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on March 16, 2015
Works really good very helpful for a beginner and if you can't remember where your first, second, third and forth finger's go this picture should help.
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on October 20, 2013
I am 30 years old, and do not play any instruments... my boyfriend surprised me with a full sized violin, which I knew nothing about but have always wanted to learn. I am too busy to dedicate the time to learning the notes by ear, etc. this finger guide is awesome and really makes the process of learning notes easy... It is simple to use and eases a lot of my impatience and frustrations and makes it fun to learn...I'd highly recommend one.
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on February 12, 2016
I've had the finger guide for a little over 2 weeks now. I am a beginner to playing the violin.

My finger guide actually arrived after I started learning to play, which is a good thing. I am using a book to learn the basics and determine if playing the violin is something I am interested in (which so far, I am interested in it). I play other instruments, so I know what a C, F, and G (etc.) all sound like. I was doing okay with finger placement without the guide, but once I put it on...oh wow. HUGE difference in ease of playing, as well as the sound. I didn't realize that nearly all of the notes I was playing myself were ever so slightly sharp. This guide has helped me immensely and really helped my understanding of the violin. I could not recommend it enough.

For installation of the guide, it could not be any easier. There are instructions that arrive with the guide, and they are clear and concise. No issues installing. For testing purposes, I took the guide back off the violin and tried installing it a few more times, and each time it adhered correctly and as if it was brand new.

This is a great product, both in terms of use and manufacturing. I'd highly recommend this to anyone learning to play.
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on June 25, 2016
I recently obtained a reasonably priced violin since I was interested in the strings. Of course, violins are way different than a piano! To help me learn where the notes are, I purchased this as it was an inexpensive addition to my investment. I had practiced for a week before this product arrived, but since I put it on the instrument I am far more accurate with finger placement. As a college student who's learning strings for the first time, I would certainly recommend this guide. Putting it on is a breeze, and as advertised, it does not stick to the violin. It clings only to itself, so future removal is painless.

Edit: After a month of use, I finally decided to break off the training wheels. I still need a little practice now that I don't have a visual aid, but I feel this product was helpful in getting me started. I believe this product still lives up to my 5 star rating, as it; A. Helped me learn the notes and B. Came off with no trouble after a month of service. I would definitely recommend this product.
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on January 31, 2016
I purchased this from the companies website, they had an offer for the purchase of a poster and playbook and I got this free, I had intended to purchase this on it's own, but I'm nearly 30 and I need all the information and assistance I can get so I took the offer. I can't speak on the speed and efficiency coming through Amazon, but I think it took about 2 days to get it from the site and the seller emailed me before hand to make sure they had the right address.

I love this, I love the play book and the poster (they're great companions). I can pizzicato the heck out of "Oh Danny Boy"(one of the first songs in the book) and I've worked my way through some the major scales. I've only had my violin for a portion of a month and this came soon after. I can almost play every natural note with my eyes closed.

I highly recommend you purchase poster to go with this, the playbook is nice but I do have another book which has more details and step by step instructions, but the songs are in standard notation, they teach you music theory throughout but for a beginner being able to see the note on the staff in the book, then glancing at the poster and seeing what note that is and being able to find it with the guide is very helpful. The playbook is great as well, because it does give you songs you know or heard and being able to hum them keeps you in melody.

My only problem with this item itself and it's not major for me, but the there's ripples/bubbles along the fret board and no amount of removing and reapplying and pulling will get them out. I think they were created when first stretching it over the fret board.
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on April 7, 2017
This is the greatest invention known to musicians. I started learning the violin 6 months ago, and invested in this finger-guide about 3 months in. I have a deeper understanding of music theory because of this guide. And, of course, it's helping me to learn fingering much faster than the traditional method. The circle of fifths makes sense. and tuning my violin is easier as well. Overall, this is a wonderful invention, and a worthy purchase. I can't promote it enough. I can easily practice scales and experiment on my own thanks for this guide.
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on December 16, 2016
This product was a eye opener at first I did under stand the concept but now I do and actually I am now playing the scales on the Violin I talked to the owner and he walked me Thur it.
This product will definitely help learn the notes to the each string which are G D A E this product is a huge eye opener to me and i have play Piano and guitar as well and now I am learning the Violin using this product.
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on July 11, 2016
Ok this review is a little different. I just received the fretless finger guide today, and haven't really had a chance to play around with it. It does appear to be very good quality, and looks great. No, this review is about the seller.

I am more then pleased with the seller and their company. When I first ordered the guide, which comes in an envelope, got lost in the mail. After i waited a while to be certain it wasn't showing up, i sent an email asking if there was a reason for the delay. The seller apologized very nicely, very quickly sent a replacement, and even included a free gift, a finger guide poster, that i would have bought if i had known about it because it is just so cool. I am very happy with the response, the emails were very polite, and with haste the replacement product was sent. I would buy from them again. Thanks Fretless, i cant wait to use your product to get better at my Violin.
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on March 11, 2017
Wonderful!!! We have 6 people learning violin in my house. I purchased 3 full size and 2 half size from here. I needed a 6th and went with a cheaper brand. That was a mistake. The other brand was difficult to place, and could not be adjusted or reused. I threw it in the garbage and ordered one more from Fretless Finger Guides. These are amazing. Easy as can be to put on, adjust, and reuse if needed to be taken off for some reason. They also are more of a cling than a sticker, so no damage to the violin itself like other brands. Very glad to have found this product.
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on January 4, 2016
The violin is a new stringed instrument for me. I know the fret board of a guitar in my sleep. The concept of the guitar's fret board, where notes are and how they are spaced works the same on a violin finger board but of course the notes are in different places and the violin has no markings like the frets of a guitar. That's where the Fretless Finger Guide comes in. It has the notes, properly placed (I checked on my chromatic tuner), and easy to see. Installation was simple and there is no glue or sticking involved. The finger guide is made of clear vinyl and sticks to itself on the neck behind the finger board. It has alignment guides and it wrapped around and adhered to itself very easily. I peeled the guide off of the harder plastic backing and had it on the violin in less than a minute and I assure you that I'm a novice where violins are concerned.

The guide does pucker a little here and there between the painted on note markings but it is so slight that it has never been a problem for me.
The best benefit is that I have an easy to read guide and it has allowed me to play several songs in my first week of violin ownership. I attribute that to the guide. I highly recommend the Fretless Finger Guide and think the elimination of frustration of trying to find the right place to train my fingers to go has been fantastic. I don't think anyone could go wrong for the price and the value in immediate satisfaction that it brings. If you're on the fence, go ahead - buy it.
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