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on June 9, 2014
 This is a fantastic mop. It's like a super mop! It'll make cleaning so much easier, so much faster, so much less tedious. It is smart, it is efficient, and it brings a whole new dare I say pleasant experience to what is usually regarded as a laborious not to mention boring chore.

I was desperately in need of a good mop because all the ones I bought did a little here, a little there, but none of them did a comprehensive, thorough and consistent job. The sponge mops I had -- the sponges would barely last a few weeks, they were $15 each to replace, and then Costco where I was buying the mops stopped selling them entirely! So all I have now is the handle / stick! Then I tried a Swiffer -- it's just not heavy duty enough to really clean, it's only good to pick up some minor surface dirt. The Shark steamer I had stopped steaming. And the list goes on...!

I did all my research for the mops on Amazon. Some had a nice feature here, a nice feature there... but when I saw and read more of the Mopnado, I was definitely intrigued and felt this might be it. The holy grail of mops!

And now that I have it... I know it is! Because...

#1) Nice design. I mean do I really need another ugly bucket in the utility closet?! I think not! This has nice curves, good color, neat clean styling.

#2) Good features. This was the only spinning mop that spins the head IN THE WATER, which removes tons of dirt from the mop head. All the other spinning mops just spun the head in the dry bin. Spinning it IN THE WATER was a key feature to me. It's literally like the WASH CYCLE on a washing machine -- you spin the dirty item in the water to remove the dirt! That means you can mop the floor with a cleaner head, and therefore your floors are cleaner!

#3) Very good build quality! Strong, lightweight, stainless handle on the mop. Durable strong plastic bucket with smooth wheels to make pulling it easy. Nice thick comfy handle to make carrying it, even if full of water, a breeze. High quality stainless drying bucket. It's not just a bucket -- it's a very WELL BUILT bucket!

#4) Super efficient and very effective way to clean. It really gets the dirt. And I don't know how, but somehow it makes mopping fun, fast and easy.

Anyway if you're looking for a great way to clean your house, this is it. You'll save so so much time, your floors will shine, you'll be the envy of the block as all the neighbors with dirty floors wonder how you do it. And if you're nice, you'll tell them your secret and show them the Mopnado!

It really is that good. ;-)
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on June 19, 2015
After using this mop less than 5 times (very light mopping) the bottom neck broke. Mopnado does not sell any replacement parts for the most common problem related to this mop. This is a very common issue and there are no other options other than buying an entire new set as Mopnado does not sell this specific part. The bottom neck is the most important support when mopping and on this mop it is very weak and poorly engineered. I bought this mop based on its great reviews and its ergonomic design. It turned out to be a total waste of money. I do not recommend this mop.
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on May 27, 2014
My wife always insisted if you want clean floors you have to get on your hands and knees, and use a cleaning rag and a bucket of soapy water to do the job! Mops and buckets she added were to be only used for quick cleaning. So our children were taught to clean the floors by hand and that is how it was until we moved to a bigger house. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try something new. I have to say we have tried steam mops, swifters and other conventional mops but they all fell short of our expectations. I found "Spin Mops" for sale on and there are many to choose from. Seeing those spin mops that use a pedal to convert mechanical motion into axial motion, if the all parts are not made of heavy gauge metal I just know from the type of work I do for a living, the pedal system will eventually fail.

Which brings me to why I chose Mopnado's product. When I first considered a spin mop, the most important factor I had to consider will it withstand the punishment my teenage boys will give it? Mopnado's Spin mop was the clear choice because it had one clear design feature I liked: INTEGRATION. The mop handle is the power source of the spin system, while the length of the handle is fully adjustable. The Spin Dry Barrel and the Wash Agitator are built into the bucket insuring no parts go missing.

My order arrived neatly packaged from in a certified shipping box, all that was needed for assembly was the mop head holder to the handle and the mop. The Mop handle provides the power source for the spin barrel and agitator using a mechanism similar to a ratcheting drill, but operates smoothly. When filling the bucket with water, be sure to fill up to the required "Fill Line" mark on the inside of the bucket. Failing to do so will decrease the performance of the Spin Barrel and the Agitator making for poor results. Using the bucket agitator is easy by lowering the mop head onto the agitator until it fully seated, making sure the mop handle is straight up (not at an angle). Then grasp the mop handle firmly and pump downward a couple times the mop head will spin in the water dislodging dirt and debris. This beats wringing the mop by hand. The Spin Dry Barrel is also easy to use, place the wet mop head into the barrel using the same downward pumping action will get the mop head damp for quick cleaning and fast drying or leaving it wet to deal with stubborn floor stains. Moving the bucket as you work from one area to the next is easy, the heavy duty rim handle for room to room, while the retractable folding handle for longer distances. The bucket has one built-in wide wheel to insure it will roll over any bumps without tipping over. Lastly the Mopnado comes with two mop heads, although they are machine washable the added mop head is a bonus.

The Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop was an immediate hit with our family! No more cleaning the floor using my wife's old fashion way, even my wife loved it and said it cleans very well. I like the built-in cleaning solution dispenser, I only wish it could be snapped into place from the top instead of having to unscrew it from the underneath the Spin Dry barrel shroud. The Agitator is an evolutionary design in cleaning a mop head, no more hand wringing or ratchet twisting. Just engage the mop head unto the pyramid shaped agitator and give a few downward pumps and the mop is clean! The same action for spin drying the mop head just a pleasure to watch that you want to do it again! What I appreciate is the manufacturer's attention to small detail, for example they incorporated a drainage channel around the opening of the Spin Dry Barrel to catch the dripping water and have it run back into the bucket, and this focus on details is followed through every aspect of the Mopnado that makes it a wonderful product for our busy household. Floor spills are no longer a hassle to clean up, and keeping our tiled floors spotlessly clean is easy to maintain on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend this Spin Mop to everyone.

I have to add if the user is 5'-11" or taller you will need Mopnado's handle extension, it adds 11-inches to the length of the mop handle.


From a 5-star to 2-star rating: I purchased this product in May 2014 and it worked fine, until December 2014. The handle would no longer work to spin the dry barrel or cleaner as I pushed the handle down. I have tried to contact the manufacturer of Mopnado and Marlow's Mercantile the seller I purchased it from, hoping to purchase replacement handles for my Mopnado. No response. Disappointed, they said the Mopnado is suppose be better quality than the other spin mops? Fast to take your money, but no customer support.


In the first week of February Kevin from Mopnado made contact with via email, and I ask him if I could purchase replacement handle for my Mopnado. He said he would do so once I sent him the information of my purchase receipt from He renewed my satisfaction in his company and their product when he sent me a new mop handle free of charge! My sincere appreciations to Kevin. Keep up the good work and prompt customer service.

It has been 3 years since I purchased the Mopnado. I replaced the handle once. However this product is showing signs that it has reached it's service life. The spinners for the washer & spin dry are stiff to operate, the mop head holder has cracked, the mop handle is broke in half which I had to repair, and the folding bucket handle is broken. It is time for a replacement. I will look at the industrial version.
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on March 3, 2017
I purchased a Mopnado spin mop a few days ago which broke after the very first use. The handle which feeds into the green disc broke off, so the mop was completely useless. The customer service person from Mopnado was unhelpful and disrespectful (in addition, she was unaware of Amazon's no return on the product) So I contacted Amazon which refunded my entire purchase. It seems to me that it could have been a simple defect, which could have been resolved easily. I hope someone (other than the customer service rep) sees this product review and works on their customer service. I also think that if a mop breaks after the first time trying it (after watching the video, following the written instructions, and reading the FAQs) that a one-star rating is appropriate.
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on December 3, 2013
This mop system has revolutionized the way I clean my floors and I'm certain it will do the same for you! Im a germ-a-phobe and the idea of not having to get my hands dirty was the #1 reason why I was on the market for a spin mop. I used to once love the swiffer, but the constant need to change & replenish wipes became bothersome and costly. And when the job was too big for a swiffer, I had to haul out my large and clunky mop & bucket. I found that with this awesome spin feature, I no longer had to bend over and push down on a lever. From my experience I was never able to get all the water out of the mop, leaving ugly streaks behind. I also discovered that this ingenious use of microfiber for the mop head was the solution to both problems (streaks and water residue). The beauty of this microfiber mop head is that you can also use it dry to pick up all the dust bunnies around the house and even to soak up spills. The other day I spilled a can of soda and I grabbed the Mopnado mop and it surprisingly soaked up all the liquid within seconds. This one product does the job of many!

I am also a stickler on making sure I'm getting the best product out in the market so I made certain I did my homework. The reasons why I went with this mopnado spin mop vs. the others were simply because of its durability, functionality, and design. Even in picture alone, I could see a clear difference that this spin mop did not compromise quality!
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on September 3, 2016
I really like this mop, took a little bit of practice before I was competent with it, but it cleans very, very well. My only problem was that the mop head just shed about 8 or 9 "fronds" after one use.

