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Avitae Caffeinated Water, 125 mg, 16.9 Oz (Pack of 12)
Flavor: Unflavored|Size: 125 mg|Change
Price:$21.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 16, 2017
obsessed!! i need my caffeine fix throughout the day- 3-5 beverages. after my morning 2 cups of coffee, this water is perfect as my caffeinated go-to! i get to hydrate with it, and don't have the extra calories of some coffee beverages. it is also easier on my stomach than drinking acidic coffee all day, not to mention healthier than diet sodas with cancer-causing chemicals. it is cheaper than buying coffee at starbucks/dunkin/ etc. I feel hyrdrated and caffeinated drinking this, and since its a full bottle of water, i get to spread the caffeination out longer if i so choose.

i have order this for about 2 years now and have never found anything off about the taste. a few times my bottles were indented and once one was empty, but never had a concern that served as a deterrent from purchasing again. this product has 100% changed my life giving me a healthy alternative to coffee and diet soda. i subscribe order to this product monthly, and often order it weekly as well.
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on January 9, 2017
I usually do not review products but this is gross. I bought a few cases in the past, and recently received a few cases. This current case has mold in the bottle. The product does not expire until June. See pictures. Also I realized this after I drank one this morning.... I called Avitae, but they did not bother to return my call. Must be a common complaint
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on September 6, 2016
Personally, I love this stuff. Although many people are not fans, I feel you can get used to it very easily. Basically it just tastes like water, with maybe the slightest bit of something tasteless mixed in. I can see how it might bother some people, but I was able to adapt quickly. You can tell it's not pure water, but it's so close you end up ignoring it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor and I explicitly provide no guarantees on how caffeine will affect your body. Talk to your doctor if you need guidance. With that said, here's my *personal* impressions:

Here's how it works for me: it provides caffeine without the sugar kick, which means no sugar rush and no sugar letdown. This means it doesn't hit you as hard, but it gets you to a "normal" state in a cleaner fashion, and it retains that state for longer. There is no crash. You can, if you need to, keep drinking them to keep you going. Just be aware that Google will tell you that the "safe" caffeine per day dosage is 400mg, and if you chain drink these for several hours you'll reach it faster than you might think. Again, disclaimer, not a doctor, if you plan on pounding these (or think you might) I would think twice and talk to your doctor.
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on November 4, 2017
We have been buying Avitae on the subscribe and save plan for almost a year. It is all that my husband drinks. However, I September , we got a case of water that tasted badly/musty and amazon replaced it for free with a new case that tasted fine and it was greatly appreciated.However, In our last 2 cases that we got this month- we again got a case of water that tastes bad again and lo and behold it is the same lot number as the bad case we had before . We got a second case does not even have a lot number and date stamped on the bottles. I have never seen this before . I am not sure if the problem is with Avitae or with Amazon but there appears to be a definite issue with quality control . For the price of the water, this is very disappointing
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on August 4, 2016
I used to drink a ton of Mt. Dew to get my caffeine fix, as I don't like the taste of coffee or tea. This caffeinated water was a great way for me to transition away from the soda, which was pretty unhealthy for me, and to a better way to get my caffeine. I think this tastes just like water, no hints of any aftertaste or flavor, and that's good for me.
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on May 10, 2014
I hate, HATE, coffee. I can only drink it with a butt-load of cream and sugar. The only coffee-like product I can drink is a mocha, but that has more calories in it that I should probably even eat in a whole day! Because of this, I drink a lot of soda to get the caffeine I need just to function. Even if I drink calorie-free, diet soda, I'm still drinking a bunch of sugar and God knows what other kind of gunk. I've been saying for years, "I just want water with caffeine!" Well, the other day I did some googling and found this. The website said it was available at all my local Walgreens and here on Amazon.

I got a bottle at Walgreens to test it before ordering a whole case here-not trusting the whole "tasteless" pitch. I opened it in the car and was so impressed by it I went back in and bought a few more. Since I got these last week I haven't even had a single soda (despite a previous at least 4 cans a day addiction). I take a bottle to work and since it has as much caffeine as two cans of coke, I feel pretty great. I just keep refilling the bottle up the rest of the day with the water from the water cooler at work and don't find the need to go to the machine for a soda.

I read the one star reviews and am not sure why they don't appreciate the taste. I don't get any aftertaste from it. It may be that they are more accustomed to drinking bottled water than I am. Personally, it tastes like water to me. But, I also have, until now, refused to pay for bottled water. I've always considered it a waste of money. So, perhaps it isn't good to those types of water connoisseurs, but for this ex-soda addict it is perfect.

Also, to the whole "just get caffeine pills instead" comments I see in the low scores, I am much more comfortable with this. I feel that any of that other stuff has a much higher chance of making me OD or go all Jessie Spano.

P.S. I'm now a monthly subscriber to this stuff :)
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on November 12, 2016
Normally I would like this product very much but what I received today at least 1 has mold floating around in a saled bottle. Now I worry about the rest of the product.
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on July 15, 2017
I was a Water Joe caffeinated water drinker till I heard about Avitae which has more caffeine than Water Joe. I've loved Avitae and have been ordering it for a long time. However, I recently received an order where all the water had a very unpleasant taste. I even tried adding a flavor to mask the awful taste of the water but it didn't help. Because I was hoping it was a fluke I ordered again. Same thing. I am so disappointed! As much as I love the idea of 125 mg of caffeine, I'll be switching back to Water Joe.
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on June 17, 2015
I love the product. I use to drink Water Joe but it became so hard to find when I moved out west. I was happy to find this here and I am all for making money, that is the American dream but then there is a line that gets crossed sometime. I think they figure if people can't get their product they will pay double which is what I did buying here. I then found it at a famous office store for less than I paid plus it was for 24 bottles not 12! But the product it self I can taste a slight difference in the 125mg., so I usually will add a bit of 90mg. to get a clear taste.
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on December 17, 2017
*edited to add. A rep reached out to me about my concerns and sent me a full replacement of the amount I ordered. I have only opened one so far but it is back to its original taste as promised. I appreciate the personal touch of reaching out. Unless I come across another "skunked" batch again I will consider myself a satisfied customer. Thanks again for reaching out.

I loved the first case of this that I ordered. I went on to subscribe for it and the multiple of orders I have gotten since tasted musty and awful. even mixed with other things. I even tried boiling the taste out. I emailed the company and never got a response. Now I have a bunch of cases of bad tasting water sitting around my house. I cancelled our subscription obviously. Reading other reviews it seems the musty taste unfortunately happens more often than not. On to try the next I suppose!
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