on June 6, 2016
I first ordered this product from seller "Infinityshirt", it is a fake product, don't buy from the. In picture here with the two products side by side, the one on the left labeled "Grip your phone" is what Infinityshirt sent - it's crap. It was broken and torn upon arrival out of the box and the quality of the underlying plastic is cheap and rough.

Upon contacting Amazon about the defective product they enabled me to purchase a replacement. This time I purchased from "TRENDE". This is the CORRECT REAL product!. The strap is durable and strong (I know because I already have used 2 of these same straps on two other devices for the past year), and the product that TRENDE sent me is the same as the prior ones. The plastic also feels thicker, solid and smooth.

In summary, Infinityshirt is selling a knock off scam product and should be reported. TRENDE appears to be selling the real thing.

Note that I have zero connection to either company I'm just a consumer who is frustrated that I was duped into buying a low quality knock off product and have now spent all this time and energy to correct the scam. Please don't make my mistake!
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on January 8, 2015
I'm one of those "crazy" people that refuses to buy a case. I hate the added bulk and believe phone screens have gotten stronger over the years. I also practice safe phone habits. First of all, I never put my phone in the same pocket as my keys, wallet, change, etc (I'm a dude so I don't have a purse). Second, I never have my phone in my hand when I'm getting out of the car, or if I'm going down a set of stairs. Third, if I have my phone in my back pocket I remove it before sitting down. I've practiced these habits so much that they're second nature to me. But I can't account for accidents, like dropping the phone while I'm talking and walking to my car in the parking lot. For this, the love handle works perfectly. Slipping my fingers through the love handles has become a new habit that is starting to become second nature. And with the Note 4 being so large, it works perfectly. With all these habits, the chances of me breaking my phone has significantly decreased.

NOTE: If you have wireless charging on a Note 4, make sure you place the love handle on the left side of the back. Wireless charging still works fine with the love handle at that position.
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on October 27, 2015
This is the third one of these I've purchased. The first was for a used phone whose wifi recently died. The handle worked perfectly, though, on the case for about two years. I gave a Love Handle as a gift over a year ago, and it's still working well for the owner. The one I just bought was for the case of a "new" used phone. I cleaned the case with an alcohol swab, waited for it to dry and applied my new Love Handle. In 30 seconds, the Love Handle, well, stuck like glue, and probably will stay that way when this phone and case go to that great recycling center in the sky. It is great to have extra security for holding a cell phone and the Love Handle does the job for sure. You can also use it as a way to connect a wristlet to the phone. And, if you attach a bull nosed clamp to the Love Handle, you've got a quick and easy stand for your phone. Here's a picture of my old phone with the clamp to show you how.
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on September 19, 2016
My first "LoveHandle" came as a promotional give away with my new Galaxy S7. I installed it on my phone case and fell in love with it. I had been seeing notepad users have and use them and thought it might be handy. It is. When I bought a second case for more color, I bought a second "LoveHandle" to go with it; that way I have one with each case. One thing that I have not read in any review so far is that it also helps prevent someone from just grabbing your phone out of your hand and taking off with it. I commute by bus and train and have actually seen someone walk past, grab and run with the phone. They can not just grab. The "LoveHandles" help secure your phone from slips and grabs. I love mine.
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on September 20, 2016
I have purchased a few LoveHandle's already and love them. The LoveHandle has a slim profile with rounded edges and will not catch on your pocket. I purchased a LoveHandle because my phone has a 6 inch screen (Huawei Mate 8) and the LoveHandle makes it easy for one handed use on such a big screen. It also makes it easy to read or watch videos while laying in bed at night so even with smaller phones it is still convenient and less strainful for long periods of use and navigating one handed. Im right handed but can use the phone left handed when using the LoveHandle. I cannot use the phone left handed without the use of the LoveHandle. My daughter and wife both seen how convenient it was to have one and both wanted me to order them one. They both love it and now expect one for every phone.

I have also purchased the cheap knockoffs from ebay and aliexpress. The cheap knockoffs look the same but the strap breaks off in the matter of weeks/days and the band becomes loose. The Lovehandle however is of high quality and so far has lasted the life of my phone. I had a black one on my Honor 5x for about a year before I upgraded to a new phone. The LoveHandle is still in great shape but I was unable to remove and add to my new phone. The adhesive was no longer sticky after removing from my old phone, the old tape however was easy to remove and did not leave a sticky residue. I purchased some 3M double sided tape and reapplied new adhesive backing and was able to reuse my old LoveHandle on another phone by replacing the tape. It would be nice if they included an extra sheet of double side tape in case you ever upgrade phones.

Every time I purchase a new phone I purchase a LoveHandle, Glass Screen protector and case for my new phone. It just one of those products you cant live without once you use it. I highly recommend this product
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on January 24, 2016
Before ordering Love Handle I used a different product on my new iPhone 6s Plus. It was a metal ring and bulky, made it difficult to slip in a pocket or purse. It fell off within a week.

I like the Love Handle much better. It was easy to attach to my phone case. The elastic is tight and has not stretched or become loose after constant use. I have average size female hands and I can comfortably and securely use 1,2, or 3 fingers.
I positioned this right in the middle of my phone case. I suggest using scotch tape to try a few different positions before peeling off the adhesive. I realize that it would be more natural for me if it was put on at an angle rather they straight up and down.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for added security when holding a devise.
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on February 19, 2017
I purchased this item mainly because of the price, but I was pleasantly surprised that it has really helped me. I teach first grade and use my smartphone to check emails, text parents, take photos, etc. throughout the day. Being able to hold my phone with one hand is a plus. Since the Love Handle is flat and smooth it slides into my pocket easily. I highly recommend!
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on September 22, 2017
I love having this on the phone as it makes it so much easier to use one-handed, especially typing. It is slim enough that it doesn't add bulk when in my pocket or if I don't use it when holding the phone. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it has stayed stuck to my rubber iPhone case without any problems. The strap on the side where I insert my fingers has started to have a wavy pattern, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up over a long period of time. But, so far it isn't too bad.

UPDATE: Now just over 4 months in, that wavy pattern on the side of the strap has increased, and part of the elastic string that runs along the side of the strap is coming out. I have contacted the company to see if they will provide a replacement. While I expect some wear, I would hope it would last longer than 4 months before having these problems. I will update on company response. **The company responded within a day and they are sending a replacement product ... back up to 5 stars both for customer services and a product I enjoy.
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on August 25, 2017
I can't tell you how many times I have dropped my phone before I got the LoveHandle!!! This even gives me a firm hold on my phone when I'm on the back of the Harley! It was super easy to apply to my phone case. And that adhesive holds like crazy. I'm not worried that it'll come loose or pop off my phone. I love that it has an elastic strap. It allows me to use just one finger in the loop or up to four. I've been using this for a couple months now and I can't imagine not having it. It hasn't stopped me from misplacing my phone but, I haven't dropped my phone once since I got it.
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on August 28, 2016
This is the second Love Handle that I've bought and this product seriously CHANGED MY LIFE. The only reason that I had to buy a new one was because I lost my phone--and I'm pretty sure if I had just hooked it on my finger instead of putting it in my teeny purse I wouldn't have lost it! The sticky part is exceptionally sticky--I had a Droid Turbo 2 with a textured back and it stuck the first time and never came off. The finger grip (the elastic part) is also very tight. I don't know how I did anything on my phone before having one of these. Not having to hold onto my phone while using it made such a change! This is, hands down, the best product I've bought in 2016 thus far.
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