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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 31, 2017
When it worked, it was a great product. However, it stoped working just one month after the two year warranty. To figure out why, I opened the case with instruction videos from YouTube. Then I noticed the whole brush is completely rusted! This thing is not waterproof at all, no wonder it will fail.
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on November 1, 2014
I'm a proud owner of the 5000 series for the last 6 years and wanted to refresh a little bit. Here is why I returned my 7000 series:

1. Very annoying stops in the middle of my brushing. The 5000 series has it as well, but the 7000 makes a complete stop for 1-2 seconds and then continues. It messes my entire "auto-mode" in the mornings.

2. This 7000 series has an inferior battery. NiMH batteries die much quicker than Li-ion batteries. This is one of the reasons why your cell phones have the latter. The 5000 series (my brush) used to have Li-ion battery, but it looks like Oral-B (P&G) changed all their brushes to NiMH to save some $ and offer you a more expensive brush at the same time.

3. Tongue mode is pretty useless. You will use it 1-2 times and then stop playing with the different brush modes and use only one.

4. Travel case is nice, but how much do you really travel? You can also purchase a case separately for the 5000 series if that's important for you. Paying additional $60 for a travel case is pretty much absurd.

5. The design is nice, but it's weird that the brush itself is white and the handle is black. Looks disconnected from each other - but who cares how your brush looks like?

6. The charger doesn't support 240V. So if you travel outside the US - good luck with that. The old 5000 series supports both 110 and 240V. Current 5000 series doesn't support 240V anymore. Another way for Oral-B to increase their profit margin I guess.

7. The battery last for approx. 10 days (with brushing twice a day for 2min). It takes about 20h to get a full charge.

8. The blue light, while the brush is charging (flickering), can annoy some people. It's the most common complain online on this brush.

Anyway, Amazon is lowering the price every couple of days now and playing between $160 and $130. There is a $30 coupon right now, so you can get it around $100 - don't pay more than that - it doesn't worth it.
I will keep my 5000 series since it's still working and don't see currently any good alternatives on the market; Sonicare Diamond, for example, has only 31,000 strokes/minute while Oral-B has 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscilations (also known as 3D tooth by tooth cleaning).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 31, 2017
We have been using it for a few months and it works as it should. I give 3 stars for two reasons:

1) Battery is off very limited capacity. With a family of 3, be expected to charge every two to three days. I understand you can leave it on the charger after every use, but with this kind of price tag, I would expect a more decent Li-ion battery that you can rely on for a short trip.

2) Also related to battery issue. The force delivered by the toothbrush is not kept constant between charge cycles. It is a bit too powerful to be comfortable immediately after a full charge and too weak by the end of the charge cycle. I assume this is due to the nature of the materials used in the battery.

It is a bit disappointing given that this is currently the top of the line product by such a respectable company.

If you can live with the above two issues, this is indeed a great product to promote good dental hygiene, especially if you have kids as the task of brushing their teeth becomes mush easier with a electric toothbrush.
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on January 16, 2017
Got the product and charged it for 24 hours. Used it for day and a half (3 brushes) and the battery was dead on the 4th use. Charged it back up again and it was good for about a week before it started to give trouble again. Basically, the battery drains very quickly. After a month of use, I came to the conclusion that the bluetooth must be running and draining the battery. I'm at the point where I leave the handle on the charger all the time when not in use. And, that is not a 100% fix either. I still pulled the handle from the charger and have a dead battery. I wanted to get my money back with the 60 Satisfaction Guarantee, however, it says I need the original packaging which I do not have anymore. Other option is to send it out for repair. But I am a little irritated that I have to pay for shipping to repair something that was essentially defective when I got it. Where most companies would pay to replace or repair the defective product under their warranty, Oral-B chooses not to. I really liked my previous Oral-B brush, but this one has major flaws.
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on June 5, 2018
Absolutely Recommended. This tooth brush is Great. It comes with different modes. If your gums are sensitive, there is a sensitive mode.
I don’t know how I lived for so long brushing the manual way. Electric toothbrush cleans your teeth better.
There are 4 or 5 different brush heads that fit this unit. Just pull the white stem with the brush head and it comes right off. Then just put the brush head you want on it. Mine came with 3 brush heads.
Cross action head, Sensitive head, and I believe the last one was a polishing head.
Go to u tube and check out videos on brush heads. Try typing in, electric toothbrush heads for oral-b. I have ordered replacement heads from Amazon.
Spend the extra money on this unit because of all the different modes it has on it. If you go cheaper you may only get 1 or 2 speeds.
It even bluetooths to my phone and it shows you how long you can spend on each section of your mouth. Once the Recommend 2 minutes of brushing is up, it will remind you to brush your tongue, floss and to use mouth wash.
Since I bought the brush I have had the best oral health in my life.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 6, 2016
I chose this toothbrush based on reviews. It was a bad choice. As soon as I turn on the toothbrush o am in the red zone. It signaling me to much pressure so I try to reduce the pressure but nothing changed. I have also removed the toothbrush from my mouth but there is still to much pressure. How is that possible?
And how can I have to much pressure for 2:48 of i brush my teeth only for 2:11???
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There's not much to say that hasn't been covered by other reviews for this product but maybe some input from a long-time Sonicare user would be beneficial.

