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Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Refill, 2 Pack, For Cat Calming - 2 Pack
Size: 2 Pack Refills|Style: Plastic Box|Change
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on December 12, 2015
I was very dubious of this stuff since it just seemed like there was no way it could really be effective. I understand how pheromones work, but I wondered how they could produce them and sell them for this price and make a profit. Still, I had a few friends who were adamant about how great Comfort Zone with Feliway was. After a few months, we finally tried it, and it was a surprisingly effective success! Allow me to explain why we needed it and how it helped.

We had one cat, Meep, and when a friend was unable to keep their cat, Q, due to having to move for their job, we thought "We'll take him in. Q and Meep have similar personalities and would probably love playing with each other!" We were completely wrong! Despite going through the whole process of slowly introducing the to each other through closed doors, etc. over 2 weeks, Meep decided she hated Q from the start. She would get jealous of him even being near me, get angry when he tried to sniff her, and just seemed ticked off by his existence. As a result, Meep was constantly attacking Q and starting fights. Aside from it being upsetting when they fought, Q is twice Meep's size, and while he didn't start fights, he would finish them. As a result, Meep was regularly getting injured. Most of the injuries were on her face, and I was terrified she was going to be seriously hurt.

We initially bought 4 diffusers even though each one supposedly covers a large area. We placed 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs to be sure. The change was not instant, but it was definitely noticeable within about 2-3 weeks. It was a gradual reduction in fights to start. Within a about 3 months, the fighting had stopped almost entirely, and the occasional spats were much, much less violent. At that point, we went to 1 diffuser upstairs, but we still have 2 downstairs because with how our house is arranged, there didn't seem to be enough air flow between the rooms at the front of the house and the 2 at the back. The cats continued to get along, and their behavior continued to improve.

We have used this product for 2 years now, and After the first year we were able to reduce to only 1 diffuser on each level of the house. Meep and Q went from tearing each other apart, to tolerating each other, to (finally) getting along and even being affectionate with each other! Honestly, without Comfort Zone, I believe we would have had to find a new home for Q or risk one of the cats getting severely injured.

Now, if you're like me, you might be thinking "It has been a long time, maybe they just got used to each other, and this product didn't actually do much." I have 2 reasons as to why I think Comfort Zone has made and continues to make a difference in our cats' behavior.

1) When we got the diffusers, the cats had been together (and fighting) for at least 6 months, and their was no sign of improvement during that time. As mentioned, I noticed a significant reduction in the number of fights and their intensity within 2-3 weeks of use. I do not think such a rapid change in behavior just happened to coincide with starting to use Comfort Zone.

2) About a year ago, I decided to stop using Comfort Zone and observe the effects. Within about 2 weeks of unplugging the diffusers, Meep & Q were fighting again! Now, the fights were significantly less violent and occurred less often, but they still started again.
I did notice that, over the few weeks without Comfort Zone, the cats also had moments where they got along. This says to me that even the single year of use did result in permanent behavioral changes changes. So, while we chose to go back to using Comfort Zone more or less constantly, my observations suggest it could be used for a certain period of time to induce behavioral changes and then stopped. I really think it just depends on why you are using Comfort Zone and how your cat or cats respond.

I love this product since it has allowed us to keep both of our cats and made our home significantly more peaceful. I know it can be used for other issues. For example, I have a friend who used it to help with a cat who was pooing outside of the litter box, and I've had a few friends who've used it temporarily right before a move and then at their new home to help with the transition. If you are using Comfort Zone for the first time, I would suggest doing what I should have done and keep a journal with notes about the initial problematic behavior(s), dates of use and when changes were noticed, and general observations during use. This way, you can determine if this product is effective for your needs.
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on June 1, 2016
I bought my original wall diffuser of Feliway Comfort Zone after my cat started spraying. Someone recommended them to me saying it could be stress. Since my life always seems hectic in some way, I thought I'd try it. After a few days, the bad behavior stopped. Then after about 5 weeks it started up again. Sadly, I was confused for about a week before realizing that the Comfort Zone must have been working. Needless to say, I immediately got on amazon and ordered this refill pack. I am thinking about getting a second diffuser for another part of the house because she's starting to spend more time in my son's room and I don't want her to think that she needs to label everything in there as her's. I still don't completely understand how this product works, but it is a carpet/furniture/toy/sanity saver! If you're like me, I often use reviews to base my purchasing decisions off of. It is my goal to also leave responsible, reliable reviews for others. Your feedback helps me do just that so if you find my review to be helpful, please hit the button to tell me so.
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on August 22, 2017
This is Sandy. She is one of our four cats and our third foster fail. She is about 6 years old now and my next oldest cat is only 3 (the other two are each two years old). She would get into fights with my other three cats and they would pick on her; she couldn't walk past any of them without growling or hissing. It was so bad that she barely left our room and mostly stayed under the bed. We had to put a litter box in there because she would get bullied in the litter box and then use other areas to go to the bathroom.

