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on December 23, 2016
I started feeding my GSD and English Mastiff puppy this food because they both have really bad skin allergies and were scratching constantly on all other "top quality" foods I tried. They stopped being "Itchy" and "Scratchy" within two weeks of changing to the Natural Balance and their coats are so shiny and soft now! Their conditions also improved because we employed this omega supplement from Vitapet Vitapet Omega Fish Oil Chewables with EPA and DHT for Dogs with CoQ10 They are both very picky eaters, but gobble this food up dry when these chewables are mixed in. I placed my second order today--it was so easy, and the price is amazing! I highly recommend this food to anyone with dogs with skin allergies and who are picky eaters!
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on January 1, 2015
i have been using this brand of dog food for years now. i started using the venison or the bison, but then have tried other types within this same brand. my dog does best with the venison or the bison. she loves the flavor and i know this is a bit weird to comment on, but her stool is soooo much better on the meat types. i will continue to buy for sure. i was thinking of trying the low cal since she could lose a few pounds, but its better to just cut back on the amount of food i give her and monitor her treats.
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on March 6, 2017
An affordable option for dogs with allergies (food and environmental for us). My dog likes the food and because of his periodontal disease, I mix this dry with 1/3 to 1/2 of a can of the Wild Boar LID formula also by Natural Balance. I have to say that this is one of the best options I have found so far to meet my price criteria and my dog's needs and tastes. I really wish however that Natural Balance made the Wild Boar in dry and had more of a selection of treats available! After copious amounts of research, I can tell you that if you are of the old school mind that a dog can eat the same food for life, or too worried about switching their food up like I was, think again and do your own research! I should have been changing my dog's protein source among the common proteins long before I ended up doing the trial and error process of elimination to find out what he is allergic to! Thankfully, we have not had to go on to more expensive options, like kangaroo (yet...)! I would recommend starting with a local retailer if you are in the trial and error process, because they will take the food back if it's not working out for you, but once you find a suitable food for your dog, with Prime subscription, this is the easiest and most hassle free you can get for a dog with dietary issues!
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on April 19, 2017
The formula must have changed for both the bison and the venison. Both of my dogs began pooping 6-7 times a day on the new foods, not diarrhea - just a lot of "waste". I changed the dogs to Fromm's and they returned to their previous 11-14 years of 1-2 poops a day. I think Natural Balance must be putting too much filler in their dry foods. I would consider it junk, will no longer buy it, and I was a big fan of Natural Balance for 12 years. I wonder if the company has changed hands and it's now churning out cheap trash.
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on November 11, 2015
Sweet potato and bison dry formula is a very good flavor blend. Our dog who has a very sensitive stomach tried out many various dog foods, and nothing really worked for him and his stomach. Finally, natural balance was recommended to try. It really worked for him. Our dog loves the flavor, and it really does help for sensitive stomachs. This is our dogs favorite flavor, as we one time switched him to a different flavor from Natural balance, however he didn't eat it that much. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I heard that some ingredients name came from China, which can be a health hazard to some dogs which may cause simonilia. We been staying with this brand as it has been working for our dog, and he never had any problems. Deff something to look into if your dog has digestive symptoms, especially for German Shepherds.
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Top Contributor: Petson January 3, 2017
Delivered was made quicklyafter order, as I am a Prime member. Bag of food was brand new, food appeared and smelled fresh. The draw back is my dog is on 'food strike' ever since Natural Balance discontinued Rabbit & Potato Dry Dog food. Nothing seems to please her taste buds ever since. I usually mixed her Natural Balance Duck & Potato with the Rabbit dry food, and she used to eat everything to an empty bowl and even asked for seconds. I am sure this is a good, quality food as I continually use this brand for my dogs. Thus, giving this product 3 stars was not due to the lack of speed of delivery, lack of quality or freshness, it is due to the act my dog does not want to eat this flavor of food.
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on August 13, 2015
We love this food!! My Bernese Mountain Dog, Gracie Mae, struggled with unidentified tummy sensitivities since she was a puppy. I had her on Nutro for a while (wonderful dog food brand! Kept her coat beautiful, she thought it was tasty, we were supporting local Tennesseans), but she continued to throw up a bit more than the average dog if food wasn't timed exactly right or was given with too much or too little water on the side.

Just before her second birthday, I switched Gracie Mae to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato & Bison food, and in six months she put on 10 pounds - amazing!! She's always been very tall and thin for a Berner, but she's finally looking like a healthy, filled-out dog! I am so grateful to have been directed towards this food.

