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on March 11, 2016
This stuff is great! I tried for a month to introduce a new kitty into my home. My resident cat would have nothing to do with her. I did everything right. I kept the new kitty isolated for 2 weeks to allow her to become acclimated. I introduced her to my resident cat by putting her in her carrier and letting my resident cat meet her. He would just come up to the carrier and growl and hiss. This went on for a month. I was beginning to think that I would have to bring her back to the shelter.

As a last resort, I asked my vet what to do. He recommended Feliway cat pheromones. He said it would calm them both down. He told me to be an aerosol version and to put it in the room where my resident cat spent most of the time. He also recommended the spray version to spray around the new kitty's carrier so it would calm my resident cat down. I didn't expect much, but I was willing to try anything

I have to say that the results were amazing. My resident cat became much calmer within a couple of days. Also, he stopped growling and hissing when he "met" the new kitty in her carrier. After 3 days, I let them both out loose together. At first they ignored each other, but soon began to become friends. I kept aerosol versions for in each of their rooms for another couple of weeks just to help to keep them calm. After that, they weren't necessary.

Now my kitties are not only best friends...they're inseparable!
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on May 13, 2015
I have two cats: the neutered male is easy-go-lucky and laid back, the spayed female is beyond high-strung. I recently needed to take a lengthy trip by car, stay at my destination with the cats for two weeks, then return via car. I was extremely concerned that the female would be so distressed as to make the trip impossible. I used this product to spray the carriers for both trips, then also "treated" the car before loading everyone into the back seat.

It was wonderful!

The high-strung cat sometimes goes berserk just on the 5 mile drive to the vet, so driving over 500 miles was daunting, but she stayed calm the whole drive. She was also treated with a mild tranquilizer, but even after it had worn off (with two hours left on the drive) she was significantly more relaxed. Once at our destination, I sprayed the product around the rooms where she would be staying and within two days you would think she'd lived there her entire life!

I no longer live in dread of putting my cats in the car.

One tip, however... The product has an alcohol base. When first sprayed it smells as though you are spraying vodka or rubbing alcohol around. My cats really dislike that smell, so I make certain to let it evaporate some before introducing them to the treated area. At the vet's office, they sprayed some in the treatment room while the high-strung cat was there and just the smell of the alcohol got her agitated. Perhaps she just has a bad association with the smell, but if it's "aired out" a bit, she doesn't seem to notice.
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on September 29, 2015
I just moved 3 adult cats from California to Alabama, and this product was a sanity-saver for all of us! Each morning when I loaded their crates into the car I sprayed 2 or 3 pumps onto each crate pad.

I know it works, because I forgot to spray the crate pads on the 4th day of the drive, and I heard a lot of complaining. At the next rest stop I sprayed the crate pads, and everybody settled down for a nap.

I definitely recommend this product for long trips, and for the first few days in a new environment.
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Let me paint you a picture of my cat, Willow. Willow is a fluffy tortie who loves attention whenever we have visitors and loves hanging out in your lap. Take Willow to the vet though and what you get is nothing short of terrifying. A little demon spawn who runs into the corner, hissing violently, growling, swiping, biting. All of this at the vets, the techs, even at me. Often the vet wouldn't even be able to take her weight, let alone examine her, and I'd come home with battle scars. It was very stressful (for both of us) and incredibly frustrating that my normally sweet cat seemed like such a monster.

Fast forward to now. I took her to a new vet who recommended the Feliway spray in her carrier before appointments, so I gave it a try, honestly not expecting much. When I let her out of her carrier at the vet, it was like an entirely different cat from appointments-prior. She was just like her usual friendly, happy self (see photo for relaxed Willow at the vet). She was walking around calmly, tail high and confident, rubbing against everyone's legs for attention. She only hissed once as the vet was giving her a steroid injection. It was nothing short of a miracle and I am completely sold. I will use this every time we go to the vet from now on for her and my other cats (who don't turn into demons, but are fearful). So happy this product exists!
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I was first introduced to this product at my vet's office and one of my cats, and older guy who has inflammatory bowel disease, really thought it was awesome (they sprayed it on a towel they had put on the exam room table). He licked and rubbed himself all over the towel. Well, now he has some additional problems as a side effect of his medications and condition, and he has to go back and forth to the vet and the ophthalmologist a lot (like a couple of times a week), and that can be pretty stressful on him. I don't want him to be stressed out because he already has hypertension and I don't want to make it worse! So I bought this to use on a towel that I put at the bottom of his pet carries. And I think it is helping.

I did not have any luck with the Comfort Zone spray, but this one seems better. I took my cat to the vet for bloodwork and a blood pressure reading yesterday and he did really well! And his blood pressure reading was in the normal range, whereas it had been about twice normal at the emergency vet last week, so I think this is helping keep him calmed down. (I don't think it's the only thing -- his medications are working so he is feeling better -- but I believe in attacking the problem from all sides to get the best result, and this is one more tool!)

