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on April 19, 2014
I cannot say enough good about this bed. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I'm always in pain, but on this bed I can sleep on my sorest parts and, not only does it not hurt, it actually makes it feel better! It gives my poor body the support it needs without any pressure points. I was terrified of switching to memory foam after researching for months, but I slept on it for the first time last night and I am completely hooked. I got up at 7:30 and feel like I slept until 11:00. Do not hesitate to buy this!!!!!
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on June 19, 2017
Okay, I have been looking, sitting, and laying on many foam beds in the last year, and I thought this Brentwood Bamboo king bed was the ONE for me. I ordered it on june 7 2017 and received it june 12, 2017. Yes it came in a 2foot by 4 1/5 foot box, and I was amazed how compressed the bed was rolled up inside box. The box was a bit heavy, ups delivery man said it weighed 102 lbs. I had gotten the old mattress off the foundation, and was ready for new mattress. So I opened the box at the foot of the bed foundation and proceeded to unbox. There was an initial shrink wrap type of plastic surrounding a large plastic bag that mattress was rolled up in. After removing the initial plastic wrap, I could see the mattress and lunged it onto the foundation. Opening the sealed plastic bag was easy, because there was extra plastic away from mattress that made cutting with scissors simple without cutting the mattress. We left the mattress on bed foundation overnight to breathe to final height. I have an extra bedroom I slept in for first night. On second night, I laid down for sleep on my new Brentwood mattress, and felt the familiar softness yet firm supportive feel of my new bed. I slept wonderfully from 10pm to about 3am, when I woke with the night sweats. I had never had this experience before, and thought it was of the newness of product. But I woke with sweats several times the rest of night/morning. The second night I posted a fan near my bed directed at bed, and this seem to alleviate most of the sweats, but then the experience was too cold and I had to change the fan position. After the fifth night sleeping on this Brentwood Mattress, I realized I had developed a tailbone, lower backache. Not good! I do a lot of lifting in my job, and this became acute. So on june 19, 2017 I decided to return item. The online return process was wanting me to ship back the mattress with a provided shipping label, but there was no way I could rebox this product and ship it back to amazon. I called the 866-216-1072 Amazon customer service number and ended up talking to Alice. Alice stated that because of human interaction with product, Amazon could not accept it for resale. Alice continued in stating that she would put in for a full refund and to expect it to appear on my credit card statement!!!! I had to ask Alice if I had heard her statement right! She reiterated that Amazon could not accept return, but that there would be a complete refund!! WOW!!! I'm totally flabbergasted!! I never thought that possible!! Alice went on to say, I could donate the mattress to my church, or nursing home of my choosing. So from a very appreaciative DAVID in Garland, Texas, I Thank Amazon for their adherence to Amazon's 100% Satisfaction!!!
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on March 11, 2017
I bought this 13 inch Bamboo, Gel mattress Nov, 2016. I wanted to wait a few months before reviewing it.

This bed is great. It's not as good as the $6000.00 Tempur-pedic my ex got to keep, but it is a close 2nd.

I have owned a lot of mattresses, (latex, number bed, memory foam, and a host of name brands) over my lifetime.

I am very happy with this product. It has kept it's shape perfectly. It is very comfortable, and hasn't dipped, or drooped in the middle.

For the price, it's the best mattress out there.
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on July 24, 2016
This is an excellent memory foam for an affordable price. I got a full size mattress for a little less than $500. An equivalent mattress from a brick and mortar will cost at least $1000, and more likely around $1500. One disadvantage of buying a mattress online is that you will not able to test its comfort and support. That was a chance I took, and it worked out greatly for me. By the way, the full size mattress is ~80 lb, not the 43 lb listed here.

This is a medium comfort mattress with:

Bamboo zipper cover
Natural wool layer
3.5-inch gel memory foam layer
2-inch ventilated airflow layer
7.5-inch therapeutic support base

(I have unzipped the cover and saw these 3 major layers: Gel memory, Ventilated, Support)

A little background knowledge. Memory foam mattresses been getting popular. Their biggest attractiveness is the memory foam ability to mold/contour to your body shape better than other materials, therefore yielding greater comfort and translating to better support. Its biggest and most common complaints are: (1) getting too heat (heat trap) and (2) body sunk in too deep, and not able to move around. Gel memory foam is the newer form of memory foam to mitigate the heat trap problem and the second ventilated airflow layer here is also to reduce the heat trap problem The final 7.5 inch support base is to do exactly that: support.

