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on August 26, 2015
Not the cheapest $$ protein bar I've purchased but so far the best tasting. In addition they fill me up. Be careful ordering in the summer months as they will probably arrive melted. Let them sit a bit before opening if you do order during the summer. Great for post workout snack or when camping/traveling.

10/24/15 - Update. Latest batch came in. Noted that someone mentioned in their review that the bars felt lighter. I had a bar left from another batch I received so decided to weigh that bar and one of the new ones. Found they are definitely lighter even though the packaging, ingredients, calories and most important the price are all still the same. See attached pics.
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on June 29, 2016
I loyally purchased Quest bars for years. I liked the lack of soy and the short list of ingredients. Then they changed their formula last year, and I found the new bars barely edible. So I started exploring my other options. I stick to whey protein instead of soy because it is easier to digest. There are lots of 3-400 calorie bars, but as a 5’4” lady I prefer a 200 calorie bar as a pre-workout snack. GNC sells a lot of these as single bars, and this is a good (but slightly expensive) way to buy some bars to decide what you like. Here my personal summary of whey based approximately 200 calorie high protein bars:

1. Fit Crunch bars. Easily my favorite. Produced by celebrity Chef Robert Irvine. Tastes like a candy bar. My favorite is by far the peanut butter version, but the cookie dough and cookies and cream are still good. Personally I find the cookies and cream one slightly on the sweet side and is my least favorite. I don’t like eating these on the go because sometimes I end up trying to track down little chocolate pieces from my clothing, car, etc. The main trouble with these bars is finding a place to buy them. GNC has the large version of theses bars (380 calories). Sometimes CVS has them for sale individually. Walmart carries boxes, but they are often out of stock. My local Walmart stopped carrying the small size, and I don’t have the self-control to eat half of a large one. I have tried ordering from Amazon but they always arrive melted. All of my friends are now obsessed with these which is probably why I cannot find them in my local stores anymore. 190 calories, 16g protein and 3g sugar

2. Combat Crunch bars. My second favorite after Fit Crunch bars. I have less trouble with these melting when I order them online, but they sometimes taste a little stale from Amazon. Again the chocolate peanut butter flavor is my favorite. I have liked most of the flavors with the exception of the birthday cake flavor that tasted like fruit loops in stale icing (uniquely awful). These can also be messy to eat on the go, but better than Fit Crunch and Power Crunch in this respect. 210 calories, 20g protein and 5g sugar

**Update: I am concerned about the quality control on these bars. I have had several bars purchased from Amazon, Kroger and now GNC that have been firm/stale instead of the normal soft filling. I have not decided if I will continue to buy these, and I decreased my rating accordingly**

3. Power Crunch bars. My husband and I both found these to be too dry and generally without much flavor. I do like the peanut butter flavor because it reminds me of halavah (middle eastern candy made from sesame seeds). These can also be messy to eat. I have found these at GNC, Kroger and Walmart (and of course Amazon). 200 calories, 13g protein and 5g sugar.

**Update: These are growing on me. They taste dramatically better chilled. The flavor is subtle but pleasant. I like the peanut butter and chocolate mint versions. The texture reminds me of a Kit Kat. This is my new second favorite bar.**

4. Quest bars. The least messy of the group. They have more of a chewy texture than the other bars which keeps them from falling apart. As I mentioned, this used to be my favorite bar but the new formula has a weird chemical flavor to it that I cannot get past. 190 calories, 21g protein and 4g carbs

**Update: Quest must have done some more formula tweaking because they taste like they used to before the 2015 recipe change disaster. I only buy them from places that I know have new stock.**

5. Oh Yeah Victory Bars. These are way too sweet with a weird processed taste. They also have a chewy texture. I imagine that they would have been easy to eat on the go if I had not given them away after eating half of one bar. 200 calories 21g protein 8g sugar. I have not tried the new Oh Yeah! One bars.

6. Fit Elite Baked Protein Bar. Also produced by celebrity Chef Robert Irvine. Tastes like a Quest bar mixed with chalk. The texture is slightly more dense than a Quest bar. Barely edible. 180 calories 20g protein

7. Mission 1 Clean Protein Bar. Similar taste and texture to Quest bars. These are slightly more dense. The taste is inferior to Fit Crunch, Combat Crunch bars and Quest bars. 210 calories 21g protein 1g sugar

