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on December 2, 2017
This is how it went down. Take the time to read it as it will prepare you for your upcoming experience.
1st correspondence:
Me: I reloaded my $500 gift card and have not received the 5% reload credit as advertised.
Them: I understand your concern regarding the $500 credit for reloading the gift card. To help you out, I've checked and see that the GC has a Remaining Balance of $295.12 and you'd like to know where this credit was applied. ​I checked and see that the remaining $-204.88 gift card balance have been used on an order. For your reference here's the order summary :
Paid by GC:- $204.88
Order Total: $0.00
Best regards, Parvathy.P
Basically showing me the math that $500 - $204.88 = $295.12

2nd correspondence:
Me: I can do math. I did not receive the 5% reload credit
Them: We can't find such a promotion. Can you send link? Best regards, Ranu

3rd correspondence:
Me: Here's the link, a screen shot of where I received credit from previous reload, a screen shot of where I did not receive credit this time.
Them: To help you with this, I've checked with our concern department and confirmed that the issue you're facing with the gift card is effectively handled by Chase Bank Team. You'll need to contact Chase for questions regarding your account. Best regards, Vikas

4th correspondence:
Me: I really can't believe this type and extent of correspondence for $25. I am
arguing on principle now. In future correspondence please include your supervisors name and contact
information so I may speak with them directly.
Them: Since the Store Card is issued by Synchrony Bank, their Customer Service department is in the best position to help you. (This is a completely different bank than they mentioned before). Best regards, Apurva

5th correspondence:
Me: Well which is it? Chase or Synchrony? Why did AMAZON issue the previous 5% reload credit? Here’s that runaround again. What is your supervisors name and phone number?
Them: I reviewed your email and understand you haven't received your $10 gift card on on reload $200. I'll surely look in this for you.
I checked your account details and see that you got 5% discoount on your every order by using Amazon store card. It might be possible that there was some techinical issue due to which your gift card was not credited in your account.
To make this right for you, I've issued $10 gift card balance to your account. Best regards, Shubham S

6th correspondence:
I spoke with Jonathan P. He assured me he would pass this on to Amazons marketing team, which is responsible for the reload credit and that they would contact me via email. He also said he would send me their email address so I may contact them if I don't hear from them. Well, I have not heard from them and they did not contact me.

7th Correspondence:
Me: ?? I did not write to them after speaking with Jonathan.
Them: I'm sorry to hear that you didn't receive the $25 rewards with $500 gift card reload. To help you with this, I've checked with our concern department and confirmed that the issue you're facing with the gift card is effectively handled by Chase Bank Team. You'll need to contact Chase for questions regarding your account. Best regards, Kartik G

END: I'm done. My first transaction with reloading was so easy and smooth, but this transaction and their complete lack of consistency, knowledge, awareness of the issue and what seemed like a lack of caring has turned me off to the whole thing. Horrible experience

P.S: I have received the $10 credit. But they called it a refund on two separate products and called it a "Goodwill" refund. Refund issued in a gift card. Weird.
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on December 21, 2017
have had so many issues with amazon and having had fraud done, Now it wont accept my mastercard, I have contacted many times to the company to correct my mastercard info, it keeps getting rejected - I tried to do the credit card info again and no luck. You wont let me add $$ to my prime account yet there was $$ under the prime now, you didnt take it from there, you took it directly from the bank account the card is tied to - why? if it would let me enter with NO stars that would have been my true feeling
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on July 19, 2017
My amazon account was hacked on July 5th and 130$ from my gift card balance was transferred by the imposter by calling customer care (PFA the mail snapshot I received for the transfer). Now, that I reset my password and got into the account, I saw the number registered was not mine.
After taking precautionary measures, I called customer care and filed a compromise form. I hoped that it would be solved as it had clear traces of hacking.
But no, it has been 7 days and I still haven't received my money back. I have called customer care several times and was on hold for hours at a time. And every time they say that there are no traces of when I loaded the gift card so they cannot do anything. I am not sure how but the gift card history is not showing my gift card reloads.
Amazon, please fix this bug.
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on February 3, 2018
A hacker came in and used my cc to place money on this card and then purchased 4 itunes gift cards and proceeded to send them to my email so that they could come back later and redeem those gift cards. I never ordered these and I want my money back! The funny thing is, that on amazon’s rules for their gift card, it says that you are not allowed to purchase other gift cards using their card. Well, how come the hacker was allowed to do this? I’m glad that I checked my email when I did.
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on July 29, 2017
I started using this for the 2% perk when using a debit card with attached bank account, however, while sometimes it processes pretty quickly, I've run into issues with it taking longer than the stated "up to 4-6 hours". Most recently with it not processing in over 22 hours. After contacting customer service twice about it, I ended up having the transaction canceled.

It's a great perk, but I wouldn't recommend loading it directly before a purchase you want to make.
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on March 27, 2017
I attempted to reload with a visa gift card and the system is not set up to do this easily. After charges to my regular credit card × 2 I called and it still did not work even though I was told it did. Good news I was billed but refunded.
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on March 10, 2018
The verbiage on when funds will be available in your amazon account is very unclear, when reloading a gift card the confirmation screen states the reload will happen within 5 mins however the past three reloads have been delayed multiple hours when I reached out to an Amazon rep I was told that because I paid with my checking account and not with a credit card it would take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 business days, not worth the 2% perk they offer, extremely inconvenient. I will not use this feature again. Amazon should update their verbiage to state unless you are willing to put yourself into debt by using a credit card you will have to wait up to 2 business days. They state this is a safety feature to verify the transaction but it makes no sense that they would not verify a transaction made by a credit card only ones made by a debit card if their intention is to eliminate potential fraud then all cards should credit to your account the exact same way.
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on February 25, 2018
It was supposed to be an easy thing to do. However, I guess because I didn't reload for the same amount as previously (or the amount Amazon expected to be reloaded) the process became a bit complicated. The amount I entered for reload didn't show up in my account balance and I didn't get a confirmation for the reload. I wound up having to call customer service. With the customer service representative on the line I had to go through the entire process of reloading my balance. This made me anxious because I didn't want to wind up with a double reload in the event the first one I did finally went through. At the end though, only the reload I did with the customer service rep went through. What should have taken no more than a minute took about 10 minutes and some anxiety as well. So I guess if you reload your account balance the best thing to do is to reload it with the same amount as previously.
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on February 18, 2018
Ok you hook your checking account to Amazon no big deal. I always use my debit card to shop which comes directly out my checking account. So new plan gonna spend 84.00 bucks transfer 84.00 bucks and get 2% cash back, do this every time you shop all year long and you get 2 % back free on all purchases. It's literally free money as long as your not buying dumb stuff, don't do that. I'm serous go back to your cart and delete the dumb stuff.
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on May 29, 2017
The $5 incentive to try the gift card balance reload was nice. Other customer comments suggest that businesses or high-volume users might get a long-term benefit from reloading consistently. For security reasons and for my normal volume of orders, I would only load a balance if I knew I would spend it all immediately afterwards.
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