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on July 5, 2016
Had to return the first one I purchased. Dings, scratches, etc. .......looked like it was used. Even this second one they sent as a replacement looks like it's been bounced around, reconditioned, or something so am a little hesitant about this one but we will see. So far, it's only been used a couple of times but does seem to work okay. Just in case, glad I bought the extended warranty.

Okay, so now that I have had this unit for three weeks, really not happy now. Used just a handful of times, starting making noises, ATE the laminating sheets, and then completely stopped! Am NOT happy at all!!! Now trying to contact the warranty company because apparently I have had the unit too long (3 weeks???) and can no longer return it. Ugghh!!!!!!
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on June 27, 2016
For years, I owned a different brand laminator that worked really well. So when it died, I replaced it with a newer one of the same brand. BIG mistake! The quality wasn't there anymore - lots of problems with the adherence of the plastic to the paper, especially once the page was cut into smaller pieces.
Back to the drawing board. Read a LOT of reviews.
Finally decided to give the Fellowes Laminator Jupitor 2 125 a try.
The machine is noticeably heavier than the ones I have owned before and it heats up very quickly.
It detects the thickness automatically and adjusts the speed accordingly.
It does an excellent job. It is fast. The adherence is flawless.
The starting kit includes a "roll cleaner page" that you should feed through the machine before turning it off. It also includes about 10 x 3ml pouches.

I am very happy with this product and hope it will serve me for many years.
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on August 19, 2017
This was my 3rd laminator as I had to return the (1) original one I purchased and (2) its replacement. This crapped out on me two months after the warranty expired and the manufacturer did not want to do anything about it. THIS ITEMS IS SUPPOSED TO LAST A LOT LONGER THAN 2 YEARS AT THIS PRICE POINT! (great customer service the first two times I had to have it replaced though)

There is something wrong with the heating element (at least that's what I think it is). One day, it just overheated very quickly after startup and after only one or two laminates it just stopped laminating altogether. It gets light use every month at home and I don't use it for any extended period of time.

Either the manufacturer needs to double the warranty or fix this continued overheating problem. I expected better customer service after the product expired only a few months after warranty expiration and especially for all the inconvenience this product has caused me.
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on February 21, 2018
I got this for work a couple years ago (barely past the warranty date!) We haven't used it much, maybe only a dozen times, and it's well taken care of. It stopped heating up. The troubleshooting guide has NOTHING on what to do when it just blinks and beeps and beeps and beeps. It's not supposed to do that. So I called. They will replace it if it's within the warranty period. We've only just used it and it needs to be replaced!!

That being said, I did give it two stars because while it worked the dozen time we used it, it did the job pretty ok. The user's manual really should have more troubleshooting!!!!
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on February 5, 2017
A couple of words of advice......DON'T believe that 'Rapid 30-60 Second Warm-up' will laminate but not well and you'll have to do it again. Let it warm up at least 5 minutes for max performance. Also...USE A CARRIER FOLDER!! I read somewhere tha this is not necessary but it definitely is. Tried without one and the glue was squeezed out on the rollers making further laminating awful until it was cleaned several times. The foler prevents this. Hope this helps.
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on April 17, 2018
What a cool machine! I bought this for a friend who is a teacher and she cannot depend on the office staff at her school to laminate projects for her. That fact is a whole other ball of crappy that has nothing to do with this machine.
Originally she bought a Scotch Laminator for about $30 from Walmart, which works well, but ideally she wanted to use thicker laminating sheets and thicker paper card stock to extend the longevity of the items laminated. That Scotch machine works great! but, with the heavier paper and sheets it just doesnt quite make it. So, I bought this one for her. It is well made, heavy and appears to be a professional machine that I believe will give her years of service. She is super happy with it and has reported to me that it is super easy to operate, the sheets regardless of ml come out perfectly laminated. Thanks Fellows for producing a great machine, a teacher can rely upon to create projects, and educating tools for her second grade classroom.
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on September 21, 2017
We love this little laminator. It replaced a Venus also from Fellowes. The Venus was just beginning to run a little slow but we have been happy with it. This Jupiter 2 is definitely faster with 3 mil lamin (still slow on the 5 mil) but has a nice anti-jam feature that ensures less lost time with hang ups. There are however, 2 annoying things: When running- and its only been a couple of weeks so far- there is an awful smell. We're hoping this goes away over time but in our small office we have to open the doors and windows or someone complains. (Previous laminators did not make this smell) And when you are finished the recommended procedure is to tap the power button which makes the light begin to "pulse" rather than be on steady. This is the only indication that the machine is going into power down mode. The rollers continue to turn and make noise as the unit cools...eventually (like up to 30 minutes later) the unit turns itself off. Ive found that I have to put a note on the machine so that people know that it needs time to run and cool off before it turns off. Helpful coworkers are always unplugging the unit while it is still hot because they think someone walked off and left it running.
Over all I am pleased with the purchase.
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on March 29, 2016
This laminator is effective at laminating everything except thick paper. The machine heats up quickly, is safe to the touch, and laminates quickly. The auto pouch thickness detection has worked flawlessly for me. This model with it's 6 heat rollers has proven itself to be far superior to that of the lower fellowes models that have less rollers and less features. The machine has about a 2ft (maybe little more) footprint so make sure you are prepared to clear off a pretty large section of table on either side of the machine in order to use it properly.

The one design flaw that I feel this machine has that I wish would be solved (hence the 4 stars) is the fact that there is a plastic platform that you can attach for items coming out of the laminator but no such attachable platform included for feeding items into the laminator. This baffles me. My boss asked me to laminate 500 pieces using this machine and after a while I found that there were times where the laminator would pull the pouch in in such a way that it created waves, bubbles, or just shifted the papers within the pouch in such a way that it wasted a pouch every so often. I eventually stacked a bunch of paper to create a platform in front of the machine which eliminated the problems.

This machine is best used for smaller jobs.
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on June 25, 2017
This is a giant leap forward over the original Venus 125. This is a much more compact unit, no 'buttons' as many think of buttons just a capacitive surface. This unit automatically detects lamination page thickness making it simple for anyone to use. Heats up lightning fast and is ready for 3mil lamination in no time.

Still to early to tell but if they have fixed the issue of the rollers sticking to the lamination materials thus rolling up the lamination in the unit it will be a winner, only time will tell on this issue. There is no access to the internals as there was with the original version leading me to believe this problem has been corrected but they claim you still need a roller cleaning sheet from time to time.
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on November 11, 2016
Expensive but so worth the money!! Use it all the time...Real 1 minute warm up. I give it 2 min to get completely warm up but not necessary
review imagereview image
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