This does have an alcohol base (probably necessary to dissolve the active ingredient). I wish it didn't, but that may be the only thing that will work for the pheromones in this product. So, ideally you would spray it on something (cat bed, towel, blanket, etc.) and let it sit for a few minutes while the alcohol evaporates. (I tried spraying it near my cat to see his reaction, before I realized the alcohol was a problem, and he didn't like it. But he *did* like a towel that had been sprayed and allowed to sit for a moment.)

So anyway, this is working better for my cat than the Comfort Zone spray, and I will be getting a lot of use out of it as we travel back and forth to my cat's vet appointments in the coming weeks. (Hopefully not too many more of those.) I'll also be using it for taking my other cats to the vet for their annual exams and vaccinations.
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on October 17, 2016
OhMyGosh -- This "stuff" is a magic potion! I had NEVER travelled with my cat and was making a LONG distance (3,000+ miles) move with her in her little carrier, UNDER the seat of a plane -- I was a NERVOUS wreck as she is not a joyful critter when doing something she doesn't want to do! Well, on the morning of the flight, I sprayed the inside of her carrier, (and I mean I SPRAYED it!), AND a piece of cuddle towel -- By the time we arrived at the airport she was CHILL! You have to remove your critter from their carrier for TSA and I sprayed the front of my shirt as I had to hold her -- NO problems, and NO problems ALL day -- We left at 10:30 am and arrived at our destination AFTER 1:00 AM (essentially, the NEXT day) and she did just GREAT -- Believe me THIS is SUPER-STUFF!
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on August 23, 2016
Moved from Pittsburgh, PA to the Berkshires of MA and had three cats in the car for eight hours. None of these cats have ever been incredibly easy to deal with in the car, but I could see a marked difference in their behavior after using this spray. I sprayed the entire car about 20 minutes before I put the carriers in. The carriers and bedding had been sprayed a few times as well. Although the cats were a bit mouthy during the bumpier parts of the trip in construction zones, they mostly just sort of went into that dark place cats go into when they aren't happy and dealt with it. I then used the rest of the spray around the new house before I let them out of the carriers and they adjusted very quickly. By the next morning they were behaving as if they had always lived here. Really a great product in my opinion, but it is my understanding that some cats do not respond to this at all.
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I use Feliway for cats who have behavioral problems such as spraying or displaying fear. I just recently started fostering a very fearful cat from the animal shelter who has been hiding in the corner for weeks and would not socialize. With the use of this product and behavioral modification, I have noticed a dramatic change in his ability to socialize with confidence just over the past few weeks. I constantly use this product as a cat behaviorist.

This product works fantastically for traveling. I spray this on a pet carrier and set the towel inside of the pet carrier about 30 minutes prior to traveling so the cat can feel comforted. I also use this in animal shelter cages or in the scared cat's cage everyday to keep them happy and stress-free. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to train their cat or keep them from becoming scared/stressed!
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on February 23, 2018
I love this stuff! I use it at home daily for my senior cat who has a lot of health issues. Without it he sleeps in his basket all day. With it he is far more alert and active and seeks out attention and cuddles, like the old days. This product definitely enhances the remaining days with my beloved old cat, and that alone is priceless to me. Thank you, Feliway!
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on November 10, 2016
I have had reoccurring issues with my cat peeing outside of litter box, usually on the dog bed or a toddler couch. You can imagine how frustrating that is, as cat pee is such an awful smell that is so hard to remove, and once he pees somewhere once he seems to have no problem peeing on it again and again. I first bought this product to spray on the dog beds, thinking that would make him NOT want to pee there. However, every time I sprayed, he would pee there within minutes.

Then it occurred to me that cats pee where they are most comfortable, especially when they're stressed out or in discomfort. (We always have regular vet check ups, there was no medical reason for the peeing he just gets stressed out easily). Where I was spraying this product is where he would feel most comfortable, so then I started spraying this in his liter box every time I cleaned it, right in the middle on the sand. It instantly got him going in the liter box again, and without any problem unless he would get stressed out again and I didn't use the spray.

Our cat is now 13 years old, and has always had issues with peeing outside the box when stressed. This past year we have had two more babies (stressful), had numerous showing on our house to sell it (stressful), had our house packed up by movers, traveled 2000 miles over 4 days in a minivan with 4 kids 2 dogs and our cat while staying in hotels along the way, lived in an RV for 2 months, then moved into a house and had our items moved in. All of this was stressful and would usually have him peeing everywhere, but he never peed anywhere but in the liter box once, because I made sure to spray this in his box everyday.

If your cat is dealing with peeing outside of the box, give this a try. Hopefully it helps as much as it helps us!
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