8. EAS 100% Whey Protein Bar. I have only tried the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip version. It tastes like a dense soft granola bar and is one of the better tasting protein bars. At 250 calories, I consider this bar more of a meal replacement (plus some fruit) than a pre-workout snack. I have purchased these from both Amazon and Target and have not noticed a difference in quality. It is one of the only protein bars that I still purchase from Amazon because most of the others melt during shipping. 250 calories 20g protein 12g sugar
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on August 8, 2017
[Summer 2017 review, see below for update]: The latest two boxes I purchased had a different look to them. I hoped that this was just a marketing change, but alas, the look, taste and nutritional values have changed (and not for the better). The chocolate peanut butter cup flavor used to be quite delicious with a soft center and crunchy outer coating. Now, the bar is more taffy-like without a distinct difference in textures. The flavor is muted and there is now an unpleasant aftertaste. Additionally, the bars now have 230 calories and more fat than the previous 210. I wrote to MusclePharm and they confirmed a change in formula and manufacturer. I would highly recommend that all of you who are disatisfied do the same. I will not be buying these bars again unless they return to their previous formula. Attached is a photo of the label so you can see how it has changed from the description above.

*** 1/31/18 Update ****

MusclePharm listened to the uproar over the change in their bars and the original formula is back! Yippeee! The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavor is back to being my favorite protein bar. Amazon shipped the new bars in the order I received today. The good ones are labeled “Hybrid Series” and have 210 calories. Avoid the “ Sport Series” with 230 at all costs. I am changing my review back to a 5 star. Thanks, MusclePharm!
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on March 13, 2017
These bars are very inconsistent. They are GREAT if you get them fresh. They are as advertised. I've yet to try a "bad" flavor as well. They simply taste good. High fiber and protein, low sugar- exactly what I require for my daily intake.

They are SUBPAR when they are not fresh. When they are not fresh, they are chewy, and feel like they are going to rip your teeth out when eating them.... your jaw will get tired.

I've bought batches online that were good! I've bought batches online that were terrible. Same experience in store too.

Honest opinion: If you need high fiber with your protein, these are great. If you are in it solely for taste and the crunchy-non taffy experience, look elsewhere.

They have so much potential, but when it comes down to it, overall, I've had better. Sorry, MusclePharm.
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on May 5, 2018
Note: There is a lot of talk and negative reviews due to a change in the formulation of these bars. I can confirm that the batch I received from my recent order is the old, superior version.

After being diagnosed with a heart condition and spending several days in the hospital, it suddenly became very urgent for me to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. The unhealthy meals and junk food were banished from my kitchen, and a spare room was converted into a home gym.

While I am happy with the changes (for one, I have a lot more energy now), there are some things from my old lifestyle that I do miss sometimes, like candy bars. As a substitute I started having one protein bar a day as a between meal/post workout snack. I tried MET-Rx bars and didn't much care for them. For the past few months I've been buying Clif Builders bars; while I liked those better, my brain wasn't fooled into thinking that it was real candy. Instead it was "good enough."

I recently purchased Combat Crunch bars because I was getting tired of the hard texture of the Clif bars and hoped that these would be different. My goodness, the moment I took a bite out of the peanut butter cup bar I was hooked. It was like I was eating an actual candy bar! It was so good that I simply couldn't stand waiting until the next day to try one of the cinnamon twist bars. I decided to have a second bar and consider it one of my meals for the day.

I was pretty pleased with the peanut butter bar, but the cinnamon twist bar was amazing! It was like I was eating a cinnabon in bar form. Never have I felt so naughty while eating something that is good for you. I find myself eagerly anticipating my next workout so that afterwards I can kick back and indulge in this gooey cinnamon goodness. I no longer have a craving for sweets because I get my fix from these bars.

Muscle Pharm has earned themselves a loyal customer this day. I will be buying these bars from now on.
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on June 13, 2016
These things taste delicious, I love them. The flavors aren't overpowering which makes for a perfect combination. I buy them by the box and put them in my freezer and eat one every couple days for snacks in-between meals. I recommend them to anyone.

Some people have complained that they melted in transit, I ordered these state side and I'm ordering them for my overseas deployment and will update if they melt, regardless, if they do melt, I put them in my freezer and or fridge because I love the way they taste when they're cold so, if it melts try the fridge to solidify the bar again and go from there.

They didn't melt, but they were beginning to lose their solid state, aka a little bit squishy, that being said, I put them in my freezer, however I can imagine that putting them in the fridge will re-solidify them completely.
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on September 23, 2017
For those of you bringing up concern of product weight --

I have the opportunity to shop at a commissary weekly, that's where I discovered these bars. I grabbed a birthday cake bar on my lunch break one day because I wanted something quick and easy. The commissary must have ordered these in bulk some time ago because they're still selling the older version of the bar. The inside is a dark brown like a piece of chocolate and it's harder to chew than the new recipe. I still enjoy the older bars, but sometimes they left my jaw hurting.

The new recipe is lighter, but I don't think it's because the company has tried cutting corners on the bar. It's also a much lighter brown, and has the consistency of a chocolate chip cookie. It is much easier to chew, and still has a great taste.

