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on February 20, 2016
-Easy to use, works right away no fancy buttons learning curve
-Sturdy, good quality
-Small enough to carry or transport
-Good design attaches easily to any surface smaller than one inch
-Adaptable/Can attach to several instruments including a cello
-It is virtually dummy proof; when it lights up green you are in tune. If it points to the left it is flat to the right sharp
-Love the easy to read screen; letters are large and neon against a black background making display clear and crisp
-Can swivel in any direction so you can place anywhere and pivot the screen to face you
-Came with two ion batteries how nice!!! Could use it right away and had a replacement even!
-My 10 year old son can tune his cello on his own now!

This was a God-send tool! My son plays cello at school once a week and so we have to transport his cello back and forth to school. We live in the northeast so the cold weather and transportation cause the cello to go out of tune often. It was a hassle for us because a) we don't have any other instruments in the house 2) we have no musical training so we couldn't tune the cello correctly at home. I was driving around all the time to find the orchestra teacher for help tuning the cello! This tool will save us so much time and hassle! Not only do I not have to drive the cello to get tuned all the time but my son can actually do it by himself! As a bonus if we clip the tool to his music stand, we can use it to see if he is playing his notes right. We even played with it at home and would sing different notes and it identified our vocal chords! So fun and cool! I LOVE THIS THING!
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on November 12, 2015
I just bought the AxeRig, Snark, and the PlanetWaves clip-ons. Of these, I’ve only had Snarks before. Actually, I started with an Intelitouch 20 years back, but the newer technology is far better, smaller, and less expensive.

The hardest to use of these is the PlanetWaves. It is the smallest, but the indicator seems to have a much slower response time (delay between detection and display), plus the display is very small. The end result is that it takes longer to tune and there is a lower feeling of confidence. The best part is the small size but the slowness and lack of confidence will keep it from being more than my travel tuner that I won’t cry over if it gets lost.

The Snark is excellent. It’s multicolor discplay is clear in all conditions but direct sunlight and it is very responsive and accurate. I love my Snarks. Their negative is that the connection between the tuner and the clip makes them bulky and awkward to transport. They are great on the guitar, but are easily broken in a gig bag or pocket. Over time, the swivel loosens or breaks at which point the tuner has to be replaced.

I’ve just received my first AxeRig and it seems to be just as accurate and a bit more responsive compared to the Snark, has a larger and very easy to use display, and mechanically, it folds flat. I just got it, but I can tell it will be easier and safer to transport than the Snark. I certainly appreciate the lifetime warranty and the spare battery. It also autoranges very quickly. Play any note on your instrument and it will immediately identify the chromatic pitch name and give you your relative intonation. The Snark will do this too - but considerably slower. I've only had it for a day but I am quite pleased with the AxeRig.
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on October 16, 2015
This is a product that is really simple to use and does it so well. You clip the AxeRig Tuner onto your headstock of your guitar, push and hold the button on the top of the case (above the display) for a few seconds. This turns the tuner on or off.

The lighted display is a blue and when nothing is playing or the string is not in tune. Because it's chromatic, there's nothing to set up before tuning each string. The tuner will simply tell you the note you are currently at. There's a small meter display that moves left or right to show you if you are above or below a certain note which is displayed very big below the meter. When you reach the exact note, the lighted display turns green! How simple is that?

This tuner reads the notes through vibrations, not actual sound. Therefore it needs to be attached to the guitar with the clip that's attached to the tuner in order for this product to work. The most obvious place would be the headstock of any guitar. I've used this on my old electric Ibanez S470DX which has a really thin body so I could even clip it along the skinny edges of the body and the tuner still works! Just for fun after tuning up the guitar, try playing some simple chords like G, D, C, and see if the tuner reads the chords correctly as well. It does so on mine.

