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Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine, White
Color: Dohm Classic Only|Style: Dohm Classic|Change
Price:$49.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 14, 2017
I have four of these. I love them. I give them as gifts to every friend who has a new baby. My first was for an open office to help drown out private conversations from a nearby kitchen that I really didn't want to hear. My second was for my first baby. We got a third when my second was born and finally I got my own so I could sleep through my husband's snoring.

They're great. Until they rattle. There's nothing more annoying than an inconsistent rattle. Determined not to spend another $50, I unscrewed the bottom of the worst offender. It was filled with dust. I cleaned it with compressed air and put the smallest drop of silicone lubricant, that specifically does not attract dust, onto the base of the shaft that the fan sits on top of. I let it penetrate for a minute, turned it on and the rattle was gone. $50 saved and I'm in love again.
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on August 7, 2017
I bought this as an Amazon warehouse deal. It is a knock off, but marketed as the original. I did not realize this at the time of purchase, as all packaging and branding is made to look like the original. However, it's not as loud as the original and has an annoying whirring sound. The ACTUAL real dohm, of which I have two, is a five star product. The knock off has a fake label and no foam on the bottom. It also feels lighter and cheaper.
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on August 7, 2017
I just noticed that people were saying that they received fake units, and maybe that's the problem with mine. I got this because my school uses them in the counseling department and I really liked how much noise they drowned out. I have four neighbors--one on each side of my house--who like loud music and I live on a 4-lane highway. Out of the box, it was great! It didn't drown out everything, but it made some of it a lot more livable. I got it in December 2016 and used it maybe twice a week. I only REALLY started using it every night about two months ago. After about 2 weeks of nightly use I noticed the sounds it was producing wasn't as loud. Now it hardly turns on. It's literally hit or miss as to whether or not it'll come on, which makes me too worried to actually sleep with it, and that's what I need it for.

I no longer have the box, but I'll double check to see if my seller was Amazon, because sometimes I'll place an order that says sold and shipped by Amazon, and later my order would be listed as sold by a third party. It's happened twice now, and it's annoying!

EDIT: My seller was Amazon, so it most likely isn't a fake.
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on January 4, 2017
We have an older Dohm and a brand new one. The high speed is very loud like before, but now the low speed is so quiet it's not much use, much quieter than before. When turning it on low, the motor hums and makes a dragging, clicking noise. The new has hard rubber feet that transfer a loud humming noise into the table it's sitting on, the old one had foam on the bottom which didn't have that problem. New one also looks and feels cheaper, with more mold marks and flashing on the plastic. Looks like cost cutting has degraded this product.
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on December 23, 2016
I've been researching these '"hite noise machines" for some time now. There is even a consumer report, though I cannot remember the site, that rates them. I cannot even remmever if this one made the top 10, however, anyone who has researched these things knows there are quite a few out their, and many uploaded with digital content e,g. rain, waves, thundedrstoms, and yes, many of them are insanely expensive for what they are. If I want digital uploads, I have my pc, and I have more than enough eviroments on it and yet I cannot exactly drag it into the bedroom at night.

I took the advice of one reviewer and I took a loot at the Marpac Dohm site, and I would suggest doing that. Nevertheless, the price tag, though not exorbitantly high, made me cautious. Then yesterday I was at my doctor''s office and they use several different white noise machines to mask conversations for the sake of privacy. It just so happened that the one in the lobby was a
Marpac Dohm, so i stepped over and took a better look at it and was impressed.

This things is solid, and the cord is heavy, not like some cheap, thing power supply cord. It's heavy and has a polarized plug. That and the fact it is made of metal, and not some cheap plastic that might wind up cracking, as they usually do. Moreover, this particular white noise machine is darn solid, and the design is so simple and easy to use.

I have always thought simplicity meant sincerity, and in this case it does.

So if you want to spend an exorbitant amount of money for some digital sound machine, complete with wind chimes & ripplihg brook, knock yourselves out, This is the one to get. I have no doubt it will outlast the more expensive ones.
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on April 1, 2016
I spent a very long time online researching different white noise machines before finally settling on this one, and I am so glad I chose this one! For my first baby, I used a white noise machine that played white noise tracks on a speaker. It worked, but not as well as I thought it should. Plus, it had an automatic shut off, which I personally don't like. So for my second baby, I wanted to get a machine that actually produced white noise, not just played a white noise track. I thought that I would just get a large box fan (which is what I use for white noise in my own room), but I didn't want to mess with the temperature of his room or create a dangerous environment for his little fingers when he became mobile.