Update: As soon as I left a 3 star review the company contacted me and are shipping new mopeds. Great customer support, so updated review to 5 star.
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on May 2, 2018
This.Mop.Is.So.Cool!!!! I've never had one of the special spin mops before but a friend was talking to me about this, so I purchased it. I have a regular mop and bucket, before that I had a steamer mop. SO many things to love about this. The size of the mop is the same as the one I'm using now but much thicker and better made. I really like that it comes with an extra mop head. That is what I was missing in the mop/bucket because my steamer had multiple. It also has a pull handle with wheels, making it easier on my back to mop the entire first floor of tile in my house. It spins out the water, so you aren't mopping ridiculously wet. Even though I had one of those mops that squeezed out the water, this is WAY better. Really pleased with the money spent on this. Oh, and the bucket itself is super thick. It's just a very well made product overall.
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on February 23, 2017
Hugely improved tools over what I purchased from another manufacturer a few years ago. So very glad to have purchased this mopping system. I have two very large Black&Tan Coonhounds, they slobber, fling drool, drip water, and track a huge amount of dirt into the house, not to mention that they shed like a field of dandelions. Simply the best for all my cleaning needs, floors, walls and windows.

I purchased a separate handle, and two extra mop heads, I can clean floors to ceilings and windows and doors...where was this when my sons were teens? LOL I highly recommend this moping system.

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for my review and would not want any if offered.
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on April 28, 2015
This mop works great. It is easy to assemble and has a few features that mean a lot to me. I like the spin rinse in the water. It is easier that swishing a mop back and forth and when it spins in the water the strands get separated for good rinsing action. The wheels and pull handle are very convenient. I can mop the whole house without great effort. The mop head is thick so you get a lot of cushion between the mop and the hardwood floors. On the learning curve I had the learn that the mop needs to be wetter on a ceramic surface than on a smooth hardwood surface. If the mop is too dry it will not stay flat on the floor. The spin dry gives you a very dry mop suitable for hardwood floors, if you spin less then you have a wetter mop. WHY DID I ONLY GIVE IT 4 OF 5 STARS? Because a product is only as good as its weakest part. On the Mopnato the weak part is the pivot point where the pulling handle is attached to the bucket. There are two small tabs, maybe 1/4 inch long with a 1/8 inch nub on it. The handle rest between these. One tab broke off the first time I used it. I could have returned the bucket, but knew the next bucket would have the same weakness. So I asked my husband if he could improve the connection. He put a threaded metal rod through the handle and the two points where the plastic tabs had been. Then he put lock nuts on each side. This was the best solution. For $65.00 there is not excuse for this problem to even exists. I like the Mopnato so I got it fixed. THIS IS IMPORTANT. THIS FAMILY RUN BUSINESS IS EXTREMELY CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. WHEN I REPORTED THIS PROBLEM TO THE OWNERS THEY ASK ME TO RETURN IT. WHEN I TOLD THEM I THOUGHT THE REPAIR WAS BEST, THEY GIFTED ME 6 MOPHEADS FOR MY TROUBLE. I FEEL VERY GOOD KNOWING THEY TRULY CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMER.
CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT. I did not return my bucket because I believe my repair is better than getting a new bucket, so they compensated me for my trouble with the gift of 3 mop heads. This shows they will go out of their way to make the costumer happy.
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on July 26, 2017
The Mopnado is the best "spin mop" I've ever seen! I have purchased and used several other brands before this one and all of them were inferior to this one. This one is constructed to last! It spins fast and hard and nothing has gotten tired and fallen off! I purchased this in January of this year so that makes it over 6 months old and still looks and works like brand new. Even the mop heads are still great! The ONLY thing about it is I'm older and it is a bit difficult to lift it to pour old mop water out. I have to get my husband or grandson to do that part. It's the only thing I can think of that is not perfect about it and that's just my weak arms! It is sturdy! It works great! I suggest it to anyone who wants an excellent mop. Believe me this bucket and mop have been used a LOT! I KEEP it out with water and disenfectant in it ALL the time to mop up little messes in my kitchen! It's so easy to use! The handle is far more sturdy than other brands and it's long enough to not have to bend to use it. I love love love my Mopnado!
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