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on July 12, 2016
I have been recuperating from back to back major surgeries and the recovery has not been easy. Boost has become an essential part of my diet. I drink four bottles of this per day and it provides me with the essential protein and calories that I need to make a full recovery. Even though I am almost fully recovered, I plan to continue to use this product. Price wise it compares to the other protein drinks on the market and I don't have to prepare anything. I just drink it right out of the bottle. Even though I am not diabetic, I buy the glucose control formula because it has so much less sugar than the regular formula.
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on April 19, 2016
I bought these for my friend who is diabetic and has a hard time eating breakfast. These are so easy, she can throw one in her purse and slam it down easily rather than trying to eat when she isn't hungry. She says they taste great too.

Her blood sugar has improved dramatically since she has started drinking these for breakfast. I witnessed this myself when she came to visit.

This was a great price on this product as well!

( retail purchase)
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on June 7, 2018
This is so delicious! I don't know how some people don't like the taste. This taste so good that my 21 year old son tries to snatch one in his lunch for work. He also loves it because it's so high in protein however I have told him it's only for me to help control my blood sugar levels and it certainly works. I've bought these a handful of times and I will continue to do so. I was thinking of trying another brand but after tasting this one I have no desire to try another brand. SO good!!
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on February 26, 2017
The product packaging states that the product is "SUITABLE FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANCE".

That was not my experience at all.

I have lactose intolerance. Over a 9-day period after receiving this product, I tried consuming 4 of the 24 bottles contained in the shipment. Hours after drinking the first bottle, I had severe digestive upset that lasted for the majority of a day.

I then went a day without drinking a bottle. I was fine. I then consumed a second bottle. Hours later, I again had severe digestive upset that lasted for the majority of a day.

To help rule out other potential causes of the digestive upset, I consumed a third and a fourth bottle, each separated by a period of 24-to-48 hours without drinking the product.

The results were the same: For each bottle consumed, hours later I suffered severe digestive upset that lasted for the majority of a day.

Prior to trying this product, I had been able to digest any product containing dairy if the product had no detectable lactose left (e.g. Fairlife lactose-free milk, Lifeway kefir, Yoplait-brand yogurt, pepperjack cheese, american cheese, cooked mozzarella cheese, etc.). The "Boost Glucose Control" drink is now the (apparent) exception to that.

Food products containing dairy that have detectable lactose give me severe digestive upsets. (Example food products include milk without the lactase enzyme added, cheddar cheese, cheesecake, any food item containing buttermilk, and any food item containg butter.)

After water, the next most-common ingredient in the Boost Glucose Control drinks is "milk protein concentrate". I understand that proteins are not sugars. So ideally, there should be no lactose remaining in the "milk protein concentrate" used in this product. However, every time I consumed this product, I suffered severe symptoms exactly the same as lactose intolerance. So I am wondering if there is a non-zero quantity of lactose left over in the parricular "milk protein concentrate" ingredient that is currently sourced to create the Boost Glucose Control product.

I have posted this review to help warn others with lactose intolerance that the Boost Glucose Control product may not be worth your time and money.

Interestingly, last week I found that there is a type of lactose-free milk that staves off hunger between meals better for me than the Boost Glucose Control product did: "Fairlife" brand lactose-free milk. It has nearly double the protein content of nearly all other brands of milk: 13 grams of protein per cup, compared to 8 or 9 grams of protein per cup of the other brands of milk, and compared to the 16 g in the lactose-intolerance-symptom-triggering Boost Glucose Control product.

The Fairlife-brand milk also has the following benefits compared to the Boost Glucose Control product:
- less than half the calories
- 0 mg of cholesterol, compared to 10 mg in the Boost product
- about half of the sodium of the Boost product (the Boost product is too salty for me)
- 8 times the potassium (which helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise)

Again, I have posted this review to help warn others with lactose intolerance that the Boost Glucose Control product may not be worth your time and money. Spare yourself the multi-hour bathroom trips associated with severe digestive upset.
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on March 13, 2017
Glucose control is the best option. Less sugar and balanced macros (carb, fat, protein). This is the best version! This really should be the "normal" one. Tastes great too. Yes, there's a bit of a vitamin-y taste, but it's really not bad at all. It's basically $1.25 for one meal. Great way to decrease your calorie intake (replace a meal) AND save money.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 10, 2017
I have gestational diabetes, and this drink was recommended to me by my dietician. I have to eat 6-7 times a day, and these make a super convenient carb + protein snack when I need something on the go. They taste better cold, but they're fine at room temperature too. And considering how strict my diet is, drinking something that tastes like chocolate is a treat!

I have never been able to tolerate the taste of "fake sugar" in food and drinks, so for me, "sugar free" and "diet" alternatives all taste so horrible that I'd rather do without them (sodas, coffee creamer, candy, yogurts, etc.). I'm not exactly sure how these drinks are sweetened, but they do not have that nasty fake sugar taste! Highly recommend!
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on May 19, 2016
I like the product, it tastes good too. I use it to start my morning on the go. It replaces milk and whey protein drink I used to use. But it only helps satisfy my hunger for a couple of hours, where the whey protein and milk would satisfy me for several hours. All in all, I this is better for me. I just wish there was a little more of it.
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on September 8, 2016
We buy these for a family member, as they were recommended by their doctor. Strawberry is their favorite flavor. The price was better (with a coupon) than we could buy at Sam's or Costco. Definitely recommend.
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on August 1, 2015
I really like the chocolate flavor of the glucose control ones. I drink one every evening, and have seen a drop in my evening and morning glucose readings by an average of 10 points. I am a recovering chocoholic, so these are a great aid in getting my numbers under control without bingeing on Hersheys.
I do recommend that you watch the price on Amazon, I have noticed it change depending on vendor. Don't pay more than about $30 for the 24-pack. You can purchase these locally from Wal-mart for around $15 per 12-pack, they will be with the diabetic supplies.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 8, 2018
It does control my grandmother's glucose just fine, but unfortunately it makes her void within a few minutes. Thus she has been unable to gain weight after the cancer surgery as prescribed by the doctor. We are discontinuing consumption and moving to more traditional methods of glucose and weight management.
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