She doesn't have teeth, has a messed up eye, and is really a sweet girl- she just didn't get along at all with the other cats and I was seriously considering re-homing her to a home where she could be an only cat because she had such an issue in mine.

We decided to try this product and just look at these pictures of my girl. I saw her play for the first time in the one or two years I have had her just a week or two ago. She hangs out in the living room with the rest of us now and I barely ever hear hissing anymore. She's getting along so much better with everyone and everyone is being so much nicer to her!
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on March 31, 2016
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on June 21, 2017
I have 4 cats that didn't get along very well and one kept peeing every where. Did the litter boxes at various places, didn't help. Made sure they had places to hang out up high and kitty beds but that didn't help either. So went on line and read that using feline pheromone could help. Decided to try and glad I did. At first didn't think was working but after about a week noticed less pee and then after 2 weeks none. It's been a month now and not one problem with cat pee and all 4 cats are friendly with each other. For me and cats this has been a fabulous product that I will continue to use.
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on December 7, 2017
I can say pretty certainly that this stuff works, but the plug-in diffusers are a problem. I have now pulled the second one I had, because it, too, was getting hot and melty, smelling like burning plastic. Nope. Gotta go. So, I bought an essential oil diffuser and I am putting the Feliway oil in that. We'll see how it works out. I can't take the worry of one of these plug-in things catching fire. The hormone stuff seemed to REALLY work in our multi-cat household. I highly recommend it....just not the diffuser that goes with it. It doesn't seem like the essential oil diffuser is working very well with this stuff. I really would like to try this again, but I am not willing to let one of those plug-ins burn my house down. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have noticed several reviewers that talk about the same issue.
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on October 3, 2016
We just moved into a new house. About 3 weeks before moving, our 8.5 yr old cat snuck out and is gone. Our persian, while she and Roxy weren't buddies, the change is obviously effecting her. At first, the move didn't seem to bother her but in time, she started peeing everywhere except her littler box. She was acting like she had a urinary tract infection, but in finding that it's not common in cats, we went with this, the feliway. It worked. I'm so glad and wish I had tried this before having all those tests done on her
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on April 22, 2017
THIS IS "NOT" FELIWAY!!! This product "contains" Feliway. We ran out of Feliway and ordered this (thinking it was just new packaging). One of our cats started urinating all over the house again. After 2 months of constantly cleaning (daily) and trying to figure out what was wrong... I realized this was NOT FELIWAY!!!

Ordered Feliway and all is well once more. Please do not confuse the two products!!!
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on December 12, 2017
I bought these on the recommendation of my vet. My daughter needed us to take care of her older cat, when her living situation changed. Unfortunately, my cat is a loner and she does not want to share the house. Several times, a week my cat would be aggressive to the older cat, which resulted in some minor scratches, that I did not want to continue.

Once I installed the Feliway product, I noticed a definite change in the way the two cats interacted. About 90% of the aggressive behavior went away, and what remained was milder. I suspect that individual results may vary, but I intend to keep using this product to maintain the peace.

Footnote: When visiting a friend's house, their cat came out to greet me in a very friendly way. The owner was surprised, and told me that her cat always ran and hid when strangers came over. I guess the Feliway scent was on me and the cat reacted to it.
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on September 28, 2017
I purchased these when I first got my kittens because they did not come from the same litter and I did not get the Kittens at the same time. The Feliway helped and they adjusted to each other very fast. We then had a lot of commotion in our house after about a year of adopting the cats and they were not use to it at all. One cat would hide and the other stayed by my side and became very possessive of me and started fighting so I talked to my vet and asked if the Feliway would help and she wasn't sure but suggested try it again sense it helped then adjust to each other as kittens. It has helped and I am very glad I started to use it again we now have two happy cats again.
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