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on April 22, 2016
I got this antenna from Best Buy about 7 months back and writing this review about a hack that worked for me amazingly well and hope others take advantage of it. I got NBC, FOX, PBS and some other stations but NEVER got ABC, CBS. I tried every window, every possible placement every possible height both with and without the amplifier nothing worked. Occasionally CBS would come spotty for a few minutes and disappear or freeze. It was very frustrating because I live only 18 miles (as the crow flies) from the TV transmitter while the amplified Mohu Leaf antenna claims 50 mile radius.

How I Solved the problem
Placed the antenna in the best possible location in the house (yes CBS and ABC) still don't come there or they come very spotty). Then I took an old 3 pin audio video cable (one with the Red, Yellow and White pins on either ends we used to connect VCRs to in the good old days!) and inserted the two red pins into the two tiny holes on the antenna. Voila! it worked and with amazing clarity. I get ABC , CBS with super strong signal and stability. The stability and quality of the signals is beyond belief. The signal strength of other channels which I was getting also improved significantly.

Well the reason this hack worked is because of the copper wire in the AV cables which pulled in weak TV signals closer to the antenna. If you don't have a AV cable even a piece of electric wire will work.

I gave only 3 stars because people should not go through hoops to get all broadcast stations.
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on April 9, 2016
When we moved to a new state and cable would not be installed for 2 weeks!!!! we decided just to use antennas for that time while waiting and ended up falling in love with it.We have tried different cheaper antennas at walmart first and they sucked, so we decided $60 (at walmart) one time was worth it, esp if it worked and we LOVE this one!!!! We found everything we normally watched was local channels. So when cable company came out and wanted an almost $200 cable deposit to install (which i agreed to pay at office next day because hubby wanted to try it out) we had cable for that 1 night and it sucked. No local channels at all, or any actually that we got free over the airways (apparently you have to pay extra for them .. Wth, there supp to be free!!) needless to say we cancelled it the next day and rehooked up our leafs. After a few months of using antenna on a whim my hubby signed up for basic cable AGAIN and we HATED it AGAIN. Didnt get any local channels and most if the channels we did get were spanish, like 4 of them and other crap channels, again no local channels like pbs, wb, abc etc. Needless to say we canceled our cable within hours of getting it and rehooked up our leaf. Its been a year now (and no more whims w hubby to get cable) and not only have we saved ourselves $840.00 this year that we would have paid for cable, but it feels good to not have a $120.00 cable bill every month. Instead we only have a $30 Internet bill :) please note these do work best by windows, but not always ON the window. Our living room comes in best by the window and bedroom, best on the window. You just have to play around where signal comes in best. We never have issues with fuzziness or loss of signal. I actually forget we're even using an antenna... Lol
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on July 29, 2015
Calling all cord cutters, this is the antenna you have been looking for! I have the Mohu leaf Ultimate but it's range is 60 miles instead of 50. After trying 2 RCA antenna's and getting little of nothing, I did my research and came upon this one. I recently cut cable and all I need the Mohu for is local channels and that's exactly what I got, plus a few more. (28 in total). I get ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX crystal clear & in HD. I live 63.6 miles from our main TV stations in Raleigh. It took me "3" days to get it right but free will always be worth the time invested vs. paying almost $80 a month! The biggest problem is finding where in your house is the best place to get reception. Being all of my local stations are in Raleigh, I went to TV and typed in my local address. This gave me everything I needed to know about my local channels right down to the nautical degrees the towers were located in. After running around my bedroom w/ this antenna trying to get the right signal, I pulled out my compass app and moved around until I was dead center on my broadcasting tower at 55 degrees. (Lets just say I was determined!). After all of this ABC was the only channel that wasn't stable & kept coming in and out every 5 seconds. I changed my cable from the cheap RG59 cable that came w/ the Mohu to a RG6 cable. (Same cable they put on your cable box). Tried it and ABC was still flashing in and out. I taped it to the window, upside down, flat on a chair...tried just about everything but stand on my head and cut cartwheels to pull in ABC. Everyone is telling me that I can't get all local channels w/ an indoor antenna & I have to strap a NASA sized antenna to my roof for them. (Not gonna happen!). Determined to make this thing work, I kept trying and was 2 seconds away from calling ABC and asking them to "move" their antenna in the direction of my house so I can pick them up. :^) After 3 days of almost constantly trying to figure this out, last night I got ABC and of was something simple. (Always is!). Apparently, because my wi-fi router is 2 ft from my TV, this was affecting my signal. Turned off the router last night, thinking, "It can't be this simple?" And guess what? It was! In comes the last channel I had been fighting to get in...ABC! I did a quick rescan and now ALL channels come in clear and some in HD. So to save you the frustration of what I had to go through, please remove or turn off all electronic devices near your TV. (Playstation, Xbox, DVD player, wi-fi, etc.). I have my antenna mounted in the corner of my bedroom near a window and it works fine. If the cheaper antenna's work for you so be it but you get what you pay for. That's why I have the Mohu Leaf!