I will address a few important point here.
First, a few people here complained that their mattresses did not expand to the proper thickness. Mine did. The moment I opened the package the mattress immediately expanded to 12.5 inch in thickness. *I am not disputing their experience. I am just saying that mine is fine*
Second, it is summer now, and I set air conditioning at 80oF (not that cold). I have not once felt hot on the mattress. The mattress simply didn't feel any hotter than the rest of the room. So it seems the gel memory foam and the ventilated foam are working for me
Third, I have never felt trapped into the mattress. Moving and rolling on the mattress has been easy.
Fourth, it took me about 2 days to get used to this mattress. I was waking up in the middle of the night during my first 2 nights. I don't know if it is this mattress or that this is my first memory foam mattress. However, after 3 nights or so, I have been feeling great.
Fifth, I chose the medium support because I knew my comfort level is around medium to plush-medium. Since I could not test the mattress in person, I took the conservative choice and chose a mattress which *could* have been slightly firmer than my preference. Had the mattress been too hard for my liking, I can always put on a thin layer of mattress padding to increase the comfort level to make it feels softer. However, I believe it will be more difficult to make a mattress to feel firmer. This may be something for you to consider as well.
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on March 8, 2015
I've only had this for a month but so far so good!!

So comfy!! It's firm but I sleep better with firm mattresses.
review image
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on December 13, 2016
This is described by the manufacturer and customer reviews as being "firm", but just look at the attached pic. When I sit on it, a full 6-8" of the 13" sags instantly! If you can, I recommend mattress shopping at a store where you can try them out, but I'm disabled & that is very hard for me, so I gave this a shot. IF the mattress had performed for me the way these reviews had claimed (two of them by similarly disabled people), then this would have been fine. I'm getting very frustrated with Amazon reviews not meeting my experience too frequently. I hate to think these reviews are fake, but there's no possible way one could mistake this for a firm matress!

The Good News: Amazon gave me a no-hassle full refund, and they don't even want the mattress back! So, hopefully I can donate this to a needy person. LOVE Amazon for taking such good care of customers!
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on January 28, 2017
And still happy with the purchase.

We have had this mattress two years as of this month, guess it is time to review it.
It's firm without being stiff. The foam is soft enough to have some give and not cause numb/sore spots if we stay in one position for a while, but firm enough to offer good support to hips and lower back. We don't "sink into it" and it returns to a full state of level and firm within minutes of getting out of the bed.

I'll admit I am amazed we are two years into owning this mattress and it is still as firm, without sags as it was the day we took it out of the box.

My husband is 6ft and weighs about 235, I'm 5'3 weigh 140ish. The mattress hasn't developed any "sag" in it at all. We turn it head to foot every three or so month and when we do this I can feel a bit of an indent where my husband hips would be, but it firms back up a couple of days when he isn't on what is "my side" of the bed.
We slept on the second night we had it in our home. slept fine and neither of us noticed any kind of odor when we took it out of the box.

The frame we used is the STRUCTURES by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14 Inch High Bi-Fold Platform Bed Base and Box Spring for a Cal king, the mattress fits perfect on the frame.

I figure we have a few more years use in the mattress and if it was used in a guest room and used only now and then, it would last years.
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on June 28, 2016
I'm writing a review after using this mattress 10 days. Im in my forties and active working as a night nurse. I have lifelong back pain (spinal stenosis) with some nerve pinching, with more recent lower extremity and hip pain. I was waking up every morning stiff and sore for the last year. I finally did research on these memory foam mattresses. I was very nervous to buy a bed online as I knew returning it would be impossible. 😳

I picked this one based on description of it being gel (as I like to remain cool and I sleep during the day) and having soft wool top. Also that it's made here in USA, California. The previous excellent reviews are on point! I no longer wake up sore even sleeping on my side, and seriously this mattress feels like heaven!! I've never felt so supported before on a bed. You will not regret this purchase for less than $500!!! Haha I love to go to bed now!
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on May 13, 2014
At 46, I’ve never owned a brand new bed in my life. Always had a 2nd hand mattress, and for the most part it’s been fine. But in the past few months, my mattress, which dates back to 1993, and been through two owners (and the box spring & frame dates to 1985), was finally giving away to the brawn of being a guy. I have intermittent back pain anyway, but it was getting worse on my old mattress . Who wants to wake up in pain? Sleep is supposed to be recuperative, not debilitating. I shopped and shopped and shopped and then shopped some more, for a new mattress. I started eyeballing memory foam mattresses. I soon learned that I didn’t need to save thousands of dollars for a good mattress. (Why pay for a name, when a small company can offer the same quality?) I narrowed my Amazon search for a few memory foam mattresses. Even found a few made in the USA. I read reviews, I went to mattress stores in my area and compared features and prices.

