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I wanted to get this review down while it is still fresh in my mind. I started it last night, read it until about 2 AM, woke up at 5 AM thinking about it, and started reading it again. I just could not quit reading it.

This story is a very fast paced story and so suspenseful that it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Every time it looks as if the hero/heroine is about to have their life ended, something unexpectedly happens that saves them. There are many twists to this story. It is not a mystery, you know who all the bad guys are in the story except for one. The one I was not expecting to be a bad guy left me disappointed.

What is so scary about this story is how most of this is very plausible-- and how easy it would be for terrorist to infiltrate our country. As I mentioned to my husband, I hope no terrorist reads this book because it would give them too many ideas! One of the things that the story points out is how unprotected our borders really are. Another thing is how very political a war is, especially to interests groups that will either profit with money or with political promotions.

The author's writing was so good I felt as if I were right in the story--I could visualize everything as it happened. I didn't notice any grammar errors or any other errors.

This story is truly about betrayal, especially at the top.

This is a stand alone story but I am looking forward to more stories about the main characters in this story and hope the author will write more about them. There was no foul language or explicit sex scenes in this story, which is so refreshing. Shows you that good stories can be told and hold your interests without sex and profanity. It is a little graphic at times but when terrorists are involved you expect this.
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on June 28, 2016
FBI Special Agent Odysseus Carr and his twin sister Cassandra, also an FBI employee, find themselves enmeshed in a politically motivated plot. Their boss has an opportunity, working with the wealthy heads of three major defense contracting firms, to be considered a running mate in the next presidential election. Carr is declared dead as the result of a botched FBI clandestine raid on a hospital in Iran. All his team members have been killed. His sister, an FBI hostage negotiator, is let go after her failed attempt to obtain release of the hostages results in the explosive death of two children along with their captor. Revenge and misdirection follow. A plot that contains innumerable twists and the connivances of immoral, moneyed, power corrupted forces. Action primarily takes place in the DC, Maryland, and Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore areas. Tigner is the same author who gave us the 4 star "Chasing Ivan."
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on August 18, 2016
I read a LOT of books and I haven't read a better book in a very long while. "Betrayal" was amazing, and the essence of the story line is something I discuss with my best friend often. He proclaims "the war machine is just looking for another war" and I totally agree with him. Your book affirmed we are not alone with these thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing more from Odi and Cassie . Characters with such strong convictions and great minds. I marveled at their ability to ability to "McGyver" their way out of seemingly impossible situations.
Great book! Congratulations and another please!
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on August 1, 2016
One that makes you miss meals, the news, and incoming phone calls. I read this book in a day and a half because I could not put it down. The subject is realistic as are the politics.. This book is a must read for anyone who likes contemporary and thrilling books that are brilliantly written and crafted with superb plots. This is the best I have read in 2016, and I read voraciously. M. Pollack
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on June 5, 2017
Fast paced action, easy to follow story that parallels events we see in the daily news. Set in current time, the basis of the plot is a behind the scenes political power play aimed at discrediting the current administration's handling of terrorism so as to set up a fertile environment for political maneuvering in the upcoming election. An FBI covert team is assassinated by the same men who put them into the field, but the team is painted to appear that they had gone rogue and gotten themselves killed when attacking a hospital in a Middle Eastern country. Only the leader of the team survives, and that happens purely by accident. He is befriended by an American doctor who remained in country when his charitable support pulled out. The team leader learns of the betrayal by his handlers and vows revenge. What he doesn't know is that this is only the beginning of betrayals by those he thought were his friends. Tim Tigner writes a tightly woven tale of intrigue, although there are some less than believable aspects of the story. Still, there is enough probable material to envision these events as reality. There are enough twists to keep the story interesting without destroying its value. Give this Tigner novel a try- it will be worth your time.
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on June 21, 2017
A real page-turner. A complex plot, yet simplistic in its evocation. An operative is recruited following a disastrous attack on a hospital which is supposedly a terrorist training camp. The entire squad is murdered and the operative seriously wounded. Then starts a journey into the world of revenge and counter-terrorism. Along the way a series of twists carry the plot to different places, yet all the while slowly being tied up until justice prevails.

The characters are well developed, yet they show a strong sense of battling with a conscience, making them markedly human in the process.

I was hooked from the first chapter. Recommended reading
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on June 16, 2017
FBI Special Agent Odysseus ‘Odi’ Carr, in addition to being a counter-terrorism, is an explosives specialist. His sister, Cassie, a behavioral psychiatrist, is in love with Odi’s boss, the director of the FBI. This relationship leads to complications when Odi and his team are sent to attack what is supposed to be a terrorist training camp, and turns out to be a hospital. Odi’s team is assassinated, and he barely escapes death himself. Meanwhile, back in the US, corporate fat cats, in an effort to protect their obscene profits, are behind acts of terror to keep the fear level high. Their plans are working until they start dying, and realize that Odi didn’t die, and he’s now hunting them. The FBI director, part of the evil plot, sets Cassie against her own brother, and the race is on.
Betrayal by Tim Tigner is a well-crafted thriller, and, while the Odi character is a bit larger than life, he’s made manageable by having his twin sister, Cassie, as a counterpoint.
Great escapist reading.
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on August 26, 2017
I have to say that iLOVE Tim Tigner books!!! The are an adventure ride like no other. This one started with all the fun and excitement of Tim's other books I've read, but this one was a bit different in that we got to follow the adventures of twins, both in the FBI. Lines like "duller than Des Moines" are why I totally enjoy Tim Tigner. It was such an unexpected descriptor, and yet it fit the bill. I do notice that Tim enjoys Greek names, and characters that look like actors we would recognize like Tom Seleck and the deep dimple chin of Kirk Douglas. Those details help me picture the character clearly.
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on May 4, 2015
Reacher/McGyver on steroids! Rather simplistic plot but enough action to keep it interesting. Characters not really fleshed-out. Will try another by this author.
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on December 9, 2016
I just finished the audio and e-book versons of this story. I let the audio read to me then I switch to Kindle, back and forth depending on what I am doing. However, with Tim Tigner books, I absolutely love the audio versions. They are narrated by a dynamic performer, Dick Hill. Either way this story is read, it is absolutely fantastic!! The Kyle Achilles series may have a serious competitor. When I started, the story sucked me right into the action and never let go. It was extremely difficult to put this book down to do other things since the action never let up. Odie and Cassie are twins who went in totally different directions in their lives after the death of their parents, without much contact. In this story they meet up, but in a very, very unexpected manner. You must read the story to even believe how this came about. Every time Odie and Cassie make it through a trauma/drama, life-threatening situation, another would pop up. At times they were adversaries, at times they were allies. When terrorists go after persons in the U.S. Government, who would ever think that a politician could be at the root of the issue. Never..... At times I would get furious that Cassie or Odie would put themselves in the middle of a mess through simple carelessness. But, their capacity to think on their feet and to handle just about any crisis, keeps you going and going until the very end. I am really hoping that there will be another and that this is a series. The ending left me wanting for more about these two characters. I highly recommend both the audiobook and the e-version.
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