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ASTONISHING (to me, anyway) HEALTH UPDATE (2/19/2017): WATERPIKING SAVES LIVES, MAYBE YOURS! REALLY! I MEAN IT! (I know, it sounds crazy...)

I finally broke down and got a Waterpik when my dentist told me I had periodontal pockets and would need a deep cleaning. I read somewhere that with regular use of a Waterpik, I might just be able to reverse those pockets and eliminate that need for an uncomfortable deep cleaning. I gave it a three-month try and it worked! No deep cleaning needed!

Also, I spoke with my primary care physician about plaque, and learned that there are two more (one of them could save your life) benefits to Waterpiking regularly. See my UPDATE at the end of this review.

I have noticed that others have asked a lot of the questions that I had early on inside of their reviews and in the customer questions section. So I thought I would gather up all of the answers and put them in one review. I hope this will be your Guide to Using Your New Aquarius Waterpik.

If you do find this review helpful, please click "Yes" below, I'd appreciate it!


It is not in the instructions anymore, but according to my husband, Waterpik used always to tell users to start by using the lowest "1" pressure setting and then to turn the pressure up one notch per day to get your gums adjusted to the Waterpik's pressure gradually. If you do this, you should be on "10", or whatever setting you prefer, in no time and with no gum bleeding.


There are two simple tricks never to see a water splash again. First, don't turn the Waterpik on until it is in your mouth. Second, keep your mouth closed except a slight parting of your lips to allow water to drain out of your mouth, while you use your Waterpik. That should take care of it!


You will, unfortunately, just have to get the hang of how to master that switch. It seems to be a matter to where you apply pressure on the switch. It seems to work best when you apply pressure close to the center, rather than from the bottom or the top, in my limited experience. However, in the meantime, if you get frustrated, just use the on/off button on the face of the machine as a shortcut.


First of all, you only receive four different types of tips. The total number of tips adds up to seven because Waterpik provides three identical Classic Jet Tips (see below for descriptions of each). Most people choose only one style of tip for daily use (possibly two if you have periodontal pockets). The second slot can also be used for a partner or house-guest.


"CLASSIC JET TIP" (you get 3)
To identify it: it is the only tip style that you get three of.
Classic Jet Tips are for general use and replace flossing for people without crowns or other more-serious-than-fillings dental work. (For people with that sort of dental work, use the "Plaque Seeker Tip", described below.) Use the Classic Jet Tip unless you have a special reason to choose one of the others.
Rather than include links to the replacement tips in this review, I recommend that you just do a search for "Waterpik JT-100E". That way, there's no risk that this review will be filled with dead links.

If you search by the tip's name, you will probably get results that include tips that are not compatible with your Aquarius. So I have provided the actual model numbers of each tip so that you can search for the right one. If any tip that you want is not available on Amazon, you can buy it directly from Waterpik dot com. (Note For Ultra Buyers: the Ultra uses the same model tips as the Aquarius, provided here.)

"TOOTHBRUSH TIP" (quantity: 1, but that is plenty for most)
To identify it: it looks like a tiny toothbrush.
This tip allows you to brush your teeth and Waterpik at the same time. As efficient as that sounds, there must be a reason why they included 3 Classic Jet Tips and only 1 Toothbrush Tip. I am guessing the reason is that this Brush Tip looks more efficient than it is -- especially if you have an effective toothbrush like a Sonicare.
Search for "Waterpik TB-100E" to find compatible replacement tips.

"PLAQUE SEEKER TIP" (quantity: 1) (my daily use tip)
To identify it: look for fewer bristles than are on the Toothbrush Tip.
The Plaque Seeker Tip is designed for use with crown, implants, and bridges, as well as for general use. So if you have any dental work more serious than fillings in your mouth (i.e. are you over 30?), you can just use this tip as your daily tip all around your mouth. "Removes bacteria and debris from hard to reach areas around dental restorations."
Search for "Waterpik PS-100E" to buy refills.

"PIK POCKET TIP" (quantity: 1)
To identify it: it looks like the Classic Jet Tip but with an extra pointy attachment at the end.
This one is for people who have periodontal pockets or furcations. It can "deliver medicaments" except that neither the Aquarius nor the Ultra is designed for that (they don't have "Medicament Reservoirs"), or just rinse deep below the gumline. Few people will choose to use the Pik Pocket as their daily tip. You would use this before or after you do your primary Waterpik rinse, and probably just on the areas that need it. This tip is supposed to be used only with the machine set to a pressure of "1", so don't forget to turn the pressure down before using it.
Search for "PP-100E" to get compatible replacement tips.

