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on May 9, 2017
InstaNatural is made in the US and not animal tested so I really I wanted this to work for me. I quite enjoyed their rosewater spray and thought this might be a good next step. Surprisingly, the serum caused rash-like pimples to breakout across my face - not once or twice, but after every single use. Of course I have occasional pimples and blemishes, but I have never suffered from all-over breakouts from product use before. I used the serum for about a week but have since stopped. Five days later my face has still not recovered which worries me about potential permanent damage. I wish I had never put this on my skin. Also, there is some conflicting information on oxidization and spoilage with the milky/orange variance in product folks are receiving (I received a watery orange serum which apparently means it has spoiled and is useless). Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend this product and must warn users that it may cause severe irritation and breakouts.

UPDATE: I've added another star to this review to reflect the excellent customer service provided by InstaNatural. I was contacted by InstaNatural customer service and provided a full refund of the order. They also clarified that despite the information provided by other reviews, the serum is in fact supposed to be orange and the coloration of their product does not indicate spoilage or expiration. It has been nearly two weeks since I have discontinued use and unfortunately my face is still breaking out in a way I have never experienced by any product I have ever tried. Since stopping the serum, I've been using only a fragrance free sensitive skin facial cleanser with no apparent improvement. I would still advise caution in using this product unless you are prepared to hear the onslaught of embarrassing questions from friends and coworkers as to what happened to your face! Our skin is a resilient organ and I am hopeful this bad reaction will heal soon.
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on April 26, 2018
I gotta say, this serum is great. I have used it for years and recently stopped to try and save money even though the price isn’t that bad in comparison and it took awhile but I began to notice my skin got worse when I stopped using it. I had been the one that would get compliments on my skin at the gym of all places. So I remembered this one lady complimenting me and I thought to myself I should get this again and see what happens. I have hormone related acne on my chin still at 41 years and it already has improved and wrinkles have smoothed out. I don’t know why I even attempted to switch. I also am sensitive to smells and this stuff has a light clean smell. Nothing offensive at all.
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on February 19, 2016
September 2016 Update - I've been using this serum quite happily since last year, having purchased regularly several times through the Subscribe and Save program. Previously I gave a 5-star review, but now I'm changing it to 1 star. The last bottle I purchased in early September (bought 2 bottles; one to give away as a gift) came in a slightly different color (darker yellow) and more watery texture. Once I started using it, I developed an allergic reaction in the form of red bumps all over. It took me more than a week to realize this serum was the culprit, and it took me a few weeks to clear up after I stopped using it. The ingredients list included a couple of ingredients (I forgot to write them down and I returned the products) that were not listed on the Amazon product page. There was no indication of new formula in the product packaging. Untrustworthy manufacturer. It's a shame because I've been a faithful customer. I feel pretty bad about the experience.

******* Old 5-star Review******** I've used about a third of the bottle and I can attest to the positive results in terms of even skin tone with less discoloration and less visible pores. Especially it does not irritate my sensitive and acne prone skin. What a relief! I've tried a few different kinds of serums and found most of them either that you don't see much visible effect or that some strong ingredients irritate the skin. I think this one hit the right balance for me.
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on May 31, 2018
I have had deep acne scars for about 10 years and have tried every product out there trying to at least minize their appearance. I have been using this vitamin c serum on my face and the instanatural glycolic acid serum on my shoulders (where my scars are more intense) and in two months they have disappeared completely. I wish I had taken before pictures to really show what a difference it made but it has been a miracle in my life. I can stop being self conscious ALL SUMMER and no longer need a 30 minute skin care routine (scrubbing, exfoliating, lotions, potions, etc.). I have ectrenely sensitive skin and excema and have had no issues with this product. So happy!
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on May 8, 2018
This serum is magic. It’s soaks right into your skin. Your pores just pull it right in and your skin feels so soft plus it has many ingredients including vitamin C etc. that are so good for your face. My skin feels so soft, and I’m allergic to many fragrances but this is so light, it’s almost fragrance free. I also have the cleanser from this skin care line and these products behave like something you would get at the Mac counter or at Sephora. It’s a great deal for all four products there’s no reason not to give them a try as you can get all four, for what just one would cost you someplace else. They’re all natural and cruelty free. So give it a shot. I’m glad I did.
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on June 14, 2018
One of the better Vitamin C serums that I've used. The smell is great and easy to apply to my skin. Other serums were either too thick and ran out quickly or just plain dull. I honestly can't tell you that it works for it's true purposes because I am simultaneously using Tazorac for my acne. So I don't know if it's the Tazorac or the serum or my change into more natural face cleansers and toners or it's all of the above but my face has definitely improved and I have not been breaking out as much as I usually do! But just for the scent and easy application alone, I prefer this one over the 3 other ones I have used.
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on April 17, 2018
I love how light the product is! Does not make my skin feel dry (as some serums I’ve used in the past). And it smells good. Not too fruity, just a light orangey scent that does not smell synthetic or perfumed. The scent actually seems to mostly fade upon application, which I like. I noticed that my complexion seemed brighter within a week, and over the past couple of months of using it, I see it’s definitely softened some of my fine lines and balanced areas of uneven skintone.
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on March 22, 2018
I cannot rave enough about InstaNatural products. They are all fantastic. I worked as an Estee Lauder consultant, and I started searching for a good serum that worked for my breakouts, after they discontinued their clear difference serum. I like this product much better, and it is so much more affordable. I've found what I was looking for! Every Instanatural product that I have tried has worked, and they have left my skin clear and supple. I have breakouts from my birth control, and this serum both keeps the breakouts at bay, AND clears them up. I notice results very quickly which is way awesome too! Love the short term & long term benefits! I use this in the morning, and the hyaluronic acid serum at night, which works great for me. This is the only product that I need in order to clear up acne. Customer service is 5 stars, and I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you!
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on April 26, 2018
This stuff feels amazing! I feel like you can immediately tell a difference in the over texture of your face after application. It is an excellent wake me up in the morning. The smell is sweet and smells like citrus. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who is looking for using natural ingredients while having amazing skin results.
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on April 26, 2018
I have purchased this a few weeks ago after dealing with a rough battle of cystic acne.. I was previously using a different brand of antioxidant serum but I reserarched this product and thought I would give it a try. I use this in the morning before my aveeno CC tinted moisturizer and I have seen an improvement in my skin and my cystic acne is pretty much gone with the exception of a few flares up here and there. I am unsure if it is due to the change in my diet as well but my face feels so fresh, clean and citrusy after I apply this serum.
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