29 Sept 16

I FINALLY got ABC, CBS, & NBC!!! YAAAAH! I went back to what I originally did, went to to see what degrees their tower was & then pulled out my compass app and shot straight to it. At first I didn't think it would work because the signal I got for ABC took me out of my window and on my wall. I can now pull all of my local channels in clearly. My antenna is about 3 ft from my tv hanging from my a/c vent by paperclips! Amazing! Works for me, I get ABC now, along w/ the rest.
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on December 17, 2017
tl;dr - 1. Add more copper wiring (see photo), 2. "Twist" the copper, 3. Try leaving the amplifiers usb cable *un*plugged, 4. Push the TV a bit farther away from the wall

The Mohu Leaf 50 is simply amazing; never would have expected something so sleek to vastly outperform my traditional rabbit ears.

My review would have been 5 stars except it took me half a week of frustrating trial and error to finally figure out how to get the antenna to pick up a) lots of channels, and b) without signal dropout

First thing was inspired by another review where the author poked regular video cables through the hole. The holes in my Mohu Leaf weren't big enough, so I ended up using a stripped telephone cable. Similar to the other author, merely adding more copper got me more channels (I got around 28, of which 8 were unwatchable)

The "eureka" moment came today, when I did three things - I added a "twist" to the telephone cable as shown in my photo. That brought my channel count up to 40 ..... but about half were unwatchable

My TV was tuned to an "unstable" station and, on a whim, I tried unplugging the USB plug as well as moving the TV a bit further from the wall so it wasn't directly under the Mohu Leaf. Boom, the reception instanly became stable, and when I rescanned, I jumped up to 50 station, with only a few unwatchable ones.

Again, the Mohu Leaf is freaking awesome .... but I had to do a lot of trial and error. Hope what I did will help out others too
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on November 19, 2015
I stuck the Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna to the top of an inside wall of my living room. I wasn't sure it would pick up anything because all my stations are 40 miles away. But it works perfectly. I receive ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and UNIVISION, all in HD, plus about 7 other non HD channels. I am stoked!! The one thing I was missing with Netflix and Hulu was live sports. But now I can watch the NFL and college sports live--and no cable bill. Here are a couple of caveats... The amplifier is essential. If you are also using the TV as a computer monitor, many channels will not work if the computer (next to the TV) is sending and receiving a wireless signal. The computer must be off to get some channels. The 4 little stickers are not enough to hold it to the wall. You need to buy more otherwise you find the antenna on the floor every morning. Finally, half of my channels are in the southwest direction, so they are not always available for about 15 minutes when the sun is setting on the horizon. Otherwise I highly recommend this product. Go Patriots!! and Roll Tide!!
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on May 6, 2017
I live exactly at the limit that most digital antennas can consistently pick up broadcast signals so I took a chance after considerable reading up on reviews of similar antennas and this one came out on top for performance, looks, ease of set up and flexibility in difficult scenarios of placement. Living in an apartment your limited, (can't put stuff on the roof, can't lean out and attach mounting fixtures to the outside of your windows (dangerous anyway!) and no tools needed, no nuts, bolts; complicated CIA looking tongs sticking out all over the thing so it's super easy to move to get that sweet spot of reception!!! Coax cable is accent white that most apartments walls are painted so it blends well and ligt enough to hang w/a push pin till you find the permanent place you get the best consistent reception. Do use the USB or power adaptor to power the amplifier! Big dif. in reception w/it and it allows you to use a longer coax cable if needed to find the best location. Free TV!! This product will pay for itself in one month. I get so many stations now I have to edit them w/the "skip channel option" on my TV.
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VINE VOICEon July 21, 2017
I'm very disappointed in this antenna. I've been using a Terk antenna since 2009 with excellent results. However, it was an ugly thing that was visible in my living room. I decided to buy the Mohu Leaf because of the sleek design and promise of good reception. It picked up 21 channels, although most are really just repeats of the same channel. A few versions of NBC, two ABC, two MeTV, two FOX, two CW, and some odd retro channels. So it's really just a few standard and nearby retro channels. Unfortunately, it won't pick up CBS. I could get all of the same channels, including CBS, with the Terk. I've moved the Mohu Leaf many times, including placing it a window 5 feet from the tv, and in various places on the wall around the tv. I rescanned via the TV antenna settings each time. No luck. CBS came in briefly for a few seconds, then disappeared again.

