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on June 13, 2015
I was a little concerned about buying these at first, it took me a few times spending twice the amount of money before I got fed up and took a chance. These filters fit perfectly and were as easy to replace as the Samsung brand. I have been using this filter for a few months now and the taste seems even better than the OEM filters, but I'm not sure if that is because it is a better filter or because I am happy that I saved money :-) I highly recommend these filters, save your hard earned money!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 20, 2016
First off, I didn't choose this to save money. I carefully chose this filter after reading the reviews of both the Samsung brand filter and the reviews of all of the "generic" or non-OEM filters. Many of the reviewers who purchased the Samsung brand for years, indicated a recent design change that once installed damaged a part inside their refrigerator causing them to have to replace a part that ended up costing them $300. Some contacted Samsung after experiencing leaks and were told that they needed to upgrade their units with parts that would make it compatible with the "new and improved" filters. Others indicated that the Samsung fifty dollar filter only lasted two months before the "change filter" indicator light came on (wth? $600 a year for refrigerator filters? Not going to happen). It was for those reasons that I chose this filter over the Samsung brand filter.


I didn't shut off the water, because the instructions indicated it wasn't necessary. I turned the old filter one quarter turn counter clockwise. I couldn't pull it out myself. My husband had to help me and it even took him a few minutes to pull it out. Remember to only turn it a quarter turn, turning it farther can damage parts inside your unit. Once we got it out, we lined up the new filter by looking at the end and the inside of the fridge and sliding it straight in and giving it a quarter turn in the clockwise direction. DO NOT OVERTURN, AS THIS CAN DAMAGE YOUR REFRIGERATOR. Then we ran a couple of gallons of water thru the new filter. This will flush out the new filter and get all of the air out of the lines. Last, I held the ICE TYPE/WATER button for three seconds to reset the filter change indicator light.


Our water dispenser had ALWAYS DRIPPED from the day we bought our new refrigerator. We owned it for a year before the "change filter" indicator light came on and we did this first filter change (I know, bad). For the first time since buying our fridge, it doesn't leak! It may be this new filter, or it may be my husbands suggestion that I move the dispenser button to the ice position after dispensing water and leave it there when not dispensing water. Either way, the drip is gone! So if you have a drip, give this a try.


The water is clear and tastes clean.


I have a Samsung 3 door unit, model #RF263TEAESG/AA

Now to get rid of that dent in my door! Ugh! I ordered a Samsung metal logo (for $2.99 from Ebay as I couldnt find it on Amazon) to cover it. Dent doctor didnt think he could fix it. Anyone else have dent repair luck?
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 5, 2017
Well 2 out of 3 were good. 3rd filter started a slow leak in bottom of fridge under the drawers unseen, This later leaked into the middle drawer section between fridge and freezer section. Later started a slow overflow to appear on our wood flooring at corner of fridge to make us wonder where is it coming from. I removed and reseated the filter a few times and checked for damage and or to verify proper installation. All failed.
Bought new set sold by home depot HDX . Figure since they sell the fridge and the Samsung compatible filters there should be no debate or BS I should use a $50 Samsung "brand" filter.
Such BS $3,000 fridge of questionable quality ( has another issue schedule to be fixed) and they still want to gouge you for a filter rather than build a rock solid quality product you will tell 10 friends and they tell 10 friends......

Pic is just after install of new filter with dry towel at leak point to test for a day.
review image
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on January 13, 2015
The Tier filter fit & worked just as advertised, I replaced my original; (and thoroughly used) Samsung water filter with a Tier filter and could not be happier, and saved money with the three pack.
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on December 22, 2016
I was hoping these would be great instead of paying $50 for a Samsung filter. The water through this filter comes out at a snail's pace. We changed the water pressure and tried it at multiple levels, including the maximum pressure of course. I timed a 12 oz glass and it took a full 30 seconds to fill up.

