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on August 22, 2014
Toner package came quickly and the print quality is OEM. My only complaint is that the printer is flashing the error light and shows a "Check toner cartridge" error message. I used replacement cartridges from another vendor in the past that did not cause the error. I don't know if this will affect the functionality of the printer. So far after a hundred pages the print quality has been consistent. I did not open the other cartridge to see if it also causes the error light.

UPDATE: 8/26/14: I removed the orange protective clip around the two electrical contacts and the error light went away. I have the installation directions in front of me now and there is no mention of removing the clip.

UPDATE: 11/21/15: I got 1300 good pages out of the first cartridge. before the printer started reporting Toner Low. I was able to keep using it for another 200 pages without any noticeable page quality changes, so it was good for 1500 pages.

UPDATE: 12/26/15: The second cartridge is leaving a series of smudges on every printed page. When I inspected the cartridge there is a streak of toner that is on the green roller. It is easy to clean off but it gets redeposited on the roller in the same place.
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on December 18, 2014
We used these cartridges for 2 years and had no problems. It used to be a decent product. Unfortunately, over our last 3 shipments, we received toner cartridges (Canon 128s) that provide virtually no ink coverage. Cartridges have been worthless. I urge you to be careful (if you order Linkyo cartridges).
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on April 6, 2016
First cartridge worked fine, but second one had terrible smudges along one side. It appears that the condition of the cartridge itself is poor - not the toner. I didn't use this bad cartridge until recently, so I am past the time to return, although I just began using it a week or two ago. Lots of toner is still in it -- but completely unusable given the terrible quality of the printing. Used up a lot of paper trying to clean up mess and figure out what was wrong, before realizing I had a faulty cartridge that smeared and leaked toner on one edge. As soon as I put in a different brand cartridge, the printer worked just fine.

If someone from the company contacts me, I will be willing to return and trade it in and give them another chance and remove this poor review.
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on January 2, 2016
I have bought these several times trying to save a few dollars. The first batch yeilded about 1000 pages before the machine started beeping and flashing low toner. Both cartridges had the results, printing normal letters and office docs. I bought a second batch, taking a risk and getting 2 2packs... the same problem started with those. I tried a local Canon 128, and got about 2400 sheets... I put in one of the Linkyo cartridges after about 1100 sheets, beep beep beep... so I just started removing and replacing the same cartridge for about 1500 sheets... I was able to print approx 2500 sheets, but the last 1500 I was pulling and resetting the cartridge every 40-50 sheets. I went back to a canon 128 and got about 2300 sheets. I will stick with the canon branded units from now on.
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on July 19, 2017
TL;DR: For the price, Linkyo's toner cartridges offer good print quality and output. A great economical choice for students, medical professionals in private practice, and anyone else with a lot of stuff to print. Recommended.

I bought a pair of these toner cartridges in Juneof 2016. My spouse, a physical therapist in private practice, generates oceans of paperwork, all printed at home on our multifunction laser printer (Canon MF4800). I wish I'd keep track of how many pages we're getting out of a given cartridge, but I can say that it's a lot.

Print quality is comparable to that of name-brand cartridges: crisp and readable text; good contrast between inky black and various shades of grey.

As the first cartridge approached the end of its life, the overall contrast of printed pages declined evenly, without streaks, which was a nice surprise.

I've also printed out a bunch of black and white photos, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Installation was painless and straightforward—the familiar "pull out these tabs and drop in the cartridge" routine. Fit in the printer is precise and easy.

We will be ordering these cartridges again—they further enhance the convenience and economy of our laser printer.
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on December 10, 2014
After trying MANY and I mean MANY MANY toners on amazon, Linkyo has been the most consistent toner in output results. The other ones (all previous orders from other brands/sellers) would print black in the beginning and then would fade out. These are consistent and as always you may still get a defective one (I got 2 in over 80 ordered so far) vs 2 good for every 80 ordered from previous sellers/brands. I must give 5 stars for being the only brand I have tried (out of many) that does the job for us. If you are starting with Linkyo buy 2 first, be the judge and then make your own future decisions.
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on December 25, 2017
My first order was placed in Feb 2016. With light usages, the first pack lasted until recently (over 1.5 years later) and started showing uneven densities when printing pages with large shade. I opened the second pack from a sealed bag and removed additional seals in the cartridge (only one orange plastic seal and one dark paper seal). Disappointingly, the "new?" second pack printed even worse than the almost used-up first pack. So, I had to order new cartridges and chose this brand again given the huge amounts of great feedback, and my successful experience with the very first one, and a recent Amazon discount. Fortunately the first pack of my second order is working very well now, even with pages with large shade.

I suspect that the second pack in my first order is a used or recycled one, because the newly order cartridge has two orange plastic seals, instead of just one. Or, it could be that the cartridge just expired even without usage. Anyway, if I order this brand again, I would go with just one pack.
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on February 2, 2018
Great toner cartridge value. The LINKYO toner cartridges have always work to my satisfaction. I've tried other compatible brands and found often
found poor print quality and leaking toner. I have not had a cartridge, printing or quality issue with LINKYO so far. If you look at number of positive reviews to the few negative reviews for this cartridge, you should consider the reason why someone is so negative or a very small chance cartridge malfunction. I would guess even OEM cartridges have a small chance of problems. The LINKYOU cartridges work much better than ones I used to fill myself (what a mess). It wasn't worth the time and effort and I didn't save that much money. My refilled cartridges always seemed to have some printing defect. Please note: I do not work for LINKYO and did not receive and product for this review.
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I haven't gone through a cartridge yet (probably won't for about a year given my printing output) so I can't say how many sheets I'll get out of it. I can say that the prints are great. I don't have any issues with text but I did print a test sheet that I got on the internet that has a couple of pictures and some patches of varying density grays when I first installed the cartridge. I had a fairly obvious light streak going through the print pattern. I took the cartridge out a couple of times and shook it. I printed 10 pages before the streak had diminished (but not gone away) and I was tired of wasting paper. I have since printed about 50 or so pages and there is no longer a light streak. I have great graytones, solid blacks etc. The only reason I'm still giving 4 stars is because of the first x number of pages that it took before that streak went away.
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on November 15, 2016
I don't know what's going on.

I've been using this product for over a year, and I've never had a problem. I liked that it was so much cheaper than other companies.

But today, the ink went everywhere, soiling my clothes, splattering over files, tarnishing my fingers, ruining paper etc. And I'm not just talking pinpoints of ink but a weird square/ streak started to stream all over printed pages. Very aggravated and annoyed, especially when I try to be professional. So much time wasted. A whole cartridge lost.

Initially, I thought it was the printer, but when I shook the cartridge as suggested, the ink went everywhere, splattering everything, and it was printing not so good, damaging paper.

Do not think I will purchase this product again. The extra star is for the time I used it, so I know I'm being more than fair.
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