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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 21, 2016
This is a great kit for the money, and a good starter kit to see if you like the Swiffer line of products. You get:
1) The mop-you need to connect the poles to the base. Takes about 1-2 minutes total. Super easy!
2) 3 'wet' floor mopping pads
3) A pack of dry pads-7 total, that are packaged together in sealed plastic.

It seems to me the way Swiffer makes their money is by the refills. What I do is take 2-3 heavy duty paper towels-not the cheapo towels or they won't do the job-put a little soap, water, etc. on there, and use it just like a 'wet' Swiffer floor pad. Saves me on refills, because those are expensive. I've found this works well-I can't go quite as rough on the floor, but it works fine. Alternatively, if you want a dry floor pad, just don't wet the paper towel.
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on April 13, 2017
I never use the cleaning clothes that came with it. Instead I picked up all white dish towels from Walmart for $4 and $1 spray bottle. I can reuse the towels over and over and save money. It works well I just push the white cloth in the four tabs. I've been using vinegar and water I clean the floors and they are shining. I like it and used if for about a month with no problems.
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on July 16, 2017
So I put pictures with this and I don't normally take the time to do that but I really love this swiffer product. So it is not going to replace ur broom I want to be clear on that. I first showed everything I swept up in a pile. I then go back with the dry swiffer to get anything remaining which you can see is a lot! It's gross to think I just swept before and occasionally mopped. With this system it makes it easy to keep my kitchen and bathroom floors clean and sanitary. After I sweep and dry cloth I use the wet clothe. I bought a 2 box pack from Amazon for $12. Some people say they rip you off on refills. But I bought both dry and wet in 2 box packs from here which to me make it more reasonable. I hope the pictures help make up your mind on this. I love how easy and effortless this is versus bringing out a heavy duty mop every time I sweep, which isn't going to happen for me . Please like if you found helpful:)
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on March 9, 2016
I can't believe I finally bought myself on of these Swiffer Sweeper kits. I remember buying one of these years ago and it snapped and bent and it broke right away. I thought it was so cheaply made back then, but I can see now that they are much better made and vastly improved. These are so simple to put together, just join all 4 pieces of the mop stick together and you're ready to clean. Well, right after you put one of the dust wipes onto the flat duster head, that is. The Swiffer sweeper is great for when you don't want or need to get out the bucket and mop just to clean up a minor spill. It's great to use when you just want to do a bit of dusting and the stick is long enough to be able to reach underneath or overhead and in hard to get to places. What makes it even better yet, is that you can use the wet wipes to clean nasty stuff like on the kitchen or bathroom floor and then throw the wipe away afterwards.
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Note: I'll give the positives first (because I basically like how easy this is to use), and the negatives at the end.

The Swiffer Sweeper has changed how I clean my kitchen floor. It's so great for catching all the dust, cat hair, and smaller particles that a broom would miss. It does not pick up the bigger things, such as food crumbs, sand, or dirt particles that might fall off of shoes, so it's still necessary to keep a broom/dustpan around. I purchased the package of a few wet and a few dry pads, but, honestly, I will never reorder those again. I have gone paperless in my kitchen, which means no paper towels or napkins, just washable, reusable cloth. I purchased 3 reusable cloth pads from an Etsy store, and when I saw what they were like, I made a dozen of my own. I use these for everyday dry cleanup, for before mopping, and then change to a clean cloth for mopping. I simply use a spray bottle with the floor cleaner of choice, misting the floor, and then push the swiffer sweeper around to clean. It's so easy for spot cleaning a spill.

The swivel feature is very handy for working around table and chair legs.

Now for the negative. For the price, it's a decent little cleaner. However, the handle is very flimsy, and I can see it breaking easily. It isn't a breeze to push/pull, and maybe this is because of the reusable cloths I use.

I thought I had done my research, but then came across a different brand that looks much sturdier. Since I already own this one, I'll use it until it is unusable, and will then try the other brand. Until then, I'll enjoy the ease of use this one provides.
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on January 11, 2017
OK I love it, but boy was I shocked! Good grief! I thought my hard floors were clean, I am kind of OCD about cleaning, but when I saw the first dry pad after just my small kitchen and baths, I was horrified! I guess Swiffer is an honest company because their commercials on TV show exactly what mine DID! Won't be without them again!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 20, 2017
Its not all that great. I am using it on the kitchen floors and bathroom floors. Not what I wanted. It sticks too much. I wanted a little better smooth running. Like the idea, perhaps better on wood floors. Find something else to do bathrooms and kitchen floors.
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on May 23, 2017
Disappointed. Every commercial shows how it picks up dirt, dog hair, grime.... this just pushes it across our floor. Complained to the manufacturer and they just gave coupons for more defective products. Yuck
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on December 26, 2017
We've had our Swiffer Sweeper for about 4 years now and just purchased this as a second Swiffer for upstairs. The dry cloths can be a bit pricy, but we buy those in bulk from Sam's. We use it to sweep our hardwood floors and then use a handheld vac to suck up the dirt and clean off the dry cloths to reuse them multiple times. The wet cloths work alright, but will only clean a small area, unless you use another spray & mop product. If you want a wet mop, we love the Swiffer Wet Jet, it's a much better solution for mopping a whole room or the whole house. I'd highly recommend the Swiffer Sweeper, it's cheap, but very sturdy, easy to use, and doesn't take up much room. We have 4 dogs and this is so easy to sweep up dog hair and keep our hardwood floors clean.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 10, 2017
I am glad that I purchased the Swiffer starter kit. I continue to use the dry swiffer pads but found the wet ones to be useless. They are very wet (too wet) for a couple square feet and then are almost dry and do nothing to clean the floor. I cannot even wipe my small entry hall with one of the wet swiffers. The great thing about the starter kit is that I didn't waste my money on a box of wet ones, but got to try them and also learned that the dry ones are very useful - especially for picking up dog hair.
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