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on September 3, 2016
My cocker spaniel has terrible teeth. Several different vets have been insisting on dental cleaning under anesthesia for years now, but I'm terrified to have to put her through that. I've been using Greenies for years with no diferenece at all. This product was the last resort before scheduling that dental cleaning procedure. I took a before picture to ensure I'm not just imagining improvement to avoid having to put her under anesthesia. After 2 weeks of switching between Vibrac CET VeggieDent and Vibrac CET Enzymatic (she gets bored of the same treats quickly) I checked Lola's teeth and almost cried!!!!! This product is an absolute miracle. Before and after picture included (taken 2 weeks apart).
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on November 17, 2016
I thought these chews would help with the tarter build up that daily brushing isn't helping. I've given my dog 1 to try out to see if she would even eat it. And it took 2 days of chasing her around the house with it before she even tried to eat it. I gave her another piece a week later to see if she would still eat and she did. But I noticed the sizes were all so different. I ordered the medium size bag for my 25 lbs dog. Now included in the pictures I emptied out the bag and noticed a few things.

1. that I did not receive 30 pieces as advertised and I had only given her 2 pieces since opening, so I only got 23 pieces in total.
2.You can also see in the pictures that they are so many different sizes, I put a quarter for size comparison . The smallest piece is about 2 quarters long and the biggest is about 4 quarters long and a medium size being 3 quarters long.
3. They are so many different colors ranging from very pale yellow maybe white to a dark brown gray color.

I don't like that there are so many different sizes, the small pieces are definitely going in the trash being chocking hazards. The brown gray ones are also going in the trash I'm not sure what is going on with those pieces. So in the end my dog will be eating 10 pieces maybe if she's lucky.
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on October 5, 2015
We've been buying these for our 8 lb. minpin for years and he really likes them....EXCEPT the other day we found him choking while eating a stick. I pulled out a four inch long string out of his mouth that was as tough as dental floss and even looked like dental floss that was imbedded in the chew. I'm worried that this might happen again...lucky I was around when it did. Has anyone else experienced this? Please see picture.
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on November 17, 2015
My dog really like these chews, but after giving them to him for for about a week, I noticed that he was drinking an ungodly amount of water--as in, ALL. THE. TIME. Naturally, this meant that he had to pee all the time. Suddenly, he was starting to have accidents in the house--something he'd never done before unless I neglected to take him out in a timely manner. I did a little internet research and found that this brand of dog chews has been known to cause kidney problems in some dogs, a symptom of which is a sudden, marked increase in daily water intake, increase in frequency of urination, and accidents. I immediately stopped giving them to him, and within a few days he was back to normal. A vet checkup confirmed that he's perfectly fine, but the vet did caution against using this product again. Based on the Amazon reviews, it appears as if most dogs have no problem with these chews. Like people, every dog is different. I wouldn't go so far as to recommend that people NOT buy them, but I wanted to write this review so that others might learn of the potential risk.
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on June 7, 2015
QUALITY CONTROL? The size and thickness variation in a "medium" bag is ridiculous. I end up being able to use maybe 24 out of the 30. In the photo you can see the various sizes included in a "medium" bag, and the two I'm holding are 1/4" thick and 3/16" thick. My two small dogs are 12 lb. and 17 lb. and cannot eat the thick ones. SO the cost of a bag of "usable" medium chews skyrockets. My dogs love these but I can't afford the waste.
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on March 18, 2014
My dogs had eaten several packages of these. The most recent package came and my older Yorkie, who eats any and everything refused his, my younger Yorkie ate about one-third of his when I took it away, alarmed by the other dogs reaction. About six hours later, my younger dog became violently ill, violent vomiting, was unable to control his bowels and was unable to stand. I sat up with him all night, prepared to take him to the emergency hospital if the symptoms started again. The next day I went on the Virbac website. I explained the situation and offered to send them the chews thinking that somehow they had become contaminated. I emphasized that I was not interested in compensation, just wanted to prevent other pets from becoming desperately ill. VIRBAC was NOT INTERESTED. I will never buy their products again.
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on February 29, 2016
I have a golden retriever about 53-55lbs, so she's right near the cut off between the large (26-50lbs) and extra large (51+lbs) chews. I bought the L chews because reviews of the XL seemed a little too big and cost about $10 more than the L. She's been chewing these for a little over a month.
Like many retriever owners on here have said, she can go through one chew in about ten minutes. I always stay in the room with her while she eats one because as it gets smaller she'll sometimes try to swallow pieces. As with any chew-toy or treat, supervise your pet. These treats work well with my dog's tummy and digestion and don't seem to aggravate her allergies. I work in the dental field and I'm always looking for effective and safe solutions to pet oral hygiene, not just treats or rinses that cover up dog breath **See below. These are a great addition to my dog's oral care regimen.
**PSA- "DOG BREATH" ISN'T NORMAL. I'm not talking about occasional sleepy morning breath, I'm talking about "The Dog Breath Stench" that hits you if they so much as yawn or lick their chops. If you've noticed this with your pet, please visit your Vet, it can be a sign of periodontal disease, a painful and sometimes serious health risk. Just like with humans, chronic periodontal disease is irreversible and can cause tooth loss and systemic problems. Dental chews cannot fix periodontal disease, but professional treatment and home dental care can help manage the progression.
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on June 18, 2017
I am very familiar with these as I work in the vet industry, specifically in dentistry! My dogs love these and they are VOHC (veterinary oral health council) recommended! We always shy our clients away from bully sticks and rawhides etc. because they can fracture teeth, however, I recommend these to our clients with dogs that love to chew because these are rawhide looking, but very pliable and as the dogs chew them they are very soft.
Rule of them for any chewing treats is if you can't make an indention with your finger nail they are too hard! You can literally bend these and they have so much give!
We also recommend chlorhexidine rinses for our patients as it is an antiseptic that kills bacteria in the mouth! I brush my dogs teeth almost every day and use a prescription chlorhexidine spray in their mouth, but I give these as their chew toy!

