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on August 25, 2016
I wish Amazon allowed for SIX stars for this item! I absolutely love everything about this camera strap (see photos). It has made walk-around shooting so much more convenient and comfortable. I feel that purchase was a great value, and the strap well constructed, quality material. The strap allows your camera to hang in a convenient, out-of-the way position on your body, but always at the ready for a quick shot.

I purchased this strap before a vacation that took me from the breathtaking Rocky Mountains to beautiful streets of Boston, Massachusetts. I was hoping to find a more comfortable way to carry my DSLR with a hefty 70-200 zoom. This strap far exceeded my expectations for comfort and after spending several days walking around with this rig, quickly put to rest my fear of damage due to strap or mount failure. The strap is sturdy and the mount stayed secure the entire time. I used, and would recommend the same to all, a tether which acts as a fail-safe if the snap or mount would break loose. While this has yet to happen to me - it did give me piece of mind and kept me from worrying about my beloved camera meeting the pavement unexpectedly.

If you are looking for an alternative to the standard, around the neck strap, and want your camera always at the ready for a quick shot - this is the product for you.
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on March 22, 2017
I'm a little torn with this strap. (no pun intended). I noticed that they sent a lanyard with the strap and I was curious why this was. But I discovered why the first time I used it on a long hike. The anchor plate that screws on to the bottom of the camera unscrews itself after a while. This first time I discovered this I thought I had not tightened it securely. So I realigned the plate and screwed it on tighter. A little while later it had loosened again. I think it is possible that in time the camera could come loose and fall to the ground. So they send you a lanyard to keep the camera from hitting the ground. It seems to me they should work on a way to lock the bolt down and reacting to a fall. Feels like a band-aid and not a fix. But aside from this the lanyard should quite easily protect you gear. As for the rest of the strap, it is really good. The camera slides easily and the adjustments keeps everything in place.
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on September 12, 2016
The "safety" strap came apart before I even put it on the camera. I had to heavily sew it to keep the strap together. Then the plate does not stay in one place on the camera, and the screw comes undone very easily. I used it at one wedding, but had to constantly screw the plate back onto the bottom so it wouldn't fall off. This product is not safe for your gear.
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on November 21, 2017
DO NOT BUY. Unless you want to break your expensive lens. I really want to like this product, but unfortunately I have to give it a 1 star (would have given 0 if possible)

First of all, the quality of the safety strap is vey bad, the hook doesn't close properly so it keeps on falling off by itself. I should've known that's a red flag back then!
I've only been actively using it for about a month, and have been taking it with me on a trip recently. It was working fine for the first part of the trip, it's comfortable and easy to use - UNTIL the hook snapped in half out of the blue and dropped my thousand dollar camera/lens on the ground. (As seen in picture) Keep in mind this is under normal use, with no external forces. The safety hook is clearly not working and the quality of the product is very questionable. I would not recommend his product to anyone.
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on May 14, 2016
I really liked this sling at first because it was comfortable for using in crowded live music settings, as I could just sling it out of the way and the path of others, just off my hip, and grab it quickly for a shot when needed. However, like other reviewers I have now come across, the screw-in adapter that fits the tripod hole on my camera became UNSCREWED and my $4,000 CAMERA FELL like a rock about four feet to the concrete. How it could turn the needed several revolutions to become undone is beyond me. I was very lucky that my camera and attached telephoto lens made a cat-like fall and landed flat on its base, avoiding any damage aside from unseating my memory card.
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on February 20, 2016
I wanted to love this product, never got to use it successfully. The tripod mount snapped as I was tightening up the fit! I cannot even use a tripod now because the screw that snapped is stick in my Nikon D750 tripod mount plate! Horrible quality! I've gotten $150 estimates from local camera stores to fix the issue. I don't even care about the strap, I want to have the ability to use my tripod again. Trust me, there is no way to extract the broken screw I tried two different screw extractors and both failed. Guess I'll have to cough up the $150 to fix the issue. Lesson learned. You have been warned.

*Update. The $150 estimate I got from local stores was over the phone, in person a different story..
No one want to touch it, and every camera store has referred me to get it fixed by Nikon. Im not trying to pay over $300 to have the issue fixed from the boys over at Nikon, what really frustrates me is that this could have been prevented if MAYBE I purchased a different product from a different company with higher quality materials, this whole headache would not have happened!
$20 turns into $300. Waste of money. I hope a get a response from customer service to see how I can resolve this.

*Update 3/17/16

Wrote a third update yesterday 3/16/15 and was not allowed to have it posted. Do you guys delete bad reviews?
Posting photo of incident. Digital Goja help me fix my camera your $30 reimbursement to fix my camera i a joke. Fact of a matter is your product damaged my camera body and all you could say is "the most Amazon will let us help you is $30??"
Take impressibility, my experience with you has been garbage how do you even have high reviews with this service to your customers.
The fact I wasted my time, energy, an breath with you guys shows that I really have to jump over hurdles to get reasonable assistance with this. HELP.
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on March 4, 2017
A great idea that was cheaply executed. Strap is clunky, awkward, and the camera WILL unscrew itself after only very moderate use (I screwed it in TIGHT), which is a great way to destroy your camera. Sliding the camera from the hip to the shooting position moves the entire strap with it, and I always find that really annoying. Forget using a tripod with the strap still on (a big selling point of this product), the screw attachment is flimsy and results in a wobbly shot once screwed onto the tripod.

I was really excited about this product, but am overall disappointed by the quality of it. Other companies have probably made a very similar product with better materials, so I would recommend spending a little more on something a little better.
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on May 29, 2017
I'm a fairly short person, so I had trouble with this item. I had it tightened as far as it allowed and it wasn't enough to be comfortable for me. The zippered part is only useful for memory cards and maybe a key or some cash, but not much else. All in all, I ended up just using the attachment to clip my camera to my messenger bag.

Also, it would have been nice to have instructions with the product instead of directing me to a YouTube channel because it was difficult to determine WHICH of the 100s of videos I was meant to watch. If the company doesn't want to include an instruction booklet/sheet, as least give me a direct link/URL; I spend 5-10 minutes trying to find the right video.
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on December 5, 2017
I does not work with Canon 5D Mark III with 70-200mm lens. Too heavy to handle in this strap. The mounting bracket has rubble and it cracks. Also the mount would twist and turn. It may works for lighter camera. I decide to return this and get something different.
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on June 18, 2018
I wish I could leave this with zero stars.
I purchased this strap in September 2017 for my Mark III which primarily holds my 24-70 and 70-200 lenses. Since purchasing I have used my camera for 10 family photo sessions and 3 weddings. During the most recent wedding, the metal piece snapped in half and my $3,000 camera and $1,000 lens crashed down onto the concrete floor as I was adjusting the bride's dress for a photo. Please see attached photo for example. I was literally walking when it happened - I wasn't pushing on the camera, leaning on it, nothing. I take very good care of my equipment and often hold my camera in my left hand even as it's on the sling down by my hip.

I could maybe understand if this product was several years old and/or I did several hundred jobs with this sling. This product claimed it was compatible for my equipment and now I have to contact my insurance company to get my equipment repaired/replaced.

Save yourself the grief and run away from this strap. I wish I would have. I am completely disgusted with this product.
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