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on March 19, 2016
This family house was perfect for our sons 3rd birthday!! With the addition of the garage it made it a perfect house that wasn't overly girly.

When I purchased I was prepared, based on the reviews, that it would take a few hours to put together. Not accurate! It only took my husband 45 minutes.

Zero regrets on this purchase! In fact the grandparents bought the car to go in the garage and additional family members.
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on November 1, 2017
I'm giving this only three stars because, for the price, this should have been much nicer. The box, it looked as if someone had returned it, the top and bottom were taped up, the box felt flimsy too. This was a gift for my granddaughter. I took out the pieces and thought, for $110, this should feel more sturdy, have more substance. It reminded me of my son's cub scout derby car. I felt like the wood could break easily. It was my granddaughter's birthday, how do I ship this back and get a new one, that could be in the same condition? I put it together anyway, there was a crack in the wood on one of the pieces, the garage door has a small ramp. This will NEVER fit into place, there's no way. I really feel like someone had this before which is ridiculously disappointing. Anyway, it is cute and I've purchased the car which is adorable and comes with two kids and parents. I'll probably buy her the pets too for Christmas but honestly, $110??

UPDATE: 1/11/18 - I wish I never would have spent over $100 on this item. My granddaughter plays with this only occasionally; while visiting yesterday, I see that the red door has fallen off. Terrible workmanship. I'm sick that I bought this. I knew this wasn't an heirloom but come on!
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on July 24, 2015
I wanted a dollhouse with an elevator for my son, and took a chance with this one based on the positive reviews and previous experience with Melissa and Doug toys. I was hesitant because of the reviews that said it has either missing or defective pieces, but when all was said and done, I preferred the look of this one over all other ones I looked at. We just finished putting it together, and my son loves it. We did have a couple 4-letter-word moments with the assembly, however.
1. One of the screw holes was not drilled out well enough, and I had to re-drill it myself so the screw would fit. Luckily I have a power drill, otherwise I would have been jamming a screwdriver in there trying to clean up the hole.
2. The garage door and beam above it should have come pre-assembled, but didn't. We (meaning my husband, because it took quite a bit of muscle) had to shove them between the vertical beams to put them in place.
3. There were supposed to be long screws and short screws, plus extras. We had no extras, and one short screw was actually a medium length. Luckily, it fit, and we did not lose any screws during assembly.

One note: although it wouldn't shock me if some people really did get pieces that didn't line up (a common complaint among reviewers), I suspect a certain percentage of that can be attributed to not following the directions well enough (certain pieces need to be facing a specific direction).

Overall, it feels sturdy, I like the look of it, my son is enjoying it, and I hope my daughter (just a baby) will enjoy it in the years to come.
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on January 28, 2017
I got this house for my 2,5 year old son. I spent a lot of time comparing this house to the almost identical Hape house. One thing that I did not like about the Hape house, is the "wasted" space on the bottom. Where this house has a garage, the Hape one has a panel, half the height of the garage door, with some trees on it. The space behind the panel cannot really be used for play, unless you use it is basement - storage! : )
My son like the garage option on this house, and I liked that all the space here is used well. I did like the Hape furniture a bit better, but this furniture does what it is meant to do, and of a good quality.
House was easy to put together and took me under an hour with my 2,5 year old and 6mo old "assisting".
My only complaint is that one of the parts came damaged, and now we have a hole in the floor on one of the levels. It was not significant enough to return the whole thing over it.
My son enjoys playing with it, and once my daughter is old enough, it is a good size for them to play together.
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on October 26, 2017
This product was a huge disappointment. I'm a professional play therapist, and I was looking forward to including this doll house in my play therapy room. However, the product was a disaster. I couldn't get beyond the first assembly step because the floor piece was cut so that it would not fit flush with the sides of the house and it was impossible to secure it with the hardware provided. While attempting to achieve Step 1, piece of the side frames began to fall apart--very poor glue or gluing technique; regardless, much poorer quality that I'm used to for Melissa and Doug products. My advice: avoid this product!
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on January 7, 2017
- If you've put together a certain Swedish company's flat-pack furniture with a hex wrench, a screwdriver and a healthy does of patience, then this should take you under an hour.
- Use a screwdriver to keep the barrel nuts aligned.
- Use tape to keep them from falling out during assembly. One dropped out three times in a row. I dropped more than three choice phrases afterwards.
- Don't fully tighten the screws until all the floors are in place. I needed the wiggle room to help fit everything properly.
- Sturdy. Good Melissa & Doug wood. This kid needs something beyond plastic and thin fiberboard.
- Someone at the factory was over-zealous with the glue gun. I'll trade imperfect aesthetics for strength.
- Furniture/dolls thus far have survived the (expected) throwing. She's four. "Will it survive a tantrum?" is an honest rating criteria.
- Love the scale. Accommodates many brands of dolls/accessories, none so small that you'll curse losing a tiny chair or worse yet find it (painfully) underfoot in the middle of the night.
- My friends bought this for their kids, and it's held up for years. Hoping for the same results. If not... I'll update the review.
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on May 6, 2016
we bought this dollhouse for my daughter's 3rd birthday. i would normally not ever have thought to get her a dollhouse as she does not play with dolls but prefers dinosaurs, cars, and snakes but our local library has this exact dollhouse and she loved playing with it there. she loves the elevator and likes to put her dinos in the house and make the elevator go up and down. i like that it is an open sided house so she can get to it from 3 sides. it's really great for imaginative play. so far we have several dinosaurs and a few guinea pigs in our house (no people ha ha).

