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on August 17, 2016
My mom has had her hearing aids for about 5 years now. I know the manufacturer wants you to use their EXPENSIVE brand, but they are almost 10 times the price. I started buying them in bulk for her online. She compared how often she had to replace them versus the expensive brand, and she thought it was maybe 6 days versus 7. Even with losing one day a pair, these are a bargain! Recently, she had to have her units checked as they were wearing down the batteries in 5 days and sometimes 2 days. Of course, they gave her new manufacturer batteries and said that was the issue. Well, after they failed in two days, her hearing aids had to be completely rebuilt. Now she is back to 5-6 days per pair.

This last batch expires in 2019 and the lot I purchased will last her about 14 months. I think this is an awesome deal for those on limited budget.
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2016
I've been using the Rayovac Proline batters and I've found the Amazon batteries last 3-5 days longer. I'm super impressed and will make these my go-to hearing aid battery.
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on December 11, 2017
I have Widex Beyond hearing aids which I stream my music, phone calls, and tv to. I have tried 7 different brands of 312 hearing aid batteries and these Amazon Basics brand of batteries are by far the cheapest and more importantly they are much higher quality than any of the other brands. They last 1-2 more days than any other brand, and my Widex Beyond hearing aids function with no issues at all with these batteries. I’m 38 years old and my hearing aids are my first set but after using many other brands of batteries, I won’t be trying any other brand. I can’t speak for your hearing aids but mine work best with Amazon Basics 312 Hearing Aid batteries. Trust me you won’t regret these.
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on March 1, 2018
Since I've had my current hearing aids I've purchased battery packs from PowerOne, Kirkland and AmazonBasics. I've kept a record of battery changes from the beginning so have a good idea of their life span. I've only used a few of the Amazon batteries so far, but enough to have a good handle on their average life. PowerOne and Amazon are roughly equal and Kirkland's life span is much shorter. The price of the Kirkland batteries was lower, however, so that the "price per day" came out about the same. One of the AmazonBasics batteries would not work because of a manufacturing defect -- the negative surface was so indented that it did not make contact with the hearing aid's terminal. I don't see that defect on any of the remaining 59 batteries in the pack.
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2018
As far as I can tell so far, these batteries perform alright. So why just 3 stars? Because hearing aid batteries come with a little sticky tab on them to make it easier for old fingers (ie, hearing aid users) to put them into their devices. The AmazonBasics sticky tabs are just a shade too small to be useful, and are additionally just a bit too sticky - meaning that once you get the battery in place, the odds are that you'll pull it out again trying to remove the sticker. A small thing, but a real frustration (times 60 per order!) for those of us whose hands aren't as nimble or stable as they used to be. I'd rather pay a few bucks more for something much easier to use.

UPDATE 7/2/18 - I've just downgraded to one star because I encountered several dead batteries in a row. Unacceptable.

UPDATE 7/23/18 - I've figured out why I kept encountering "dead" batteries. The batteries aren't all manufactured at the necessary width: you close the battery compartment and you don't get a good contact (causing the hearing aid to cycle on and off) or get NO contact (making you think the battery has no power). I went back to my old brand and have had zero problems.

Other reviewers have seemed happy enough, so maybe they just don't work in my brand of hearing aids. I'd still recommend another brand.
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on November 6, 2016
Great value, much better than going to the local drug store chain and paying $5-$6 for 6 batteries. They last just as long as any battery. I keep my hearing aids in all day 24/7 and I get 2-3 days out of each battery. If you use them less I am sure that they will last a lot longer.
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on August 12, 2016
So far these batteries are excellent and they are made in America. I wear them 12-16 hours a day and they're good for five to six days.
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on December 20, 2017
WARNING, if you use these batteries, when you remove the tab you have to make sure no glue remains on the battery. In my hearing aids some of the glue collected on the battery connectors causing an intermittent battery connection. They had to be sent out for repair.
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on January 31, 2018
Batteries are nice and work as long as other brands. The tabs to pull off the batteries are too short and difficult to remove. I would not buy them just because of that. It is frustrating.
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on January 5, 2018
Don't waste your money on these batteries. I bought 10 6-packs, all expiring in 2021. Out of every 6-pack, at least 1 or 2 of the batteries only last 2 days. If you're out of your home, you go the rest of the day with only 1 hearing aid working until you can get back and put in a new battery. The ones that work last the full week, as people expect them to, but there have been so many of them that are dead after 2 days. Amazon may be a great place to shop, but they suck at making batteries. Buy a name brand instead.
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