OTHER WATERPIK TIPS YOU CAN BUY ON AMAZON COMPATIBLE WITH THE WATERPIK AQUARIUS: these don't come with your Aquarius but they are compatible with it, and you may find them useful:
--Orthodontic tip OD-100E
--Tongue Cleaner TC-100E

Finally, Waterpik also offers a storage case that comes with six compatible tips. Search for TS-100E.


Some reviewers have argued that the older Waterpik WP100W Ultra Dental Water Flosser is a better device. However, many reviewers have claimed the opposite. Waterpik continues to make both. Here are the differences according to Amazon and Waterpik (you can do comparisons between any current models on Waterpik's website, just type in Waterpik dot com then choose Oral Hygiene):

This Model, the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 is called the "Aquarius Professional" on Waterpik's site. That's cool, right?

As of this writing, the Ultra has fewer than 300 reviews that average 4.5 stars; this Aquarius has over 6,000 reviews that average 4.4 stars. Since I don't know if the Ultra's average rating is 4.500000 and the Aquarius's is 4.4999999999, I don't really see any difference in those reviews other than than a LOT more people choose to buy this Aquarius.

Differences Between this Aquarius and the Ultra
--while on Amazon, prices vary, Waterpik thinks the Aquarius is the nicer machine because they charge $20 more for the Aquarius than for the Ultra;
--the Ultra has a button on the handle that you must hold down in order to keep the water flowing, if you let go, it stops; the Aquarius has an on/off toggle switch so that once you toggle it on, it keeps flowing without finger pressure, until you toggle it off;
--the Aquarius comes with three Classic Jet tips, versus two with the Ultra
--the Aquarius includes a massage mode (have to admit that I don't use this at all)
--the Aquarius includes an LED Function Indicator (ehh)
--the Aquarius includes a Timer/Pacer (I use this every day and know that I would stop sooner than I should if it weren't on there)
--the Ultra doesn't include anything that the Aquarius does not

Features That Are Identical Between the Aquarius and the Ultra
--both come in black and white (Aquarius, this page; Waterpik Ultra White and Black available here;
--same water pressure
--same flow rate
--same pulse rate
--both have 10 pressure settings
--the tips rotate 360 degrees
--water capacity both in volume and in seconds
--both have covered water reservoirs
--almost identical weight: 1.46 pounds for this Aquarius and 1.48 for the Ultra
--both have three-year warranties
--both only have plugs for North America


Waterpik Complete Care is still available for $10 more and gives you a shorter warranty (2 years instead of 3), no massage mode, no LED indicators, and fewer tips. Thumbs down.

If you're really price sensitive OR if you want to use medicaments OR you really hate filling the reservoir, the Waterpik Classic Pro is $30 less expensive on the Waterpik site (on Amazon, prices vary) includes a medicament reservoir, and holds up to 35 ounces (Aquarius and Ultra hold 22 ounces) but you will not get:
--the good reviews that the Aquarius and Ultra have; Classic Pro is not nearly as well-liked;
--the option of a black-colored model;
--the maximum water pressure of 100 PSI (it's 90 PSI instead)
--four pressure settings: you get only six pressure settings instead of ten (but honestly, how many people need the subtlety of more than six settings?);
--the super-important-to-me Timer/Pacer
--water control on the handle (it works like the Ultra: you have to hold a button down);
--a covered reservoir;
--covered tip storage;
--massage mode;
--LED Function Indicator;
--the ability to use any tips other than the Classic, the Pik Pocket and the Tongue Cleaner (Waterpik does not make compatible Orthodontic tips, Plaque Seeker tips, or Toothbrush tips for the Waterpik Classic Pro)
--the third year of warranty, Classic only comes with a tow-year warranty.

I hope this review has been helpful to you. Please feel free to leave comments, as you can see, I have responded to the only question asked, and am happy to answer more. And I'd very much appreciate a "Yes" click if you did find this review at all helpful. (I have dreams of one day qualifying for the VINE reviewer program...)


THE LIFESAVING UPDATE: My Primary Care Physician just informed me that PLAQUE in the MOUTH CAUSES PLAQUE in the ARTERIES AND VEINS! !! ! !! That was a big surprise to me. Now I'm REALLY going to use this baby twice a day (like I told my dental hygienist I do <w>).

