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on May 13, 2018
This review is not pertaining to the show itself because face it, nobody is reading this review to decide if they would like the plot line of Friends. You are wanting to know if you should purchase this full series box set. From the outside I would say yes, but the inside was a different story.

I originally bought is as a Christmas present, but I waited until it went on sale and bought it way early. I never opened it once I got it because the outside of the box was undamaged and looked just as promised. Once Christmas came around, the box was opened and inside, season 4's case was cracked and broken (see photos). It had been about 5 months since I purchased it, so I didn't even bother with trying to return it. We had also one of the disks in season 8 that didn't even work. No visible scratches or anything, just sits in the loading stage, no problems with any other disks of the rest of the series.

All in all not my worst purchase ever, but I expected everything to work and to come in new condition. Maybe I got a bad batch, still not a good experience.
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on December 10, 2015
UPDATE: Jan 2016

Cracked the code on the issue about some episodes being "2 min long clips." In the episode menu of every disk, there is a coffee mug bullet point be each episode listed. If you accidentally click on the mug ((instead of the title)) to select the episode you wish to watch, you will instead be shown a brief clip from the episode. To be clear, click coffee mug bullet point icon thingy for clips. Click title of the episode to view the episode. Problem solved!!!!!

Just received the DVD set in the mail this week! I cannot yet confirm that all disks play well. I can, however say that all 40 disks arrived intact. I've flipped through and checked each one to insure none were missing or duplicated.

Initial Impression:
The box arrived in perfect condition (it's the blue and white box edition). I had no damage to the cardboard box that holds all of the DVD cases what-so-ever. Each Season is in its own respective DVD case within the box. That's a total of 10 cases.

Features of note:

I believe each season (not episode necessarily) has an optional voice over feature with commentary from the 3 writers of the show offering insight and tid-bits about the show. Upon opening the box set, my husband and I (both big fans) noticed this feature and decided to listen to the commentary offered on disc one. It was actually very interesting!

The last disk of each season has a friend's trivia feature built into the menu. We haven't gotten to experience this but I think it's a cool idea and I like that it is built into the disk content rather than a book (which could get damaged) that is separate from the disks. I think the red box set was like that. Just more stuff to have around.

Overall, it's a very clean looking set! We're working on becoming more minimalistic and had planned to scan the disks into hard drive storage eliminating the need for the physical set BUT the set is such a nice package! It's a show piece. I want this baby out in the open! It makes me smile and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that makes me think I'm going to hold onto it in its entirety. Ah, the joy of friends! Once this arrives at your home, you will instantly know what I mean!

If you know a superfan that doesn't own the series or maybe they could just use a new, consolidated set, this makes an terrific gift! I wish we new someone that's as big of fans as we are yet doesn't already own the full series that we could buy this for. We purchased this as a Christmas gift to each other because it's always nice to have a this bubbly, sunny show. Rainy day? Bad day? Break out Friends and bring on the laughs! This is a quality set. Nothing bootleg about it. I can't get over the qualify for the price. I bet this was around $250 when the show initially ended.

One last point I want to make....yes, you can watch Friends on Netflix now. We watched 4 or 5 seasons through Netflix. The series as offered on Netflix is not complete. It is the edited for TV version which is shortened for commercial time frames (which is how the show was originally aired.) A lot of very funny content and great lines are extracted throughout each episode in these shortened versions. THIS SET, however, offers the uncut version of the show which is also what was offered on on the original DVDs of the seasons which were available for individual purchase. As mentioned by others, the "blue-ray" isn't true blue-ray but perhaps a higher contrast "enhanced" version. The blue-ray is also the cut version of the show. It wasn't worth it to me and I chose to go with the DVD version.

I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm impressed with the presentation of the set and it exceeds my expectations. If I experience issues with the playing quality of the disks that others have described, I will update this review. So far, everything is perfect! I don't have any criticisms at all!
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on May 20, 2016
I remember back in 2006 or so seeing the box set on the shelf at the store for like $350 and telling my mom how badly I wanted it. She kept telling me to wait until the price went down and I kept my eye on it for months. Eventually I lost interest and moved on. Ten years later and I've finally purchased the entire series on DVD! I'm glad she made me wait, I saved a lot of money, hahah.

The box set is great. I know with large whole series like this some people have defective discs, so I am carefully watching each DVD to check. So far all the DVDs are fine, I checked the discs themselves and saw no scratches and all the numbers are right. I'm mid-season 2 in watching and so far everything is great.

