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on June 21, 2017
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 3, 2017
My kids wanted to get this as a gift for Daddy for Christmas. All 3 of them have had an absolute blast playing with it since then. My 4 year old has figured out how to load, aim and shoot it on his own. Both kids love to chase the pellets when they fly all over the house.

We use this primarily for 'target practice'. We set up old cereal boxes on the window sill and see how far away we can stand and still knock them over. This thing has quite a range. It will easily shoot across the length of our basement, but aiming from that distance is tough.

This is easy to load with pellets. It has a chamber that spins and comes out to the side like a revolver.

This has been a great present that the whole family has enjoyed!
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on January 16, 2017
I originally bought a pair for my nephew as a Christmas gift, but then decided me and my lady needed a pair as well. These are AWESOME. Especially for the price. Rapid fire feature works well, and with suction cup darts I can hit the bulls-eye target I drew on my mirror (dry erase markers!) from 20-30 feet and they consistently stick and are pretty accurate. It easily shoots across two rooms of my house and I can hit targets about 40 feet or so away with good velocity (the suction darts don't stick that far though). Also fun for battling it out or supersize attacking your significant other. When I bought these they were only $9 or so. Super cheap for a lot of fun.
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on August 24, 2017
This is my third N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster. Why three of them? Do they break or something? No. They're just that good. This is why I got three:

Performance (base) - Holds 6 darts, no batteries needed, and dangerously accurate. While 6 darts isn't much these days, it's enough to fire off a half a dozen darts before you have to scramble for more ammo. Lucky for you, whoever you were firing at probably took cover because the shots seem to go right where you aim. Seriously. My roommate with the hurt eyeball can vouch! On top of that, refilling your ammo is very easy. Press the button on the side and your cylinder opens for fast loading, or you can squeeze darts in without opening it, but you may damage them in the process. All in all, the performance is summed up as fast paced and accurate! Throw in a tac rail on the top and you have one mean blaster!

Side note: To prime the blaster to fire, you have to pull the gray piece on top back. Smaller children may have a harder time doing this. For those that can handle this, you've got slam fire! Just hold the trigger down and pump the gray piece and it will fire each time you pull back and go forward!

Performance (modded) - Yeah. That's right. You can mod this thing! You'll have to google a mod kit, but you can swap out the internals in this thing and increase the distance and velocity. If you don't care to mod it, this will not apply to you. I would discourage from shooting this at people unless you're outside having a battle across the yard. Indoors/close range, it hurts too much!

Build Quality - It's made out of plastic. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. It's a Nerf blaster! It keeps it relatively lightweight. It doesn't feel like cheap plastic, and I've never actually broken, cracked, or chipped one, except for my modified one, but that's my bad.

Value - I've picked these up from $9 to $15. They're my most used blasters, easily. The fact that we fight for this specific blaster when a battle emerges, rather than the other ones we have (including some of the big boys) says a lot about the abilities of the Strongarm. That alone increases the value far beyond what I paid for it.

If I could only have one Nerf blaster, I'd be proud to say it's a Strongarm.
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on October 8, 2017
I bought this gun based on reviews I read for this gun as well as reviews for other guns. The reason this gun is the number one best seller for Nerf Guns on Amazon is because it really is the best in the entire lineup. It has tremendous range, does not jam, highly accurate with third party darts and is easy to load and shoot. Concerning the darts: Nerf darts do not fly straight out of any Nerf gun. The best darts to use for accuracy are the Raytheon Toys darts; the head is soft plastic, not foam, and is slightly smaller but flies much straighter than a Nerf dart.
After attending my first Nerf Battle Party which had a wide variety of Nerf guns, both current and a couple of years old, including the Modulus, this gun stands out as the best. The modulus, which is very nice, did jam a couple of times and does not have a very good shooting range as indicated in other reviews
The Strongarm did not jam, shot accurately from long distances and proved to be the best on the battleground.
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on August 25, 2017
Great gun and great price. Ordered 12 of these for a Nerf event and was impressed when they came in. I haven't messed with Nerf guns since I was a kid and they have greatly improved! If loaded properly they will not jam and if kids do jam them they are super easy to fix. We had kids age 5 and up. We attached bandanas to the hook to help the younger ones pull it back. These sting, especially if it catches you on the cheek. We required safety glasses, which you can find in sets of 12 super cheap on Amazon! We also had boundaries with each team having a buffer zone/no man's land in between about 6-8 ft across so that no one could be shot point blank and it was clear what team everyone was on. I would definitely recommend these for anyone's Nerf collection!
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on February 4, 2018
The first week or 2 this was a good gun that had the up to 75 feet shooting, a 6 bullet barrel, and all that sort of stuff. Then, after those weeks the barrel would turn only halfway, sometimes causing the bullet to shoot only 2 inches and clog the gun. I don't know if dirt or something clogged it, but if it can get clogged their is no point using it because it is worthless. Nerf guns are for shooting, indoors and outdoors, so if it is not made clog free you basically can't do anything. I am warning you people not to go into this trap, I am your only hope...... well also the other 1 star reviewers are your hopes.
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on September 7, 2017
This is a fun little blaster, but they don't make them like they did when I was a kid. Here's the breakdown:

Super easy to shoot
Pretty accurate
Good force behind it
Easy to load
Feels nice in the hand

Inconsistent for the following reasons:
-Cylinder rotation gets out of whack and dart will exit cylinder but get not have a straight path out the barrel and get stuck
-Dart may exit, but get hung up somewhere due to that out of line cylinder and only travels about a foot.

Bottom Line: I ordered two, and maybe mine were both duds, or maybe I'm too picky, but consistency would be nice. We bought them to shoot at our cat when she is on the counter or otherwise doing something she shouldn't, so it works for that, but don't be surprised if it gets jammed up occasionally.
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on October 8, 2017
My 4 year old and I have begun the Nerf battles that he keeps seeing on TV, so I had to upgrade us to a multi shot option..

We both love the two I purchased... They simply work great... (& he can actually pull this one back to arm it, so that is a bonus... Some can be a bit hard for smaller kids)...

Great purchase for us... Shoots a good distance, etc... Very happy....
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on January 19, 2018
First I would like to give a "shout out" to Mackenzie Johnston for his review. It was the reason for my purchase. My wife an I adopted two cats one is a black tuxedo cat and and little orange tiger. The tiger is a bit of a discipline problem he may not be a "D-Bag" (read Mackenzie's review) ours is a step lower we refer to him as a "Nut Job" at times (NJ).
Day 1 1/19/18. It arrives and it is well made a bit bigger than expected...its the "Dirty Harry" of nerf guns. it has excellent range I can sit in one room and it goes into the next.
The Strongarm is packaged well and has simple instructions, written for us and to our
neighbors to the north and the south, who my also need to train a varmint.
My test firing was my wife shot at me (I didnt want to sleep in the garage with no heat. It was 15 degrees last night. It sting a bit..ok it will do the trick. Time for target practice. "NJ" didnt keep me waiting. He started to jump on the dining room chair. First shot missed but it got his attention. He started again second shot closer and he gave me a look..the third shot i grazed his front paw and jumped. He has been good so far. I have patience stay tuned as the saga continues...
Next day "NJ" is a bit naughty. Got a few shots in most missed him. He also did a Wiley E Coyote run on our laminate floor. He is starting to run away at seeing the gun in my
hand. Note: This gun fits nicely in a full size bath robe pocket. Only two days after having the gun it did its job. I keep you posted. Oh yes my wife liked it i ordered the smaller "3 shooter for her....Happy Hunting yall.
Michael Sites Carlisle, PA
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