A DENTAL HYGIENE BEST-PRACTICES UPDATE: My Primary also told me that using flossing brushes (like the Pixters my dentist told me to use) actually transfers bacteria from the first tooth to the second, and from the first and second to the third, and so on. Unless of course you use a new one for each tooth, each time. IMHO, they're way too expensive for that! So, she suggested using one per tooth but on a less frequent basis, and using the Waterpik two times, full time, every single day instead.
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on February 16, 2014
UPDATE JUNE '17 I'm sorry to say that my review below may no longer be valid. I recenly saw and handled a Waterpik Ultra at Costco, and while it still has the same model number and general appearance of an Ultra, the build quality and weight felt much cheaper and toy-like compared to the older model I have at home. So I defintiely can't claim that the Ultra I handled is any better--and who knows, it might actually be worse--when compared to the Aquarius. Very disappointing for Waterpik to keep the name and model number, while changing the build quality. So in the toss-up between Aquarius and Ultra now, I'd go with whichever one was cheaper, and if prices are similar, I pick the Aquarius for its better appearance.

UPDATE OCT '14: The Aquarius has dropped significantly in price since my original review, and is actually slightly cheaper now than the older Ultra. So, with prices so comparable, which unit should you buy? Unless you're really in love with the updated look of the Aquarius, the Ultra still remains the better choice for the reasons I mention below. Also take a look at the video in the "Most Helpful Favorable Review," where you can really see the cheap construction of the Aquarius, and how sloppily the hose holsters into the unit compared to the Ultra. This sort of negates its one advantage--the cleaner-looking design--and you'll be wrangling to holster that hose on a daily basis. No thanks!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Let me not waste your time and cut right to the chase: if you're thinking about buying your first Waterpik flosser--or wondering if it's time to upgrade your Ultra model--there's only one reason to consider the pricey WP-660 Aquarius: it looks nicer and more modern than the now dated design of the Ultra. So if appearance isn't important to you, stop reading right here and just go buy the cheaper Ultra, which (as I'll get to in a moment) is better in just about every other way.

As it so happens, an attractive, modern design IS important to me, especially in an appliance that I'm going to look at all the time in my bathroom. But even in this regard I'd say the Aquarius is good but not great. It is definitely NOT an improvement in design that will have you looking past its ergonomic flaws vs. the Ultra.

First, the on/off water flow switch is less user friendly in operation than the on/off button on the Ultra. Admittedly, there were issues with button failure at one time on the Ultra, but the replacement handle I received from Waterpik has been working for over a year now with no problems, so this seems to have been resolved.

Second, getting the handle and hose "re-holstered" on the Aquarius is more finicky than it is on the Ultra--plus the hose never seems to sit in the unit as neatly.

Third, the Aquarius weighs A FULL POUND less than the 2.5 pound Ultra, and you can't help but think that the weight was trimmed by using a lighter and less durable pump mechanism. Time will tell if that's really the case, but I've also found that the lightness of the Aquarius causes it to shift around too easily on my bathroom counter.

Fourth, only two tips can be stored in the unit vs. all the tips being storable in the Ultra's lid. Waterpik has probably learned that its customers are fine with more limited tip storage, but again, this is no step forward.

Fifth, the dual modes on the Aquarius--which could be seen as its only real advance vs. the single mode Ultra--are just a marketing gimmick. If you just want to massage your gums with the Ultra, simply dial down the water flow pressure and massage away. There's no need for a special mode to do this.

Bottom line: water flossing is a mature technology, and there are few if any "functional" reasons to introduce a new model. So it's a shame that Waterpik didn't make more of an effort to at least achieve better ergonomics in a killer new design with the Aquarius. You can pay 20%+ more than the Ultra and get the somewhat nicer looking but ergonomically inferior Aquarius. Or you can just buy the Ultra and not bother to upgrade if you already own it. Both units will give you the same 5-star flossing ability. The Ultra will let you hang onto some extra cash while doing it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I hope you find it helpful in making a buying decision!
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on July 16, 2016
I have been using this for a couple of months now and have to say I love this waterpik. I have had dental work done and I put a little salt in a glass with some warm water and mix then put in my waterpik. This really helps with healing my gums and keeps food out of any spaces that can get food stuck. The flosser part works great and you will not be disappointed. The only negative I can find is I wish it had a place to store the spare pics/flosser tubes. I currently have them in a tall shot glass so my hubby can find his easily and not use mine ;) I would purchase this again if needed. Please click yes if this review helped you in any way. Thanks
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on August 20, 2017
 I like it, but it's really NOT that different from the Waterpik Ultra that I bought several years ago. It's SUPPOSEDLY QUIETER and with a smaller footprint, but that's not really true. I tested this one against the Ultra, and found really NO difference in the amount of noise between the two! Size-wise, really no noticeable difference in terms of the counter space it takes up. I DO like the fact that the pause button on the handpiece is no longer a push button but now a slider, because the old push button became useless after a while, getting stuck and then no longer useful! So, in summary, NOT noticeably SMALLER and NOT really QUIETER, but still a good product.