The DOHM fit all my must-haves in a white noise machine, small, portable, adjustable, powerful. It's amazingly customize-able in the amount of noise it produces, it can be just a quiet hum or a full on roar. It works really well, my infant son sleeps soundly despite his big sister being a rowdy toddler. I can keep it low at night so that it's not perfectly silent and I can turn it way up during the day. I will say this though: it doesn't "drown out" all noise. If your upstairs neighbors are blasting rock music and riding pogo sticks, you're still going to hear it. But the DOHM will help.

My favorite part about the DOHM is how small it is. It's about the circumference of a CD (if you remember those...) and about as tall as a deck of cards. My family and I travel a lot and it's really easy to throw it into a suitcase to use in the hotel room. I'm very happy with my purchase and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
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I bought this for my toddler's room after we moved into a new neighborhood with a lot of loud dogs that bark all through the night. My only regret is that I didn't purchase this when my son was a newborn. This sound machine is a true life saver and does an amazing job of drowning out background noise. My son has always been a super light sleeper, waking up to the slightest of noises like toilets flushing, door knobs turning or faucets on, which really made it difficult for the rest of the family to live normally at night. With this machine, we no longer have to walk on tip toes at night! This is the absolute best purchase for anyone who has a light sleeper in the family!
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on June 3, 2018
I had this product for less then a year and it began giving me trouble within the first 60 days. First, I would turn it on and get no noise out of it, I'd toggle the switch back and forth and eventually it would "catch" and stay on. Then after another month this little trick stopped working and I had to start wiggling the actual power connector where it attached to the machine to get it to work. Wiggle it back and forth for a few seconds and most of the time it would catch, most of the time. Now, as of this morning that second little trick stopped working and I am left with a motor humming sound that shows it is getting power however the product does not make the white noise any longer and just hums with power, no noise.

I use this for my infant son's room to put him down for naps and sleep in our busy house and it appears that about 9 months after purchase the product is dead. I should have taken action as soon as I noticed a problem but I'm sure as any busy parent knows, there are 1000 other important things to take care of every day, so if it wasn't "completely" broke I didn't fix it.

Lesson learned both from a responsiveness standpoint and a product standpoint. I will not order this expensive unit again with the history of it breaking. There are far less expensive white noise machines that I am confident do quite and adequate job at half the cost. I will give those a try instead of another investment in a product that broke so quickly.
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on February 8, 2018
Bought this to provide white noise in our bedroom at night. It’s quietest adjustment was still a little on the loud side for our purposes, so it didn’t see a lot of use. Despite the low number of hours on the unit, it developed a subtle high pitched whine sound—bearing noise—which, once you notice it, becomes the most annoying sound in the world. Contacted the company, and they’re best off is shop it back and pay us to repair it, or you can buy a refurbished unit. Pretty lame for a supposedly top of the line machine at premium price. Last mechanical white noise machine I’ll ever buy.
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on April 15, 2018
UPDATE 18 April 2018:

Apparently the product I received was a COUNTERFEIT. Consequentially, the stars on my review to specifically describe my interaction with Marpac's customer service which is top notch. While I can no longer attest to the quality of the genuine product given Marpac's superb customer service I would order another with confidence.

However, while Marpac is free from blame the bigger concern here is how a fake product got through Amazon's filters. People buy from Amazon because it's supposed to be a safer platform than other sites, but if they have so little control over fake products on the site that doesn't bode well in the long term. In fact, more and more problems on Amazon seem to have popped up over the last couple of years - whether it's fake product, fake sellers, or misdescribed products.

Original post about a fake product sold by Lucky hand:

It's ok and it works well for it job, but at least the one I bought both never really worked correctly and died after about two years. It didn't work correctly because when turning it on the fan wouldn't start, and to get it to work I had to turn it upside down to get it to start. I probably won't buy a replacement because it's too expensive if it only lasts two years.
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