I noticed the old bars have 5g of sugar and 1g of sugar alcohol
The new bars have 7g of sugar and 2g of sugar alcohol
The protein is still exactly the same.
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Update 9.28.2027: I had to remove all the stars due to this gross and drastic change in bar formula/recipe that has aparently happened. I was such a fan of these bars and was ordering them from amazon every other week because they were fresher and gewier than buying from GNC and i was indulging in them daily, sometimes twice. They were out of stock for a few weeks end of this summer, then when they finally came back in stock, it took way longer than usual to arrive despite shipping with prime, as usual. When it finally arrived, a week late, it came packaged and tasting completely different. Not just the flavor, they also changed whatever they use to make the crunch too. Now it has such a poor and undesirable texture, its no longer bursting into chunks of yummy gewy chocolate like before. I liked so many flavors but the chocolate chip cookie dough was my favorite. I used to highly recommend these bars to everyone. I cant beleive you can change a product so drastically and still market it as the same thing as if nothing happened. Its so ruined now. Such a huge difference from the review I left before. Would give so much to get the old bars back.

Best protein bars, yummy and reliable for macros
I had to log on and share a review because I just bit into what seems to be an upgraded version of the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour, which now has actual chunks of chocolate throughout the nougat, not just on the outside as it had been before and it was amazingly indulgent and delicious. I have been ordering these for over a year now to help maintain my macros and theyre great for when you are on the go and still need to hit your numbers without packing so many things and weighing them etc. Just throw one in my purse, nice and small, and im ready to socialize without the threat of temptation or hunger - these bars are lifesavers (these are especially clutch during ski trips!!). I have 2 a day: one white raspberry (after the gym), the other chocolate chip (latenight snack after dinner) which allows me flexibility to replace them with other things if needed. When I get a fresh batch, the texture is such an enjoyable combination of crunch and chewy. Very fulfilling because of all that fiber and such great flavor, none of that nasty chemical after taste that some other protein bars can have ( - these are such a treat that I look forward to daily. The combat bars are the best of the protein bars I have tried, almost all of their flavors were great (Chocolate cake and chocolate coconut are good. I did not enjoy birthday cake or cookies and cream) but the 2 I mentioned before are my fave (Choc chip cookie dough and White Choc Raspberry) I am careful to order only from "" on the sellers list because I have placed amazon orders for batches of these bars fulfilled by other sellers before and they were horribly stale and stiff, even though they were well within the expiration date and it greatly changes the taste and enjoyment. I had 2 just throw half of my last box out because I couldn't suffer through those gross rock hard bars anymore, and I was careful to never purchase from that seller again. So thats just my tip for trying to get the freshest bars because it seems that it varies greatly depending on the seller and how they are storing them.
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on April 9, 2018
MusclePharm restored (and improved) their old formula. These are now the best protein bars on the market, in my opinion. I've tried dozens of other protein bars. For the macronutrients in this bar (protein, fats, carbs) and the fiber content, these are the best tasting bars out there. There's other bars with 0 fiber that taste like candy bars...Because they are candy bars + a whey blend...But if you want the fiber, nothing will beat these in flavor.

Pros:-Tons of flavor options
-All taste pretty good, but Cookie dough and PB are the best.
-12g of fiber per bar. That's over half of the minimum amount of fiber most people will need per day, ideally. Fiber is probably the most important part of any good diet after 1) Calorie intake 2) Good macronutrient ratio (proteins, fats, carbs)
-Good price per bar
-Leave you satisfied in fullness and cravings
-Doesn't stick to inner layer of packaging
-Stays soft even when refrigerated

Cons:-Melt very easily (may be a pro for people who like to microwave their bars). Don't leave out in the sun in your car.
-Not a full meal replacement. I use them more as a supplement. Eaten with a shake or some other form of protein.
-Eating several a day will probably cause digestive issues for some.

Well done, MP...Went from a 4-star bar to a 1-star bar after the formula switch to cornstarch fiber, then rebounded to a 5-star bar. They're even softer and more delicious than the originals. Assuming the macros/fiber aren't a complete lie (supplement companies can be shady...), these are the best bars out there Try them for yourself.
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on June 20, 2017
I used to love these, but the last four boxes I've ordered have had a completely different taste and texture; a horrible change! The outside is stale, annoyingly crumbly and less sweet, while the interior 'bar' is too firm, unpleasantly chewy, and unpalatable now. I suffered through the first order, assuming it was a one time occurrence, because I've been eating these things for years and never had an issue before. Unfortunately, I'm not going to put up with three more boxes of this junk and MusclePharm has lost me. Maybe I'll let the negative reviews come in from whatever formula change they've (unwisely) made and come back when these people come to their senses
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