I also bought the Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced Water Flosser and like that a lot for travel. It's definitely quieter than the Waterpik Traveler (which is about half the size of the regular Waterpik but much louder - like a jackhammer!), so that I don't have to feel bad if I'm getting ready for bed late and there are other people already sleeping (whether in the same hotel room or if I'm staying in a house with extended family)! The only downside is that the water chamber is so small that I generally have to refill it 4-5 times in order to do come close to what I do with my full-size Waterpik.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 3, 2018
 This item is SOOO LOUD. I just got it today but I can't even comment on any of the other functions cause I can't get past turning it on. It's CRAZY! There is no way I could use this product early in the morning or late at night. Its like my apartment is under construction. I would definitely get noise complaints. Its loud and it vibrates my bathroom counter. This is my first time purchasing a Water Pic. Are they usually loud? I'm going to look for another model or brand that specifically states it's quiet.
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on January 15, 2017
Changed my rating. The handle fills with black mold. It hasn't been a year since I bought it. We rinse the handle with each use. The other day I noticed black stuff coming out when I rinsed it. I rinsed it and sloshed it around in a sink full of water and the amount of mold that came out was bad. Really, really wads and gobs of it. Hubs took the handle apart since I was going to buy a new one anyway. It was filled with black mold. Totally filled, like someone had stuffed black silly putty into the handle.
I cleaned it and disinfected it with stuff glued it back together.
Also, the tips grow mold. We soak these in vinegar a few times a week and so far have bought new ones at 10 bucks each every month. After seeing how much was in the handle, I'm gonna chuck the whole thing.
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on December 11, 2017
Leaving this here
review image
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on June 5, 2017
Top 5 investments of my life! I've been suffering from acute gingivitis and tonsil stones for about a year and this has drastically increased the health of my mouth! It's by far the best water flosser on the market after all my research and I highly recommend everybody buy this whether you think you have bad oral hygiene or not. The only downside is that the motor is about as noisy as a weed whacker so just make sure to use it before everyone goes to sleep or you'll definitely wake the family up. The design of this is absolutely flawless but I do recommend putting a cushion/cloth underneath to reduce the vibration noise. Mine didn't come with the tongue scraper so I ordered that piece separately. Turns out that was kind of a waste though because using the tongue scraper is messy and not as effective as my regular brush.

I had to work my way up the settings so for the first week I was at 1, second week at 2, third week at 3, fourth week (you guessed it) 4, etc. until I got to 7. I can not go above 7 without my gums bleeding in certain spots but that has to do with the acute gingivitis still. Unfortunately, you still need to use regular floss because this will not get some debris stuck way down in the root of the teeth but this will flush out a lot of looser debris that regular floss might completely miss so the 2 go hand in hand. When I'm done flossing my teeth I put the power level all the way down to 1 and flush out my tonsils on massage mode.

Look, this thing takes some getting used to. The first couple days I was spraying water all over my counter and mirror but once I got the hang of it I realized how sad it is that these aren't as common as a toothbrush.
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on January 22, 2018
I may have gotten a defective one but it kept spurting black water out. I put it together properly (not rocket science), put in clean water and ran it s instructed before putting it in my mouth. As I was about to turn off the test drive and use it , it squirted out black water! It kept doing that every few seconds throughout the cycle. I tried to run water through it a few times but nothing worked.
Update - after reading many reviews I think the unit was filled with MOLD! I cannot believe they sold me a unit like this. It obviously was not new. Disgusting and dangerous
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on August 12, 2016
Just got braces and I absolutely love this product. It cleans and gets all the cracks and crevices.
review image
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