The antenna is white on one side and black on the other. I wish it were white on both sides, because it's either going to look bad in the window or in the room. I don't want to buy paint for it.

Unfortunately, I disposed of all of the packaging materials, and I let the antenna sit in a box for a couple of weeks before I installed it. So I can't return it. Lesson learned.

Your mileage WILL vary with an antenna.
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on February 16, 2016
Poor reception. I live in Orlando....there are no mountains to get in the I "ought" to be able to receive all 4 of the local network stations. As of now...I'm only getting about half of them. They say I have to reposition the antenna....move it it higher, etc. I shouldn't have to stand on one foot and hold my breath to get this thing to work. Either it picks up, or it doesn't.
I called tech support and they told me that this antenna does NOT pick up signals broadcast up to 50 miles away. Unfortunately that's only for UHF signals.....NOT VHF. For VHF broadcasts the limit is 20 miles....and I am 21 miles away. They basically told me too bad, so sad....I'm out of luck. No return. BUYER BEWARE!
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on February 21, 2017
I live approx 25 miles from a major transmission tower and with this antenna I get around 12 channels.
If you're ok with super-gluing the male coaxial connector at the base of the antenna, then this one seems to work ok.

I got this Mohu Leaf 50 for my living room and the Amazon Basics 50 mile version for my office.
Both units suffered the exact same issues described below; both had better signal without the amplifiers and the male coaxial connector on both units came loose and spun freely.

Amplifier Issues
The strange thing is that when I use the supplied amplifier, the signal is crap... Once I remove the amplifier and just connect the antenna directly to my TV, the stations all come in clear :p

Build Quality
The male coaxial connector on the actual antenna became loose and spun freely.
The problem is that the 2 wires within the antenna then wrapped around one-another and the signal became terrible.

I opened the base of the antenna and re-soldered new wires in place and super-glued the male coaxial connector in place and now the signal is much better.
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on June 8, 2018
What i read i thought at least i can get 171 channels. I end of with it 40 channels. Also lack of receptions in some channels. I love it also i hate it .I thought i can get it 171 channels. Still is a good cable cutting. Material is made it may not last you a long time. If you you tube you can make your antenna as well. Since is made in USA i am surprised is so cheaply. I wish better material and durable. We decided to return it. We will buy a cheaper one that will do same job. Please always buy 60-85 mile range. Do not spend more on this kind of antenna use same kinds for half price. This is just issues that need open sourced and building much better material. RCA 34.95 is very good but i will advise buy RCA antenna dish that is adjustable on the wall. How ever if you do not mind to adjust the locations some times RCA dish regular antenna is very good 50-to 65 miles is best choice for sure. I just saving 40 dollars a month way to go and all other cable companies get main channels like you do for free and sent to you and rub you lol..
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