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on October 18, 2015
Great product, however I hate how the price fluctuates so much. I paid $34.59 when I purchased this last and today the same exact box is $50. No thanks, I'll have to shop elsewhere this time.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 4, 2017
I do not think that these diapers are the same as the store bought brand. I will not purchase these again. I had a pack I received from the hospital and opened my new box and compared the diapers side by side. These diapers are more rough, they also spell like a plastic chemical smell. I will not order these again and feel like these are a "knock off". If you are pressed for cash, and need a cheap alternative, then these will fit the bill. But I am worried as to what could possibly be in these diapers.
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I love Pampers Swaddlers. My baby is 9 months old and we've been using Pampers since she was born. Yes, I have strayed a few times to try other brands. But I always come right back to these Swaddlers.

I've tried Huggies, Simple Truth, Honest Co. and Target Brand diapers. Huggies are terrible. They literally feel like sandpaper. Target's diapers are okay for the price. But they are much too wide between the legs for my petite daughter (15lbs at 9 months old). I like Simple Truth because of how natural they are. Same goes with Honest diapers. But both brands don't compare to the softness of Pampers Swaddlers, plus they don't have wetness indicators. My baby has very sensitive skin, so she needs the softest option available. Pampers Swaddlers are just that. So soft. soft as diapers can get.

•These are the softest diapers I have tried. They are great for sensitive skin.
•My baby has only ever had diaper rash ONCE. One. Time. She is 9 months old.
•Wetness indicator is a luxury that I prefer to have.
•Blowouts are few and far between. Usually if she has a blowout, it means it's time for a larger size of diaper. Seriously, these do an AMAZING job at keeping everything inside the diaper. Even if my baby is active.
•These diapers don't make that crunchy sound when baby moves/crawls around. They are silent.
•Velcro tabs are nice and strong. They hold exactly where you place them. I've never had these scratch my baby. Every product has the occasional defect. Don't let those few reviews influence your decision.
•Extremely affordable.
•I love that these are not all boxy and squared off on the area that goes between the legs. These are nice and tapered between the legs. It makes these diapers much more comfortable for my baby.
•These have a super thin profile. Meaning, my baby doesn't have such a large poofy "diaper butt" underneath her clothes. Which is a good thing because they are still super absorbent.
•When I change my baby's diaper, her skin is usually dry, even though her diaper is wet. Swaddlers are super, super absorbent. They do an excellent job at wicking the wetness away from baby's skin. That was my biggest issue with Honest diapers. My baby's skin was always really wet when I would change her. Wet skin sitting in a diaper leads to diaper rash.

•When my daughter is really, really wet. From a long nap or a night of sleep, the diaper feels moist on the outside. It will even make her clothes feel damp. It's not leaking, but moisture does seep though.
•These diapers are not at all environmentally friendly.
•They have an almost perfume-like, powdery smell to them. Most apparent when you first open the package. But even if sitting in my diaper caddy for a week, if I hold a diaper to my nose they still smell perfume-like.

Overall, these are great diapers. I highly recommend and will keep using these for my daughter. I have never had any issues with diapers that I have ordered off of Amazon. These are the same quality that Pampers would have if I purchased at Target. My daughter is still in a size 2 at 9 months old. She is almost 16lbs and size 2 fits her perfectly.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 13, 2018
Y’all, I purchased these three weeks ago. Two days after using them, my son started to get a horrible diaper rash that had him in tears multiple times. I’ve tried everything: changing him hourly, using creams of every kind, eliminating potential problem foods, and the rash persisted. I came on here to look at buying some more diapers (it had NEVER occurred to me that the diapers may be he issue), and a review caught my eye. The person described the diapers she received as having some weird pastel design on them, and they caused a burn on her daughter. I was FLOORED. Ours, too, had a weird pastel design that I have never seen on a pampers diaper before. We have exclusively used pampers swaddlers for the past 11 months, and never had an issue. So of course, I go compare these to my other Pampers swaddlers diapers, and there are several differences. The most obvious is that the word “Pampers” isn’t written on the front like all of the others that I have. The inside also has a different pattern in the fabric of the diaper. It’s super subtle, but it’s there. The packaging all looked just like the real diapers, so it never once occurred to me that I might have been sold a counterfeit one. I am beyond upset that Amazon hasn’t taken this more seriously and taken these pampers down off their shelves. I am livid that other people have complained, and nothing has been done. And yes, these were fulfilled by Amazon. Buyer beware!!!!
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2018
We loved these Pampers Swaddlers diapers when we had our first daughter 5 years ago and now that we have a new baby, these are the only diapers I'll buy. They are excellent quality, far superior to Huggies and Luvs. The Swaddlers are so soft and flare easily around the legs and the tabs stay put on the front of the diaper, so with both girls, we've never had a blowout or leaky diaper. These easily hold 8 hours worth of urine from the baby sleeping all night and don't even leak when she sleeps on her belly with her behind up. My favorite feature is the wetness indicator. The indicator is yellow and when the baby wets the diaper, it turns blue so no more constant checking around the leg holes to see if the baby wets, a simple glance at the front of the diaper is all that is necessary.