I went to the Samsung site (which has sales occasionally) and I was able to get 3 for $116. Glass filled in 4-5 seconds.
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on July 6, 2017
JUNK!!! Just like Brian Shoen's 8/27/16 review, ONLY ONE FILTER OUT OF A 3-PACK WORKED, the other two were defective and would not work. One Star is one too many! I am hoping the distributor will not penalize me because in November 2016, I ordered a supposedly "economical" 3 pack back (thinking I'd have a couple spares on hand for later use) but less than 6 months later (after installation of the first filter in February), the other 2 filters are completely defective. After you buy the filters, you will open the filter and discover it's label states: "30-day Money Back Guarantee" but the enclosed warranty card states "FILTER USE: 6 MONTHS OR 300 GALLONS, WHICH EVER COMES FIRST, WILL VARY BASED ON WATER CONDITION" and "For six months, this filter will provide great tasting drinking water and ice..." Only one of the filters worked (for 4 months), but the other two are junk!
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on November 18, 2017
Let me start by saying that I want to like these. My Samsung fridge from my previous home had the (oil filter) shaped canister filters and I used non OEM filters for many, many years without any problems.
I could see from the reviews I read before purchase that this type filter is not having the same user friendly, plug and play, no issue usage as my previous Samsung refrigerator's non-OEM filters.
After reading many 3rd party after market filter reviews of this and other like (so called) compatible filter on Amazon, I can see that Samsung has developed a filter for which, its placement, construction or engineering is so proprietary that all after market filter manufactures are having the same issues in trying to duplicate an consistent aftermarket replacement. All seem to report the same things: Leaking, unusual sounds, low flow and unacceptably filtered water are what I've seen throughout all reviews I've read. That said, I can say.... I give up! I'll buy the Samsung OEM filter product and use it exclusively to avoid the hassle, or even, worse case, the disaster of a flooded kitchen!
I will say to this directly to Samsung, if you are listening, you may have won this time, but this will directly effect my decision on buying other Samsung refrigerators with this filter in it in the future.
Also, Despite the filter light on the fridge, Samsung filters are not supposed to be replaced every 6 months!, They are, in fact, "Replace as needed"! That is when you can see, smell, or taste a difference in the water quality....! That's their recommendation, not mine. Just reset the filter notice on the front panel a continue to use it until you can tell it needs changing. That actually makes sense to me and I will follow their advice going forward.
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on October 2, 2017
Fits Samsung 28 cu ft 4 Door French Food Showcase Refrigerator & does not leak*. Fridge was bought new in 2017. After reading the bad reviews I decided to still risk it in that there are hundreds of good reviews that outweigh the bad. Happy I did!! It’s just like the factory one from Samsung: quiet, efficient, doesn’t leak & makes great tasting water👍🏽 The water tastes as great as our Berkey water filter’s does! I was skeptical of this cheap filter as it didn’t have two black gasket rings like the Samsung filters have but our water tastes great again and it has obviously sealed great.
We are an estimated 75 gallons of water output from this filter so far with no issues whatsoever in our new fridge. We use about 2.5-3 gallons of filtered water from the fridge a day so it’s in constant use. We haven’t experienced any dripping*, leaking, hammering noises, or other issues described by a few of the one star reviewers. I can’t help but wonder if the bad reviews may be due to user error in improper installation or simply not getting the exact part number correct for their fridge model.

*Just like the Samsung factory ones do, the filter caused the water dispenser to drip a few drops after you filled up a cup for the first 3 Days WHICH IS THE EXACT SAME LENGTH OF TIME THE SAMSUNG ONES DRIP FOR AFTER CHANGING THEM OUT.
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on June 3, 2015
The filter looks and feels low quality comparing to the genuine Samsung one - plastic seam looks like it will come apart in any moment. Other than that, the part functions as described, and I could not tell the difference in water quality.
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on July 27, 2017
What a great deal!! I know many point out that this doesn't ave the rating to get out all the elements that some filters do, but we're lucking enough that, even though we have well water, our water is pretty good.

Even though we're on the Eastern Shore Delaware, and near water, and even have a shallow well, our water is great. Many people compliment the taste (actually the lack of) our water.

With that said, we have a 32cf Samsung French Door refrigerator that uses this cartridge. After paying $49 every 6 months, I wanted to find a cheaper solution. I found and purchased these.

Since using these filters, I have nothing but positive results.

Ice cubes are larger and a glass fills with water faster. The ice cubes are larger because they mechanism fills like it should instead of timing out before filling with water. What used to take over 2 minutes to fill a 32oz glass with water now only takes about 20 seconds. 20 seconds!! This is after 2 service calls on our refrigerator and both ice makers being replaced. I had checked the service line, and replaced the spigot. I removed the fill line many times and flushed the line, and had plenty of pressure before in connects to the solenoid on the back of the unit.

After replacing the filter with these, we now have the ability to fill our water glasses FAST.
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