I have the Sonicare Diamond Clean and have used Sonicare for years. I like Sonicare and still use that toothbrush occasionally but I like this Black 7000 more and more each day. I feel like the clean is superior to the Sonicare.

As others have stated, the 7000 is a bit rougher on your teeth. If you have a very sensitive mouth, the Sonicare might be a better option; however, sometimes the Sonicare is so gentle that it doesn't remove that harder to clean debris- the 7000 doesn't have that problem. I love the Cross Clean and Floss Action brush heads- definitely my favorite 2.

Oral B has a much broader selection of brush heads when compared to Sonicare, which is something that I enjoy. It makes the brush more flexible. The Bluetooth "screen" for the 7000 is a gimmick. It doesn't do anything that a normal toothbrush timer couldn't do. I'd rather have the battery usage savings from removing bluetooth than have the "functionality" of this little display.

The battery life on the 7000 seems decent, though not as good as the Sonicare. The brush took almost 30 hours to charge out of the box- it was totally dead on arrival, so a dead to full charge is QUITE long. That being said, it seems to hold a charge well. I recently took the 7000 on a 4 day trip and used it twice a day on the Clean + setting, which is 3 minutes each time. So, over the course of the trip it was being used for 24+ minutes and it still had 2/3 battery bars lit. That seems to be about in line with the advertised battery life. Oral B claims 10 days of usage, 2 minutes twice a day, which equates to about 40 minutes of brushing over 10 days. I believe that is quite accurate, but still well below the Sonicare's 3 weeks of use on a charge.

Overall I think that the Oral B Black 7000 gives you the best and most thorough brushing experience available today, slightly edging out the Sonicare. That being said, the Sonicare wins in longevity, comes with a charging case, and charges MUCH faster.

If I had to pick between the Sonicare Diamond Clean and the Oral B Black 7000, I'd pick the Black 7000 but you can't go wrong with either.
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on May 30, 2017
Works great! Battery is not so good so i charge it more often but that's not a deal breaker. It is a bit loud as I've read in a few reviews. I hardly use the app and don't use that clock thing. Great upgrade from my oral B 1000 I believe it was.
UPDATE: battery is worse and I have to charge it every other day now. It's annoying.
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on August 22, 2017
I love this toothbrush. It has definitely helped me improve my brushing habits. However, over time, I realized I don't use many of the features. That is not the fault of the product, but me overestimating what I would use. Now that I've been using it for about a year, I really only use the toothbrush itself in one mode. After the batteries in the timer died, I never replaced them. I used the app for a week and stopped. I removed the toothbrush head holder from the charger to save space. The travel case is a nice to have.

If I had to do it over again, I would buy a cheaper model, just because I personally do not use all of the fancy features. My favorite feature is that the toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds so you know when to switch quadrants. I also like that the light on it will turn red if you are using too much pressure. These features are available in lower priced models, so just think about what you will actually use long-term, especially if you're hesitant about the cost.
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on September 22, 2016
Best toothbrush ever. Went for my six month cleaning. They didn't find any plaque or tarter on my teeth. Even with my permanent retainer. Battery lasts for days. Love it.
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