Excellent product that works so well! I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Also note that AxeRig provides two (2) CR2032 3V batteries with each tuner. How's that for service? If you are shopping for a tuner and on the fence about buying this, I would definitely tell you to get THIS product! Five Stars all the way!
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on December 26, 2014
This gizmo is smaller than I thought it would be. I clipped it to the headstock of my acoustic guitar and I found that it's extremely easy to use. In fact, it can't get any easier than this. I "swivels" so that you can angle it to where it's easy to see. But for me, it didn't work perfectly on my first use. Even though I tuned each string perfectly (according to this device), I still found that a couple of strings were slightly out of tune. I ended up tuning those strings "by ear". I can tune a guitar by ear in less than a minute. But whenever I do that, I can never be sure if it's tuned to the proper key. Now that I am using this tuner, I know that my guitar will be tuned properly (with some tweaks on my part). This tuner came with instructions and a battery that was already installed. Plus an EXTRA battery was included. Can you believe it? An extra battery is included. Maybe our world isn't falling apart after all.
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on November 6, 2015
So,I've used Acoustic,(tune by audible sound only), tuners in the past. They are somewhat accurate,as the only true way in which one can precisely tune a string instrument with one, is to be in a noise free and absorbent location. I thought to myself over 20 yrs ago that wouldn't it be cool if I could tune my Guitars by VIBRATION alone! I used to get the low "E" in tune and then tune the other five in order by the vibration of the string before it as it would harmonically vibrate the string I was tuning. I found this to be more accurate than tuning each string independently with an Acoustic tuner. I have whats called an ear for perfect pitch. It's a blessing and a curse. So, I lost my Acoustic tuner. Good thing I did as I went on line in search of new and discovered that my thought was invented. AWESOME! So, now, which one to buy. Reading up on the "Axe Rig" it seemed to be what I need. So, I can honestly state that this little bugger gets it done! I was skeptical at first but after the first go of it I can tell you I have no need to use anything else! I can tune my Ovation,Yamaha,or Les Paul in less than 30 seconds with all strings needing an up or down do to humidity change or whatnot. Here's the best part, I can now tune while still listening to the music that I'm playing along with. I could never do that with an Acoustic tuner for obvious reasons. First impression out of the box was "wow. it so small". Now, I'm glad it's small and light as I would often leave it clamped on while playing. The clamp is strong enough to hold on. I just reworked 1986 Ovation Legend. Filed fret board,new machine heads,and new ultra light strings. While heads and strings break in, I love how quickly, I can tune and or check all strings. Ovation stays outside where I have a serious indoor system to play along with and so changes in humidity have me ever chasing the tuning. No problem now. Is it accurate you ask? HELL YES! It's more accurate than an Acoustic tuner. As previously mentioned, I have perfect pitch. I wish I didn't, I am so bothered buy any instrument that's out of tune,even in the slightest bit. Even after changing out to new strings I'm impressed at just how quick I can bring strings up to tune tension.It's way faster than an Acoustic tuner. Comes with a spare battery. If you're a touring musician, give this one a try. Try tuning as you're playing, you'll be stoked at how quick and accurately you can do it.If you are a touring guitar tech., give this a try if you haven't already. With all the noise around a music event, it circumvents that issue nicely. Even if you decide not to buy this model and you only have used Acoustical tuners, go and give a 'Vibration" tuner a try. I'll never go back. ROCK ON!!
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on April 24, 2015
Great snap on tuner.. well thought out.. on/off on the top which I like. Very fast and easy to read..My bag is early blues, electric and acoustic, which means, besides standard tuning, I play in open tunings.. has no problem with any tuning very high or very low..Best tuner I ever have had of any type.
purchased this in April the battery went dead.. pretty good battery life. I bought the identical battery and when I put it in the screen immediately went blue.. no letters just blue screen. I took the new battery out and let it "discharge"... I put battery back in and Yea, it was OK. Then before I knew, the screen went blue again (this time with a different battery) And it is back on It supposedly has a life time warranty. I called Amazon and they gave me the email ad. for the company which I sent out yesterday explaining the problem.. I return to this reveille if I get any results..
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on March 10, 2016
This is clearly the ultimate device for tuning my Martin 12 string guitars. I've been using a Boss TU-8 tuner for years. I'm not bashing my tuner but this eliminates cord from guitar to my tuner. I like this that it's totally cordless. I've seen these types of tuners around for a long time now but I have to admit I had my apprehensions at first of how this was going to work out for me because I tune my Martin 12 string guitars to E flat(half step down). But this was a cinch to set up. If you want to cut the cord this is the way out. What I like too about this tuner is that it shuts itself off if it does not pick up any vibrations which will save on batteries in the long run. I highly recommend this tuner not only for it's versatility of it being able to tune not just guitars but mandolins, violins, and ukelele's and it comes with a lifetime warranty too. Just would like to add that recently I purchased a Ibanez M522S F-Style mandolin and this tuner works for that as well. So if you're apprehensive about buying this for your mandolin set your apprehensions aside and get this tuner. It works! Way cool .
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on January 10, 2017
This product it adequate. It is permanently set to Chromatic, and cannot be set to guitar, bass, violin, etc, so basically only good to see if in tune or not. Only if you are aware enough to know what string is suppose to be what. Beginners, stay away from this one. You must know what tone each string is suppose to make, because, this tuner will not tell you. Good idea with putting two batteries in the package. Good as a backup tuner, but that is about it. If you are as you say you are a small company, you should change this flaw quickly and make it changeable to guitar, bass, violin, chromatic, etc then, it would be a fantastic tuner.
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on September 25, 2015
Very easy to use. We are using this on a french horn that my son is starting to learn. So the only issue I have is that there isn't a great place to clip it to and still be able to see it. We have found one tube that works pretty well, but we can't quite twist the display exactly right. It's possible that if it were a ball socket mount we would be able to get it twisted perfectly. However, I also know that ball sockets are tricky to keep tight, especially with such a small device. That would be the other thing we like about this. It is very small, so as to be unobtrusive, yet the screen is very readable. And if the french horn turns out to not be a hit, we can still use it on the guitars.
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on September 17, 2017
Wonderful. I got it for my mandolin - which I only started playing a few months ago, and even a dummy like me, who still has trouble remembering the finger placement for basic notes and whose playing sounds like a disjointed death march, can figure out how to use it. The screen is very easy to read and basically when the pointed is in the middle and the note's letter lights up green, that string is in tune. I like how it can swivel around, too, so as to make it easier to see no matter where you've clipped it onto your instrument.
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