Even though these diapers are more expensive than other brands, the quality is well worth it when you don't have to constantly wash baby clothes from blowouts.
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These diapers have been perfect for me and my infant. I'm a first time mom, and I was not sure which brand to go with for diapers, but Pampers came highly recommended by friends. I've found that the Swaddlers work best for my little guy. They are a nice material, and he has never had any rashes or skin reactivity to these diapers. They contain all of his waste almost without fail. I've never had any urine leaks with these size 3 diapers, and the only time I've had stool leak is when baby has a blow-out, and I wouldn't expect any diaper to contain that mess!!!

I highly recommend Pampers Swaddlers whenever a friend asks me for diaper recommendations.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 30, 2018
We have been purchasing these diapers for the past 2 years and 5 months, from my oldest son to my 7 month old daughter. They were by far the best diaper on the market. That is until the latest box i purchased. Something has changed. Sesame street characters are gone, and so is the quality. The diapers are now thinner, and have a different smell. They are also lower in quality. 2 out of 5 diapers, the left front tab tears off as i am stretching it to the velcro back piece. Never, ever has this happened with the previous diapers. In addition they must be a different shape or less absorbent. My daughter has had more explosive blow outs then ever before. So much shoots up the rear in heights like the hawaii volcano. My wife and i are very disappointed with the sudden change, on such a highly regarded product. Thank you Pampers for a fantastic 2 and a half years. The money we have spent on these diapers was totally worth it, but we are moving on.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 19, 2017
One of the closure flaps ripped off in my hand. Edging around legs also ripped. Would not recommend for older babies who like to squirm during diaper changes.

Comparison: Going back to cruisers despite being disappointed in the price. They're obviously the heavy duty option.

Don't even bother with the baby dry kind, as they don't cling to the poop and you end up with mobile poops... Let that sink in. The poops slide to the front, up the back and down the legs. Super gross. Seriously not a fun experience testing the Baby Dry Diapers out.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 26, 2018
I couldn't believe the problems I was having with these diapers after purchasing on Amazon. I purchased an initial box to test them out and they were perfect in size 2 for my >99th percentile height, but 65th percentile weight baby. Never leaked at night. I found them for much cheaper on Amazon so I ordered. When they arrived, I immediately noticed they were thinner and bigger than the others, but I thought maybe they were mislabeled with the size. After using them for a week, I'm returning them realizing what other reviewers have said is correct. There is no way these are real pampers. They are very thin, characters are faded, the leg holes are huge, they are overall longer and also have a much stronger scent (almost like luvs). They almost seem like they are a sizer bigger than they should be, but my son is just over 16 pounds so the size 3, even if that was the case, should be fine. Every single morning, he would wake up soaked through with pee and I know how to put a diaper on correctly so it doesn't leak. These are cheaper than the store for a reason.
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on August 30, 2016
We love pamper swaddlers. They are my second favorite brand the first being Earth's Best. We had been using earth's best but with a new baby coming and the need to buy two sets of diapers we decided to switch to pampers because for cost reasons. The are definitely more affordable. I've tried lots of different brands over the years of raising my to be four children from pampers, huggies, generics, seventh generation, honest company, and earth's best. These are number 2 on my list! Great diapers!
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