I get the large ones despite having a 15# toy aussie and 20# beagle/dachshund mix. They love them and the large ones just last longer for them and keep them more occupied! You will not find a cheaper price for these either! There are other sellers on Amazon that are much more expensive and is insanely expensive, petsmart is like $30 for the same thing! Yup, I'll take these with free shipping any day! These last my dogs a few days so I buy a bag every 2 months or so! :)
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on March 30, 2017
I used to buy these several years ago from my vet office for my neurotic long hair Dachshund. They WERE great. Tough and thick but really expensive (least at the vet office). Saw they were being sold on Amazon for MUCH cheaper and decided to purchase them for my year old English Bulldog. I will NEVER buy again. First and foremost, the bag I received were considerably much thinner and near bendable. That should have been my first clue the quality had gone down but against my better judgement I gave her the largest one in the bag thinking it was big enough there was no possible way she could swallow it. I was wrong. Within less than 5 minutes, she was able to bend it in half and choke it down....Long story short, she's fine, however soon after that incident she has developed allergies to everything. I'm not saying the chew was what did it all considering Bulldogs are prone to have allergy and skin issues but I believe it had something to do with her gut because she was perfectly fine before these chews. A poster board for a healthy Bulldog and that isn't just my opinion. It was straight out of my vet's mouth. Even she doesn't understand how the allergies literally sprang out of nowhere. These chews may work for other dogs but I would HIGHLY advise if you have a Bullldog to skip it and pretend like you never saw them!
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on September 14, 2015
These treats should come with a warning label: Could make your dog extremely ill including violent vomiting, excessive diarrhea, and bloody stool for 48-72 hours. After reading all of the good reviews on these treats I carefully selected them in a size that my dog could not swallow whole (to avoid the choking hazard). My dog is an 11lbs Shih Tzu. I gave my dog 1 treat, and did not allow him to swallow any portion of it. Less than 24 hours later, I woke up to 4 vomit puddles, and multiple diarrhea piles throughout his area. My dog is 8 years old and very well house broken. He alerts whenever he has to “potty” no matter the time of day.

Over the next 48-72 hours things became progressively worse with panting, no drinking water/eating, lethargy, and bloody stool. Unfortunately this happened over Labor Day weekend. We didn't want a $1000 vet bill, so we waited until Tuesday to take him in. The vet ended up prescribing anti-vomiting, anti-diarrhea, and antibiotic medication due to a low-grade infection. It's been a little over a full week now and my dog is JUST NOW starting to return to his normal state.

After discovering these issues, I went back on Amazon to re-read the reviews. I could not believe that I had missed this problem and was devastated at his reaction to the treats! I was able to find MANY reviews about this product under the following product (see the end of this review) that described similar horror stories of extreme illness after taking these treats. Once I read those, I became infuriated that Amazon was still selling these treats and without a warning label. My advice is to read ALL the reviews on ALL varieties of these treats before you purchase them for your dog. Otherwise, you may end up paying $300 for treats you had to throw away, just like me.

The link to the other treats with reviews about dogs getting sick:
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