The packaging itself is really nice and sturdy. I really like the individual seasons too because you can take one case with you and it just looks like if you bought the stand alone season. The menus are cool, the special features are cool.

Unless one of the discs is defective and I haven't found it yet (I'll update this if and when I do), I give it all an A+. Totally worth the $75ish for the whole series.
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on November 15, 2013
I just read an interview on tvguide with executive producer/director Kevin S. Bright about the blu ray sets. He did address the lack of extended episodes and he never once said that it would have been difficult or impossible to do. He merely stated that with the DVD sets, they were trying to give you more bang for the buck, but that this set is more about seeing the episodes again in a new way. That being said, I do wish they had included the extended shows, or provided an option where you could watch either the network version or the longer version. Some of the new scenes were very good and helped with the story telling.

The episodes I've watched do look great, and there doesn't seem to be any cropping issues with the transfer to a wide screen format. The packaging is very cool, with a 3D-style image on the box and a very nice episode guide booklet inside. The box unfolds and has a nifty magnetic lock. It will look awesome in your home media collection, even though it's an odd size.

I'm hoping that Seinfeld gets the same treatment someday soon.
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on July 23, 2017
Love the show, hate the interface of the design of the DVD. It's difficult to navigate and unless you figure out how to chapter skip or play all you'll only see the fist few episodes. Should have included more BANG for your BUCk as they say. Focus on better navigation and add in commentary from directors, actors, other guest stars and hidden facts and info. We all love friends and it's okay to explain shots, budgets, cuts,and extras. Mostly focus on design and navigation. 3 stars for DVD quality and box cover design is good. Might focus on a new blue ray set with better features and smaller package design with more episodes per disc. DVD works fine.
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on May 8, 2015

I love Friends, I grew up watching the show. So I was beyond excited to see this package come out. Unfortunately they have the versions of the episodes that aired on TV, so its missing a lot of content if you've seen other DVD versions. The package is beautiful and they upped the quality, but I couldn't get over not having that extra footage. The Friends: Complete Series Boxed DVD Set is what I ended up purchasing, DVDs, the quality isn't as good, but I get all those moments that I love. And its also nicely packaged.

I would say buy if you haven't seen other versions and there for wouldn't know what you were missing or if you don't care and just want the quality. Overall, I just love the show.
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on February 16, 2014
I have to admit I have always wanted this collection but after reading so many bad reviews on the packaging, I kept holding off. Then I noticed that they repackaged the "complete collection" in a white background with each character's face in a circle. Inside it is carefully packed with each individual season in its own plastic case(as if you bought each season individually). It was a smart way to package the series and I couldnt be more pleased. Each disc is safe and secure without the scratches from the cardboard cases others wrote about. This is a great series filled with lots of laughter and fun. It has kept me entertained for days(weeks really) and I am sure months and months to come.
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on January 23, 2015
This set of the show is a really nice boxed set of every season- every episode -some with more footage than what was seen on tv. I saw some reviewers say that wasn't so, but I had just watched this series on Netflix and I can say that there is definitely more moments, scenes and funnies on these dvds. Every disk is in good condition, the box is nice and sturdy and I thought this was a really great deal!! (I bought at under $70 for this set). I'm not going to review the show here, I figure if you are looking at sets like this then you know the show. I'm very happy with the purchase.
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on August 16, 2016
I would not recommend this series set. While it is has quite the pretty packaging, the episodes themselves are missing content. A line here or there may not seem like much, but the are key quoteable moments all throughout the series starting within the first few minutes of the pilot episode. (Phoebe's line, "Fine. Be murky." Is nowhere in sight.) It's quite disappointing when you go to say your favorite lines along with the show and they are not there. As someone who has seen every episode so many times that she can almost quote them verbatim, these lines are extremely noticeable. If it was just a spot or two it wouldn't be so bad, but it's all throughout. This is the only set that seems to have this issue. When you spend as much on something as I did for this you expect the entire content to be there. Please don't waste your time on this particular set. None of the others I've encountered have this issue.
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on October 20, 2016
These are good quality to watch BUT these are CUT EPISODES, after having seen it the first time on DVD, I realized that some parts were missing and was very disappointed. However, after borrowing my sisters dvd to show my husband what I was talking about and none of them seemed to work well anymore because they'd skip or not be readable at all anymore, I was happy to sacrifice small parts for a better quality disc and higher quality on screen as well.
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