we ordered our dollhouse a few weeks before her birthday but did not open it until the weekend before so my husband could put it together. He did not have any issues putting it together and it took him just over an hour. What we did find is our box was missing all three people it was supposed to have and one of the roof pieces did not fit right. I emailed Melissa and Doug on a saturday night and i heard back from their customer service by mid Monday. They asked me to call them and told me what info i would need. I dont think I managed to actually call them until Tuesday which was my daughter's birthday. The rep on the phone was very polite and apologized that our box was missing pieces, took my info and said she would ship out the missing pieces and a new roof panel and it would take about 10 business days. we gave our daughter the dollhouse on her birthday without the people since we knew she probably wouldnt care about the people. we got the missing pieces probably 2-3 days later.

so my advice to people is if you are giving this to a child who would care about the dolls just open the box early to make sure you have all the pieces. if you dont the customer service dept at Melissa and Doug is great. no complaints from me.

it turns out it wasnt the roof panel that was wrong but we think the pegs on the dollhouse itself that hold the roof panel on are not in the right spot on ours. im guessing we could probably trade in the dollhouse itself to get one that fits right but we kind of dont care. One roof panel is slightly askew. My husband might try to drill it a bit to make it fit better.

my daughter really enjoys playing with this dollhouse, i like that it is wood rather than plastic and i like that it is gender neutral and colorful. i also dont know how many dollhouses that have a garage which is kind of fun!
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on December 25, 2016
We bought this as a christmas gift in late october and I'm KICKING myself for not having set it up sooner. After a frustrating time setting it up with my husband, "Santa" ended up leaving the house with an accompanying note explaining why the garage door and elevator aren't working and telling my poor kid why it has to go back to santas workshop.

We DID buy this from warehouse deals but it was NOT as described. It was in "very good" condition with only one small "cosmetic damage less than 5% on bottom" sounded do able to me, but the frame had broken, unfixable. It's standing but the garage door falls off the second it even gets bumped and the elevator has a broken piece of wood that is clearly more than cosmetic damages. I hope to high heck they let me return it even though I bought it a mere 10 days before their holiday return time frame. The garage and elevator were the only two things that my almost 4 year old requested. He wanted "a toy house with a garage and an elevator" .... well shoot. We will likely be replacing with a different house altogether because this one is so poorly made.
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on October 2, 2016
We LOVE this dollhouse. I was a little nervous after reading about the assembly. While it was a little tedious, it is well designed -- you just have to follow the directions and have a bit of patience. It is totally worth it in the end. Another great product by Melissa and Doug!!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
Products you assemble at home (typically I'd be writing about furniture or shelves in this regard) are best judged by a few separate categories.

1. Durability of the finished product: This is pretty sturdy. Time will tell how well it withstands the barrage of children playing with it.

2. The finished product as described: This definitely it. It's big, it's easy to access its features, and (something important for us, as this will be used by a variety of children as a tool in therapy sessions, as my wife is a professional therapist, specializing in children with trauma) it is gender-neutral. Most dollhouses are, for obvious reasons, very pink and "girly." It is important to us that this be a toy that is not offputting to boys. We do have a young daughter who will likely inherit this in a couple years, when she clamors to have a dollhouse of her own.

3. Ease of Assembly: This is why I gave it three stars instead of five. This was a nightmare! The box says "Easy Assembly." Hogwash! The low point of my life thus far was turning the page of the instructions at one point and seeing there were still 8 more screws that had to get put in. I expected this would take maybe twenty minutes to put together. Two hours later, my blistered hands told a different story. Often, the screws didn't quite fit with the barrel nut they needed to go through; the wrench that's provided flew out of my fingers more times than I could count; and at one point I had to take a hammer to a barrel nut just to get it into its slot. I've assembled enough things at home to know how they should go, and I had recently put together a nightstand that I thought was the worst experience in years, and this simple dollhouse got me to about the same level of frustration. All I can say about this is: you are warned!

Time should heal the wounds in my hands and in my memory of this product's construction, and I expect this product to provide many hours of fun and usefulness, but I sure wish it wasn't such a bad assembly experience. (Also, for a toy that has a garage, it would have been nice for M&D to have provided a little toy car.)
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