One word of caution: I first started her on the Sweet Potato & Fish variety and that did NOT sit well with her - lots of diarrhea. She must have had a sensitivity to fish or one of its other ingredients. But Sweet Potato & Bison has worked so well!
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on March 30, 2017
I have been ordering this product for my German Shepherd for several months now, after discovering she has some type of food allergy. She used to eat Ultra Nutro, but had developed a constant itchy rash all over that had her chewing and licking herself constantly. After a few vet visits, we narrowed it down to a diet issue, so I switched her to this formula which contained all different ingredients than her former food. Within a few weeks her rash went away and she is back to normal! Her coat is shiny and she is back to normal. Will continue this brand!
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on February 7, 2017
My Aussie would eat anything but I buy this because he gets an allergy from a food that is not a limited ingredient food. My vet recommended this because he was too frequently urinating from the other quality food I was feeding him. I thought the vet was crazy because my other two Aussies can eat the same food but in 3.5 weeks my Aussie didn't get up 3x a night or shake his head constantly after being started on this food.
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on December 14, 2017
Well, after years of being a loyal Natural Balance customer, I'm leaving. It turns out, in 2013, NB was acquired by Big Heart Pet Brands (which, in turn, was acquired by Smucker's in 2015). After a lengthy investigation, ABC 7 in Washington DC has found pentobarbital, a drug used to euthanize animals, in one of Big Heart Pet Brands's other subsidiaries, Gravy Train. How did the toxin get in the food? Well they say, "Animals that have been euthanized are picked up by renderers who process the carcasses--which may be blended into pet food." This is illegal. An animal that has died otherwise than by slaughter (e.g., from euthenasia, sickness, etc.)--is considered an adulterated ingredient. Adulterated ingredients cannot legally be in food meant for human or animal consumption. The problem, however, is that the FDA, which is responsible for enforcement of this law, has admitted in its own compliance policy that it won't really enforce the law when it comes to animal food. I urge everyone to contact the FDA and get them to change this compliance policy (which you can find by googling "FDA CPG Sec. 690.300 Canned Pet Food").

Back to the review: "But Gravy Train is a separate subsidiary," you might say. Doesn't matter. Someone at the parent companies, Smucker's/Big Heart Pet Brands, signed off on using illegal, adulterated ingredients that ended up containing a dangerous drug used to euthanize animals. And even if NB doesn't use those adulterated ingredients now, what's to say Smucker's/Big Heart Pet Brands doesn't cut corners in the future and demand NB, as one of their many subsidiaries, follow suit? It's a risk I can't take with my doggo. (The investigation into this euthanasia drug, pentobarbital, being in pet food started when a poor woman's dog died in 2016 after consuming lethal doses of it in another brand, Evanger's. Pentobarbital can kill your pet if there's enough of it.)

4 stars now down to 1. We'll be trying Canidae Pure.


We've been using this food for a while. Our dog has had allergies in the past, and we find this helps with her itchy skin. And she loves it. We tried Wellness's limited ingredient kibble in the past. That was also great, but one complaint: her stools were too soft with Wellness, and so her anal glands weren't expressing naturally. (Gross, I know.) As a result, her butt would occasionally get stinky. No good. We switched to NB, and that's no longer a problem. HOWEVER, she does have a bit of a stink on her skin/fur now. Kind of link ammonia/cat pee. It's not too bad, but once in a while I'll get a whiff of it, and you can definitely pick it up if you put your face in her fur. Every dog is different, though, and some will have this problem more or less than others. Do not fret, though, it is not harmful or bad. And it doesn't leave the odor on furniture or anything. I did some digging and NB explains why. (See below. You can find the full discussion on r/dogs on Reddit, which I'd otherwise link to, but Amazon won't let me.)

" is more common to see dogs develop a skin odor on products with more naturally occurring sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. If they release more oil through their skin, this oil can accumulate and begin to turn rancid, which will cause a noticeable odor (similar to cat urine). If the fatty acids are much higher in this formula than in the last diet, this could be what is causing the odor as well."

So there you go. No big deal. For us, the smell is tolerable, especially in light of her allergies. And, honestly, I have to admit, all of those extra Omegas, while stinky, make her coat super shiny and super soft, which is a big upside. For what it's worth, we experimented with the different flavors and think she's a little less stinky on the bison versus the venison (the former having a little less Omega-3 and Omega-6). But some of you may find the smell intolerable. Like I said, every doggo is different and will react to those Omega fatty acids differently.
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