 1.15A/5.04V
Port 10: 1.22A/5.05V
✔ iPad Mini (with 6 other devices charging)

To summarize this charger did well charging my 7 devices at the same time. It perform at close to optimal rate for Android devices. It worked but performed a bit below average for iPad Mini. I like that I can charge many devices and give up just one slot on my charging strip. The unit remains cool when charging a couple of phones, a tablet, and external batteries.

Ali Julia review
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on April 8, 2017
Among other features device is compact and noiseless.
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