On April 16, 2014, I had enough money in my Amazon account to make the purchase. I was a bit nervous making such a huge purchase like that online, but I knew I’d done my research, and felt confident in clicking “Confirm Order”. I ordered an 11″ memory foam mattress with a gel topper, in a natural bamboo cover, made in the USA. On April 28, FedEx rang my doorbell, and I was like a kid in a candy store! The mattress comes shrink wrapped and is about 3″ thick. You have to open it up and let it expand.

Some notes:
1) The bed is very firm, but not uncomfortable. I was surprised at how firm a memory foam can be, especially for a big guy like me. I never feel like I've sunken so far down in it, that I'm uncomfortable.

2) It bounces right back after a night's sleep. By the time I come back from my morning routine, the bed is back to normal.

3) Regular sheets fit it nicely, and I didn't need any special sheets for it. However, I also normally buy flat sheets one size up to use for my mattress anyway, but right now I do have a regular queen size fitted sheet on it.

4) It'll sit on any regular box spring & frame, or platform type bed.

5) Some memory foam mattresses give off a terrible "new paint" type odor. With this one, there absolutely ZERO smell. I put it on my box springs & frame, and shut the bedroom door (to keep the cats off of it) for 12 hours. The windows were closed (it was still cold outside here), and when I opened the door that evening, there was no smell whatsoever. Normally you're supposed to let it expand for 48 hours but mine had a good 15 hours before I was on it, and it was fine the first night. It will expand better in a warmer temperature, than a cooler one.

6) I tend "sleep warmer" normally, always kicking off covers, even in winter (sometimes). The gel topper on this is great, and keeps me at a great temperature. The secret to the idea of memory foams being hot is that people don't get the right firmness. They sink into it to much, and as the mattress "hugs" them, they get hot. With a firmer mattress (for me), I don't feel overly hot at all in this mattress.

7) I had a 3" memory foam topper for my old mattress, and put it on this mattress at first. It was fine, but was a bit too "squishy", and also defeated the purpose of the gel topper. I'd recommend not putting any other sort of topper on it. It really is layered and made extremely well to hold many body types.

It's pretty incredibly how much spring mattresses, stitching, tufting, and all those mattress-y type things can never quite get you as comfortable as you want to be. The memory foam is a blank canvas every night, and you get great sleep on it. No divets, no wearing down or breaking down in the fabric, etc. My first night’s sleep on it was AMAZING! I still had some back pain the next morning over the first few days, but I realize sleeping on a memory foam is new territory. I don’t need all those extra body pillows, etc., that I'm used to. (I still use one, but haven't bothered with the others.) Just laying on the mattress, with a good pillow, is enough. Let the mattress do the job it's intended to do. Over the next few nights, I did sleep better though, tossed and turned much less, woke up less throughout the night, and felt 100% better the next morning. After a month, I wake up maybe once in the night to turn over, but others might not wake up at all.

I can't recommend this mattress enough!
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on November 24, 2017
This product is not supported by Brentwood homes website in which they say they offer a 25 year limited warranty. Ironically Amazon only offers a 30 day warranty. The reason Amazon only offers a 30 day warranty is because no mattress is going to fail within the first 30 days. This product is awful, and it is morally reprehensible that Amazon even carries this product and offers it on their website. I called to try and get money back from Brentwood and Brentwood points their finger at Amazon and Amazon points your finger at Brentwood. Buyer beware, do not purchase this product.

Ordered this product based on reviews. First few months everything was great. Mattress was firm and comfortable as one would expect. About six months into use we noticed the middle of the mattress starting to give way. 9 months into use and the mattress is now sagging and beginning to get uncomfortable. The sides are comfortably intact but the middle is failing.

Contacted the Brentwood Home company and they essentially said we were out of luck as they only offer a 30 day guarantee. Said to contact amazon.
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