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on May 20, 2015
I've had the Revolution FIT 3-in-1 for several months now and love using it! I'm glad I went with the 3-in-1 because I was researching online to find equipment to improve my stability for running long distance, snowboarding and potential surfing lessons. The semicircular foam roll functions well as a stability wedge when paired with the board, saving me the trouble of shelling out an indecent amount of money just for a separate stability wedge. Same thing goes for the inflatable wobble pad. Paired with the roller, the Revolution board offers similar function to the Indo Board, which I also bought and tested out. I would say as a beginner user of such types of boards, I felt safer with the Revolution board because the diameter of its roller is smaller than the Indo Board, but offers the same freedom of movement because there are no guide tracks on the bottom of either boards. There are small wooden pieces beneath both boards near the top and bottom edges, which prevent the roller from rolling completely out from under the boards when you are on it, so that's good. The Revolution board's dense foam surface lining is nicer to stand on barefoot and has a similar width to a snowboard or skateboard. I'd say the Indo Board has a shape similar to a mini surfboard and has a rougher sandpaper-like texture. When I'm on the Revolution board, it challenges my abdominal and leg muscles to maintain tone and improves my dynamic balance abilities. I also tend to use the Revolution Board indoors more because I don't feel that it would pitch me far off the board if I were to lose balance on it vs with the Indo board, which has a higher incline due to the wider roller. Love my Revolution board!
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on October 25, 2015
A versatile, great product for the price. I'm using it for agility and and balance training in preparation for the upcoming snowboard competition season. I use it at work while on conference calls and aim to become so well balanced that I can type while balancing. After only three days of use, I'm already feeling the burn in those stabilizing muscles. The product is well designed and manufactured with quality materials. I'm very satisfied with this purchase!
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on October 28, 2014
Ok enough delaying the inevitable...this board rocks; literally and figuratively!!! I love it and I can't stay off of it...I'm at my desk sitting right now and its under my feet...I'm balancing, albeit slightly, while on my butt. I've had it now for 10 days.

So what makes this board different or better than the other boards? The design and the company. The Revolution FIT Board design, IMHO, is nearly identical to a skateboard or snowboard so a semi-retired boarder like myself can hop on it without much fuss. But if you are not a former boarder don't let that stop you; the design/cut of the board is more approachable than the woods you'll come across. It's wider and just sticky enough with or without shoes.

With regards to the company; spot on...great product and great customer service.


I've got a torn meniscus due to T25/Insanity. Went to 3 Drs; MRI...etc. They all recommended Physical Therapy...but my Chiro went a step further and gave me a prescription workout, which was cool/handy. One of the reoccurring exercise themes is balancing and they call for and use the Bosu in their workouts. Which is fine I have one, but they also use a smaller Bosu and balance board. This is where I started digging.

After trolling online for a while I went to local place that has a very, very good selection of crazy workout stuff. They had multiple balance boards there; the smaller Reebok one, the Indo, GoFit and TheraBand just to name a few. They had more but they sealed up/still in boxes.

I spent a good half hour there; the longest I played with was Indo since it was the closest to what the video exercise list was using. I spent nearly 10 minutes on it; I have GymBoss on my phone and used it (I've spent a sh*t load of money there, they know I'm picky). The Indo board is fine I just didn't love it nor the cut/design...just reminded me of an old school desk.

I ended up purchasing this thing site unseen and I haven't regretted it. I've used it since day 1. In fact the day after I got it I over did it and spent an hour on it. My hips were sore the next day.
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I've been doing physical therapy for a long-time balance problem due to a chronic illness, and we use the balance board a lot. It's incredibly helpful for anyone - athletes, medical needs, people who want to work on core strength, anyone. And there were a million of these online. So I started narrowing down by my needs. There are a lot of round ones that are smaller, and that didn't work for me. If you really want to work on balance for sports, athletic performance, balance problems or core work, you need a bigger board. This one is bigger than a skateboard, but not overwhelming. I also looked at the grip material. And then I looked at the usage. This was not the cheapest one on the market, but what I really like is the flexibility of the different parts that go under the board as you get better or your needs change. I see using this board indefinitely. Note: be careful! It does work on any surface, I've use it on hardwood floors and terracotta tile floors, but don't be a show off. I use it for real on carpet, and I make sure I have room to fall and something to grab onto. For me, side to side is way easier than front to back.
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on December 14, 2014
This is a really awesome set of bases for a high quality board. I had just read "Anatomy for Runners" (highly recommended for any and all runners serious about improving form and biomechanics), and Jay Dicharry (the author) talks about the place for rocker boards/ balance boards for improving strength (and of course, balance). The board pictured in the book is the Vew-Do Zone, which was where I started my hunt for a balance board. I loved how it had three bases.

Vew Do is however out of stock of the Zone board until next year, and I was very eager to get started on implementing this supplemental training to improve my runner. I spent over 6 months this year sidelined from running because of a knee injury. I thought I just had bad knees, but reading Anatomy for Runners helped me see it was more about my form and underlying weaknesses. So investing in a high quality training tool was very worthwhile to me.

This FIT board I have found to be a high quality product. Unlike some boards (like for instance those by Vew-Do), the bases do not lock onto a railing system under the board. This makes it more versatile in my opinion.

I use the rocker base for ankle strengthening as well as squats, the wobble platform also for ankle and foot strengthening. The rolling platform is really a blast, and has already improved my balance a lot.

You can really get a great workout with this board as well. I haven't fully explored the uses of a balance board outside of those specific to runner strengthening, but I know there are many. It would benefit any athlete I am sure.

This company has really great customer service. I highly recommend this product, and think you get your money's worth with the three different bases. Most boards only have one, but truly all three are useful!
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on April 21, 2017
I really love using this board. It's very good quality and has helped improve my balance. It's fun to use too. I try to do it while I'm brushing my teeth sometimes or watching TV. I even lay down on it to do my homework instead of sitting at a desk
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on May 13, 2017
Definitely worth the money paid. Physical therapist tried to recommend a Home Depot make shift product, but this is a high quality setup. Non slip surface for standing, wood stops on the bottom and the variety of setups make this a great choice. Also, this is super durable. My 250lb hubby felt very solid and stable when using this. This has also become the new toy in the house for my 4 kids. I love that they are all working on their balance. No regrets going with the Revolution 3-in-1.
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on September 10, 2016
Great product out of the box. Been waiting for a while to get this was trying to piece it out separately but finally decided on this. Well worth the investment so far everything is pretty great quality. DOES NOT INCLUDE PUMP you don't need it though a few breaths into the balance pad and it's good to go! Using it to help with ACL and LCL surgery recovery so the ability to make this easier/harder is fantastic! Before surgery I did just about every "board sport" so this will help me get back to what I love faster!
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on February 9, 2018
This thing Rocks! Two mid-40s adults, two thirteen year olds and one mid 60s woman all fight over this thing. Fun for the whole family. Added bonus- one family memeber has been having knee and calf pain. She’s been using the inflatable disc as a single leg balance therapy device. In her case, pain has subsided. I hope to soon start balance board workouts in between the fun.
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on January 13, 2017
Top quality and very versatile - with the rocker, cushion and roller! It comes with instructions and goals and an overview of exercise options. I have just had 1 knee replaced and using the board to help rehab. The next knee will be replaced in 6 weeks. The Balance Board is indispensable
for my rehab. It may appear a little expensive, but if you purchased the items separately it would be more costly. I recommend for the quality, versatility and customer support by REVBALANCE.COM I am very satisfied!!
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